Celebrating the 4th Year of the #BookBlogger Awards | As a double-nominee and as a nominator!

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The Book Blogger Awards are co-hosted
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The tag used socially is #2020BookBloggerAwards .

👌 Nominators DO NOT have to be #bookbloggers! 👍

These awards are OPEN for nominations from the book blogger’s subscribers, friends, readers and other supportive mutuals who want to raise a signal flare about how much they LOVE & champion the content they are providing each week | month | year.

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I still remember how humbled I was when I received the happy (and rather unexpected!) good news of being a double-nominee of the 2020 Book Blogger Awards! I’ve never been recognised in the book blogging community for an award of this kind (or a similar nature) – which is why it was such a humbling experience to find out I was nominated both as a book blogger and as one of the co-hosts for @WyrdAndWonder – an honour I shared with both Lisa @ Dear Geek Place and Imyril @ Always Room for One More.

I had fully intended to spend *July!* going through my blogroll to seek out those book bloggers I wanted to nominate as a return of grace to the book blogger who nominated me! Rin @ The Thirteenth Shelf truly gave me the best happy surprise when she submitted her noms for these awards – as it is one thing to focus on how you’re reflecting yourself socially online and it is another to have someone reach out to you to let you know how you’ve hoped you’ve presented yourself and have striven to become active in a community you love to be a part of – is not just resonating the way you hoped but someone took it a step further and wanted to highlight your efforts to the [larger] community.

I’ve had a lot of starts and stops this [2020] – from finding myself a bit out of sync with my readerly patterns to questioning how to re-find the JOY of reading, blogging, tweeting and being socially bookish online. I felt like the whole year started off on the wrong footing wayy back in January and it has been an uphill climb since then to restablise how I feel about my bookish life (across all spectrums of interest). This is why I was joining a few new avenues to explore – from LibroFM (of which I can finally start blogging and sharing about – more on this during my #TheSundayPost), BookishFirst (where you get to read chapter samplers of newly releasing books) and NetGalley – in celebration of the arrival of *audiobooks!* for review purposes rather than being blocked from using NetGalley as a migraineur who cannot read ebooks. Talk about a lovely new chance to explore that side of NetGalley for the first time!

However, despite juggling deadlines and (blog) tours throughout the past seven months, I’ve felt a bit off kilter with my own wanderings in both books and the book blogosphere. I had spurts of where I was readily engaged, even able to keep in sync with a few Twitter chats I love joining (outside of my own) – specifically #HistFicChat and #FriFantasyReads! (see also this Post) I also found great joy in hosting @SatBookChat – yet, whenever your out of sync with what gives you joy sometimes things start to feel more forced than necessarily enjoyable. I know others of whom I am mutually connected with in the book blogosphere and the bookish community overall (ie. book Twitter, booktube, bookstagram, etc) — have stressed how this year is one of the worst for them as readers, too. It just took me a bit to realise I was in a bit of a readerly funk as I was trying to self-encourage myself out of it by not addressing it until recently.

In truth, I’ve been juggling a lot in my personal life as well and sometimes, you don’t realise what is blocking you from enjoying things you love until a) part of your stressors resolve or recede and b) sometimes it takes a change of season and/or something ‘new’ to distract you from the rut you’ve succumbed too! In my case, the ‘change’ was both seasonal (as mid to late July is the latter end of the pollen season, thus alleviating that nightmare) and involved a bit of new tech! (also disclosed during #TheSundayPost!)

Thereby, at the golden hour apparently I have a chance to join the nominators for the 2020 Book Blogger Awards and I could not be happier! I honestly thought (per my tweet) I would have to wait until next year in order to join the celebrations!

Due to the time constraints this year, I’ve selected the top categories to nominate in order to have my nominations turnt in before the deadline (today!). Next year, I will do a more substantial nominations post and will expand which categories I am seeking to nominate book bloggers for the awards. Blessedly we could cap our nominations at 12x and still qualify for the voting round!

Ergo, without further adieu – here are my nominations!

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

Per the rules of 1/3 of my nominees are book bloggers with less than 500 followers. I had to use WP Reader in order to find out how many direct blog followers each of these lovelies have for their blogs! (otherwise I am not sure how to calculate it) I did run a search for ‘What is 1/3 of 12’ to sort out (at least) 4x of my nominees have to have blogs with less than 500 followers.

