#TopFiveSaturday | It is a #WyrdAndWonder weekend! Get ready for our 5th Year of @WyrdAndWonder!

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Wyrd and Wonder is an annual celebration of the fantasy genre. Sign up to join the party as we explore worlds of myth and magic, re-imagine traditional tales, cheer on heroes (prefer villains? Sure, we won’t judge you) and discover the secret doors that lead from familiar streets to adjacent realms where a discourtesy or a misstep may land you in hot water. We’ll be reading books, watching movies, playing games and sharing our thoughts online through blog posts and social media with as many like-minded adventurers as care to join us – there’s always room by the fire for a newcomer with a tale to share. (official 2022 blurb)

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!!

I cannot imagine how it has become MAY already!? Do you!? I cannot fathom it! I still remember being in the planning stages with Imyril & Lisa whilst we also brought onboard Annemieke and Ariana this year to round our team to the Power of Five – in full celebration of our 5th Wyrd And Wonder!! What a wild ride it has been these past several months – the organising behind the scenes and the prep work we’ve all put into the event in regards to what we’re individually focusing on whilst the event goes LIVE.

It is quite incredible and I am blessed to be in such esteemed company as my co-hosts!

Each of them gravitate towards different corridors of Fantasy as much as I do myself – I believe this is the beauty of the event and echoes the founding reasons why Imyril, Lisa and I wanted to create Wyrd And Wonder. We wanted a lovely community to be built round our mutual love & passion for the genre but to have it open to interpretation and individualised focus and interest. Everyone finds their niche of Fantasy along the passageways they take to endeavour to entreat inside the genre and that makes it such an interpersonal journey! I love finding out which routes of Fantasy everyone undertakes every year – even if I tend to continue to trod down the Indie side of the ledger as that’s where my wings tend to fly the most. Although I am open to reading Major Trade – it just happens I read less of those stories than I do the Self-Published & Indie published varieties.

As this post is a final nod to the #TopFiveSaturday pre-Wyrd And Wonder posts – it is also a segue of kicking off the celebrations here on Jorie Loves A Story! (*big smiles*) I have loads planned for the event – from a dearly ambitious reading queue, to weekly reviews of our RAL of “The Summer Tree” to responding to the Fantastic Fives on Sundays to hosting the chats on Saturdays!

I need to put my thinking cap on to decide which topics I’ll be sharing every Saturday throughout Wyrd And Wonder this year for #TopFiveSaturday! However, I might take a few nudges from our prompt challenge and/or the Bingo Card; or somewhere else within the realms of topics & subjects interconnective to Fantasy. It is a work-in-progress at this point and you’ll have to wait until next Saturday to see what I unearth! I will try to get those posts released early in the mornings stateside in order for those of you participating overseas to have a chance to see what I selected and decide if you want to give it a go yourself and join me that weekend with a response on your own blog!

IF you want to suggest a topic to explore – leave your ideas in the comments on this post!

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Are you ready?

It is a Wyrd And Wonder’ful Weekend!

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#TopFiveSaturday : 30th April, 2022

Your Power of Five Hosts for our 5th Year

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As we’re on the brink of launching our 5th Year of #WyrdAndWonder – this Saturday is a bit more of a roundtable travelling guide to what you can expect to find during the event itself. It is also a quick guide for those who haven’t yet had the chance to visit with us during the months leading into May – as we’ve been actively posting on our blogs since as early as *February!* this year to help get the signal out and to potentially draw new participants into the fold!

Whilst some of us have also been posting keenly wicked content of the fantastical variety – some of which I am referencing below in case you missed it when it all went live. Be sure to sneak into our comments on the posts you visit & leave us a note – those give us the best bits of #randomJOY knowing you’ve visited with us and enjoyed your stay.

