The Sunday Post | No.4 | Jorie gets knitty during lightning storms, falls in love with Hachette colouring books & devours audiobooks! Before she unexpectedly took a hiatus from blogging!

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My participation in this meme was directly inspired by my new bookish friends: Avalinah + Savanah via this post!

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A note about the format I am using to journal #TheSundayPost: I am finding I like being able to give my readers who cannot visit my blog each time a new post, review or guest feature goes live a digest journal of what is happening on #JLASblog each week! If you are familiar with the style in which I journal my readerly adventures via #WWWednesdays (see also Archive) you’ll know why I like this journalled style for #TheSundayPost!

It’s a way of talking about what is bookishly on my mind whilst sharing where my travels in Fiction & Non-Fiction took me through the last seven days! Quite stellar – so very thankful I was encouraged to participate as I love being able to think about which stories settled into my heart and which of the stories I am most eager to see arrive by postal mail and/or via audiobook! It’s a bit of a lovely way to journal your bookish life and have a weekly reminder of the experiences of you’ve gathered and love to remember! In regards to getting back into the groove with #WWWeds – I’m either going to make the meme bi-monthly or monthly which I’ll decide within the next fortnight.

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Hallo, Hallo, dear hearts!

Jorie gets knitty during lightning storms,

acquires a knitting injury & devours audiobooks!

Whilst finding lightning storms to be a true consternation when attempting to B L O G!

[27 August, 2017]

IF anyone were to ask me what is my main bone of consternation during the [Summer] it would be simply L I G H T N I N G – the wicked awful curse of having MAJOR electrical storms which not only muddle my connectivity but they simply eradicate all HOPE of having a regular blogging and readerly life during the Summer, even if said blogger makes ill attempts to circumvent the insanity by pushing her blogging hours past the brink of what is healthy and upturnts her hours to where I think only midnight staff and truck drivers would understand her woes!

The key issue truly is how nauseatingly frequent they are now and how intense they are on arrival – these are not light storms with infrequent lightning – no! their the kind of storms where the electrical girth of electrical field is so wide and so boldly illuminating in the skies, you wonder if / where it strikes, how any living thing could survive the voltage!

Despite this – the week of [6th August] was the main week in which I felt the most productive as despite accruing an injury from ‘over-knitting’ (yes, this can happen if you consider I knitted about 15+ hours consecutively over 2 days!) and there were multiple lightning storms each day to where everything electronic was never plugged in except a few hours a day – you could say, it somehow became the best moments for me to KNIT! And, KNIT I did – dear hearts – to where one of my prayer shawls which was in the opening stages of being created is now nearly at the halfway mark of being ready to donate! Score! And, I knitted a new pattern, which is not only teaching me new techniques in the world of knitting but it is giving me a chance to create a different kind of shawl – one which I will be sending to a dear friend of mine once it’s complete. Meanwhile, I alternated between this prayer shawl and another one – which are the colours of sunshine – bold swatches of white and gold – stitched into a basket weave pattern!

Erstwhile, after the week of [6th August] I was also able to listen to more audiobooks – specifically the Anne of Green Gables series – even though my post times were a bit ‘altered’ from my original dates as I was still working around the frequency of storms vs the hours I had to blog and listen to the stories – somehow, dear hearts, I not only listened to the first three stories of this lovely series but I fell in love with how the narrator told the stories! Ms Winton won me over as the ONLY narrator I could ever accept for Anne and Avonlea! She truly made the series the incredible experience it became for me – and due to this, I have enough pages completed in three of my Hachette colouring books to write into reviews for you, too!

I’ve been waiting to share the joys of these colouring books and I finally can before the close of August – how grand? I found listening to Green Gables to be truly uplifting – not only due to the content of the stories themselves or the narrator whose voice lent a pleasurable experience but for creating ‘art’ to match the emotions and the beautiful illustrations of the natural world through Ms Montgomery’s narratives – which equalled the natural world I was colouring inside these lovely books by Hachette! Of whom, are fast becoming my favourite colouring book publisher!

