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I will readily admit, the last time I felt I could dive into my #WitchyReads were not the best months for me – May 2019 was the 2nd Year of #WyrdAndWonder and I began reading the Magical Midway series by Leanne Leeds. I was loving my journey into this witchy world where a magical circus was at the centre of the action and how a witch who wasn’t yet ready to embrace her heritage was the unexpected heroine of the Midway! I was struck down by too many migraines to finish my #mustreads last May and despite trying twice in the Autumnal months to make amends (including our sister event #SpooktasticReads in October, 2019) – it was my health which prevented the revisitations. I’ve been blogging about the whole diabolical cycle of unwellness off/on recently so I’ll spare the repeat here. Just know between month-long illnesses and chronic migraines it was a wicked awful six months from September to February; even if I did carve out a bit of joy at the holidays – I found the beginning of 2020 adverse from several fronts.

When I discovered this readathon I was wicked HAPPY because I’ve been wanting to just hone in on my #WitchyReads and just settle into their worlds with a heart ready to embrace their worlds. One of them I *devoured!* during #SpooktasticReads – this would be the second #WonkyInn – “The Ghosts of Wonky Inn” which arrived in my life at just the right moment to where it was a happy burst of JOY to be listening too! I love the narrator (Kim Bretton) for how she’s crafting this series together – from her performance to her innate ability to understand Alfie – I truly cannot think of a better ‘fit’ for this series than Ms Bretton because of how she’s approached voicing the lead character! Not to mention at the pen of the author – you’re in wicked good hands! The humour stitched into this series will keep your spirits lifted irregardless of what chaos is alighting in your life! Specifically this is keen to mention as we all have a tipped scale of woes if you consider the newsfeeds out there! Best to tuck into a series that will make you LAUGH more than feel unsettled by anxiety!

The more challenging story on my list is “The Black Talisman” as I was struggling a bit to get into the rhythm of the story. I am not sure if it was the timing of when I first attempted to listen to it or if I just couldn’t connect to the plot. Whichever way – the truth will let out this week because I am re-listening to this story and will see what I make of it now. The rest I look forward to discussing with you about why I’m happy their on my TBR this #WitchAThon! I did hold back one series of Witchy Reads for the next #WitchAThon – which are penned by Suzanne Palmieri.

If you missed my first #MagicalMidway review – kindly catch up to know why I love the series:

#EnterTheFantastic with #WyrdAndWonder | Book Review of the Magical Midway Series Invalid book: 0 “The Witchiest Circus on Earth” by Leanne Leeds

Likewise, if you want to know why I heart Alfie and the #WonkyInn be sure to see my first review:

An #AudiobookMonth Audiobook Blog Tour | “The Wonkiest Witch: (Book One: the Wonky Inn, series)” by Jeannie Wycherley, narrated by Kim Bretton

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The *official!* challenges for #WitchAThon this March:

Spring means rain, pick a book that involves water… on the cover, in the title, or as part of the story!

Ostara is a sabbat of rebirth, and accepting oneself as trans (including non-binary & other gender marginalizations) is often an experience of rebirth… choose a book with a trans MC!

Pan is a god of Spring, wildness, & nature, select a book where the theme of survival in nature is prominent

The light is coming back this season, let it lighten your load! choose a novella

Ostara brings about color in the natural world, choose a graphic novel!!

If you can, plant a seed of some kind and begin tending to it… if you cannot commit to plant parentage, try planting something new at a park or nature preserve (a plant that is compatible with that ecosystem)

Read the group book: THE BLACK GOD’S DRUMS by P. Djèlí Clark

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comI had already picked my stories to read for this #WitchAThon which is why I am unsure if any of my selections are going to match with the challenges this month. I’ll have to see as I’m reading if any of them might match the prompts in one way or another – a part of me thinks either *Anni Moon!* or *Magical Midway* might qualify for an elemental element of ‘water’ but outside of those two stories/series I am unsure if anything else would work. Will be interesting when I go to write my wrap-up post at the end of the readathon to see the results!

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Jorie’s TBR List

for WitchAThon March 2020:

All the stories featured on my list were received in exchange for an honest review.

(with few exceptions some of these are off my book blogger’s backlogue list!)