The Queen of spreedsheets & behind-the-event organisation who keeps us all on target (and literally sane as we pre-plan & brainstorm our events) is Imyril. You might already be familiar with her and her blog as she tends to get the most traffic when it comes to finding out about Wyrd And Wonder. This year I wanted to give a quick s/o to her for helping us keep everything tethered through her organisational sheets & folders as much as being the iconic inventor of our mascots, badges & banners. She’s also one of our leading tweeters who ensures everyone gets seen & heard throughout the event. Though this year those duties will be spilt amongst the rest of us as she’s currently travelling whilst the event kicks-off!

Lisa is our guru of fantastical #randomjoy when it comes to live tweeting during our events (especially in relation to films) and co-running our RALs whilst hosting her own in tandem with Imyril. She has a keen mind and a fierce love of interacting with us through the RALs as much as being an encourager of those who tackle this adventure with us.

Whereas Annemieke is a blogger who never fails to inspire me with her posts & her consistency even when life gets bogged down. I know I’ve struggled these past four months maintaining my own blog but whenever I visit hers – I feel renewed and remember there is always tomorrow to find a way to pick up where I’ve left off as a blogger and as a reader. She has an incredible artistic eye (and I am a lover of her bookmarks!) and it is proudly on display throughout her blog as she re-designed her own graphics to be featured on it.

Whilst Ariana is someone who is very new to me and someone I hope to get to know further as the event progresses. I haven’t had a lot of chances to back-read her blog (as of yet) but the posts I’ve been sharing and reading throughout these past months hosting these showcases – I’ve come to love her depth and intuitive approach to crafting her reviews and her thoughtful discussion posts which encourage further analysis for the visitor to her blog.

Each of these lovelies I consider a dear hearted friend and co-creators of Wyrd And Wonder as we enter into a new phase our event and our community. We truly are a Power of Five – each of us bringing a different spin, dimension & insight into Fantasy. Each of us has a different door into the genre and all of us welcome everyone else to join us on our fantastical yearly journey. I cannot wait to see what unfolds this year and I welcome you to join us.

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Wyrd And Wonder : The Fifth – 5th February

The POST. The one which launched all the lovely details – about our 5th Wyrd And Wonder, about the Power of Five and most importantly ALL the lovely graphics you can use on your own blog and socials to use throughout the event.

Wyrd And Wonderful Plans – 5th March

Wickedly an announcement about our two RALs: “The Summer Tree” and “The Darkest Part of the Forest” – concurrently hosted by both Imyril and Lisa with our first Twitter Communities, too! The revelation of our newest community-wide challenge: the Fantastic Fives (running Sundays in May). And, of course, the lovely (and rather beloved if not beguiling) Wyrd And Wonder Prompt Challenge.

Wyrd And Wonder Giveaway – 24th March

Imyril is giving away an EPIC trilogy this year – be sure to fly over to this post to grab the details!

Even More Wyrd And Wonderful – 5th April

The announcement for the RAL schedules – for those who want to ink out their calendars and know which Chapters are to be read and where their meant to *pause* to await further discussion with the rest of us who are in the RALs together. She also disclosed this year’s BINGO card. She happily also mentioned my (then) forthcoming announcement about our Twitter chats as my post had been a bit delayed reaching everyone that week as I had to push it forward a bit to reveal lateron in April.

#TopTenTuesday : Authors I’d Like to Read – 12th April

Wherein I noticed “The Gossamer Mage” was referenced and a kind s/o was given about my admiration for the author’s collective works though unfortunately not for this novel. I am never without recommendation about her Clan Chronicles of which I wrote extensively long reviews of throughout the blog tours I took part of whilst the final trilogy was releasing several years ago – however, when I attempted to follow those readings up with MAGE, I found myself put off by what I found inside it. It’s beyond Dark Fantasy for me – Grimdark might be closer to the truth but it is one of the few “reader beware” selections I’d refer to others who are seeking it out. Still. To be mentioned in connection with a beloved author is a heartwarming note to find on a friend’s blog!

