TopTenTuesday XI | The Top Ten Most Anticipated New Releases for 2020! (thus far!)

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[Topic of 28th January, 2020:

The Top Ten Most Anticipated New Releases for 2020! (thus far!);

in lieu of Book Cover Freebie as I was delayed writing this
when the topic was originally featured on the 7th of January!]

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Top Ten Most Anticipated New Releases for 2020 banner created by Jorie in Canva.

Today’s entry was inspiring to me for the following reasons:

I’ve been wanting to showcase the STORIES I’ve had my eye on reading for quite a few years now; as each New Year when #TopTenTuesday is hosting one of these lovelies, I’ve wanted to dive into the topic and settle my thoughts on a selection of stories I would most desire to read or would be planning to read in the timeline of the topic’s originating post.

This year is quite special as I came to find out about several #newbooks by already beloved authors which are coming out in early 2020. Some are #newtomeauthors carried forward from [2019] and others are #newtomeauthors arriving in my bookish life in [2020!]; uniquely enough! (big smiles) Several are past, present & forthcoming featured guests on @SatBookChat (the Romance & Women’s Fiction chat I host on Saturdays semi-weekly – at least twice monthly) – whilst one release in particular is a celebration of one author’s adventurous journey in Japan whilst healing and recovering from Cancer.

Each of these stories attracted my eyes for different reasons – which I’ll be happily discussing and revealling throughout the post. Kindly let me know in the comments if I’ve struck your own keen eye of interest and if perhaps we share any mutual #mustreads for 2020 in common OR have any authors we share in our readerly lives we’ve previously discovered!?

I’ll be re-routing through the original post for #TopTenTuesday when this topic originated whilst including it on this week’s linky for everyone to seek out to find.

Let’s all have a rockin’ blast this first half of 2020!

Stay bookishly curious

& may your readerly adventures be as blissful as my own!

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DUE NOTE: all the authors and books on this list are a combination of the stories I have the pleasure of meeting as a book blogger (ie. blog tours, publicists, publishers or direct from authors themselves) with the exception of Kate Elliott, of whom I discovered as a seventeen year old who joined the Science Fiction Book Club (it was mail-order book catalogue club) and found “King’s Dragon” (Book One of the Crown of Stars Saga). Two of these authors are #newtomeauthors – both of whom are upcoming guests during @SatBookChat – Jenni Fletcher and Emma S. Jackson.

Each of the books represented here are stories I hand-picked to be of interest to my own readerly wanderings this first half of 2020 – the press materials featured were given to me to use on this post to celebrate the stories themselve with full permission of the authors who wrote the stories.

In regards to my personal connections to these authors, I have maintained contact with Kate Elliott off/on via Twitter whilst keeping my eyes on her current series and releases; inasmuch as the fact that I had the pleasure of getting to know certain ChocLit authors as we communicated and shared our bookish and writerly lives through my chat (@SatBookChat) – Christina Courtenay, Clare Chase and Janet Gover. With Ms Kaine, I have tried to keep in the loop with her releases but I haven’t had the chance to interact with her as much as the other writers I’ve mentioned.

Susan Spann and Jennifer Silverwood I’ve considered friends over the years where their path and mine have continued to cross. I originally met Ms Spann in @LitChat before reading the very first Shinobi Mystery which was “Claws of the Cat”. Silverwood and I have the same literary wanderings and interests as fellow readers and writers which is why we forged a friendship due to so many mutual interests we have shared. Ms Bacarr and I remained in contact between my first meeting with her during #HistFicChat and after I had read her novel “Christmas Once Again” – happily having her as a featured guest on @SatBookChat this past November, 2019.

I am disclosing this, to assure you that I can formulate an honest opinion, even though I have interacted with these authors through our respective love & passion of reading inside the twitterverse whilst I host #SatBookChat and having previously read their stories. I treat each book as a ‘new experience’, whether I personally know the author OR whether I am reading a book by them for the first time or continuing to read their releases as they are available. This also applies to when I am discussing their stories outside of featuring a review.

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The Lawson Sisters by Janet Gover

The Lawson Sisters by Janet Gover
20th January, 2020 (Digital First Release)

A heartfelt and compelling story of family, secrets and second chances, set in the heart of the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW, from an award-winning voice in Australian fiction.

Family, fortune and holding on to what counts…

For many years Elizabeth Lawson has battled single-handedly to run the family’s historic horse stud in memory of her beloved father. But a devastating loss puts her dreams at risk. With no options left, Liz is forced to turn to her estranged sister Kayla for help.

Kayla has built a new life in the city as a wedding planner, far removed from the stable yard sweat and dust of her rural upbringing. She never thought she’d go back. But when Liz calls out of the blue, Kayla forms a plan that could save their childhood home.

Kayla’s return forces Liz to confront her past … and her future, in the shape of Mitch, her first and only love, who still watches over her from the other side of the creek.

But Liz still hides a terrible secret. When Kayla learns the truth, will the Lawson sisters find common ground or will their conflict splinter the family once again?

I am eagerly awaiting the print release!

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I first discovered Ms Gover’s writerly style when I requested the *very!* first Australian Outback Romance I desired to read entitled “Flight to Coorah Creek” (see also Review). This was a new author (to me) and one whom at the time was an author I was discovering as a reviewer for ChocLitUK. Initially, this novel was meant to act as a one-off which soon developed into a proper series – except to say, the last two releases “Christmas in Coorah Creek” and “Little Girl Lost” were unable to be requested before I stopped reviewing for the publisher. One of them is actually a Christmas novella inserted into the series between “Flight to Coorah Creek” and “The Wild One” (see also Review). I’ll be sharing a bit of good news regarding Coorah Creek & the series I’ve left in-progress to be read in a forthcoming week of #TopTenTuesday when I blog a topic about “Series I Need to Finish”.

If you fast forward to [January, 2019] I had the pleasure of joy hosting a dual interview with Ms Gover and another author alum from ChocLit Alison May – whom share an equal duty in the stories being penned by Juliet Bell. The release I was highlighting through the interview on my blog as well as during @SatBookChat was “The Other Wife” which is anchoured through “Jane Eyre” & the after canons therein. I have a keen interest in after canon literature and it was my intention last year to read the final half of “Jane Eyre” whilst moving into the after canons I have on my shelf to read – “The Other Wife” amongst them. For a variety of reasons, getting back into Classical Reads over the past twelvemonth proved to be a more arduous progress than I foreplanned; thus those readings were pushed forward into 2020.

As soon as I spied the early promotions for “The Lawson Sisters” – I *knew!* this was a novel I was going to desire to read in early 2020! Right at the turning of the New Year – when the bushfires were being broadcast through streaming news services via YouTube and hashtags for Australia were trending on Twitter (day and night) – you could say my heart & my soul was grieving for Australia on a very regular basis! The wildlife alone crushed my heart – the habitats lost, the species which were being erased and as the world watched the horror of the revelations of what caused the bushfires – of whom was responsible to put those animals, homes & people at risk of the fires – it was beyond gutting. I was truly beside myself for most of January (as I found several other book bloggers were too) as the New Year had begun on a lot of rocky ground – not just for this headlining news but for other headlines as well.