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Go for the Juggler (Magical Midway, No4) ]

& Irrelephant Omens (Magical Midway, No5)

by Leanne Leeds

Go for the Juggler (Magical Midway series) by Leanne LeedsIrrelephant Omens (Magical Midway series) by Leanne Leeds

This was a very unexpected find for me during #ReviewPit last Spring [2019] – wherein I had the best time discovering new voices in Fiction of whom I mostly read and reviewed during #WyrdAndWonder Year 2 (May, 2019). There were a few I didn’t get the proper chance to finish reading (two in particular from this series, two other novels entirely and a work of poetry overall) – which is why I am thankful for #WitchAThon to encourage me back into the Magical Midway!

I was truly honoured to have received the first FIVE novels of this series – I was so upset when my migraines derailed my readings because I was on such a sweet roll! Each installment of this series leads you further into understanding the complexities of this world whilst you are definitely rallying behind the fearless leader of the Midway: Charlotte!! IF you need a wicked good Cosy Paranormal Mystery series to distract yourself from newsfeeds and headlines – this needs to make your short-list! In fact, I’d highly recommend this one in tandem with the #WonkyInn! (big smiles)

Let me share a bit about what I have loved about this series:

Conceptionally, the Magical Midway is a rite of both passage and birthright – it has a kind of influence of magic which is intrinsic to individual families. This differs from the townes which are magically descended from a particular place or location as those roots are stronger in how they are not tethered to any person or individual lineage of family. The Midway is a rite of heritage for Charlotte and her father; despite his ardent intention to refute that status and line of passage, it is their blood right as Astley’s. This was uniquely explored by the juxtaposition of how Uncle Phil lived his life in the travelling Midway and how they chose to live in the human world itself. The irony of course is how Charlotte’s family made their individual income and how this benefited their own endeavours with their shelter.

This only the beginning of what the Midway means to Charlotte’s family and how it is present in the witchy world it resides within. In fact, as the story progressed you get a more solid worldview of why the Midway and other circuses and travelling carnivals like it are being threatened. It provides a jumping off point to bridge us into Charlotte’s ancestral past but also to take a strong look at the hierarchy of the witches and the other paranormals who call these places their home.

I love how Leeds inserts her humour straight-off the bat – from how she first describes Charlotte arriving at the Midway and then, how she counters her reflective mirror on Charlotte a full week into the carnival life – wherein, you note how the lifestyle can take a toll on the person living it. It is raw honesty about the long hours and the taxing way the life can make a person feel exhausted in their bones and spirit but also, the humour can be added to cut the seriousness of it as well.

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The Black Talisman by Richard Storry, narrated by Jake Urry

The premise of this one is a good and solid one – however, I am unsure what kept pulling me out of the context of how it was unfolding when I first listened to it. In regards to the writer – I am a HUGE fan of his as a reader – from the very beginning, I LOVED my introduction to his writing style within the audiobook production of The Cryptic Lines – which of course how my path first crossed with Mr Urry (who is at the top of my favourite shortlist of narrators). I have maintained my appreciation of his craft within the Ruritanian Rogues series,, too! Which you can read through my reviews of Book One & Book Two – whilst Book Three is forthcoming this Spring! Ergo, I am flummoxed to be honest what is keeping me from feeling as rooted into this story!? I realise there are some stories which just don’t jazz well with us but when I factor in the writer behind the story and the narrator whose voicing it – I guess it just surprises me!? Again, I’m re-approaching this one post-health and migraine woes – so hopefully I’ll re-align into the story without further issue. Otherwise, sadly this could be my first DNF for this author and that’s just sad.

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 Anni Moon & the Elemental Artifact by Melanie Abed

This title will also count for my #MiddeGradeMarch!

Anni Moon by Melanie AbedYou might have remembered I started to read this at long last during #WyrdAndWonder, 2019? It was our second year of the month-long Fantasy event and I was enjoying delving into quite a few #WitchyReads? I had re-attempted to read the rest of this novel during our secondary event #SpooktasticReads in October, 2019 – however, I clearly picked two of the worst months to attempt to read much of anything last year! May brought on a deluge of serious migraines and October was the first of three months from Autumn-Winter (ie. October, December & February) where I experienced month-long illnesses.

Which is why when I first realised #MiddleGradeMarch was a wicked time to revive my MG Reads – this was definitely at the top of the list! It would also mark the first story I would pick up to read this March which combines not only this lovely readathon but also a secondary one #WitchAThon which is specifically for stories about Witches! I couldn’t be happier – because I have several which fit that category as well – from the rest of the Magical Midway series I didn’t get to finish last #WyrdAndWonder to two Wonky Inn installments – one will be a re-listen and one is brand new to audiobook! Eek. Plus, several others you’ll have to await that announcement tomorrow to find out the fuller details of what I’m reading and listening too!