#TopTenTuesday : Arboreal Books – 26th April

Such an incredible spin on TTT! And, it just happens to parlay into our THEME for this year’s event, which I always love finding on her blog! Her and Lisa always knew how to pull those together whereas I over the years have become a bit lax on joining TTT as either the inspiration eludes me or the answers to the Qs seems to confound me to the point I never get to share a post! Laughs. If you LOVE trees, this post is a special treat for you *but!* if you love Forest Fantasy, you might want to swing into this post before you lock in your #mustreads this May!

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Visit my lovely co-host:

Imyril @ There’s Always Room for One More

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Announcing Wyrd And Wonder – 5th February

Lisa happily announced the joys of enlarging our team to five whilst announcing what everyone could expect to find during #WyrdAndWonder. Also spoke about our 5th Anniversary and why we choose the theme we did to honour the tradition of the “5th”. All our lovely graphics for the event were also included.

Quick A Wyrd And Wonder Update – 5th March

Cleverly Lisa announced the (Power) of our Top Fives for Sundays; disclosed the Prompt Challenge as well as the RALs (as she’s co-hosting one of them!) and signed off with a way to follow all of us behind the scenes.

April Showers: A Wyrd And Wonder Update – 5th April

This post is where Lisa disclosed her giveaway for the event whilst she also spoke about her RAL wherein she disclosed the chapter breaks and schedule for it. She’s definitely my go-to for co-watching Fantasy films as we did an epic (read: classic!) live tweet fest for “Labyrinth” not that long ago which is firmly rooted in my memory as being one of the most awesome ways of seeing a film and we followed it up with viewing “The Neverending Story” together in similar fashion. If you like tweeting as you watch films and have someone to be your partner of insta-reactions, this is definitely something you want to join this May! Find out which films and which dates are the viewing parties when you visit with Lisa.

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Visit my lovely co-host:

Lisa @ Dear Geek Place

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Knock on Wood : Wyrd And Wonder 5th Year Announcement – 5th February

I LOVED how Annemieke announced her role in our event this year – whilst she truly had such a vibe of joy throughout her post announcing the event in general. I knew we’d all enjoy seeing her content as the months progressed and by the links I’m sharing today – you’ll get a sneak peek into the kind of fantastical content she curates on her lovely blog. She also disclosed all the graphics!

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Book Review – 24th February

I hadn’t realised Ariana and Annemieke *both!* had reviewed the same book! I read the review by Ariana but as I was putting this post together, I disclosed this one was shared as well. I’ll be reading this one and re-reading Ariana’s after I’ve had the chance to grab this one from my library. It is one of the non-planned books on my Wyrd And Wonder TBR! Laughs. Which at this point is a tumbling mountain of books for May!

#TopFiveSaturday : Wyrd And Wonder Edition – 26th February

This was the launch of a special series of posts Annemieke and I planned to reveal in alternative Saturdays to where we’d each focus on a way to re-promote past Wyrd And Wonders. She took-on the role of selecting content from our participants and I focused on content from our Power of Five host team. This particular edition had the theme of “Discussion Posts” which was quite lovely as it had a diverse list of topics to re-explore for the Fantasy adventurer.

Wyrd And Wonder is Coming Nearer – 5th March

This time, she focused on the content we were sharing ahead of Wyrd And Wonder – including our debut content via #WyrdAndWonder on Instagram as we have an official feed on Insta now! The Prompt Challenge was also disclosed along with the Fantastic Fives and RALs.

#TopTenTuesday : Dragons for Me & You – 8th March

If your into #dragonfiction (such as I am as well) you will want to see this post! Of all the books listed there is one I would love to read during our 6th Year as I’d like to finally do a month of dragons next year as I keep putting it off every year since I first realised I wanted to do a focal month about them. The book is “The Natural History of Dragons” which is a lovely long series to endeavour to read through as well. We shall see! Especially since I have audiobooks I’m listening to this month which involve dragons – so perhaps I get to have them this year as well? Ooh! And a sequel to another dragon fiction series, too is on queue. Hmm. Maybe Jorie just sneaks in dragons?