I, myself, have less than 500 followers but my count is higher as it includes Twitter through the WP follow widget. Thereby I’m hoping I understood this correctly and how to properly calculate ‘direct follows’ vs social follows. Most of my followers found me by being bookishly chatty on #bookTwitter these past seven years and I am sure this is true for others as well in the community. I still strive towards reaching 200 followers by the end of 2020 and if I pray tell am fortunate to find more readers who love my content I set a goal of 300 direct followers by my 10th blogoversary in 2023.

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Best Adult Book Blogger

Jenny Q @ Let Them Read Books | @JennyQinVA

I have been visiting with Jenny for as long as I’ve been blogging – she writes in-depth reviews and as we have similar tastes, I love seeing how she finds the stories which resonate with her as much as I love her insightful ruminations.

She also happens to be a book cover designer – of whom I have a wicked fascination of as her covers have graced so many of the novels I’ve read through hosting blog tours with Amy @ Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours (aka. the bookish soul behind Passages to the Past!).

Best (Genre) Book Bloggers:


Frankie @ Chicks, Rogues & Scandals (less than 500)


Such a sweetheart of a book blogger – she is welcoming, engaging and writes the most addictive reviews for those who love Historical & Contemporary Romances! Very approachable and a kind-hearted friend.

A personal note: Frankie and I bonded over reading ChocLitUK & Harlequin Historicals – we have a mutual love of *Romance!* which makes our friendship especially keen as whenever we’re reading a new favourite, odds are in favour the other has been reading it too or is about to proceed towards reading it! We’re also both carers IRL which I hadn’t known for awhile – somehow I think that made us insta-kindred spirits. I am truly thankful she’s in my life.

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

Imyril @ Always Room for One More  | @imyril

We’ve become friends over the last seven years and are collaborators with Lisa (@deargeekplace) for @WyrdAndWonder. However, it is her blog for Science Fiction & Fantasy insights, recommendations & discussions which constantly challenges me as a reader but also as a person who likes to find new ways to innovatively discuss, ruminate and celebrate literature.

Literary Fiction & Classics:

Fay @  Sucker for Coffee (less than 500) – for Literary


A new blogger I’ve been reading – I am enjoying how she approaches discussing the books she’s been reading and how she articulates herself on her blog.

Jane @ Greenish Bookshelf – for Classics


A relatively new blogger I’ve been reading – I like her approach to reviewing the Classics (as I am a member of #theclassicsclub but I’ve been slightly inactive) which readily engages me and I find encourages me to pursue my own interests within Classical Lit as well.

Mystery / Thriller:

Stephanie @ Book Frolic (less than 500) | @BookFrolic

We’ve developed a friendship over the past year wherein we mutually found to love Cosy Mysteries – we mutually discover the same authors and read the stories nearly in tandem of one another! Plus I know I can be sure to find a wicked awesomesauce new author of Mysteries (ie. Contemporary, Historical, Cosy, etc) whenever I visit her blog! She writes thoughtful and engaging insights into the Mysteries which bring her the most joy to read.

She’s also the new owner of a blog touring company: Frolic Blog Tours! Prior to developing her company, I worked with her whilst hosting Bradley Harper wherein I had the pleasure of hosting him for an interview in which I spoke to him on the phone! (see also Interview) I am looking forward to seeing her company grow as more authors become aware of her services. She truly believes in authors & celebrating them through the book blogosphere!

Best of Book Blogging:

Best Discussion Posts:

Annemieke @ A Dance With Books


Is a blogger whose been supportive of my own writerly interests via my own blog as much as she has been a participant in my co-hosted event @WyrdAndWonder. She creates topics & discussion posts I most want to be reading whilst giving me keen reasons to question my own thoughts and/or bias about the same topics, subjects and discussions. She’s approachable and kind and I love her blog!

Best Blogging / Writing Voice:

Jennifer Silverwood  @ her Blog (less than 500)


Is an author who was a book blogger before she published her novels. She writes her book reviews in a similar vein of interest as I do – wherein we both ‘write the heart out of the stories we’re reading’ (self quote). You will always understand where Jennifer’s heart is for the stories which have touched her readerly life. I love how keenly in-depth she takes her reviews and how much there is to respond to after I’ve read one of her ruminations! Becoming a friend of hers over the past few years was the icing on the cake as I already knew I loved her blogging (and writerly) voice.

Misc. Award Categories:

Best at Promoting Diverse Books:

Fanna @ Fannality | @fanatality

This note of nomination did not make it to my official nomination I turnt in to the 2020 Book Blogger Awards; per a distraction IRL, I thought I had double-checked to ensure all names & nomination notes were included; sadly I overlooked this one, I am so sorry!