The original reason this felt like such a compelling read is because it was going to re-take me back to Australia – a country I have loved in motion pictures, learnt more through friendships and lastly, have come to appreciate in literature. It is a country which feels as close to my own even if it happens to be such a far off place and a full day removed from where I live – there is something magnetically intriguing about Australia.

My first introduction to Australia was through the films “The Man from Snowy River” & “Return to Snowy River” – I must’ve watched those VHS tapes until they couldn’t show me the films anymore – they were loved & watched that much! (big smiles) I love horses (always have) and I love to ride – hence why I have a deep appreciation for horse dramas & fiction surrounding ranches, horse farms, the Outback and all things you can find yourself reading about in Western Fiction!

This novel felt like a wicked good story to be reading – I personally have an attachment to stories about second chances, new beginnings & stories where the odds are stacked fully against the lead and/or supporting characters. Stories which you feel give an emotional uplift just for having read them and a heap of inspiration for having taken the journey. Not to mention when it comes to sisters and family; there is something beautifully redemptive when fate starts to collide everyone back together – to heal & repair relationships or to choose to walk away.

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An Unconventional Countess by Jenni Fletcher

An Unconventional Countess by Jenni Fletcher
(Regency Belles of Bath, Book One) Mills & Boon Historical
21st January, 2020 (cross-released in

From shopkeeper – To earl’s wife!

Part of Regency Belles of Bath. Two things are certain: Annabelle Fortini makes the best biscuits in Bath and Samuel Delaney, the charming bachelor who’s just entered her shop, is trouble! Her mother’s unfair exile from society has taught Anna aristocrats can’t be trusted. Samuel may be a famous naval hero and reluctant heir to an earldom, but Anna can’t fall in love with him! Unless she can overcome her pride & and surrender to her heart!

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You might be curious how this title and author came to my attention? I was browsing through my Lists on Twitter – where I’ve been organised as to which route I want to take to visit with book bloggers (its a seriously *massive!* list now that I’ve maintained it for six years!), authors I’ve read, authors I want to read and all bookish routes inbetween – including publishers who tweet about their backlist/frontlist releases! It happened during one of those random tweet browsing sessions where I spied a s/o about this novel by Frankie @ChicksAndRogues wherein I sought out the author as part of the tweet was referring to a search for book bloggers & reviewers who love reading #HistRom!

It could not have felt like better timing for me – as I want to be more dedicated towards seeking out the Mills & Boon (and/or Harlequin Historical Romance) novelists Frankie & I are gravitating towards together this New Year as I had originally discovered the Mills & Boon novelists in this genre when I first read Catherine Tinley’s series! (which I still need to finish)

What I appreciated about Ms Fletcher was the fact she was willing to reach out across the Pond and let me read her debut Regency Romance novel! I’ve rather wickedly happy news to share: this novel arrived by #bookpost just as January was beginning to unfold and became my first book I’ve received for 2020! You’ll also note I scheduled to have her featured via @SatBookChat this April 4th!

If you’ve missed my affinity for Historical Romances & the Regency era let me share with you why this particular novel appealled to me and why I am wicked thrilled to begin reading it – especially as it begins a new *series!* – as you might have observed serial fiction is amongst my favourite to read as I get to revisit those worlds I’ve tucked inside and found readerly blissitude!

The Regency was one of the first kinds of Romances I started reading when I was nine years old – as I was shifting away for a reprieve from reading Mysteries (ie. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie) and wanted to read something a bit different. They used to put together anthologies for Regency & Victorian Christmas romances – thus, my introduction to #HistRom begun as I found myself swept into the balls & the romances of both of these eras where society played such a defining role on who met whom and whom was meant to marry, etc. It was prior to my appreciation for Jane Austen – where the feel and texture of the Regency & the Victorian era were more grounded in the felicity of the holidays & the enchantments round the balls & dances moreso than the more sinister undergoings of how intrusive those societies and the ton could be on a person’s pursuit of both happiness & love.

This particular novel felt very old school to me – the kind of Regency Romance I could find myself hugging for the pleasure of reading! With even a touch or a pinch of Austen being brought to mind – especially whenever there is a nudge of a character’s prejudice – I was dearly intrigued & curiously captured by what I would find inside this first entry of a new series! More to the point, it is the drama percolating in the background – about the distrust and the misrepresentations of a particular group of people and how that parlays an effect on the dating scene and personal life of Anna. It will be an interesting foray into her life to see what she chooses to believe and how she chooses to live despite the questions she still might feel haven’t quite settled her concerns about everyone involved.

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Fuji Summit. Photo Credit: Susan Spann
Fuji Summit. Photo Credit: Susan Spann

Leaving Safe & Finding Strength on 100 Summits in Japan
by Susan Spann (Prometheus Books)

28th January, 2020 (hardcover)

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I wanted to take a moment to talk about this beautiful journalled adventure Ms Spann has been working since she moved to Japan and began travelling to each of the summits mentioned in the book as she tackled conquering not only the #100Summits we all came to read about via her author’s blog but also a personal glimpse into how she’s healed her spirit & her physicality post-Cancer.

I first crossed Ms Spann’s path when we were visiting with #LitChat (@LitChat) which is a literary chat for readers & authors alike (similar to my own) wherein we would be actively chatting together & in the gathered group as each new Monday featured a different story and author. Shortly thereafter I came across the Shinboi Mysteries which later was renamed the Hiro Hattori Novels (as it changed publishers) and it took me a bit to realise the person I knew in #LitChat was now the author I was reading who was inspiring me to travel into 16th Century Japan!

Over the years, we’ve remained in contact and a friendship naturally bloomed between us as we spent so many lovely chats together getting to know which stories we both enjoy reading and what we each appreciate about Cosy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries and the suspenseful way reading Mysteries keeps us both on the edge of our seats to sort out how writers knit together their plots and keep their stories beautifully character centric – which is exactly what I came to find true of her own Hiro Hattori novels.

I’ve been wanting to share my latest ruminative thoughts about her newest release “Ghost of the Bamboo Road” – which I had to hold over from December due to my Winter cold. I didn’t want to be full of snuffles of angst whilst I picked up the threads of where I last left Father Mateo, Hiro Hattori & their housekeeper Ana who loves watching over their cheeky cat! It is my hope to finish reading it before January concludes as my focus hasn’t quite been on reading this month as other things have taken my focus away from pursuing the stories I most desire to be reading.