#TopFiveSaturday : Wyrd And Wonder Edition – 12th March

This was the week she focused on the guests during Wyrd And Wonder – from interviews to guest posts and content – it was a wicked trip through the book blogosphere to see who was invited to join us as a ‘guest’.

#TopFiveSaturday : Wyrd And Wonder Edition – 26th March

She shared a mixed-bag of choice when it comes to content with fantastical themes to explore and I loved how we both did a grab-bag of sorts during our #TopFiveSaturday’s!! You just never know what you will discover when you visit this post!

#TopTenTuesday : 21st Century Fantasy Might Become Classics – 29th March

A post about the Fantasy books released in the 21st Century which should become Classics and why the impressed her enough to make the cut. Definitely visit this post if you like to read a lot of well-known authors and books within the genre which gain a lot of traction with readers. Most of these are ones I bypass myself but I know a lot of readers and bloggers claim them as #mustreads!

Counting Down to Wyrd And Wonder – 5th April

A chase-up post to Wyrd And Wonder to disclose our RALs, BINGO card, the Fantastic Fives, the Prompt Challenge (which in theory can be a social post, a photo challenge or a blog challenge) and a round-up of what we were sharing via Insta ahead of the event.

#TopFiveSaturday : Wyrd And Wonder Edition – 9th April

Happily the Discussion posts Annemieke was sharing earlier during this series of posts has a second half of disclosure! If you love discussing topics & subjects within Fantasy be sure to get this second half of linkage to check out!

#TopFiveSaturday : Wyrd And Wonder Edition – 23rd April

We were both inspired by different Lists during Wyrd And Wonder, too! This is a unique way to visit with fellow participants as much as to deepen your horizons of where you want to traverse into Fantasy. Lists and Discussions tend to be some of my favourite posts to digest for those reasons, too! Now if only I could get better at writing some of my own,.. laughs.

#TopTenTuesday : Top Ten Books with Forest or Wood on the Cover – 26th April

For those sorting out which books they want to read for our theme this year – look no further than this post as she discloses which book covers celebrate it!

#WyrdAndWonder Starts Sunday – 29th April

Here’s Annemieke’s epic rounder of information for Wyrd And Wonder (similar to how I elected to run my last #TopFiveSaturday!) — she even included her TBR for the event!! Something I will be disclosing through my series of #WWWednesdays.

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Visit my lovely co-host:
Annemieke @ A Dance With Books

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Announcing Wyrd And Wonder – 5th February

I loved how Ariana wrote her introduction to Wyrd And Wonder – about hosting and about participating in her 2nd event with us overall. Annemieke and Ariana both had such excellent first posts to kick-off our pre-celebration plans, I knew right then we were going to have an epic lovely May!

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea Book Review – 22nd February

There is so MUCH TO LOVE about this review. I was so blown away by the premise but it was also how she tackled the story which moved me the most. It felt like such an interesting story to feel immersed inside. Due read this one and Annemieke’s if your thinking of chasing after it!

The Trees Are Calling – Getting Hyped for Wyrd And Wonder – 5th March

The Prompts are disclosed, The Fantastic Fives get their entrance and there is a nice rounding of interest shined onto our Insta content and the RALs, too. As well of course as all the lovely graphics for participants to use, too.

Wyrd And Wonder : A Month to Go – 5th April

The Bone Shard Emperor Book Review – 8th April
NOTE: The Bone Shard Daughter was #WyrdAndWonder’s Year 4 RAL (see also this Post)

I will admit – of the posts I’m sharing today, this is the second one I haven’t read yet but knew it might be of interest to others. I did share my own post about the first novel in the series but I know a lot of people loved the book I took a hard exit out of last year to where I thought if they were curious if one of us had written about the sequel, I wanted to make sure to include this link!

