#WWWWednesday No.7: A surprise #bookmail from Hachette Books, #bookjoy from Light Messages & introducing #BookAngelCate!

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WWWWednesday a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

I ♥ the premise of this meme {WWW Wednesdays} due to the dexterity it gives the reader! Smiles. Clearly subject to change on a weekly rotation, which may or may not lead to your ‘next’ read providing a bit of a paradoxical mystery to your readers!! Smiles. ♥ the brilliance of it’s concept!

This weekly meme was originally hosted by Should Be Reading who became A Daily Rhythm. Lovingly restored and continued by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. Each week you participate, your keen to answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading!?
  • What did you recently finish reading!?
  • What do you think you’ll read next!?

After which, your meant to click over to THIS WEEK’s WWWWednesday to share your post’s link so that the rest of the bloggers who are participating can check out your lovely answers! Score! Perhaps even, find other bloggers who dig the same books as you do! I thought it would serve as a great self-check to know where I am and the progress I am hoping to have over the next week!

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To help introduce you to the books I’m reading, the Synopses link to Riffle.

If you’d like an alternative to GoodReads, I highly suggest trying Riffle*.

I’m still boggled by the fact my Riffle Lists have been viewed *21,824* times! I’ve only just started to curate the lists and embed them into my blog where I expand on why I created them, too! I have 18 Lists published out of 32 lists I’ve drafted! I am looking forward to revealling more of them this year!

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Join the Convo via: #WWWWednesday

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What are you currently reading!? (Wednesday 1st June to Wednesday 8 June)

Personal Library & Local Library Reads

  • No Stone Unturned (Ellie Stone Mysteries, No.2) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)
  • Stone Cold Dead (Ellie Stone Mysteries, No.3) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)

And, the books I am reading for review:

(I fought off a cold this past week & carried over a few books) The lightning storms returning a bit earlier than expected dampened my readerly mood, too!

  • Almodis: the Peaceweaver by Tracey Warr (Synopsis)
  • Heart of Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.4) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)

(The books I previously planned to read)

  • Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov (Synopsis)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Golden Chain (Charton Minster series, No.2) by Margaret James (see No.1) (Synopsis)
  • A Place Called Hope by Philip Gulley (Synopsis)
  • Almost a Millennium by Jeanbill (Synopsis)
  • A Sinner in Paradise by Deborah Hining (Synopsis)
  • Indy Reads Books (anthology) edited by M. Travis Dinicola & Zach Roth (Synopsis)
  • Scarecrow (edited by) Rhonda Parrish (Synopsis)

Non-Fiction Reads:

  • Einstein at Home by Friedrich Herneck (Synopsis)

Upcoming Blog Tours in June:

  • Heart of Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.4) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis) 7th June (review)
  • James W. Ziskin Author Guest Post will be featured on the 9th of June (guest post)
  • The Gilded Cage by Judy Atler (Synopsis) 17th June (review) and 15th June (interview)
  • TBA Gray Widow’s Walk (Gray Widow trilogy, No.1) by Dan Jolley (Synopsis) (review) (interview)

After meeting Ellie Stone for the first time within the pages of Styx & Stone this past week, continuing her story leading up to the fourth installment of the expanding series Heart of Stone will be wicked sweet for me! I love being able to continuing reading a series I have already taken a keen interest in devouring! I look forward to continuing to share my adventures on behalf of Ellie Stone in other words! I am not sure what to expect in the next three novels, as the first story had to end on such a sombering (but well timed) note – Ellie was going through a period of transition and I look forward to seeing where we pick-up the threads of where we immediately left off!

Almodis: The Peaceweaver was such an extraordinary blessing to receive as the publisher Impress Books found a way to give this American book blogger the sweet blissitude of reading her first Tracey Warr Historical novel! It was one of those moments in the twitterverse where you discover a new publisher you’re keen to read books from whilst finding authors who are writing the kinds of stories your seeking – it was a lovely exchange of joy on both sides! When I saw Almodis arrive by Post earlier this Spring, I could not wait to take up residence in the book!