This is an expansive series if you look at the heart of the ‘background’ – it is evolving through Japanese History from a political nature at the time of the stories (ie. 16th Century political upheaval and a power switch) whilst at the same time – Spann endeavours you to get to know the cultural side of the series, too. From the nuanced ways she draws your attention to how Father Mateo takes his tea, to the ways in which Hiro has a complicated relationship with both his family and the connection he has to his fellow shinobi warriors whilst at the same time there is a dedicated eye towards showcasing how a Jesuit priest and a rogue shinobi can not just take to the road but dedicate a portion of their hours to helping the less fortunate and those who were taken before their time in the crimes these two seek to solve.

It’s a very interesting match-up and it is their own relationship which is at the heart of the series as two unsuspecting men became friends and are each others’ teacher in regards to their cultural & religious heritage. That in of itself is also an interesting anchour in the series – how they each had to learn about what they did not yet understand about each other and where each other originally came from before they joined forces.

Yet, in the background of the series is the beautiful glimpses of Japan itself – the country, the landscape, the people and their customs. Spann’s numerous trips to the country and her heart-connection to the cultural ancestral past of Japanese History is what has enriched my reading experiences of the series itself. I knew she had spent time there – those memories and those moments are alive throughout the pages of where she visually takes your eye as you’re reading and yet, I always felt there was ‘more to be known’. As she decided to return to Japan to embrace the challenge of climbing all #100Summits in twelvemonths – I had the insight to realise that not only would be learn about this new chapter of her life as it was evolving into view but we would also get to see how Japan has been on the forefront of her life for a very long time.

I am re-sharing the photograph Ms Spann gave me to share on the interview I hosted with her last year as I was reading the previous story before GHOST. I spent most of the year she was climbing the summits visiting her blog, reading her adventures and catching glimpses of what might become tucked in antidotes to her journey within CLIMB. Initially I felt the book itself would be titled #100Summits because that is the tag and the way in which she attached her thoughts on the journey – however, CLIMB is also a fitting title and I can see why it was used.

I am celebrating Ms Spann on completing the journey she undertook and of giving all of us a window into that journey as it was being lived. CLIMB is simply the words and insight left from our purview to be savoured now that the journey is complete and a new chapter in this author’s world continues to reveal itself. May her stories of Hiro & Father Mateo continue to thrive inasmuch as may her story of climbing the #100Summits be a mark of inspiration for us all who are attepting to conquer our own ‘summits’ in life.

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Mystery on Hidden Lane by Clare Chase

Mystery on Hidden Lane by Clare Chase
(Eve Mallow Mystery, Book One)
30th January, 2020 (ebook & print & audio cross-release)

Meet Eve Mallow: an American far from home,
a professional busybody… and an amateur

Seasoned obituary writer Eve Mallow has a new assignment: to tell the life story of famed musician Bernard Fitzpatrick. A chance to spend a few days in the sweet little village of Saxford St Peter, walking the country lanes with her beloved dachshund Gus and meeting new people sounds like a dream. But it turns out that Bernard’s life was much less interesting than his death. On the day she arrives, news breaks that the charismatic cellist was the victim of a grisly murder. Could this quaint English village be hiding a dark secret?

As Eve starts to interview Bernard’s friends and colleagues, she finds that he’d ruffled a few feathers. In fact, from the keepers of the Cross Keys Inn to his own staff at High House, there’s barely a person in town who doesn’t have some reason to hate him… is one of the friendly villagers a cold-blooded killer?

Eve hoped Saxford St Peter would be the perfect escape from her busy city life. But there is darkness even in the most sunlit of settings. And when a second body is found, Eve becomes certain that one of the people she’s met must be the murderer. She has never done any detective work before… but is there something in her notes that can crack the case?

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About an orbit writer who sleuths! This premise held my eye immediately!

Sprinkled throughout my blog over the past six years (nearly seven, come March) you might have noticed I’ve mentioned I grew up in an industry adjacent to the morgue – a nod of sorts, to the fact if you look over what I love to read throughout Mystery, Suspense & Thriller narratives there is a high concentrated focus on Forensics inasmuch as the tv series I oft mention reflect the same keen interest (ie. Crossing Jordan, NCIS & NCIS: Nola, Quincy, ME, etc) – so technically it should not come as too big of a surprise for my readers to realise that a series set round an obit writer (as they are known in the industry) would appeal to my readerly sensibility!

I quite literally was above & beyond excited when I first saw this series announced – I had recently requested the third Tara Thorpe novel via my local library (Death Comes to Call) which I am going to be reading quite soon – as I listened to the first two novels in the series on audiobook (see also reviews for: Murder on the Marshes & Death on the River) wherein I am still resolving a way to let go of hoping the current narrator who voices this series might not voice the final two stories in the series. Thus, I am moving forward reading the series through my local library before I can bring the final two stories home for my personal library.

Whilst I resolved how to carry forward with Tara – I was seeing celebrations happening as Eve Mallow was about to make her debut! It also was a nudge to myself to recognise there was another obit writer I haven’t had the chance to read even though there is a Drafted post awaiting me in the Admin area of my blog! Its been there since I first created Jorie Loves A Story – as somewhere in those initial years I was getting my feet wet as a book blogger I was unbalanced as a reader – meaning, although I had actively begun to read books through my local library as soon as I started blogging I couldn’t keep up with the books I was borrowing and so, there are several drafted posts I need to get back to this New Year 2020 to rectify those long-lost posts and stories I haven’t yet brought to my reader’s attention.

The story in question is The Obituary Writer by Ann Hood – a post I originally started to write during October, 2013 (quite literally a few months after I went live in August, 2013!) – a book I discovered via my local library’s card catalogue and one I will be borrowing to read as I put in a request for Mystery on Hidden Lane. I might even check-out the digital audiobook which is also available to be heard via OverDrive!

If you caught my interview with Ms Chase – you’d realise we have shared a hearty friendship since our paths first crossed when I was a reader and reviewer of ChocLitUK novels who developed her Saturday bookish chat originally round those novelists (as it was known as #ChocLitSaturday) and who developed a keen appreciation for Ms Chase’s Romantic Suspense style as she first entered my reading life with her novel You Think You Know Me.

Through the interview you’ll gleam how much we share in common and why our friendship has been sustained over the years because we’re two readers who are fellow writers who love bookish conversations & stories of murderous mystery! She’s a regular guest via @SatBookChat as well and an author I am grateful is writing the kinds of stories I personally am addicted to reading within Contemporary Thrillers & Suspense!

Now, I get to embark through her third series which has curiously left me museful to explore and I couldn’t be happier that its set round an obituary writer! For starters, her and I agree on one thing – what could be more imploring to root out mysteries and crimes than the one person responsible for writing the final paragraphs of a person’s lived life!? Eek. Beyond #awesome!

And, even though Bookouture has the tendency of releasing their stories back-to-back – I’m doing what I always do – taking it one book at a time and relishing the time I get to savour the experience of being with the characters I love to ‘meet’ and become ‘acquainted’ with by an author I dearly love to be #amreading!