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Visit my lovely co-host:
Ariana @ The Book Nook

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And, the posts Jorie herself has been sharing:

#EnterTheFantastic : #WyrdAndWonder Turns Five – 5th February

Wherein I announced our intentions to host Wyrd And Wonder Year Five and introduced our lovely new co-hosts: Annemieke and Ariana! I shared a retrospective about my last four years hosting #WyrdAndWonder – inclusive of all the book reviews I’ve shared over the years. Although I need to curate one about all the spotlights, interviews & guest features I’ve hosted, too! Links to finding all the stuff you need to join us during May as well – from the Master Schedule to the official sign-on page, etc.

#TopFiveSaturday : A Fantasy Grab-bag – 19th February

This was the week I shared a round-table of discovery about corridors within Fantasy each of us has explored. Magical Realism, #dragonfiction, Fantasy Tropes, Fairytale Fantasy and Fantasy Short Fiction was my choice to highlight through my readings of Speculative Fiction anthologies.

#TopFiveSaturday : The Road Less Travelled – 5th March

I love finding hidden niches of exploration within a genre I am interested in reading — hence why this week I was focusing on Shared World Fantasy, Sidekicks in Fantasy, Steampunk Fantasy, Cultural Fantasy and my choice of course was about Mythological Fantasy through my readings of “Cycles of Norse Mythology” which is also on docket this year to continue my journey into this intriguingly large tome of loveliness which is most definitely a crash-course on Norse Mythos!

→ Disclosed the Wyrd And Wonder Challenge for 2022 and links to both RALs hosted by Imyril & Lisa respectively which this year even includes Communities on Twitter which I had forgotten to mention on that post!

#TopFiveSaturday : All about those Chats – 16th April

Definitely had a heap of FUN announcing our 4x guests wherein #WyrdAndWonder takesover @SatBookChat again with conversations & discussions with 4x Indie Fantasy novelists; one of whom isn’t yet published. I had the pleasure of reading her manuscript as a betareader and I can attest it is not just convicting it is brilliantly written. I can’t wait to see it launch and find its audience!! Meanwhile – all four guest authors each write something wickedly unique & delightful which I am sure will tempt most of our participants to seek out for themselves. Be sure to follow my feeds @joriestory and @SatBookChat for further details and join us Saturdays @ 11a NYC | 4p UK and 8a PST by using the tag #SatBookChat whilst the convos are LIVE.

→ Discussed ‘travelling through Fantasy’ as each of us took turns sorting out a ‘route’ of sorts into different areas of the genre itself. I elected to re-share two interviews I had the pleasure of featuring during my showcases with Odyssey Books authors in 2020. Some of whom I am reading and featuring this year as well as I had last year when I first had the chance to read their stories. It was also the week I disclosed the Wyrd And Wonder Bingo and the Sunday Fantastic Fives challenge.

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Hopefully this post will serve as a springboard & primer of what you can expect to find throughout #WyrdAndWonder as much as a glimpse into each of our individual styles of book blogging and fantastical wanderings! The Power of Five each has something lovely to share with our readers, visitors & participants alike this May – be sure to bookmark our blogs and our social feeds whilst we welcome you to engage with us as we share our Wyrd And Wonder’ful event with you!

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and, now dear hearts,
I shall leave you with an invitation
Kindly visit my co-hosts:

Wyrd And Wonder banner created by Imyril. IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com. Banner is used with permission.

You’ll have to let me know if you’re participating this year with us
during #WyrdAndWonder in the comments below this post!
For those who want to let us know officially their joining us – fill out this form.
Want to pre-schedule your blog & socials? – Add your content to the Master Schedule!

