#Bloggerthon | Jorie is interviewed by Jessica @ Writing Pearls. Find out a bit about Jorie and her bookish life!

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Bloggerthon badge created by Bemused Bookworm for the event; used with permission.Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Special Announcement:

I am being interviewed!

I decided to participate in #Bloggerthon: a book blogosphere event where book bloggers have the opportunity to interview each other to gain a bit of insight into what our bookish life is like both online and off. I did not know what to expect when I signed up for this event via Margaret’s blog Bemused Bookworm, nor can I remember how I learnt of the even itself – as it was one of those moments where I was musefully curious about wandering around the bookish side of the twitterverse and the book blogosphere!

I am sure you can relate to this, as you start to click different links and are re-routed to new book blogs whilst you find interesting reviews and articles to read about other people’s bookish adventures!? During one of these excursions, I stumbled across a pitch for interviews, where you filled out a few bits and bobbles about yourself in order to become ‘matched’ with your partner.

In my case, when the questionnaire prompted me to list my favourite genres of preference I responded by saying:

Historical Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Relationship-based Romance, Cosy Horror, Psychological Suspense, War Dramas, Time Slips and Cosy Mysteries.

The second prompt was to mention how long we had been book bloggers (I’m a 2nd Year!) and what inspired us to begin blogging: The comments I was leaving on book blogs and author blogs warranted me to have my own book blog as a niche of a place to share my bookish life.

From this stage, I was matched with Priya @ Priya Prithviraj who appreciated reading Classics, Children’s Literature, Middle Grade Fiction, and Historical Romance. Priya has been blogging for a year and gave this response for starting her blog: I’m a writer myself and started the blog as an online portfolio to link to while publishing in journals.

Priya contacted me whilst I was in the process of contacting her in order to send over my questions for my interview. I was trying to gain a bit of insight into what we shared in common and how best to ask her questions which would make the conversation light and enjoyable by both of us. As I was working on my half of #Bloggerthon, Jessica @ Writing Pearls was formulating her questions for me, as this event is set-up where the person of whom is being interviewed is meant to be asked questions themselves by another blogger. Giving you the chance to connect to two different book bloggers at the same time.

The rest of the event is running during the week at the hostess’s blog Bemused Bookworm, where you will find Margaret addressing different discussion topics and subjects related to book blogging. Those are meant to be inspired prompts for us as participants if we wanted to add commentary on her blog or if we wanted to run a separate blog post on our own blogs. For myself, I decided to participate in the interviews as my November is already quite full with Sci Fi November and my forthcoming participation in Non-Fiction November!

Jessica enjoys reading Chick-Lit, Women’s Fiction and YA; whilst having been a book blogger for six months, to which she responded she began doing as: I read too much not to. She pitched me 21 questions and of those questions, I responded to the ones I felt would give the most for us to converse about afterwards. I was hoping she might give in-line replies, but found instead she wrote a bit of a summary at the end of our interview.

Find out what Jessica asked Jorie by visiting Writing Pearls!

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Return on Thursday,

to find out what I asked Priya and where our conversation went about literature

and the stories we enjoy reading.

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Be sure to follow the rest of the events:

Bloggerthon badge created by Bemused Bookworm for the event; used with permission.Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Be sure to return to let me know if you visited Jessica’s blog,
as this marks my first interview in the book blogosphere by a fellow book blogger!
As previously I was only interviewed on The Star Chamber Show No.2!
Speaking of which, tonight one of the authors who was a part of that podcast is being featured @ 9pm on the No.60 of The Star Chamber Show! Be sure to mark your clock as I have a feeling Stephen Zimmer is going to be make the show quite awesome.
I know I’ll be listening!

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