Now, back to Anni Moon! The best way to share what this story is about is to offer a bit of insight from my forthcoming review:

Abed draws you into reading her character, Anni Moon with a penchant for detailing the little bits of Anni Moon’s life at the Academy by giving out certain clues that would give the reader’s impression this is not a place you’d willingly want to live but rather were lucky you had a place in residence there instead of the alternative! She knits together little lessons for educational joy for children, such as how she created the name ‘Brat’ (presuming here) as a compound word sliced short for ‘bat rat’ as he is a sub-species of the two! She even found a way to make conversational speech a bit cheeky in places, such as when Brat and Anni Moon first get the chance to converse outside the Academy by the clock tower!

The rest of the story keeps this quick-step pace between action, clever dialogue, expansively descriptive narrative and an adventure lurking around the shadows where Anni Moon has to unravell a mystery!

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The Ghosts of Wonky Inn (Wonky Inn, No2)

& Weird Wedding at Wonky Inn (Wonky Inn, No3)

by Jeannie Wycherley, narrated by Kim Bretton

The Ghosts of Wonky Inn by Jeannie WycherleyWeird Wedding at Wonky Inn by Jeannie Wycherley

Where do I even begin with my admiration for Alfie and the Wonky Inn series?! This arrived in my life so unexpectedly and the fact the author has kindly kept Alfie in my life whenever a new audiobook of her life releases is the kind of unexpected kindness which leaves a lasting impact on me. I have truly appreciated taking this journey with Alfie whilst finding myself wickedly delighted in seeing how Ms Wycherley continues to develop the series! Her continuity is bang-on brill and it is how she writes the series in this lovingly wicked central arc of joy for the reader which truly has kept me captured and rooted in the series overall.

I did regret I couldn’t take notes last Autumn as I heard the sequel (“The Ghosts of Wonky Inn”) as I was just in the wrong state of mind and health to put my thoughts down properly – as I dearly wanted to share my reactions as I was hearing it for the first time – however, this #WitchAThon I am eagerly awaiting revisiting this lovely installment and finally being able to capture the JOY of hearing it for my readers!!

One bit of good news – the author made this announcement yesterday – so for those who are tempted to read this series and can read it digitally via ebook, you might want to consider the offer!

I definitely think the Wonky Inn series and the Magical Midway series are prime ways to take a bit of a spin down of self-joy away from the NEWS and just have a magically wicked bit of peaceful respite in two worlds which beg you to visit them!!

Whilst here is what truly endeared me to this series from the very beginning:

What endears you to Alfhild’s journey is how sincere she is making a new life for herself in this place – even if her magical abilities are questionable at best but evenso, she does what she can whenever she can to compensate for it. She sorts out whom she can trust and who are her best allies – for she is working against forces she could not have predicted would interfere with her goodwill. There was a moment where in the height of an uprising she was bringing against these forces where she reconsidered her options before realising there was only one future she would feel comfortable owning as her own. And, that felt like the greater purpose of this installment – of taking control of not just your own destiny but of embracing who you are and the inherent gifts that come with feeling proud of where you’ve come as well.

Sometimes you’re challenged past the point you feel you can overcome what blights onto your path – but as Alfhild found, if you dig deep, stay positive and align yourself with people who give of themselves for the greater good of everyone else – you find a strength you never had. Alfhild’s parents would be wicked proud of her efforts and of the courage she encountered the moment she realised that the power to change her own destiny lay inside the power she had within herself. And, that should be something all readers takeaway from this story – aside from the advice given how to defeat one’s enemies as truly that is one of the oldest pieces of wisdom I think more people ought to be reminded of as so much truth is held within how that is one of the most powerful tools we all have to use ourselves.

I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

And, bless Ms Wycherley for giving us this lovely jolt of humour! As even though the other half of Alfhild’s story is dramatically spun, its the humour which sticks with you; as without humour, what else do we have to bolster us against life’s adversities?