I forget how I first found Fanna’s blog, however, similar to Kate @ Reading Through Infinity – I have found reading Fanna’s blog helps expand my world and knowledge about the kind of stories I want to be reading as a #diverselit book blogger and reader. I love bloggers who champion these stories in such an approachable and likeable way as to encourage curiosity, discovery and a thoughtfulness about choosing which authors & their stories are a wicked good match into your own readerly life. Plus, both of these lovely girls have blogs which make me smile just to visit!

(*sidenote: I thought Kate won this category already but if I am mistaken, I’ll nominate her in 2021! As I was originally going to make this a double-nominee!) I simply ran out of time today to verify if Kate had received this award previously.)

Best Social Media Influencer:

Amy @ Passages to the Past (less than 500)

@abruno77 | @HFVBT

I’ve known for seven years as she was one of the first blog tour companies who gave me a chance to host blog tours – of which she specialises in Historical Fiction (as well as all subgenres therein). Her blog is a kind respite of joy for those who love the historic past and love specialised subgenres of a main genre of interest – from honest reviews to engaging author interviews she’s the blogger who knows the most about Historical Fiction. In compliment to this as a blog touring company owner she is amongst my top favourite social influencers for her dedication, passion and joy in championing authors of all publishing backgrounds to help reach new readers, new reviewers and new bloggers to know what is currently being published & released in Historical Fiction. I feel blessed our paths originally crossed back in 2013 – she’s truly helped me redefine how I look at Historical Fiction and what I want to take out of reading those kinds of stories.

Tressa @ Wishful Endings | @WishfulEndings  | @PrismBookTours

I’ve known Tressa longer than I’ve been hosting her blog tours for Prism Book Tours. She’s a book blogger I loved visiting and engaging with on her blog before I shifted into hosting for her touring company. Similar to Amy @ Passages to the Past, she’s a co-nominee for Social Influencer due to how she works hard to promote authors who are writing Sweet Romances, Christian Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary Romance & stories which seek to uplift the spirit as much as the heart. This includes imprints like Harlequin Heartwarming and Love Inspired. She helps unite readers with the stories they are seeking the most to be read and I have become blessed for having had the chance to meet her and champion her work as an influencer and promoter.

Most Creative:

Olivia @ Oivia’s Catastrophe (less than 500)


A new blogger I’ve found who has a strong voice of sharing her honest thoughts about the stories she’s reading whilst engaging with her readers. Her reviews make you want to read the stories because of how well she’s voiced her own opinion(s) about them. I also love how she does layouts (for the books) and how she adds-in a personal touch in regards to adding on photos within the reviews themselves. I found her approach to book blogging highly creative and fun!

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& the keenly important Book Blogger Award Categories:

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Best New Book Blogger (post-August,2019):

Rin @ The Thirteenth Shelf (less than 500)


A new friend of mine and one of the most friendliest book bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with in recent years. She was a participant of @WyrdAndWonder and since this past May, we’ve delighted in sharing our bookish lives and keeping tabs on what the other is reading. I nominated her for Best New Book Blogger because of how she took the fast track to immerse herself in book blogosphere culture and readily engages with her peers therein.

On a personal note – I was so thankful when she started to join the chats during @SatBookChat this year. She came on days where I needed an extra boost myself and she contributes to the discussions & convos in such a wicked wonderful way, she’s become my new favourite regular chatter when time allows her to join!

Best Overall Book Blogger:

Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku (less than 500)


I appreciate how she has a better balance of overall blogging on her book blog than I do at the moment. Wherein she engages in discussions, reviews, opinions and book blogosphere events whilst she also hosts quite a few things as well. She asks engaging questions from her visitors & regular readers alike whilst at the same time, she always has time to talk if you want to ask her something parlaying to her blog or outside of it.

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

I am overjoyed I was able to participate in the 2020 Book Blogger Awards!!

I turnt in my nominations this afternoon – whilst I didn’t get time to round out my nominations post until well past sunset! I’ve had quite a busy beaver kind of weekend! I’ve barely been able to read much less blog – as it was just a whirlwind weekend where there are more errands & life moments to be accomplished than there are hours in a day! I’m going to prepare better for next year’s awards – as I’d like to take more time to iron out nominations for the rest of the categories as there were a total of *24!* whereas I only focused on a mere 12x this year! I loved the experience of being both a double nominee and a nominator, as the whole event became a humbling milestone!