A few titles this week are part of my backlogue and are reads I have wanted to get inside for quite a long while such as: Along the Way and Almost a Millennium! I started reading the first one on Thursday and had planned to post the review on Friday until a six hour stint of a severe lightning storm crashed into my area with such a fierce declaration of intentions, I spent those hours exploring ‘book photography’ whilst hoping this Summer is not a twin of last Summer’s nightmaric lightning storms! Oy. Thus, as I am posting this #WWWeds on Saturday in lieu of Wednesday as our weather patterns have been haphazard this week, I will be finalising my thoughts on behalf of ‘Along the Way’ as well!

Ever since I first picked up the Charton Minster series by Margaret James (see The Silver Locket) I have known I was going to appreciate the legacy of this series! Each new installment continues the story-line moving forward through the decades until the contemporary world emerges out of the historical past! It’s a war drama at it’s core of heart but it’s so much more than that! I will delight in seeing where everything ties together!

A Sinner in Paradise is written by my third author to discover via Light Messages – this is the Indie Publisher out of North Carolina whose publishing inspiring fiction with such hearty story-lines as to firmly etch the characters and their stories straight into your heart after you’ve left their presence! I find their stories to be transformative, encouraging and a true lift of joy to read about characters whose adversities in life are not keeping them down as they lean on their faith as they pull through the obstacles they face head-on! Such conviction and a propensity for emotionally compelling stories are why each time I sit down with a Light Messages novel I am full of happy expectation!

A Place Called Hope is the last of my original three selections by FaithWords, as I reveal today the next three I am reading on behalf of both FaithWords & CenterStreet imprints by Hachette Books!

I am going to be featuring the two anthologies back-to-back as I have been wanting to showcase Indy Reads Books and Scarecrow for awhile now! I felt those readers who love reading short stories in search of #newtomeauthors will appreciate the duality of the showcases, as they are both incredibly diverse in both tone, structure and setting for the stories included in each collection! Likewise, I am reading Einstein at Home to kick-off my non-fiction selections via Prometheus Books! A bit of a nod towards my #SciFiSummer readings as well! (Shh! more sci-fi is on the horizon towards the end of June!)

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What did you recently finish reading!?

(25th of May til 1st of June)

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The stories I am grateful to have read this week:

  • Tea and Crumples by Summer Kinard (review)
  • Loving Eleanor by Susan Wittig Albert (review)
  • Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson (review)
  • Styx & Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.1) by James W. Ziskin (review)

Where do I even begin? All four of these selections were a wicked good reading for me, as I truly loved every inch of them! Kinard gave me such an emotionally stirring story within Tea & Crumples, I was evermore full of gratitude for having discovered her publisher Light Messages! I cannot state this enough – these are the type of inspiring realistic stories for today’s world that are so anchoured by faith, hope and love it is a true pleasure of mine to see where each new author I am reading by them takes me through such a scope of narrative with a journey of a character whose trials are rallied through their walk of faith. For most of my readings of this novel, I ached to have a bonefide real-life counterpart to ‘Tea & Crumples’ as it’s such a lovely place to spend one’s day! It’s the kind of community hub you’d love to find in your neighbourhood whilst knowing each time you dropped by for tea or a scrumptious bakery treat, you’d walk out with a new friend or a conversation that bolstered you against the tides of life.

Loving Eleanor affected me a bit more than I originally gave the story credit for being able to do! I was so depressed after reading about Hicks and Eleanor! I cannot even put it into words how depressing it was to read about two people who loved each other to the extent they did, but due to the era in which they lived and circumstances as well – wells, let’s just say it’s not the type of love story you should walk into like I did thinking there would be a measurable ‘sort of happy ending’. It was strong in it’s historic voice presenting two of history’s formidable women, but the anguish of knowing how hard they strove to live for each other and with each other is what nearly breaks your heart. This and how difficult it was for them to live such authentic lives as a whole.

I have a ready smile on my face now whenever I think fondly about Stephanie Grace Whitson’s novels! She has this way of taking a seriously difficult premise and giving you such a resounding gentle story, you can do nothing but happily curl up inside her novels! Seriously one of my favourite INSPY finds of late, where you know going in you not only can handle the harder scenes (as like I said, she’s a writer for historical readers with sensitive hearts!) but you walk away from her stories full of smiles, with a happy heart for meeting her characters! I also had the pleasure of disclosing my ‘Civil War’ connection to my ancestral past! (Read: I disclosed a tidbit about my great-great granddaddy!)

