#ArmChairBEA : Diary Entry No.3 of a #cheerREADER : Jorie loves visiting the blogs & leaving notes of joy! :) #booklove

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ArmChairBEA 2014
Design Credit: by Amber of Shelf Notes

Day 3 as Jorie Cheer Reads!

{short blurbs of what I found;

click to see my comments per blog!}

A major thunderstorm & monsoon rainy season has plagued my area for most of the week since the #ArmChairBEA began on Monday! I was the one who was surprised by all the heavy lightning storms (we do get rather bad electrical storms!) AND the monsoon rains as I had not realised our Summery Storm Season was jumping into our lives once again! I think anyone who has heard the word ‘hurricane’ OR ‘tornado’ knows why the phrase “Storm Season” is not my favourite time of the year! In all honesty, I try to avoid worrying about it until it arrives, and thus, hallo Summer! The only thing I could do is just draw a deep breath and realise that the lightning would stop at some point today & I could get back into my blog to run final edits over my book review of Getting Waisted! As I knew I would have plenty of hours to make my rounds through the book blogosphere!

One thing I brought up last night through the twitterverse and on my journal of Day 2, is that there are a HEAP of blogs participating this year that are using the most complicated & twisted CAPTCHA codes! Twisted here refers to the fact I actually had one blog where it would ‘blink!’ a new code to key in before you had any chance to key in the first one it gave you! :( Sighs. I do not mind comment ‘moderation’ as I have that enabled as well, being that it serves as my second stop spam filter. I do not have CAPTCHA on my blog for obvious reasons. I simply wanted to say tonight that those who have it on their blogs I do feel bad because although I will always go the extra mile to leave a note, I am finding that other #cheerREADERS are lamenting that if they find CAPTCHA they will pass your blog over!

Ergo, may I advise listening to the wisdom of this tweet which was tweeted a bit prior to when I started my route:

Blogs I am Assigned to Visit as a CheerREADER:

  1. #34: Writing About Books | Novellas & Short Storiesenjoyed sharing my wanderings in the fantasy & science fiction realm of short story anthologies! i hope i inspired a next read!
  2. #134: ChaChic’s Book Nook | Expanding Blogger Horizonsa truly inspiring book blogger from Southeast Asia who wants to seek a way to transition into a book industry job; fully blessed for her experiences thus far as a book blogger
  3. #39: Take Me Away | Expanding Blogger Horizons & Novellas & Short Storiesenjoyed talking about two shorts I have read recently this Spring as much as noticing my comment did not post due to a ‘blinking’ comment moderation! i do hope it was saying that anyway! :(
  4. #139: ChaChic’s Book Nook | Novellasi decided to share how i felt that the joy of reading an anthology is the hidden joy of finding a new author to appreciate & follow into new stories past the shorts!

I double-checked to make sure no one had posted overnight and therefore would still be within my numbered route to visit! I do admit having a smaller route each day is helpful as it is easier to work around such things as migraines (such as I had on Days 1 & 2), freak monsoon rains (all three days!), and the inability to always get online if your power grid is threatened by severe lightning! (never a good thing!)

Extra Book Bloggers I Visited: {Day 2 Blogs}

{these are the blogs I originally thought I was meant to visit!}

I had a bit of an earlier start today to visit all the lovely book bloggers! And, although I want to write a few blog posts myself to help celebrate, I am not sure when I will have those ready! Yet, somehow between the heavy rains & lightning, I still end up visiting bloggers rushing towards midnight! Laughs. I do always have the best of intentions! I could not get to as many as I had planned! Tomorrow, perhaps!? Is it ironic I always visit the same number in both categories!? Hmm,…

  1. #54 – Book Date | Introduction & Literaturea fellow Romance & Women’s Fiction reader! Reminded me that I need to read “Virgin River’ sooner not later!
  2. #59 – Spirit of Children’s Literature | Introductiona wonderful blogger who knits together the spirituality of books with the joy of reading Children’s Literature & Adult title selections; a blog I want to re-visit as i am able too!
  3. #64 – Bluest Ribbon | Introduction & Literatureahh! CAPTCHA! as I start to find these again, I will put them in my notes! and here I was celebrating what she had to say about literature!
  4. #69 – Notes of a Reader | Introductionthought it was marvelous how she choose to blog about books to keep her knowledge of English! Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