The beauty of #WyrdAndWonder itself- is being able to escape into the realms of Fantasy and seek out the fantastical – however which way that might personally appeal to the reader and the seeker! Let us help you adventure with us whilst seeing what you’ve decided to read, listen or watch throughout May! I hope some of the authors I’ve read and reviewed over the years have sparked a curiosity in you to seek out yourself and likewise, I know I’ve been wicked inspired throughout the years to seek out new authors myself. (Visit Jorie’s #WyrdAndWonder archives)

Whether this is your fifth year or your first, we welcome you to #WyrdAndWonder! Join us as we dip our bookish hearts into this region of Speculative Fiction which gets us wickedly giddy with expectations and imaginative blissitudes!

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These link to their individual announcements!

Lisa + Imyril + Annemieke + Ariana

via Twitter: @deergeekplace + @Imyril + @Signourney + @queenzucchini

via Insta: @deargeekplace + @Imyril
+ @inlinewithannemieke + @booknookreview

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Be sure to keep a watchful eye on our @WyrdAndWonder feeds for the content we’ll be sharing as we move closer towards May; expect monthly engagements from the Power of Five – across social channels & our blogs. We are happily ready to start visiting blogs & start the Fantastical conversations which we know will be enjoyed by all who LOVE Fantasy! Join us for our 5th Year and let it be fantastically engaging for everyone who joins us on this adventure.

Wyrd And Wonder banner created by Imyril. IMAGE CREDITS: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com. Banner is used with permission.

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{SOURCES: Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets were embedded due to codes provided by Twitter. Wyrd And Wonder 2022 banners and badges, as well as the Fantastic Fives badge created by Imyril (Image Credit: tree wolf image by chic2view on 123RF.com) and is used with permission. Wyrd And Wonder Bingo Card (5th Year) created by Imyril whilst crediting the artists under the graphic and is used with permission. Blog graphics created by Jorie via Canva: #TopFiveSaturday (Wyrd And Wonder edition) badge and the Comment Box Banner.}

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7 responses to “#TopFiveSaturday | It is a #WyrdAndWonder weekend! Get ready for our 5th Year of @WyrdAndWonder!

  1. Thanks for compiling all of the organizers’ informational post into one blog post! I was actually wondering if this existed–another perk of connecting via Twitter. Enjoy W&W! :)

    • Hallo, Hallo Celeste,

      I knew everyone participating this year might have not had the proper chance to visit us as we were making our announcements and posting other fantastical content this Winter/Spring — which is what inspired this post!! Thanks for saying you loved the vibe it gives off and that you’ll have a load of FUN travelling through the posts, host by host! :) You truly gave me a hearty smile reading that! Yes, connecting through Twitter is the best and I cherish the connections I make on there. Thanks for leaving me your thoughts.

    • *waves!* Hallo, Hallo Greg!

      I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting with you in ages! Ever since I picked up my second job six months ago, it has felt like I’ve worked more than I have time off! I recently restructured my day job to allow for more flexible hours which is working better for me. It is also why my blog hasn’t been active as much as it had been previously as there are only so many hours in a day!

      I gave myself permission to go over the top with my offerings this May, though! From the stories I’m reading to the content I’m curating – I hope you’ll find some new authors & stories you might want to read as we adventure forward into Wyrd And Wonder!

      Thanks for dropping by and I must ask: what are your favourite Magical Forest novels? I’m a bit new to them myself, so I’d love to know your recommendations!? I’ll visit your blog this week.

      • Hi Jorie!!! I’m a fan of Mirkwood and many of the woodlands from Tolkien’s Middle- earth, and I also really liked the creepy forest feel from Michelle Harrison’s 13 series. It’s kind of YA-ish but they have a definite creepy tone. Oh, and The cats of Tanglewood Forest is a favorite too.

        I know Juliet Marillier’s Celtic- themed forest books are pretty popular although I haven’t read much of her…

    • I wanted to surprise you all with my final pre-event to be a celebration of the five of us and of those that meant I had the chance to gush a bit about what my co-hosts have been sharing and to celebrate their personalities & attributes as collectively we’ve become quite the team behind Wyrd And Wonder!

      So happy I could give you that boost of JOY!

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