I am seriously over the moon for the mysteries coming out of Seventh Street Books! It’s hard to find your niche in Mystery, Suspense & Thrillers if your a ‘cosy’ kind of gal like I am! Thus, imagine the pleasure of taking chances on new authors, who are penning series that although completely different from each other in both style and voice; they have this way of giving you a mystery you’re thankful to have had the joy in reading! This is what I was celebrating whilst I was digging inside my first Ellie Stone novel! It had the potential to be a bit grittier than my regular faire but what surprised me about Ziskin is how he wrote Ellie Stone to not be hardened! She had every right to be by her life’s situations, but he didn’t let her wallow in those emotions; rather he emboldened her to sleuth! And, sleuth she did! Wow.

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The Hachette #BookMail surprise of the week:

Next Reads via Hachette Books banner created by Jorie in Canva. Book Photography Credit: Jorie of jorielovesastory.com.

Introducing #BookAngelCate, for the first time! This was a gift by a dear British friend of mine of whom we each lost track of each other over the years. Her kindness and friendship never left me, and her letters & correspondences are surely missed. However, she gave me such a lovely gift having learnt I appreciate Angels; #BookAngelCate is a constant companion and watches over my reading life; thus you will start to see her in my emerging ‘book photography’ part of my Renaissance here on Jorie Loves A Story! She represents the serendipitous joy of finding a book alight in your life to read at a moment you were meant to read it’s story!

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Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

If I can be so bold to say ‘viral’ in regards to one of my tweets, within seconds of posting this tweet about receiving #JaneTwo, several things happened: nine people favoured it, Sean Patrick Flanery *followed* me + he graciously RT’d me! Fast forward 17 minutes? I set a new record for a singular tweet of mine: 4 RTs | 15 Likes. I cannot even express how much joy that gave me – as all of us who share our bookish lives in the twitterverse & in the book blogosphere have our moments where we wonder, “Are our words resonating with those of whom see what we’re publishing on our platforms of choice?”

I recognise this is a “hot title” at the moment, but evenso! These nudges in social media were an unexpected ‘smile’ for a girl who just received the book she’s itching to read!

I celebrate every RT or Like or Reply I receive; even if I receive a limited few, I know I’m connecting with someone who took a second to let me know something I said was ‘heard’ and ‘seen’. I simply never saw such numbers flying through my Notifications!

I would have been just as happy if only Mr Flanery saw the tweet; authors who recognise readers on Twitter are the ones that make me smile the most during the year!

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I was so caught up by the stories I was reading this week, I never had the proper chance to compose a tweet s/o about the lovely SURPRISE #bookmail Hachette Books sent me! I’ve only just started to review for their INSPY imprints (on a regular basis) FaithWords & CenterStreet – when I received news about prospective titles I could request to review for #SummerReading! I quickly responded to the publicist’s enquiry, whilst noticing there were four books that stood out to me immediately; one of them happened to be written by an actor whose career I’ve been following since I was watching the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles *airing!* on television each week! (I’ll let you do the math!)

When I caught sight of the next release by Stephanie Grace Whitson, I immediately *knew!* I wanted to read Messanger by Moonlight as it has been such a rush of joy for me to be in a position to read her stories! She’s the type of INSPY Historical author I seek to find, who gives readers who love devouring Historicals told with a gentleness of conviction a wicked good story! I love how she’s approaching writing her novels and each time I pick up a ‘new’ Whitson novel, my heart flutters a bit on the expectation of what I might find within her character’s footsteps!

I caught sight of #JaneTwo earlier in the year, as Winter was starting to wan – it took me half a moon to sort out where Mr Flanery was on Twitter (*which I did cheekily mention*) – but what caught my eye the most, is the tender coming-of age story written by an actor I quite literally saw grow up on camera and screen. I did not pick this title to read as a book blogger based on the promotional praise it was receiving nor even the fact Flanery wrote it; I picked this title because I wanted to read the story behind the synopsis by a bloke I believed in. I watched the choices in characters he has picked as well as fell out of knowing what he was doing for a spell of time, too. I brought myself up to speed when I saw the release of #JaneTwo and knew I wanted to support this new chapter of his life, too. FYI: The fact he wrote a ‘coming-of age’ story was icing on the cake, as I have a soft spot for those types of stories!

