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2 responses to “#WyrdAndWonder Author Interview | Discussing the re-release of the 1st Borderlands Saga with Jennifer Silverwood! Find out more about this #DarkFantasy set in an #UrbanFantasy world!

  1. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to research and interview me, Jorie! I wanted to add a few more comments, based on your comments ;)

    First, so many of my books were inspired by participating in NaNoWriMo, so I love that it also sparked your love of writing. If you don’t mind my asking, where are you books? Would love to check them out!

    I also love genre-bending, even though it usually happens by accident. Much as it’s something “they” say not to do, some of the more interesting books I’ve read have been just so.

    And I think you hit the nail on the head about keeping the creativity alive. :) It has given me a greater focus, while allowing me to continue bending and weaving multiple genres together.
    I would love if you read Wylder Tales! However, be warned, it is much darker Gothic in terms of style, than Silver Hollow.

    And finally, I completely understand about life. So sorry to hear things have been difficult and I hope everything evens out for you soon. I’m just honored to have been featured on your blog. I’m excited to join y’all in future #WyrdAndWonders!

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Silverwood!

      Goodness! I am unsure how I *missed!* the opportunity to properly respond to your lovely kind comment til now — I blame it on my health issues and the fiery Summer storms!! (frowns) I would *LOVE!* to point you in the direction of where my stories are published *however!* I have entered my season of publishing quite yet! In fact, you could say I’m a writer moonlighting as a book blogger – as that is the easiest way to explain it! I can’t remember if I sent you the link to the essay I wrote about my 2008 Nano experience? (its housed under ‘My Bookish Life: Jorie | Guest Posts, etc’)

      I chose to focus on writers and the stories which were publishing – the experiences I’ve sustained as a book blogger have been a complete and total blessing! Not only for the stories themselves but for the interactions, the conversations and the connections to fellow writers. I love being able to uplift a writer’s day by blogging the heart out about their stories whilst I hope my more critical feedback is also accepted for the spirit in which it was shared.

      Most likely, my (future) publishing path will be on the Indie side of the ledger, as that is the way my bookish heart sways… one key clue would be why I purposefully seek out a heap of Indie Authors (ie. by publisher/press or hybrid/self pathways) and why I have continued my research into Indie methods of self-publishing as well. I’ve balanced the ‘business’ side with the ‘reading’ side for the last five years. I waited five years after winning Nano to create Jorie Loves A Story (though in theory, it was not even a whispered dream) and I’ve been celebrating entering my fifth year this August, 2018 as a book blogger. I’m quite excited for the next five years leading into my 10th blogoversary/blog birthday as I have two special days per year.

      I’ll have to take a raincheck on your enquiry into my published works; you’ll start to notice I’m drawing closer as when my season starts to arrive, I’ll be including typosphere posts/updates on my writerly progress as well as transitioning my blog a bit more through a second Renaissance than the one I’ve already undertaken. I have a late 1930/early 1940 Royal I want to have serviced as well as seek out a few extra ‘workhorse’ vintage typewriters to finalise and polish the manuscripts I began 20+ years ago. I will say, my writing life is separated into two different eras – my teenage years and my late twenties, with a gap of 10 years between. I’ve noticed as a book blogger I’ve been re-affirming my writing(s) in a different lens – I find my (writing) voice strengthening and I appreciate the wanderings I’m taking in Fiction & Non-Fiction alike as I inch closer to re-attaching myself into my own written worlds.

      Bending genre is seriously #awesomesauce and finding authors who’ve mastered the art of it is like the best unexpected bookish treat!

      I’ve contacted you privately tonight to enquiry about what you meant by ‘Darker Fantasy/Gothic’ as those can be interpreted a few different ways to Sunday. I wanted to make sure I understood your vision of those thematics rather than err and misunderstand completely what you meant. If in the end, their too outside where I ought to tread, I’ll simply begin with ‘Silver Hollow’!! (smiles)

      Aye. Spring was a beast for health issues – I was so thankful when it ended. I’ve had a few bounce back into my life this latter half of Summer but I am hopeful they will not be lasting. Dad’s recent medical crisis emotionally drained me; I was as thankful as Mum when after nearly four weeks we were able to resolve it.

      Keep attune to my blog – over the weekend, I’ll be creating a proper announcement about the NEW mini-#WyrdandWonder event on the books for *October!* If you can’t wait – (so understand!) you can pop over to @WyrdAndWonder and you’ll see the tweet s/o by our lovely co-host Lisa!! She beat me to the punch as they say, whilst Imyril and I are still in the throes of writing up our co-announcements!! I believe this mini-event is going to be up your bookish alley of interest!!

      I am so thankful we had this convo in May and I am equally thankful this past week realising your one of my joyfully dedicated ‘regular’ readers!! I hope your having a wonderful ending to Summer – from stories to creative endeavours! Stay museful and wishing you many blissful bookish dreams!

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