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4 responses to “Happy #blogmas, Author Q&A | “No Room at the Little Cornish Inn” by Nancy Barone

  1. Phyllis Aquilina

    I simply adore Nancy Barone’s novels. This particular one has put me in the right mood for Christmas holidays when I’ll sleep and take a break from teaching while enjoying the company of someone like Mitchell inspired by Aidan Turner! A big well done Ms Barone and keep on writing please!

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Aquilina,

      I dearly had hoped this lovely might have been available via Scribd (on audiobook) or rather futilely I had hoped one of my local/regional libraries might have snagged a copy themselves (in print). However, I haven’t yet secured a copy myself to read and enjoy – though from your comments, I can see I’ll be in right wicked company! You know I hadn’t connected the dots about Aidan Turner til after I posted my interview with Ms Barone!! I admit, I started to watch “Poldark” but hestitated until I could read/finish the stories themselves. I saw approx. 15 minutes of the first episode of the series – wherein I LOVED the emotional depth of how he protrayed the character. I was just stilled. I look forward to seeing the whole series once I sort out how to listen/read the books. I might check to see if their on Audible (as I have the Plus Catalogue script for six months) and/or if their on Scribd.

      Thanks for sharing your Barone #booklove and for giving me such a delight of a comment to find on my blog! I appreciate your time and for adding to the loveliness of this post. This Christmas Eve, I’m catching up with my replies – it was a hard won year for family and I, and I wasn’t always able to respond as the comments came into my blog’s feeds. Please note how much I cherish them and how happy I am to hear from regular readers and visitors alike; it is kind to have notes to read as it helps me gauge how my content and posts are resonating with others. For that, know you’ve #blessed me!! A very happy holiday season to you and yours and a very blessed New Year’s 2021.

      PS: If/when I can secure a copy of this novel, I’ll re-respond to your note to let you know my reactions!!

  2. I love books with holiday flair. And can I go to this inn? I saw the art and it looks so homey! Anyway, wonderfil interview! It put me in the mood for all things Christmas haha! Oh, and I love the movie White Christmas!!!

    • *waves!*

      Hallo, Hallo Greg,

      I’ve not been able to respond to this kind note of yours nor return to adding commentary to your lovely book blog since I initially sorted out ‘how’. Forgive me. Most months of this year I was muddling through and just trying to keep surfacing on my blog – which I noticed a bit lately as I did a running total of books unread yet featured (ie. showcased, spotlighted, extracted, etc) which equated out a bit unequally to the books I’ve actually ‘read’. It was one of those non-bookish years apparently for me and yet, I kept ‘trying!’ dearly to read and to finish more each month. I also just recently sorted out how to listen to my LibroFM audiobooks (ie. the ALCs) as of last night, so that felt like an accomplishment all of its own as I have wanted to do more with those throughout the year (ie. blogging, reviewing, tweeting, sharing reactions, etc).

      Seeing you pop up on this short interview this early #blogmas was an unexpected JOY. So thank you! You’ve always been such a kind friend to support me and leave me notes/comments on my blog. One of these days I’ll feel I can reciprocate properly. I spent most of #blogmas posting Fantasy showcases (you can read the abridged recap here) or Sweet Romances (see my retrospective on the event here) whilst I also turnt in a recapture of my abridged #SciFiMonth, too the first week of December!! Towards that end – I haven’t yet updated how the leftover stories are shifting forward into the first Sci Fi Month mini-event round Easter next Spring. I just couldn’t do more than what I was able to give to the event already.

      Back on topic though! lol I love books with holiday flair myself – that’s why I like to open my blog to hosting showcases for #blogmas as its the one time of the year I can relax a bit, shine a light on some authors and find #newtomeauthors for my own readerly joy, too! You’ll find some journalled Christmassy memories on those posts or reveals about what I’ve been binge watching lately,… each top anchour I tried to tie into the book or where I was in December to add a more personalised touch as you know I don’t host traditional spotlights on my blog! (smirks) Those posts I’ve linked in this comment are some of my top favourites – along with the “Meet the SF Reader” and “Book Spine Poetry” I shared on this lovely for #SciFiMonth.

      You’ll have to clue me into your top posts to read as December starts to release into January.

      Ooh… I am so happy to know this!! I don’t oft find people who love “White Christmas!” We’re seeing it again this year, along with “It’s A Wonderful Life” (you would like my pinned tweet on Twitter right now!) along with a childhood favourite I found via Hoopla (as a regional library has this now!) which is “Babes in Toyland” starring Drew Barrymore!! We’re also seeing a family favourite from Hallmark Channel “The Christmas Card” and we might see a few extras, too. We love the films which are everygreen and timeless… the ones you never tire of seeing or of hearing the message of their hearts revealled.

      I hope this Christmas week you’ve had a wonderful entrance into the holiday season. Wishing you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a wonderfully lovely New Year full of blessings and joy. Here’s to reading each others’ blogs in 2021 and I promise to sort out how to leave you more notes on your blog!! Again thanks for being one of my favourite Jorie Loves A Story readers… your kindness has been a balm in the chaos.

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