If you’re an ebook reader or a seriously compulsive sleuther yourself – you might get through this series faster than me – be sure to keep a ready eye out for the sequel entitled:

Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage by Clare Chase

Obituary writer and amateur sleuth Eve Mallow is enjoying life in sleepy Saxford St Peter – until a mysterious murder lands right at her door…

It’s spring in Saxford St Peter – time to get back in the garden, listen to the birds, and take gentle strolls in the woods. But for some, it’s the season for murder. Eve Mallow is relishing the gentle pace of the village until a new arrival stirs everyone up. Ashton Foley is back: a teenage tearaway turned interior designer to the stars. He’s mad, bad and dangerous to know, but charming too – as Eve herself can testify – and every house in Saxford opens its doors to him.

So when he’s found murdered in the woods near his mother’s home, Apple Tree Cottage, there’s no shortage of suspects. A jealous husband? A spurned lover? Or has someone from his past life caught up with him?

The police soon hit on a simple solution, and arrest his mother’s partner Howard. Ashton always hated him, and he bears all the marks of a recent fight. But Ashton’s mother, miles away in New Zealand, is convinced he’s innocent, and enlists Eve’s help to prove it.

There’s just one problem. Eve saw Howard sniffing around Apple Tree Cottage on the morning of the murder, and she’s fairly sure he’s guilty, too…

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Jane Austen's Dragons audiobook blog tour banner provided by Audiobookworm Promotions.

The Jane Austen Dragons series by Maria Grace:

Pemberly Darcy's Dragon by Maria GraceLongbourn Dragon Entail by Maria GraceNetherfield Rogue Dragon by Maria Grace

A Proper Introduction to Dragons (prequel)

Pemberley: Mr Darcy’s Dragon (book one)

Longbourn: Dragon Entail (book two)

Netherfield: Rogue Dragon (book three)

[ note: for the audiobook blog tour I am listening to books 1-3 ]

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Uniquely, I was not expecting to find this lovely audiobook series in my Inbox towards the end of December as we were shifting out of Christmas and getting ready for New Year’s 2020. The premise took me by complete surprise dear hearts – as you might have suspected by now, one of my favourite Jane Austen novels is Pride and Prejudice – wherein I cannot get enough of this world, which is why I am constantly seeking out new after canon sequels, continuations and/or variants.

This particular lovely combines my love of Darcy & Lizzie and all things Pemberley with #dragonfiction! On that second note, I was admittedly a bit hesitative to join the blog tour as I get a bit anxious whenever I find a new dragon fiction series – however, after I listened to the sampler for the first audiobook – there was something in that sampler which eluded towards the fact I might have finally found a series about dragons which I will happily enjoy reading post-Leland Dragons!

For starters, who wouldn’t be smitten by a series wherein Darcy has a particular duty to protect a dragon but Lizzie in this variant world isn’t quite as sure if Darcy is the right person for that duty? Can we just circle back on that thought whilst processing *there are dragons!* in this variant!? They have their own unique species order of hierarchy too and they have their own unique personalities therein – something I love finding in #dragonfiction!

Counter to this bit of joy, I happily had the chance to interview the narrator for the tour itself – and I quite literally cannot *wait!* to share it with my readers!! It not only reconnects everything I had hoped this series would be but it also connects a thread of vision for the series as the author moves forward with the Jane Austen Dragons! I won’t spoilt all the joys in that interview – just keep your eyes peeled for it as it is one #awesomesauce reveal for readers of both #dragonfiction & Jane Austen!

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The Devil's Bride by Emma S. Jackson

The Devil’s Bride by Emma S. Jackson
2nd January, 2020 (print) & 5th February, 2020 (ebook)

England, 1670

No one goes near Edburton Manor – not since the night in 1668, when demons rose from the ground to drag Lord Bookham’s new bride to a fiery death. Or so the locals say.

That’s what makes it the perfect hideout for the gang of highwaymen Jamie Lorde runs with.

Ghost stories have never frightened her. The living are a far more dangerous prospect, particularly to a woman in disguise as a man. A woman who can see spirits in a time when witches are hanged and who is working hard to gain the trust of the most ruthless, vicious man she has ever known because she intends to ruin and kill him.

But when the gang discovers Matthew, Lord Bookham’s illegitimate brother, who has been trapped by a curse at the Manor ever since the doomed wedding, all Jamie’s carefully laid plans are sent spiralling out of control.

Ms Jackson found me on Twitter and was curiously having a hauntingly suspenseful novel come out this year – when I first heard about it I was curious yet cautiously so as whenever it comes to Romantic Suspense, I either get myself into a pickle and have a plot that is dearly thrilling to read or it becomes one of my favourite atmospheric reads due to the elements of how it was told. This particular release is going to far somewhere in the middle of those two observations because it is definitely the kind of book you don’t want to read in the dark! Laughs.

What intrigued me about it is the whole premise – is this a ghost story? Or is this something more daunting and dramatic? It harkens back to those earlier days of psychological suspense – where you’re wondering is it Hitchtockian in the fact a lot of the darker moments are off-camera & presumed or is it more central to where you’re turning pages, dearly hoping the thrilling centre of the story isn’t too much to handle? And, of course there was the allure towards how this is a Historical Romantic Suspense novel – in the fact that during this particular era in History, the very concept of having the capacity to see spirits (or ghosts, if you will) could get you killed.

I had a feeling it would be a chilling read and sometimes those are good ones to seek out – they keep you on your readerly toes & the most intriguing part for me will be finding out how Jackson threads the concept of this story which I believe might turn into a series. You’ll happily find me chatting about this book & the curious undertones of how it was written during the 22nd February @SatBookChat – do come if you want to find out how Ms Jackson approached writing “The Devil’s Bride”!

The book arrived this January and one thing is for sure – should I light one candle or seven?

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Echoes of the Ruins by Christina Courtenay

Echoes of the Runes by Christina Courtenay

→ Ebook & Audio 5th of March, 2020
2nd June, 2020 (print release)

Their love was forbidden. But echoed in eternity.

When Mia inherits her beloved grandmother’s summer cottage, Birch Thorpe, in Sweden, she faces a dilemma. Her fiancé Charles urges her to sell and buy a swanky London home, but Mia cannot let it go easily. The request to carry out an archaeological dig for more Viking artefacts like the gold ring Mia’s grandmother also left her, offers her a reprieve from a decision – and from Charles.

As Mia becomes absorbed in the dig’s discoveries, she finds herself drawn to archaeologist Haakon Berger. Like her, he can sense the past inhabitants whose lives are becoming more vivid every day. Trying to resist the growing attraction between them, Mia and Haakon begin to piece together the story of a Welsh noblewoman, Ceri, and the mysterious Viking, known as the ‘White Hawk’, who stole her away from her people in 869 AD.