I want to officially THANK everyone who kindly voted on my behalf – as well as a special note of gratitude to Rin herself – as it all began with this singular post!

Of note – I was a proper loss for words as a co-nominee for the Most Supportive Award with my fellow co-hosts Imyril & Lisa. When you find like-minded souls who share a mutual passion (in our case, Fantasy) who happily develop a friendship and a camaraderie about collaborating about a genre each of us loves whole-heartedly – honestly is there anything more special than uniting together as a team to share the love with other readers & book bloggers? Uniting the community and leaving an essence behind on social?

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

And, those of whom are nominating the #bookbloggers:

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

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14 responses to “Celebrating the 4th Year of the #BookBlogger Awards | As a double-nominee and as a nominator!

    • Thank you, it was such a lovely surprise finding out I was nominated this year – I was beyond humbled by the gesture and I am looking forward to casting my vote this coming week for the nominees. I had to wait a bit before I re-visited blogs due to my last migraines but ooh boy – its such a wonderful event as it helps you find new bloggers to read and follow as much as become a part of the #randomJOY of celebrating the work of those who are nominated.

      Thank you for visiting with the bloggers I’ve nominated and/or thank you for acknowledging them if you already knew them – have a wonderful lovely week!

  1. Congrats on your nomination! I am so excited for you! You nominated some new to me names so I’m definitely going to need to check them out!

    I know how weird it can be to be out of sync. It looks like you’re finding your new normal and I’m so glad!

  2. Sorry I’m a bit late, but I love your post and can see how you’ve put in a lot of effort to it! There are some bloggers here that I love already and there are some that I have yet to discover. I’ll be sure to check out their lovely blogs, thank you for introducing me to them! More power to you and your blog <3

    • Hallo, Hallo Lisa,

      This was my first year joining the awards and I must say, I’ve had such a wonderful time routing myself through the book blogosphere these past few days since I put forth my own nominations, I cannot wait for the next round when they announce the nominations for the voting round! I’m definitely going to be more mindful next year when these awards come back round, as I want to ensure I have noms for all the categories rather than just a mere half.

      Thank you for such a sweet note of gratitude and I hope you love visiting the bloggers I’ve praised. Each of them bring something unique and different to their blogs. Many happy visits, to you!

    • Hallo, Hallo Marie,

      OOh you’re quite welcome! I *loved!* writing this nominations post and if I had had the time, I would have ironed out noms for ALL 24x categories – which is the challenge I am giving myself next year for the 2021 Book Blogger Awards! However, this year, it was a bit of a leap of faith to get all this turnt round and put together. I am just thankful I had had the foresight to work on the noms list first, then generate the nom’s list post and release this lovely before the closing of the nominations!! Eek. I’ve been having such a wonderful time visiting other bloggers who’ve shared their noms list and I am loving seeing my stats in the dashboard letting me know visitors to my noms list are clicking over to both blogs & their Twitter feeds!!

      Being able to join this event for the community of book bloggers has been one of my best experiences so far… I am eagerly awaiting the nominations announcement for the voting round!! The best part I felt is the unity and the joy of seeing everyone give praise to those whom light up their lives with joy whenever their on their blogs. I love sharing positivity and this event is a lovely dash of it!

      I hope you find some new bloggers to visit and enjoy their content as much as I have been myself. Wicked thanks for your note of gratitude.

    • Hallo, Hallo Sabrina,

      Ooh! You’re the second person to comment on the social links today!! Eek. Overjoyed you’re all finding them a kind courtesy – I share social channels whenever I can – for bloggers I’m writing about and/or authors or publishers – as Twitter is my main social, I grab a link to share for that whenever I find someone is active on it. Blessed to know you’re enjoying those extra links!!!

      Being able to route everyone to bloggers who uplift my life with their words & their presence is why these awards are such a lot of JOY to share, promote and participate in…. so happy you’re finding new people!

      Thanks for your kind compliments, too!

    • Hallo, Hallo Yesha,

      What a sweet surprise finding your comment this morning on my post! (big smiles) I was trying to visit with everyone last night but I ended up succumbing to exhaustion! lol I’m back making my rounds now — whilst enjoying the comments coming into my blog.

      Wicked brill! I am overjoyed knowing I’m helping you connect to new bloggers to read & follow. Ooh! This is something I always do – interlink my blog with social channels – especially Twitter as its my main way to be social. I appreciated your feedback as I’ve striven to always keep my blog a merger of my life on my blog with my life on book Twitter.

      Thanks for giving me such a happy beginning to my day today! 💜🌼

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