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Catching A Witch by Heidi Eljarbo

Catching A Witch by Heidi Eljarbo

This is a novel I was meant to read during the Autumnal and Winter months of the ending hours of [2019] however, what derailed most of my efforts was being ill throughout December. I couldn’t focus on reading this then and I wished I could have – as the premise of this novel and the sequel which recently was released sounded so wickedly delightful! I love finding interesting stories like this one and so – this will be a new journey for me! I haven’t had the chance to open the book yet and this #WitchAThon it is lovely to have a #newtomeauthor on my list of #mustreads!! (big smiles)

Here’s the synopsis if you’re as unfamiliar with this one as I am:

What Would You Do to Save Your Best Friend from Burning?
The year 1660 is when it all changed…

That’s when a witch-hunter comes to Clara Dahl’s seaside village in Norway. She’s horrified to discover how fast her neighbors and friends are to turn against each other. She soon realizes her sleepy, little, picturesque corner of the world has been invaded by evil—and it has nothing to do with witchcraft.

As neighbor turns against neighbor, Clara finds herself drawn into the fray, forced to do what she can to protect her friends and loved ones. An educated and upstanding minister’s daughter, Clara speaks out against the witch-hunter’s unjust treatment of those accused of witchcraft. She sees how he plays the villagers, using their superstitions and religious beliefs to make good people accept horrible things.

When Clara’s best friend Bess is accused of being a witch, Clara must make an incredible sacrifice to save not only her friend, but the entire town… before it’s too late.

Do you read Historical novels set round the world of Witches!? I’ve previously read quite a few including: The Witch of Painted Sorrows by MJ Rose and Bitter Greens by Kate Forsyth.Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

& if I have time I want to start listening to this audiobook:

Ain’t Nothing but a Pound Dog

(Spellbound Hound Magic & Mystery Book One)

by Jeannie Wycherley, narrated by Victoria Meakin

Ain't Nothing but a Pound Dog by Jeannie Wycherley

I am not even sure how I MISSED this new story and series by one of my favourite authors – however, she was kind enough to send me a review copy for this on audiobook! As soon as I heard the audiobook sampler I must admit, I was definitely *hooked!* I am not sure if this counts as a traditional #WitchyReads – but the dog can communicate with humans and the one human who hears him is a bit of a medium herself – so there are some paranormal attributes to this one! I just loved how the narrator was starting her performance for it and knew that if I had some hours left during this readathon I wanted to definitely make some headway into this new series!! What a charmer!

Here’s the synopsis if I’ve perked your interest:

Toby dog suddenly has plenty to say for himself. The only witness to the brutal murder of his owner, Toby is hexed by a woman with evil intentions. “Speak to none but me,” she tells him. Wretched and misunderstood, he’s incarcerated in the local pound. With a death sentence hanging over his head, Toby has almost given up hope. But then he meets Clarissa. Not only is she a witch, she’s a local investigative journalist, and—amazingly—she can understand what he says too. Finally, he’s found somebody who believes his story. Can Clarissa save Toby? Will they identify who killed his owner and why? And will Toby ever eat his fill of sammiches? Find out in the first installment of this brand new paranormal cozy dog mystery series from the bestselling author of the beloved Wonky Inn books.

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These are the STORIES I am reading and listening this #WitchAThon!

#WitchyReads badge for #WitchAThon created by Jorie in Canva.

IF you’re taking part in the readathon & reading challenge – share a link to your announcement page on your blog OR the *thread you’ve started on Twitter! I’d love to see what you’re deciding to read and see if we share any favourite authors / genres in common! Likewise, if any of the stories I’ve shared remind you of story you’ve read for #WitchAThon – kindly let me know the title / author in comments!

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

{SOURCES: #WitchAThon banner and badge created by Jorie via Canva. All individual book covers were given to me by either the publicists/publishers/authors/or blog touring companies who encourage me to talk about the books after I’ve reviewed them and thus, all are being used with permission. In particular, the covers for “The Ghosts of Wonky Inn”, “Weird Wedding at Wonky Inn” and “Ain’t Nothing but a Pound Dog” (and the synopsis) were provided by Jeannie Wycherley and are used with permission. “The Black Talisman” was provided by Jake Urry and is used with permission. “Anni Moon” was provided by the author Melanie Abed and is used with permission. “Catching A Witch” cover and synopsis was provided by Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours and is used with permission. “Go for the Juggler” and “Irrelephant Omens” were provided by the author Leanne Leeds and are being used with the permission. Tweets were embedded due to codes provided by Twitter. Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission. Post Dividers provided by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com.}

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