As the present begins to echo the past, and enemies threaten Birch Thorpe’s inhabitants, they will all have to fight to protect what has become most precious to each of them…

I must admit, when I first heard of this release I could barely contain myself *because!* of how captured I am by the time travelling narratives Ms Courtenay has penned within her Shadows of the Past series and how much I have a keen appreciation for her Kushamiro Historical Romance series which takes place in Japan. Similar to how Ms Spann rooted me into her 16th Century with full-on Japanese History in the background, Ms Courtenay accomplished the same feat when I first tucked into her novel The Scarlet Kimono and I found myself in 17th Century Japan! You’d have to *pinch!* me knowing I’d be reading one century after the other by two novelists I love reading Historical Fiction from as they both give me a wicked good anchouring into the background of their stories inasmuch as a passionate curiosity for their leading heroes and heroines.

Courtenay writes time slip narratives & Historical Romances which give me a wicked good read whilst also encouraging me to consider plausible reasons why a time slip might be occurring and what is truly motivating the ‘slip in time’ to happen to certain people at certain moments in their lives.

As soon as “Echoes in the Runes” was announced and I caught sight of it – I knew it was going to be a #mustread of mine because Courtenay is one of the ChocLitUK novelists I felt an instant connection to in regards to how she crafts her stories and the conversations we shared through #ChocLitSaturday (ie. @SatBookChat’s original incantation). We also share a common ancestral lineage which is interesting to discuss and each of us has a healthy passion for the historic past which you can see as it plays out regularly in her stories. Similar to how Ms Silverwood’s publication date has a personal meaning for me & my family – so too, does the 5th of March as it was the day my grandfather was bourne and I still miss celebrating with him these past two decades he’s been in Heaven.

My grandfather like my Mum and myself loved research and loved learning about History; he was also a collector of different collections, encouraged by a healthy appetite for literature, music & letter-writing – whilst he was truly passionate about photography as well. Remind you of anyone? (smiles) I only wish he had lived long enough for me to resume my reading adventures and even a bit into my book blogging life – as the stories I’ve found would have interested him as well and I have a feeling he would have gotten a kick out of Historical Fiction overall.

He was a romantic too and somehow I think he is winking and laughing into a smirk realising a favourite author of mine is releasing her next #newbook on his birthday! Top cheers to him & Ms Courtenay this March – whilst it is also the month I mark the start of my 7th Year as a Book Blogger.

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The Runaway Girl by Jina Bacarr

The Runaway Girl: A Titanic Love Story by Jina Bacarr
17th March, 2020 (print, audio, ebook)

Two women hold the keys to his heart. Only one will survive that fateful night…

When Ava O’Reilly is wrongly accused of stealing from the grand house where she is in service she has no option but to flee Ireland. The law is after her, and she has only one chance at escape – the Titanic.

Aboard the ship of dreams, she runs straight into the arms of Captain ‘Buck’ Blackthorn, a dashing gentleman gambler who promises to be her protector. He is intrigued by the Irish beauty and manages to disguise her as the maid of his good friend, the lovely Countess of Marbury. Little does he realise, that the Countess is also in love with him.

As the fateful night when the Titanic hits an iceberg approaches, tragedy strikes further when Ava is separated from Buck, and must make a daring choice that will change her life forever…

A sweeping historical romance set aboard the Titanic, from the author of  Christmas Once Again.

You might already know how much I *love!* reading the Historical Romances by Ms Bacarr – from the conversation we tweeted about during #HistFicChat (where our paths first crossed) to her guested appearance via @SatBookChat (this November, 2019 – as she was one of the final guests for the chat as we closed out our 5th year) OR perhaps you’ve seen me shining a light on the review I shared Christmas Eve about “Christmas Once Again” – which I also featured during my #BestOf2019 Books for #TopTenTuesday wherein I focused solely on the #newtomeauthors for 2019?

Christmas Once Again left me emotionally connected to Bacarr’s characters whilst giving me a beautiful story to muse over long after I put the book down! I was blessed to find out round October of 2019 my local library had accepted my purchase request for this novel and thankfully it arrived in time to read during the Christmas season right in-line with the plans I had for #ChristmasReads! Most of those had to be abandoned when I came down with a bad cold this December *but!* this was thankfully one of the stories I was able to read and dearly loved releasing my thoughts for on Christmas Eve! Somehow it just felt like the kind of story you want to champion the day before Christmas,…. it was also a story I loved chatting about during #SatBookChat!

Imagine my happy surprise in being able to find out the plot & purpose of her next Historical Romance release which is forthcoming this Spring!? I was quite literally in SHOCK finding it was about Titanic as I have had a love affair with that ship ever since I first learnt of the story behind how it sunk and the process it took Dr Ballard to discover it on the ocean’s floor. Oceanography used to play a role in my life and I enjoyed following his discoveries and the work he did with JASON and Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Aside from that side of it – I also remember visiting the Titanic exhibit when it came round to a Museum of Science & Industry – where you get to take the walking tour and pull closer to the people who were aboard and the luxury they had on the journey. You also saw how the ‘other half’ lived in steerage and had to wait the end of the exhibit to know – did your ticket lay claim to the living or the dead? I was amongst the dead in 3rd Class. That experience never left me,… how could it? They made it an interpersonal experience and you just don’t forget those moments.

Even the film had a profound effect on me and I cannot re-watch it very often – in fact, I believe I’ve only re-seen it in full once since I first saw it on the silver screen. I do own the soundtracks to the motion picture as the score and the music assembled for the tracks is one of the most beautiful I have come across for film of this magnitude. Therefore – contemplating ‘going back into Titanic’s world’ is one I do not take lightly,… and yet, there is this sudden burst of excitement to re-take the journey and re-see the ship through new characters & new portals of entrance by another writer’s view of it.

Which is why I am wicked thrilled to announce Jina Bacarr will be discussing “The Runaway Girl” during @SatBookChat during her release month of April – join us on the 11th to talk all things Titanic and Historical Romance!

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A Life of Secrets by Margaret Kaine

A Life of Secrets by Margaret Kaine
23rd January (ebook) & 19th March (hardback) & 2oth August (paperback)

Deploring social injustice, Lady Deborah Claremont opens a staff agency, concealing the fact that she’s a member of the aristocracy. But Deborah has become accustomed to keeping secrets. It began eight years ago in 1918 when her dashing French lieutenant was tragically killed. Amid an undercurrent of social unrest and with the General Strike looming ahead, Deborah meets two very different men, handsome Theodore Field, MP and the charismatic union firebrand Evan Morgan. Deborah is torn between her feelings for Theo and the magnetism between herself and Evan. But then she is astounded by a mystery, one she is desperate to solve. And when its explosive secret is revealed she discovers that she has been both manipulated and betrayed…

I almost *missed!* seeing this new release by Ms Kaine! I’ve loved her style for crafting Romantic Historical Suspense ever since I first read Dangerous Decisions! I had intended to stay current with her stories as they were releasing but somewhere over the time since I first read this novel & today, I’ve lost traction with her novels. Being able to reconnect a bit with her whilst assembling this post and sorting out which of her novels are currently available to request through my local library (including this one!) has been a lot of wicked sweet #bookJOY for me! As this tips my hat towards a new feature I want to develop during New Year 2020 – where I get to revisit the authors I’ve previously read or previously featured on Jorie Loves A Story – seeking out their newer releases past that initial discovery & exploring where I find them today.