Mind you, the one interesting bit is even during the week of [6th of August] I did manage to listen to one audiobook: Sharpe Shooter which is the first in a series of Cosy Mysteries! I was planning to post my review soon after requesting the second audiobook Sharpe Edge – however, those plans went up in SMOKE when my Dad had a minor health crisis (ie. his medicines) and I found I didn’t have enough hours that week in-between the storms to re-listen to the story whilst blogging my thoughts! Initially, I had listened to it whilst I was knitting! This was the first time I had attempted such a thing – finding I not only loved the combination but it also provided me with a new gateway into audiobooks – as I could do a ‘first round’ listening experience as I knitted whilst continuing through a ‘second round’ as I coloured! Now, if Mother Nature would be so kind to take a ‘break’ from the intense storm patterns, all would go as I plan it too! lol

Almost a week after my 4th Blog’s Birthday – my parents surprised me with a Blog Birthday Party which was quite the exciting affair! They truly made my heart soar in the joy of celebrating my journey as a book blogger whilst giving me such a hearty burst of spontaneous ‘moments’ – from eating at a new tea cafe (where we opted for espresso lattes instead!) who served delicate brunch items like tomato-hash casserole pie and hamburger pasta soup with coconut creame pie! I also kept the tradition alive and had a lovely pizza pie – crafted by a local pizza maker who knows how to give you a wicked good pie topped with fresh veggie & Italian ingredients (ie. heavy on the garlic, fresh basil & fresh ?) complimented well with the fresh dark lager in a pint which befits the hot Summery night!

It was truly the highlight of my month – second only to being featured on Roof Beam Reader’s blog for Austen in August! Seeing my essay about being a Janite in the 21st Century truly warmed my heart – as it felt like not only could I articulate a journey I found others were finding resonating with their own journey into Austen but it felt like I could finally start being a more productive member of The Classics Club as well! Something I have been wanting to do for a long while now!

Finding myself slamming into a migraine the week of [22nd of August] felt like a harbinger of ‘something’ I could not put a name too, as I have been reducing my migraines through listening to audiobooks but there are always new triggers to understand and to alleviate all the same! Similar to how I have to shift which natural medicines I use to take on their onset, as migraines have a way of shifting how they react to whichever medicine you choose to take for them! Very frustrating – but I don’t let my migraines get me down. When you have chronic migraines like I do, somewhere along the way, you not only learn to live with them (wells, perhaps not entirely in the height of their arrival!) but you learn how to live around them – even if most of the time it means full rest and a stop of everything you were doing!

I had planned to write three separate [The Sunday Post] this month, however, at some point I just resolved – why go back and back-date the journals when I could write one singular post for August and call it a day? I mean, honestly! I blogged as much as I could despite the severe onslaught of storms – there was nothing more I could give until now and I know the rules are loose enough to where if you can only post once or twice for [The Sunday Post] each month, than so be it. (smiles)

I think the harder pill to swallow was having to forestall my readings of The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds – which in effect postponed my readings of: Magic Sometimes Happens (the 6th Charton Minster), The Future Came Too Soon (the sequel to The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds), Betrayal at Iga (the 5th Hiro Hattori Novel) and The Dream Keeper’s Daughter! All of which I will be reading as August folds into September and blogging about as soon as I finish each of the stories!

The reason I had to push these readings forward is because I type my readerly notes as I read – it’s become my method of sorting out my thoughts as I read the stories I’m reviewing and blogging about – as I find my thoughts come together best when I can type them immediately as I find them alighting to mind as I read the stories. It’s just part of my process, I suppose, however, guess who didn’t have her computer during the electrical storms this August? Mmm.Hmm.

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The following stories were sent to me in exchange for an honest review by either the publisher or publicist.

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New Stories & New Authors:

with the #PubDay of the 5th of September

  • The Other Alcott by Elise Hooper (Synopsis)(ARC)*Pop Sugar 25 Books to Read Autumn 2017
  • Godspace by Keri Wyatt Kent (Synopsis)
  • The Mother God Made Me to Be by Karen Valentin (Synopsis)
  • Idyll Fears (Book One: A Thomas Lynch Novel) by Stephanie Gayle (Synopsis)

and then continuing:

  • BEYOND by Catina Haverlock & Angela Larkin (Synopsis)
  • Dennis & Greer: A Love Story (Epistolary Non-Fiction)(ARC)(edited by) Molly Gould (Synopsis) *3rd October <– this review goes LIVE on Tuesday!
  • The Happiness Prayer by Evan Moffic (Synopsis) *12th September
Next Stories by Favourite Authors:
  • To Guard Against the Dark (No3 of Reunification, the 9th novel of The Clan Chronicles)(ARC) by Julie Czerneda (Synopsis) *10th October <— this review goes LIVE on 9th October!
  • The Woman in the the Camphor Trunk (ARC) by Jennifer Kincheloe (Synopsis)*14th November
  • Right Next to Me by Rachel Ward (Synopsis) <– this was reviewed! (see also Review)
Colouring Books by Hachette Books:
  • Here’s Some Happy: A Colouring Journal to Lift the Soul by Gina Graham (Synopsis) *12th September
Adopted Audiobooks:
  • Sharpe Edge by Lisa B. Thomas | *cosy mystery | Book Two of Maycroft Mysteries (Synopsis)
  • Life as a Spectrum Mom by Karen Pellett | *non-fiction, memoir | (Synopsis)

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[2nd October, 2017]

And, I was on track to reading and reviewing most of what I was talking about until I found myself unexpectedly taking a two week hiatus from being online. The time away gave me an inspired ‘change of perspective’ as sometimes the best way to re-inspire yourself is to completely ‘get outside your everyday’ and see things from a different point of view! Whilst I was gone – I was able to do a bit of travelling where I was able to breathe in fresh air without humidity weighing it down and where my allergies felt like they were on ‘holiday’ to be honest!

September blinked out of sight before I cosied up to the hours the month had to give me – I quite literally did not read anything past WATCHER (see also Review) and due to different reasons behind the hiatus itself, I took the time to pack up my books to re-organise lateron. It became a bit freeing on my return, to see the shelves were clear as it gave me a ‘new beginning’ and a new place to begin what I was going to read next. As you might have seen, I have a newfound appreciation for both reading and blogging – sometimes like I said, when you change your perspective and live outside the routine you’ve grown comfortable with you start to see yourself evolve forward – enabling you the chance to resume not where you left off, but rather, to pick up where you left off with a new frame of mind.

Since my time ‘away’ had such a profound effect on me, I am also noticing how I approach the stories I was excited about reading ‘prior to my absence’ are not always entirely the stories I want to read right now. If you look at the review I posted today (CARBON) you’ll notice what I’m referring too. I am still stunned and have no words to describe the news coming out of Vegas either – I don’t think anyone knows what to say anymore about mass causalities and terrorism. I did compose a tweet referencing Vegas but even then, words failed me.

This past week I’ve been re-emerging onto Twitter and my blog has been wonderful! I am trying to reconnect with everyone all at once – therefore, if I’ve missed giving you a nudge of an update, DM me and I’ll enjoy the convo we’ll have together. I’ve been selectively talking more about where I was to those of whom I wanted to know the bigger story – however, I didn’t want to get into all of it on my blog or on Twitter directly. The details aside, getting caught up in regards to where my blog’s schedule stopped and now resumed has been soul lifting. I am also enjoying the lovely random convos which are happily re-appearing in my feeds!

I look forward to sharing more of my bookish life with you as the days move forward – I’ll try to start visiting the blogs I love reading again as soon as I can, too! I have limited connectivity right now, which is why my posts are appearing at odd hours as some are going live immediately and some are being scheduled to go live lateron.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comStories I’m Currently Reading:

The following stories were sent to me in exchange for an honest review by either the publisher or publicist.

  • The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds (No. 1 the Malayan series) by Selina Siak Chin Yoke (Synopsis)
  • Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure (Synopsis)
  • Woman Enters Left by Jessica Brockmole (Synopsis)
  • Emma: There’s No Turning Back (Book Two of the Emma series) by Linda Mitchelmore (Synopsis)
  • Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain (Synopsis)
  • To Guard Against the Dark (Reunification No3 of the Clan Chronicles) by Julie E. Czerneda (Synopsis)

These are the stories I am reaching to read right now – I missed my tour stops for Woman Enters Left – as I was meant to interview Ms Brockmole whilst eagerly looking forward to reading this new novel where she revisits a style of story-telling I loved most in Letters from Skye (see also Review). I regret missing the chance to interview her but what is so lovely is how compelling the new story is to be reading! I picked it up whilst I was reading through Dennis & Greer: A Love Story as I knew I didn’t want to wait too long before I resided inside Ms Brockmole’s story!

