Sunday Showcase #2: Austen, her name is Jane Austen!

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Showcase Sunday

{Official Blurb} Inspired by Pop Culture Junkie and the Story Siren, the aim of Showcase Sunday is to highlight our newest books or book related swag and to see what everyone else received for review, borrowed from libraries, bought in bookshops and downloaded onto eReaders each week.

When you find yourself unexpectedly encouraged to seek out Austen, Ms. Jane Austen,…

You see, there is this little blogosphere event called: Austen in August, hosted by Roof Beam Reader, which seeks to encourage and inspire everyone to become caught up in all things *Austen!* for the entire month of *August!* :) It was my full intent to read each book I had selected during the past weeks since August dawned, however, I made a misstep in not realising how quickly the hours would fly right-on past me to the stratosphere as soon as JLAS Launched! Oyy vie!! Clearly, I did not schedule enough hours to fit everything into August that I dearly wanted too! Therefore, after I participate in the Bout [Bout of Books, 8.0], I will resume where I left off with *Pride and Prejudice* which I had been making inroads of finishing ahead of the 18th of August — had power surges + freak lightning storms not intervened!! Sighs. Technologic disadvantages aside, I am plumb fortunate that my local library has such a hearty girth of choice for a Janeite to find herself swimming in a sea of lovelies that come “After the Canon” of Jane Austen’s collective works!! You just never know what you’re going to unearth:

Jane Austen
Jane Austen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Vanity and Vexation: a novel of Pride & Prejudice by Kate Fenton
  • Presumption by Julia Barrett
  • Pemberley by the Sea | renamed: The Man Who Loved Jane Austen, I chose the original! | by Abigail Reynolds
  • Jane and the Unpleasantness of Scargrave Manor | Being a Jane Austen mystery | by Stephanie Barron
  • The Family Fortune by Laurie Horowitz
  • Mr. Darcy’s Little Sister by C. Allyn Pierson
  • Pride, Prejudice, and Jasmin Field by Melissa Nathan
  • Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Sandition and Other Stories by Jane Austen
  • Dancing with Mr. Darcy: stories inspired by Jane Austen & Chawton House by Sarah Waters

  Ontop of which, when you discover an author such as Andrea Barrett,… You never fathom that it would take such a long time to read her lovely books, and yet, that is what I am finding right now! I remember when I came across her book “The Voyage of the Narwhal”, and I was immediately slipped into her world!! There was something rather tangible and honest about how she writes her novels. I could only pin it to the thought of the writing process that I always respected learning from Ms. Natalie Goldberg; Ms. Barrett clearly knew exactly how to impart her heart into her narratives by ‘writing down the bones’ and soul of what she wanted to express. She transitions you out of your reality and into her perceptional sphere if only for the briefest of moments; long enough to know you want to go back and short enough to realise how special you were to stumble across a writer who takes her time to allow her muse to fully develop and envelope inside her. She’s prolific in a league of her own. I decided that being that I’m into my early thirties now, its high time I ‘stop’ awaiting the ‘perfect’ season to read Ms. Barrett’s novels nor stop hoping for the time to collect them!! The time is now, and now is the time I have chosen to read her collective works!! A small collection of the following are available locally, however, the rest I am ILL’ing:

  • Lucid Stars
  • Secret Harmonies
  • The Middle Kingdom
  • The Forms of Water
  • The Voyage of the Narwhal
  • The Air We Breathe
  • | Ship Fever
  • | Servants of the Map
  • | Archangel

*titles in bold came in through ILL; | titles represent story collections

I remember that I was 18 years of age when I first discovered Andrea Barrett, because I was in the thick of writing three manuscripts before a full-stop occurred that fateful December. A writer’s block ensued which was not broken until Nanowrimo 2008. I remember that I felt like I was on the edge of a brilliant discovery,… a new piece of literature that would open new horizons and new doors of literary enlightenment. Isn’t it fitting then, that I am picking up her books during the next adventure I am undertaking in my writing life!? Who knows what inspirations I shall draw out of her words and breathe back into my own writing pursuits!! For that is why I am a book blogger,… seeking literary enlightenment first, and a resurgence of my muse secondarily.

A conundrum of a muddlement: August’s hours are dwindling down and twinkling with fading light, and I find myself betwixt knowing if I want to ‘let go’ of Austen!! I was sitting here contemplating this very thing just the other day, noting that my heart had already made up its own mind as how to proceed! Of course, the simple resolution would be to table the notion of reading the books I selected this year for Austen in August, and re-attempt them 12 months from now, when Austen in August comes back into view!! Honestly, that’s as ridiculous as asking Elizabeth to wait at home whilst Jane was ill at Netherfield! :( And, then, *lightbulb!* Who says I cannot continue onward with my list!? I may only finish Pride in time to qualify as a participant this year,… but even that, is one book closer to my goal and of my intent to read Austen alongside other Austenites & Janeites! :)

My new reading plan is simply this: After Austen, [inspired by Austen in August] I will proceed to read and every book from my Austen in August Reading List, by which I shall archive my updates on my original post with a footnote explanation of what I am doing! In this way, I can accomplish what I wanted to do: spend time soaking into the books that followed the canon, introduce myself to characters other authors created based on Pride & Prejudice, and read two books past Pride: Persuasion & Sandition and Other Stories!

What about you!? If you were faced with the same tragic ending, would you re-write a happier ever after OR await the next year to follow your heart’s desire!?

Be sure to visit, Showcase Sunday’s Link Up Page for this week’s Meme, in order to scope out what everyone else is reading!

{SOURCES: Jane Austen image was provided by Zemanta, and inserted directly to the post via the related content widget. (content which is in either the public domain or available through Wikimedia Commons) Thus providing the related content with appropriate attribution and sourcing. I did update the attribution on Jane Austen to reflect the University of Texas Library! Showcase Sunday badge provided by for participants to use to promote the weekly meme by Books,  Biscuits, & Tea.}

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