Ms Kaine had my emotions caught inside her novel and I have a feeling this new release is going to be a similar affair! Talk about a strong woman who decides to put herself in vulnerable situations (some of which she hadn’t even foreseen!) and tries to do the right thing – including masking her own identity and association with the uppers of society! The amount of stress that must’ve put on her own shoulders and then, to realise that not everything you’ve ever understood or were told was the honest truth? The shattering effect that would have on both heart and conscience!?’

I love when there is so much drama & intrigue awaiting me in a Historical novel like this one to where you know it will be especially difficult to tear yourself out of the story – you’ll want to hug close to the footsteps of Deborah and somehow offer her strength as she must walk this path & sort through the anguish which is surely going to be awaiting her to discover!

March cannot arrive soon enough!!Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

Blackbriar Cove by Jennifer Silverwood

Blackbriar Cove by Jennifer Silverwood
(Borderlands Saga, Book Two)

25th May, 2020 (Digital First Release)

The publication for this release has been pushed forward to 2021!

Kindly read the post as it is disclosed on the author’s website.

In a single night of madness, Amie won the battle and lost the two people she loved most. As she struggles to be the queen her people need, her family band together against the hidden threat at their borders.Haunted by the ghosts of her past, Amie strikes a pact with an ancient being called The Storyteller. In order to see Emrys again, they must put aside their blood feud, and cross the veil to a place of spirits and monsters.

Blackbriar Cove is a land where superstition and chaos reign, and spirits plague dreams. A dark curse has twisted the Unseelie who once lived in the home the Blackbriar twins vowed never to return. But death is not the end in Silver Hollow, and the war for the Borderlands has only begun.

I truly cannot wait to re-enter this world!

I loved my introduction to Silver Hollow which introduces you to this world of the Borderlands as envisioned by Jennifer Silverwood. As previously disclosed this past December, I decided not to spoilt my re-entry by reading the sampler teaser from the sequel as I’d prefer to just read it as it alights in my hands to be read rather than having too much of a glimpse about what is forthcoming!

I am *aching!* dear hearts to read this sequel – not that I could *forget!* the release date – not only does it *fall within!* the 3rd Year I’ll be co-hosting Wyrd & Wonder with Imyril & Lisa – but dear hearts, the day of release is of import for my family! It’s my parents anniversary and what is more special than a book release by a beloved author & the next year’s anniversary of your parents!? Absolutely NOTHING! Smiles.

If you want to find your #nextreads for Urban Fantasy, Fey directed Lit and a fantastical world which will bewitch you mind & heart – this is definitely a series to earmark to read!

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And, a last minute addition:

(found whilst writing this post!)


→ always remember to read your Authors Newsletters!

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Unconquerable Sun by Kate Elliott

Gender-swapped Alexander the Great in space, as a trilogy.

#PubDay is 7th July, 2020!

writ by the author I first discovered via the Science Fiction Book Club @ age seventeen and of whom wrote the first Fantasy series I purchased through the Club: The Crown of Stars! As soon as I read the tagline I was hooked – when I read the fuller synopsis I was dearly wicked excited!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

Princess Sun has finally come of age.

Growing up in the shadow of her mother, Eirene, has been no easy task. The legendary queen-marshal did what everyone thought impossible: expel the invaders and build Chaonia into a magnificent republic, one to be respected―and feared.

But the cutthroat ambassador corps and conniving noble houses have never ceased to scheme―and they have plans that need Sun to be removed as heir, or better yet, dead.

To survive, the princess must rely on her wits and companions: her biggest rival, her secret lover, and a dangerous prisoner of war.

Take the brilliance and cunning courage of Princess Leia―add in a dazzling futuristic setting where pop culture and propaganda are one and the same―and hold on tight:

This is the space opera you’ve been waiting for.

You should know – as soon as I read Ms Elliott’s author’s newsletter on Friday, 10th of January – I *knew!* a singular truth which I shared with the author:

→ I feel like this one was custom writ for those of us who love reading Historical Fiction but want to mix it into our love of Space Opera & Speculative Fiction with a keenly Feminist bent of insight! Gosh. I am loving this hard and I barely have the plot in the synopsis to go on!

She’s migrated from her previous newsletter into a new format to share her writerly musings & news for her readers – actually you can read the same news I did and capture the #randomJOY I had myself as I read about this lovely new release! From there – I happily connected with her to ask permissions to share this beautifully lush cover art & the synopsis of the novel itself.

I never really knew if I’d feel motivated to read about Alexander the Great – however, I previously hadn’t expected my Historical Fiction wanderings to encounter Bonaparte or Genghis Khan either. Sometimes it is the unexpected stories and protagonists who endear us the most for what is left curious about them in the wake of their lives having been lived. IN this particular instance – it is the essence of Alexander who is catapulted to Space – plus, who doesn’t *love!* a gender-swapped story!? I appreciate a wicked spun Feminist Historical Fiction like the next reader *but!* take that love & appreciation and reportionalise it into a cunningly clever Space Opera which echoes of Princess Leia from the original “Star Wars” trilogy of my childhood & youth (you know, back when Lucas was in charge & the series was EPIC)… goodness! What is not to love about dipping your toes into this story?

I realise I’ve taken a backseat when it comes to reading the fiercer side of war dramas (ie. the gritty battle-worn novels I once read) but sometimes I find stories like this one which are elevated on a creative level of intrigue. I personally wanted to spend 2020 re-focusing on my personal love & attachment to Speculative Fiction – from Science Fiction, to Fantasy to Cosy Horror – whilst endeavouring to find routes betwixt and between those genre stops as well.

A bit like why I was attracted to the story within “RimRider” – set on the fringes of space and a mining community. I like pushing my reading wanderings into new territories within the literary realms I love to read – to push myself into a story I might not have expected to find but one which would stay with me for quite a long while after I’ve read or listened to it on audiobook. Speaking of which – I had *no idea!* this was being cross-released into audiobook – a happenstance discovery and one I wished had included the name of the narrator on Audible!