Whilst knowing there is one story I put down three weeks ago I did regret and ache over – which of course is The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds! I finally was able to get into the novel (despite the horrid Summer storms!) only to have to be pulled apart from it for two weeks! I’ve been back for a week now and there has been so much vying for my attention both personally and online, I simply haven’t had the proper chance to re-open the story! I am amending this as soon as I can, and don’t be surprised if I find a way to post a review before the weekend! Ha!

Pretending to Dance is the RAL I was attempting to have with Jamie – we did pretty well until I dropped the ball as one thing led to another and then, of course, I encouraged her to post her review of the story ahead of my own. I’m still hoping to chat with her about the remaining bits of the story whilst I sort out how to re-align inside it myself in order to post my own thoughts this weekend.

Dancing Through Life has been lived in a bit for the better part of the last year – as I would read small sections of Ms Bure’s story every so many weeks or months. I was so jazzed about reading this last year (prior to my Dad’s stroke) but then, after the holidays, I honestly forgot about it! I had a lot on my shoulders back then, and Spring in of itself was a hard season for me to transition through due to how severe my allergies were this year. I refound it recently and decided this was a good time to read it straight through whilst putting my thoughts together about what originally inspired me to read the book in the first place! The timing is fitting right now and I’m thrilled to finally know the ‘behind’ the show story of her time on Dancing with the Stars.

I was truly captured by the story within Ms Mitchelmore’s Emma series – it began with To Turn Full Circle and as I noticed I was moving into Autumn, this is one series I wanted to continue to read! As you will see by my review of the first novel, there is a lot of heart and spirit to Emma!

I am still on the fence knowing how I will feel after I read the finale of The Clan Chronicles as this has become such a dear story of my heart for the past few years! A series spilt over three trilogies – of which is happily blogged here on Jorie Loves A Story, as I moved from story to story – sensing and feeling my way through Ms Czerneda’s world. The characters have become such a powerful mainstay of my life and in effect, have found a niche inside my soul. Her story is so very transcending – it becomes a part of you and the overtures of what is truly going on inside the Clan and the background of the series itself is beyond ‘thought-provoking’. It’s the kind of literary treat you wish you could find more often but savour as soon as you discover it. Therefore, as I embark back into the Clan and find myself on the edge of knowing what finally became of them – as a species and as individual characters – I brace myself – as I know my emotions are going to be on the very surface of my being as I read the final chapters and pages of To Guard Against the Dark!

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Stories I’m Reading Next:

  • When The Future Comes Too Soon (No. 2 the Malayan series) by Selina Siak Chin Yoke (Synopsis)
  • Betrayal at Iga (the 5th Hiro Hattori Novel) by Susan Spann (Synopsis)
  • The Dream Keeper’s Daughter by Emily Colin (Synopsis)
  • Worthy by Catherine Ryan Hyde (Synopsis)
  • Summer by Summer by Heather Burch (Synopsis)
  • Indy Writes Books (anthology) by Indy Reads Books (released to help Literacy) (Synopsis)
  • Such Mad Fun by Robin R. Cutler (Synopsis)

To  keep an eye on my upcoming reviews, kindly visit my Bookish Events!

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I am sure there will be other stories I am drawn towards reading as I have quite a few Non-Fiction releases which have arrived these past three weeks from Hachette which are calling to me as well! I am sorting out which ones I want to read next but these are the stories which were awaiting my eyes prior to my hiatus – some of them have already been begun – I know as soon as I finish ‘The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds’ I will want to finish the sequel ‘When the Future Comes Too Soon’ – whilst I’ve been dearly intrigued with curiosity what awaits me in IGA as it’s the next Spann novel! I am positively addicted to reading Spann’s 16th Century Japanese mystery series – my time inside this novel is going to be well spent as I do miss her characters! The rest of the stories are a mixture of what I’d like to finish or begin – depending – whilst trying to pick up where I left off with #20BooksOfSummer which I am now calling #20BooksOfAutumn!

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The following updates were blogged back in AUgust – as I had fully intended on sharing this [Sunday post] before August turnt into september – however, despite the distances in time, I’ve left the updates as they were…

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Reading Challenges | Spontaneous Reads:

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#20BooksOfSummer : UPDATE!