B R E A K I N G N E W S of the #ArmChairBEA!! Guess which #cheerREADER do not expect to find her name in the daily prize winners announcement!? Yes. You guessed right if you said “Jorie!” I had so much going on thus far into the event that I thought for sure my ducks were not in the proper row yet to even be in contention! Yet! I have been merrily visiting the bloggers & leaving lots of wicked sweet happy notes for them to find! :) I originally volunteered as a cheerleader for the event because this is what I love to do! Seriously! I love to visit & get my chat-on! Brings me a heap of joy knowing I’ve lifted someone’s spirits & that they in return appreciate my visit.

I am overwhelmingly humbled by the response coming into my Twitter feeds & in comments left on my blog &/or on the blogs I have visited! You guys are the best!!

I am a Day 1 : Daily Winner & a Commenting Winner on Day 2!

ArmChairBEA_BookWinnerFun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comJorie’s Posts for #ArmChairBEA:

Jorie’s Introduction to #ArmChairBEA

Jorie’s Day 1 as a #cheerREADER

Jorie’s Day 2 as a #cheerREADER

I appreciate everyone who left me a comment thus far along! :)

smallpurpledividerAlongside my #cheerREADER duties I am also hosting blog tours & book reviews:

{SOURCES: Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. ArmChairBEA badge provided by ArmChairBEA for participants to help promote the virtual convention for BEA (Book Expo America). Post badge about winning books during #ArmChairBEA created by Jorie in Canva!}

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8 responses to “#ArmChairBEA : Diary Entry No.3 of a #cheerREADER : Jorie loves visiting the blogs & leaving notes of joy! :) #booklove

  1. momssmallvictories

    I appreciate you sticking with the initial confusion. The point of cheerleading was to visit and comment, it didn’t really matter that you visited ones you weren’t assigned. Every little bit helps! It just helps those of us awarding the prizes for commenters to find your comments :)

    • Hallo, Hallo!

      (at long last!) Yes, I think I have a better handle on the situation surrounding #ArmChairBEA. I think I was simply overwhelmed in the beginning, but once I caught on to the idea of my ‘route’ I found the most joy in leaving joy notes for all the lovely bloggers! I want to block out the week next May, so I can stress less about how quickly the hours fly past me, and simply ease into #ArmChairBEA — embracing the whole of the experience start to finish!

      I appreciate that you & Tif were guiding hands giving me sound advice and appreciating that I was a newbie who at first felt like she was drowning in confusion! I did not want to give up – I am a stubborn optimist who always hopes I can sort something out rather than abandon a project! :)

      (except in the case of A to Z, in which I simply could not write on the deadlines)

  2. Aw, I’m not even on your list and you stopped by! I’m a pretty big introvert, so even being online a bunch wears me out. Thank you for the cheering and infectious enthusiasm. I’ve definitely needed it! And any of that rain you don’t want, just send it to Arizona. A good storm is wanted. ;)

    • Thank you!

      The books have arrived now — and I am beyond delighted, because I love Middle Grade novels as much as Juvenile Fiction, so I am not sure where this particular one fits into at the moment, but ooh! Alaska is such a lovely setting for stories, that I was beyond delighted! I appreciate your visits during the #ArmChairBEA! Ooh, the second book is a sequel of Jane Austen, entitled “Miss Darcy Falls in Love” and I simply could not resist!

      I hope you were able to win a few books as well!? They had excellent sponsors who gave such a diverse array of choices for those whose names were drawn!

    • Your most welcome, Vanessa!

      I was betwixt knowing how best to handle that issue – I tweeted out a few notices about CAPTCHA, but then, felt the best course for me now & even next year (as I want to return as a #CheerReader!) is to simply post the blogs who are keeping CAPTCHA on their blogs on my daily update journal entries. As I noticed most would drop by my post the days I would visit their blogs. I think it is simply the better way of handling it, as I honestly was not as vexed by it as other #CheerReaders which sort of surprised me — long short!? Your welcome!

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