More than anything – I *love!* strong female leads, Feminist driven plots and a re-anchouring of world-building set against a character’s journey you not only want to rally behind but you want to feel that evocative connection to as you entreat into their spirit as you read their lives unfold. I love feeling emotionally attached to characters & to worlds – to seek out a new horizon to tuck into and to explore is one reason I love Speculative Fiction. The sky’s the limit & even then, there is more to see and understand…

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

Likewise, it ought to be said – my first writerly pursuits were not in Women’s Fiction – they were in laying down the bones of my own Science Fiction novel based on Science Fact – long before I even envisioned writing Mysteries & Suspense.. Science Fiction was the leading draw on my writerly heart. This New Year 2020 – whilst I am reading and seeking out stories and the authors who intrigue me with their plots – I am also reading to re-inspire my own worlds, characters & musefully curious plots. I’m an inkslayer reclaiming her pen inasmuch as a book blogger re-inspired to read the STORIES who are calling her name & dearly vying for her rapt attention to take stock & notice of them.

These *11!* stories are only the tip of the iceberg — I am already drafting a #TopTenTuesday to talk about the series I had let go of reading & why this New Year 2020 is the year I finally get back into the heart of those series and pick up from whence I once left off. This year I had some humbled bookish & readerly resolutions – this post is a culmination of a lot of those resolutions and I look forward to sharing the rest of the bookish adventure with you as each story alights in my life to be read.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

As you can gather, I have rather eclectic readerly tastes as my selections move through genres & themes of interest. I am sure I am forgetting someone I am itching to be reading this Winter & Spring, 2020 – however, these are the lovely authors I reached out to ask if I could feature a shout-out about their new releases on my blog this January! I am thankful to each of them for giving me the chance to share their book covers & the plots within their stories as I blogged the reasons why I was keenly intrigued by the stories themselves.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

I’m itching to know – did you participate in this week’s topic? If so, kindly leave a link to your #TopTenTuesday so I can happily visit your list & see what grabs your literary eye! Likewise, what is on my List that either leaves you curious to explore or is a literary style we share in common within our readerly adventures!?

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And, don’t forget – I already declared ONE STORY to be one I #mustread this 2020!

I helped kick-off the first leg of the JS Monroe #TheOtherYou blog tour – remember this story is still making its route through the book blogosphere at the end of January & early February. I’m re-sharing the tour route in case you wanted to drop by the blogs being featured:

JS Monroe The Other You blog tour poster part three provided by Head of Zeus and is used with permission.JS Monroe The Other You blog tour poster part four provided by Head of Zeus and is used with permission.

The Other You by J.S. Monroe
Digital First Release 9th January, 2020

I happily featured an in-depth Q&A on the #PubDay!

I cannot wait to hear when this releases into print OR audio!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

As I had hinted about on my Q&A featuring Mr Monroe on his release day earlier this month – I have a personal preference for seeking out cunningly clever TechnoThrillers, Psychological Suspense novels & other high tech stories which befit the Thriller genre. In this riveting new release, Monroe is tackling a very current & very well-timed phenom in regards to persons who have their ‘doubles’ (or Doppelgangers) being *found!* throughout the world. Where there are ore to facial recognition than meets the eye and where having similar bone structure, eye placement & other keenly visual features which the naked eye sometimes overlooks can be a telling physiological history of humanity.

He glued me to both my chair and the pages of “Forget My Name” – whilst I was dearly itching to read another story by Monroe because he’s crafting together Thrillers which reminded me a bit of why I initially liked finding Dean Koontz before I reached the point I had to ‘let go’ of his stories as they took a few left turns for me as a reader. The most chilling one I read by Koontz is still my favourite which was a story which took meta fiction to a heightened new level of insight within the pages of “Mr Murder”. Where I left Koontz, I find myself more compelled to follow Monroe; he knits together not just psychological & realistic story-lines which are crafty as much as they are intellectually fused to their subjects – it is the style of how he paints his narrative alive with the believablity factors set to a pace of thrilling suspense.

That is what propelled me forward and what keeps me curious about his stories… You know you can handle the plots because of how their handled and how Monroe chooses to reveal to you the underpinning layers which knits everything together. And, for me, that’s the mark of a brilliant Thriller. I am itchy to read this one… curious to sort out the ‘mystery’ behind the identity and to peer deeper into how Monroe used the fundamentals of his research to write another plausible entreaty into the human mind.

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Happily linking to Stephanie @ Book Frolic!

on St. Valentine’s Day, 2020

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

She announced her #Top5 for New Year 2020 #mustreads!!

The only author I recognised was from Sapere Books of whom I have hosted in the past for guest author features! Including my lovely #SatBookChat guest M.J. Logue!

(see also interview) (see also my book review)

She was referring to their other series

The Marquess House trilogy!

Share Stephanie’s tweet | Share Jorie’s tweet

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{SOURCES: Top Ten Tuesday banner created by Jorie via Canva. The book cover and synopsis for “The Lawson Sisters” was given to me by Janet Gover and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “An Unconventional Countess” was given to me by Jenni Fletcher and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “Mystery on Hidden Lane” and “Mystery at Apple Tree Cottage” was given to me by Clare Chase and is used with permission. The audiobook blog tour banner and the book covers for the Jane Austen Dragons series were provided by Audiobookworm Promotions and are used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “The Devil’s Bride” were given to me by Emma S. Jackson and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “Echoes of the Runes” were given to me by Christina Courtenay and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “The Runaway Girl” were given to me by Jina Bacarr and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “A Life of Secrets” was given to me by Margaret Kaine and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “Blackbriar Cove” was given to me by Jennifer Silverwood and is used with permission. The book cover and synopsis for “Unconquerable Sun” was given to me by Kate Elliott and is used with permission. The blog tour banners for “The Other You” were provided by Head of Zeus and are used with permission. The photograph of Susan Spann was given to me by the author herself and is used with permission.}

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16 responses to “TopTenTuesday XI | The Top Ten Most Anticipated New Releases for 2020! (thus far!)

    • Hallo, Hallo Rissi,

      Thanks for visiting with me recently for Top Ten Tuesday!! :) I was thrilled to see your note come through – despite the fact I caught one of the worst Winter colds this past fortnight! :( I didn’t think I’d ever shake it! This weekend is the first time I’ve felt more like ‘me’ in a long time. Sadly I couldn’t even read or listen to audiobooks. I wanted to respond to your comment as I know some people might consider stories involving Titanic to be depressing but for some reason most of the time, I do find them a bit soul lifting. Despite the tragedy there is a lot of hope in the stories either left behind from real passengers or the stories invented which honour their legacies. I know we all approach it differently but I have a soft spot in my heart for Titanic stories. I hope when you get round to revisiting this at time of release it might warm itself into your heart, too.

      Glad I can help steer you towards new authors!

    • Hallo, Hallo Louise!!