When you respond to a publicist about stories available to review, it’s not a given you’ll receive a title – there is a fraction of leaping on faith of what ‘could be received’ and ‘which story is meant to alight in your hand to read’ whilst you go through the process of selecting the ‘potential books’ you can request to review. Therefore, when I saw the bundle of #bookmail arriving from Hachette – I had no idea I’d be pulling out a beautifully lovely hardback edition of #JaneTwo!

Next to my expressive surprised smile at seeing Flanery’s novel underneath Moonlight, it was the third book in the parcel that caught me at ‘hallo’ with the wicked glee of a reader finding a story she was curious about reading arriving inside her postbox! Claiming Noah caught me straight in the heart with it’s premise – it’s a complicated story of love, birth, child rearing and alternative routes to mumhood! Being a Prospective Adoptive-Mum (as in the future I will be adopting children out of foster care), I have been seeking out stories involving adoption, foster care and all alternative steps towards becoming a Mum I can find in today’s fiction and non-fiction markets (both Mainstream & INSPY).

The copy I was sent is a beautiful trade paperback ARC copy – I hadn’t realised the author was Australian when I requested it – this was wonderful, as I noticed as much as I’m widely read for British Fiction, I am severely under-read when it comes to Aussie Fiction! It’s something I’ve been wanting to work towards amending, but who knew I’d be in a position to read an emerging Australian writer so soon? I know going in this is going to be a three hankie read as they say – it’s going to be emotional (that’s just a given!) but my curiosity to see how the author handled the story-line and presented it’s conclusion is what will hold me in my chair til the very last page!

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+ featured Author Guest Posts & Interviews

+ since 25th of May til 1st of June +

Sadly, my interview with Susan Wittig Albert was unexpectedly cancelled and I was not able to run this guest feature alongside my review of ‘Loving Eleanor’. I truly enjoyed assembling the conversation, whilst grateful I could become properly introduced to Ms Albert’s writings as long last, as I never had the pleasure of reading one of her novels. I’ve only tasted one of her mysteries and I look forward to continuing to read her collective works! Things can arise in life, therefore just being on the blog tour was a blessing for me!

+ Cover Reveal Team via ChocLitUK

per usual for me, each of these has notes on my thoughts relating to the stories

Can’t Buy My Love by Jane Lovering feat. 31st May

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What do you think you’ll read next!? (8th til 15th of June)

Personal Library & Local Library Reads:

And, the books I am reading for review:

  • Jane Two by Sean Patrick Flanery (Synopsis)
  • The Judgment by D.J. Niko (Synopsis)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays Some Veil Did Fall (Rossetti Mysteries, No.1) by Kirsty Ferry (Synopsis)
  • A Saint in Graceland by Deborah Hining (Synopsis)
  • The Bridges of Constantine by Ahlem Mosteghanemi (Synopsis)
  • Pieces of Granite (Prequel to the Coming Home series) by Brenda S. Anderson (Synopsis)
  • Dear Carolina by Kristy Woodson Harvey (Synopsis)

As you can see, I am going to be reading #JaneTwo next week! I project I will be tweeting & blogging about this lovely coming-of age story before next weekend! It’s a book I’m itching to read in other words!

However, I have an interesting book I’m hosting for a fellow book blogger’s blog tour (Erin & I met as book bloggers but she has since expanded into Publicity & Marketing) wherein I get to explore Biblical Historical Fiction inside the chapters of The Judgment! Although I haven’t had the joy of exploring this section of historicals too much in the past, it is one I’ve earmarked in mind to read! There are a lot of lovely people throughout the Bible of whom you’d like to learn more about as your reading their brief  mentions; people of whom have a life to share as riveting as anyone else. I look forward to reading my first Niko novel as well! I have spied her novels on blog tours, but never had the pleasure of reading them!

Continuing my appreciation for Rom Suspense out of ChocLitUK, I will be reading my first Kirsty Ferry novel which kicks off her mystery series! I have been wanting to explore more of the serials being published by ChocLit and this year felt fitting to do just that! Plus, after I read Clare Chase’s suspenseful You Think You Know Me, I am quite on pins to see how Ferry will keep me guessing inside hers!