My current RAL: Pretending to Dance by Diane Chamberlain

[week of the 6th of August] Jamie (@jamsreadsbooks) has been keenly patient with me this week – due to my knitting injury I was delayed reading the first 100 pages of the novel. I was trying to make up the difference before the weekend started, but sadly, I fell behind and then, on the day I rescheduled our first convo about the novel (Sunday) guess who falls ill? I couldn’t believe how unlucky I have been getting this put together. Thankfully, we rescheduled our first convo for [?] – and is something I’m truly looking forward too!

[week of the 22nd] I finally was able to read up to page 200 in order to continue our convo via DM’ing on Twitter – which is quite lovely as we can talk in real-time if we’re both there or leave messages for each other if we fly past each other, too! With all the ups/downs happening this month with the storms & my Dad’s fluctuating medicine woes combined with an unexpected migraine (Sunday-Tuesday the 22nd) you could say, I was gravely frustrated losing step with the book and our lovely convo!

Since I’ve had so many false starts with #20BooksOfSummer, I’ve decided to extend my readings until the 1st of October, as truly, my ‘Summer’ weather doesn’t really ‘exit’ til a month after this readalong ends! lol Plus, these are the stories I earmarked to read whilst it was ‘Summer’ & that’s exactly what I still intend to do even if technically I only read a handful during the event! I wonder how everyone is doing this year?

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#AustenInAugust | my Guest Post ran THE 1st WEEK!

Austen in August badge created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Carli Jean (Public Domain : Unsplash)

Hosted by Adam (@RoofBeamReader) this year – join via this post for submissions & participants & happily in the twitterverse with #AustenInAugustRBR!

Diary of a 21st Century Janeite

was featured on 8th of August, 2017!

I was so wicked excited finding out my guest post was going to be within the first week of the event! Sadly, due to all the lightning storms this month & the strife involved in my Dad’s BP medicine issues which I’ve hinted about on the bottom of a few of my reviews – you could say, August felt as if it were being less bookishly enjoyable than I had slated it to being! I decided to forego trying to read too much this August in regards to Austen as my other deadlines were running into each other – therefore, I focused instead on the RAL reading of NORTHANGER ABBEY. Whilst finding a new sequel author I’d like to pick up a copy of her story to read during next year’s event!

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A special spotlight & a wholly unique interview:

Stories on the Rise Banner created by Jorie in Canva

Read my 3-part Interview between two actors & the film-maker for #RaydenValkyrie!

This week [20th of August] I had the pleasure of showcasing a *special!* spotlight of a television pilot written and produced by an author I originally crossed paths with in [2013] within a short expanse of time from when I officially launched Jorie Loves A Story! Now, four years later – he is attempting to bring to life an engaging adaptation of one of his lead characters to an audience who already loves the niche worlds wherein his stories are set!

I came up with the clever idea myself – of interviewing the lead actress and one of the supporting actors whilst having both of their convos anchoured by Mr Zimmer – to help give a rounded impression about who Rayden Valkyrie is and why this production means as much as it does to those who became a part of it’s crowd-funding project (via Kickstarter), read the novels and the anthology wherein Rayden first came to life or were an integral member of the cast and crew for the pilot itself which has now wrapped production!

I changed the format of how the conversations thread together a bit – giving a different presentation of how three voices from this tv pilot present their own takeaways about the character and the work behind bringing her to film! I am hoping my readers and the visitors attached to the blog tour itself will find something enjoyable in this uniquely different showcased interview!

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*new!* blog milestone:

Jorie Loves A Story celebrated it’s 4th Birthday this AUGUST!
[4 years] 6th of August, 2017!
The [Special Review] I was hinting at last [Sunday Post] was this one:

The Gravity of Birds. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of Photo edits and collage created in Canva.

To share on Twitter, click open this TWEET to RT / favourite

I am blogging my *End of the Year Survey: 2016* which will be featured in November whilst sharing how I celebrated my 4th Blogoversary [31st March, 2017] and my 4th Blog’s Birthday – as these were withheld due to the storms!
There is a lot to share – I hope you will enjoy the posts as they alight!

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My adventures within the blog hop for #TheSundayPost

This list is being generated | this is a WIP list

The STORIES I cannot wait to READ myself as found via the blog hop!

And, the POSTS I loved finding via this lovely meme’s route!

  • Whose blog will be next?