      I had meant to tag you earlier today on Twitter for the review of the first #JaneAustensDragons I released and somehow I left your @ off the tweet! I’m just thankful I could DM you about it as I had remembered you had shown interest in this series! lol You are keenly observant about how wicked crazy the plot sounds but it is the way in which Ms Grace handled the narrative and re-aligned us through PRIDE into this world of dragons & humans which really sparked my eye of interest! It took me a bit to gather my druthers into the world (the index about dragons on her site helped loads!) whilst by the time Darcy made his appearance I was a goner! I was definitely ‘all in’ at that junction and picked up the rhythm and the world-building! Do let me know if you give this one a whirl and a go yourself! I had a feeling you’d like it as similar to the #WonkyInn series, this one has been cleverly and cunningly spun!

  1. You have a very articulate way of writing and it’s so satisfying to read. Being an Australian, it was cool seeing The Lawson Sisters. I can honestly say that I’d never heard of the book or the author before so that’s something to watch out for.

    I found The Devil’s Bride interesting as well and had the same questions that you did. It sounds so intriguing and though I usually don’t touch horror/thriller, I really want to pick this up.

    And lastly, Unconquerable Sun sounds amazing. I’m *reasonably* sure that I’m related to Alexander the Great (obviously way way waaaayyy back) so that just adds to the whole thing and I will *definitely* be reading it!

    • Hallo, Hallo Rhi,

      Welcome, welcome to my blog! I *loved!* your reaction to the stories I’ve blogged about this #TopTenTuesday, as I was curious which stories would inspire which readers to select the authors I’m focusing on! You are the first whose been as eager about the gender swapped Alexander the Great novel as much as I have been myself! I thought that might strike a chord with Speculative Fiction & Historical Fiction readers alike; I mean, it is such an original concept and then, to have it all set in Space. *swoon!* Secondly, I love how you shared a bit of your ancestral past! I haven’t found anyone this infamous in my lineage yet – I love being one half of the Ancestry Sleuth team in my family though! I inherited a love of researching our family trees via my Mum and together, we have a lot of wicked fun uncovering new details about whom we’re related too! Congratulations on finding Alexander being a part of your generational past! #awesomesauce This story will definitely be special for you to read!!

      Ooh, you’ve not yet found Janet Gover!? Ooh dear my! I’d almost suggest reading “Flight to Coorah Creek” first – just to see a sampling of her style and to see what first drew me to her collective works. However, since “The Lawson Sisters” is drawing you into their story, you could just jump into it! I am hoping to find more Australian authors to read — do you have any personal favourites?! (all genres open for consideration!)

      Laughs. I’m a bit like you! I get a bit squeamish if I consider traditional Horror stories which is why I purposely seek out #CosyHorror – through truly it is the psychological suspension of those realities which draws me into Thrillers the most! I am still anticipating a bit of a page by page revelation to where I sort out if “The Devil’s Bride” is just my cuppa or just slightly outside what I would normally be able to read and handle! I’m going to start it this week… eek.

      Thank you for your beautiful compliments on behalf of my blogging narrative style and for giving me such an uplift of joy reading your enthused response to all the stories I’ve shared this week. I am thankful our paths have crossed!

    • Hallo, Hallo Susan,

      Ooh which of the stories tempted your interest!?
      I am dearly curious!!

      Thanks for travelling to my blog and checking out which books made my Top List of #mustreads for 2020!!

      PS: I wanted to comment on your blog post – however, its not open to Name/URL comments!! :( I will say, these are on my TBR off your list: The Book Charmer and Check Me Out! I love book covers which are bookishly inclined and you had a lovely selection!

      • That’s weird that my blog wouldn’t let you comment. I apologize. I’ll have to see if I can fix the problem.

        I like stories about family secrets, so THE LAWSON SISTERS sound good. I also like haunted house stories, so THE DEVIL’S BRIDE is right up my alley. Titanic stories fascinate me, so there’s that one. The Clare Chase books also sound like novels I would like. Lots for me to check out!

        • *waves!* I am so thankful you’ve returnt!

          The four stories you’ve selected are a great rounder of the genres I love reading, myself! :) I love how Ms Gover places me inside Australia and inside the lives of her characters; if this is your first novel by her, I think you will be happily surprised! I know I haven’t read it yet – but I have very high hopes for this one as I’m basing it off #CoorahCreek and the style of narrative I previously loved by her. I think Ms Jackson’s novel – which I have on hand to be read right now is going to be bone chilling to read and there is something about that that is wicked interesting to me! I’ll have to give updates as I move into the text! There are certain haunted tales I love too – previously it was by Edith Wharton who gave me a good chill when it came to her sense of style with ghosts & hauntings! Ooh – you definitely need to step through Ms Chase’s worlds – she writes dramatically convincting Contemporary Suspense/Thrillers I think you might be keen on enjoying! Her style is a good match for J.S Monroe – they give you the Suspense & Thriller aspects you want to enjoy but without the brutality their genres generally have inclusive!

          #sohappy you’ve updated me on your readerly curiosities! #Blessed.

  2. Thanks so much for including my books, Jorie! I really appreciate your enthusiasm and your kindness! I’m keen to investigate other books/authors in your post too – some are already on my TBR list.

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Chase,

      The pleasure was mine to give! :) This was my favourite post to write for January and one I was itching to share with everyone! I had to time it right as I wanted to be online in order to respond to comments, etc. This is wonderful news – I’m thankful we share mutual #nextreads in common with each other (doesn’t surprise me!) and also, that I’ve tempted you with a few extras you didn’t find yet! I love being able to help connect readers to stories they might not have found and this just made me smile. I love sharing my bookish life as you know and lately, this particular meme is allowing me to pull together posts between reviews & guest features where I can be chatty and enthusiastic; truly loving it! So happy its resonating with everyone!

  3. That’s an awesome list. I haven’t heard of most of these but they look really interesting. Especially the Devil’s Bride and Jane Austen Dragon Series. What an amazing name for a series!
    I will definitely check them out.
    Have a great reading week. Do check my TTT if interested!

    • Hallo, Hallo A. Perveen,

      Thank you for finding my TTT, today! Isn’t that such a keen series title when you want people to know that its a variant of Jane Austen’s original canon but inclusive of dragons? I hope you’ll stop by again in February as I start to release my thoughts on the series itself. Also, you’re welcome to join us during @SatBookChat later in February to discuss “The Devil’s Bride” if you’re on Twitter!? I’m about to head over to your blog now — truly a delight finding your note and thankful I helped you find two #newtomeauthors!

    • Hallo, Hallo Lydia,

      Thank you for your beautiful compliments! :) This blog post was a lot of joy to write and to put together this month! Despite not having the ability to focus on reading, this particular blog post was such a balm of pure joy to compose and to assemble. I have always put disclaimers on posts where I feel there is a connection of interest with the authors I’m talking about or reviewing; it is a courtesy to my readers but it is also a note for myself to remember all the ways in which I regularly cross paths with authors, too. I’m so glad you’ve stopped by and loved reading the post which was such a lift of spirits for me to release!

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