I had a suspicion once I begin reading Debroah Hining’s novels, I am not going to want to stop; therefore I made sure her new release A Saint in Graceland follows shortly after A Sinner in Paradise! Whereas The Bridges of Constantine is the beautifully lyrical war drama I started to read in early March, just ahead of the mind-numbing five day migraine that disrupted my reading life. I struggled to pick up the pieces of where I left off with this lovely novel, and felt I am in a good position to re-read it now. It’s an unsettling story (as most war dramas can be) but it’s how the writer developed the story and enriched her characters with incredible depth and honesty that pulled me into it’s vortex.

Pieces of Granite and Dear Carolina are the next two titles from my backlogue, of which focus on family, children and motherhood. I have been so curious about what I will find inside these stories, it’s hard to tell you exactly how much I’ve been awaiting the day where I could finally dissolve into their hearts! Pieces of Granite is the prequel to my beloved Coming Home series (see Chain of Mercy) by Brenda S. Anderson, an Indie Author who is championing the Indie INSPY market! Dear Carolina is a story I first greeted when the author found me via Twitter. She was positively a light of bubbly joy and if circumstances had been different, I would have read this last May! She was a happy discovery as she wrote a story about alternative routes to parenthood, one of the first authors who was tipping my hat to finding stories like this one; which is why Claiming Noah appealed to me as much as it did! I believe Dear Carolina will be a good precursor to reading Claiming Noah in other words!

It goes without question how much I have wanted to finish reading Jane Eyre, as even my tribe of bookish souls via #HistoricalFix know how hard I’ve tried to finish this novel! Laughs. I am happily re-reading The Anatomist’s Wife as a way back inside the Lady Darby mysteries! I became properly attached to these Cosy Historical Mysteries on a larkspur discovery at my local library wherein I had a bit of an encouraging hand to continue to see my library purchase the next novels in the Lady Darby series! To be in a position this Summer to read As Death Draws Near ahead of my library’s copy arriving in-house is an unexpected joy! It is also the first time I have had Lady Darby come ‘home’ as I have only ‘met’ her via the library books I continuously check-out! Mind you, I had hoped to have read the series straight-through for about a year and a half, but in doing so, I have helped other patrons find Lady Darby which warmed my bookish heart!

Upcoming Blog Tours in July: (books I already have on hand)

  • Commanding the Red Lotus by R.J. Sullivan (Synopsis)
  • As Death Draws Near by Anna Lee Huber (Synopsis) | (Book Blast w/ Reflections on Series)
  • #PubDay (5 July) Review of As Death Draws Near by Anna Lee Huber *review off-tour

For non-fiction: (throughout June)

  • Kepler and the Universe by David K. Love (Synopsis)
  • Travelling the Two Lane by Marilyn Berman (Synopsis)
  • Dancing through Life by Candace Cameron Bure (Synopsis)
  • Fire Season by Hollye Dexter (Synopsis)
  • The Butterfly Groove by Jessica Barraco (Synopsis)

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on my selections!

Did anything tempt you to pick up yourself?

OR have you read one of these already?

What are you currently reading?!

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4 responses to “#WWWWednesday No.7: A surprise #bookmail from Hachette Books, #bookjoy from Light Messages & introducing #BookAngelCate!

    • Hallo, Hallo Haniya!

      Thank you for dropping by via #WWWeds! How kind of you to let me know of your visit! Yes, thank you for the good wishes on reading these stories! I’ve been having a delightful time soaking inside the books I’ve longed read, that much is true! I’ve found a few misses too, where what I hoped to find wasn’t quite what I did find, but this can happen to all of us! I look forward to visiting your blog in return! Happy readings!

      Let me know which story I mentioned sparked an interest to you, after you’ve had the chance to check them out! Hope you find a #newtomeauthor & a story that truly gives you a heap of joy reading!

    • Thanks Sam!

      I was a bit disappointed by the second of the Ellie Stone Mysteries, but I quickly moved into the third before alighting inside Heart of Stone. Sometimes I find this can happen when your reading serial fiction; the odd thing for me, is that the second was a bit of a departure from the style set-up in Styx & Stone whereas the style resumes in the third? I am going to mention this on my review, but as you happily asked me about this series, I wanted to tell you first! I am unsure – Heart of Stone is a brand-new release, therefore the fourth is actually the most current installment. I’ll update you as I know more! Thanks for asking!

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