[making my way through the bloggers – this week I’m hoppin’ round in an nonsensical way to where I’m not going from beginning to end nor end to beginning! It’s a random route I’m going to take this week!  Need to add commentary to the blogs I’m linking too as I’m moving up the list as I read a book!]

last update: 2 October 2017 | finding blogs and leaving comments

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How is your Autumn starting?

How did your Summer end?

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5 responses to “The Sunday Post | No.4 | Jorie gets knitty during lightning storms, falls in love with Hachette colouring books & devours audiobooks! Before she unexpectedly took a hiatus from blogging!

  1. Yeah, it’s a hard book in that sense. Maybe you shouldn’t go for it if you can’t stomach it… it’s quite descriptive. You might suffer quite a bit.
    And unfortunately, I have no use for shawls! I have too many, both made by mom and bought. So there’s no point in making another one xD I have also knitted boyfriend a Doctor Who scarf, so he doesn’t need one either. Which is why I can only think of a practical thing such as a sweater next xD

  2. Wow, that is one long post! No wonder you say those are so taxing to write :)
    I can understand a knitting injury! Hope that’s better now?
    I totally knew I wanted to say something more but the post was so long I forgot while I was reading :D
    Oh yeah! The storms. I can’t imagine such storms, wow :0
    BTW, will you be doing the Dewey’s 24h readathon? I’m also curious to see your Sci-fi Month lineup :)
    Have a great October!

    • *waves!* Hallo, Hallo Avalinah!!

      Actually – the reason this one is so dearly long in words moreso than book photography and the usual update bits I like to include is because the top anchour was written in *August* and despite the distance between then & October, all the information was still immediately ‘current’ as I had a wrecking Summer dealing with the lightning & storms! :( I even lost September due to other events inserting themselves onto my path, hence why I wrote a small blurb about why I was scarce online last month and was trying to ‘anchour’ all my news into one [Sunday Post] to serve as a ‘reset’ button! :) I’m thankful you enjoyed reading through this one though — as it does point towards what is giving me a bit of blissitude — the audiobooks, the knitting and the current TBRs.

      We never know when life will turn adverse, but at least we have wicked good sweet moments to intercept the angst!! :) I look forward to starting to re-visit blogs this upcoming week! I haven’t had a lot of free time to make my rounds — blessed you swung by ahead of my own visit! Especially as I think you will be surprised by what I talk about on a forthcoming review: Woman Enters Left? You’ll want to keep an eye out for that one!! Arriving on the morrow – as I had to push it forward from yesterday! Oy.

      I’m getting my rhythm back online but it’s a bit hard-won at the moment.

      • Hahaha, yes, I did notice the August bit :D but I also feel like September mostly just disappeared into thin air, so it didn’t seem out of the ordinary!
        I actually would love to take up a knitting project myself, cause knitting+audiobooks=best thing ever, but I am actually.. not good with the whole ‘planning the knitting’ bit. I can knit just fine, but I can’t do designs, last time I tried making a sweater, it ended in a disaster cause it was several sizes too big, although I did follow instructions. Ugh! So that’s why I’m slow in figuring anything out. Although I know I would enjoy the actual knitting part.
        Woman Enters Left, huh? Is that up yet? Oh, I see it is! I’ll go check it out.

        • Hallo, Avalinah!

          OOh, your overthinking the knitting or trying something too complicated! Try starting smaller – like a scarf or a shawl? Those have some lovely technique stitches in them where you can ‘build’ on once you move into sweaters and other ‘wearables’. I find the most joy in creating shawls – friendship and prayer shawls respectively as they give me time to understand the combination of ‘stitches’ but they also allow me to grow in confidence in how I knit, too. I love seeing the end results come together as knitting is relaxing to me, it’s not meant to stress you out! I will hope you find some patterns which won’t frustrate you, so you can give audiobooks & knitting a proper chance!

          Yes, I released ‘Woman Enters Left’ on Sunday,… after I read this one, I am unsure if I can get through ‘Radium Girls’ now. I have such a sensitive heart! I really struggled with the ending chapters because it was getting ‘medically specific’ and it was so guttingly real. I almost wish the story did not end where it had, but rather kept Florrie and Ethel on the road – still going towards their destination whilst Louise was starting to ‘arrive’ at her destination, if that makes sense?

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