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Blog Book Tour | “The Renegade Queen” by Eva Flynn A novel which challenged my resolve where unexpected inspiration came from #OurSharedShelf.

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Acquired Book By: I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours whereupon I am thankful to have been able to host such a diverse breadth of stories, authors and wonderful guest features since I became a hostess! I received a complimentary copy of “The Renegade Queen” direct from the author Eva Flynn in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Seeking a focus for unique stories and heroines:

Before the New Year became to take a foothold, I decided to take a mindful step back and re-examine the kinds of stories I wanted to pursue in 2016. One thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to eventually get to the books on my personal library shelves inasmuch as I wanted to carve out a better balance between the books I would seek for review and the books I became enchanted with at my local library. Going a step further, I knew I wanted to focus on Classical Literature and INSPY stories, too.

The hard part was what did I want to focus on whilst I was seeking books for review? A bit more non-fiction? More Biographical Historical Fiction or traditional historical fiction? A nice balance of Romance and Women’s Fiction interspersed between everything else that drew my eye? It’s hard to pin-point what you want to read when you read diversely and eclectically but I had hoped this much at least: to seek dynamically those stories which truly take me by surprise at ‘hallo’ and whose potential reading might truly encompass me in a new timescape of history and/or set me inside an author’s breadth of work that might endeavour me to discover a new way of thinking and/or a new way of approaching the crafting of stories as a whole. In other words, I was seeking everything which was new and different without sacrificing what I already love to read!

Here is how I expressed my happy surprise in having learnt about The Renegade Queen:

I love Biographical Historical Fiction — and this one is unique, as it’s told from a completely new perspective I hadn’t realised existed! Hidden stories of real history are always curiously curious to me to read!

However, one thing is for certain, I wanted to be mindful of seeking out heroines and heroes who would be uniquely different in of themselves. I wanted to see if I could seek out stories whose lifeblood of heart and intention of shedding a story that could change my prospective on something not yet known could truly be found. Finding more feminist points of view and the women’s rights history movement having an unsung heroine who was never mentioned in my previous studies was a good place to begin this February!

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The Renegade Queen by Eva Flynn
Presidential Election of 1844. James Polk 1795-1849 and George Dallas 1792-1864 ran as the Democratic candidates. .; Shutterstock ID 245959642

Two Renegades So Controversial, They Were Erased From History

Discarded by society, she led a social revolution. Disgusted by war, he sought a new world.

She was the first women to run for President, campaigning before women could vote.

He was the Hero of Vicksburg, disillusioned with the government after witnessing the devastating carnage of the Civil War.

Their social revolution attracted the unwanted who were left out of the new wealth: the freed slaves, the new immigrants, and women.

Who were they?

This is the true story of Victoria Woodhull and the love of her life, James Blood.

Adored by the poor, hated by the powerful, forced into hiding during their lifetimes and erased from history after death, the legend of their love lives on.

It’s 1869 and Victoria has a choice to make. She can stay in an abusive marriage and continue to work as a psychic, or she can take the offer of support from handsome Civil War general James Blood and set about to turn society upside down. Victoria chooses revolution.

But revolutions are expensive, and Victoria needs money. James introduces Victoria to one of the wealthiest man in America—Commodore Vanderbilt. Along with her loose and scandalous sister, Tennessee, Victoria manipulates Vanderbilt and together they conspire to crash the stock market—and profit from it. Victoria then parlays her fortune into the first female-owned brokerage firm.

When her idol Susan B. Anthony publishes scandalous rumors about Victoria’s past, Victoria enters into a fierce rivalry with Susan to control the women’s movement. James supports Victoria’s efforts despite his deep fears that she may lose more than the battle. She might lose part of herself.

Victoria starts her own newspaper, testifies to Congress, and even announces her candidacy for President. But when Victoria adopts James’s radical ideas and free love beliefs, she ignites new, bruising, battles with Susan B. Anthony and the powerful Reverend Henry Beecher. These skirmishes turn into an all-out war, with Victoria facing prejudice, prosecution, and imprisonment. Ultimately, Victoria and James face the hardest choice of all: the choice between their country and their love.

The Renegade Queen
by Eva Flynn
Source: Author via Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours

Genres: Biographical Fiction, Feminist Historical Fiction, Historical Fiction, War Drama, Women's Fiction, Women's Studies

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ISBN: 9780996983204

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Series: Rebellious Times

Published by Omega Press

on 15th December, 2015

Format: Paperback Edition

Pages: 328

About Eva Flynn

Eva Flynn

Eva was raised on bedtime stories of feminists (the tooth fairy even brought Susan B. Anthony dollars) and daytime lessons on American politics. On one fateful day years ago when knowledge was found on bound paper, she discovered two paragraphs about Victoria Woodhull in the WXYZ volume of the World Book Encyclopedia. When she realized that neither of her brilliant parents (a conservative political science professor and a liberal feminist) had never heard of her, it was the beginning of a lifelong fascination not only with Victoria Woodhull but in discovering the stories that the history books do not tell.

Brave battles fought, new worlds sought, loves lost all in the name of some future glory have led her to spend years researching the period of Reconstruction. Her first book, The Renegade Queen, explores the forgotten trailblazer Victoria Woodhull and her rivalry with Susan B. Anthony.

Eva was born and raised in Tennessee, earned her B.A. in Political Science from DePauw in Greencastle, Indiana and still lives in Indiana. Eva enjoys reading, classic movies, and travelling.

She loves to hear from readers, you may reach her at, and follow her:

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