A #WyrdAndWonder s/o | An alum of #SatBookChat, Emma S. Jackson has created a NEW #Fantasy chat called: #FriFantasyReads – showcasing today’s Fantasy authors every fortnight!

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Wyrd And Wonder 2020 banner created by Imyril. Image Credit: Flaming phoenix by Sujono Sujono from 123RF.com.
Wyrd And Wonder 2020 banner created by Imyril.
Image Credit: Flaming phoenix by Sujono Sujono from 123RF.com.

Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I have a SPECIAL surprise for you! For those of you who’ve noticed the #WyrdAndWonder #SatBookChat’s this May – wherein I featured three Indie Fantasy novelists (see also Post): Felicity Banks, Jennifer Silverwood & Owen Crane – you’ll be thrilled to bits to find out I’m announcing today there is a NEW Twitter chat having its debut *TODAY!* as we wind down #WyrdAndWonder!!

I originally crossed paths with Ms Jackson when I offered to have her as a guest author during #SatBookChat for her debut Historical Fantasy novel “The Devil’s Bride” – wherein we discussed all the lovely components of her novel, from how she wrote it to what a reader could expect inside it as is our style when chatting during #SatBookChat. Its a bit of an informal meet-up on Saturdays (11a NYC | 4p UK) wherein readers, book bloggers, reviewers, socially bookish tweeters and authors can come together to interact, engage and build up their lists for #mustread authors!!

I was wicked happy she started following me via the @FriFantasyReads account – as I might’ve missed the initial announcement – as this Fantasy chat is fortnightly and begins *today!* the 29th of May!

I wanted to help celebrate its first chat whilst helping get the word out to both my readers and those who are participating during #WyrdAndWonder! Therefore, this is an introductory Q&A with Ms Jackson about her chat and an announcement about her featured guest author!! I hope to see you this afternoon (for stateside chatters) or evening (for those in the UK/Europe) as the chat kicks-off @ 3:30p NYC | 8:30p UK!!

Brew yourself a cuppa and enjoy what I have to share with you,…

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What is your new @FriFantasyReads Twitter account all about?

Jackson responds: Starting today (!) I will be doing a live Twitter interview every other Friday with a Fantasy author to talk about their latest releases and all things Fantasy, from their inspirations and favourite authors, to how they go about world-building or creating new languages. The chat will begin at 8.30pm British Standard Time, using the #FriFantasyReads hashtag so people can follow along and get involved with the conversation too.

Jorie inserts: for those of us stateside, this chat is @ 3:30p NYC (EST)
which is also: 2:30p Central | 1:30p Mountain | 12:30p Pacific

→ I always relate Twitter chats via NYC (EST) for easy reference points!

This sounds wicked brilliant, Ms Jackson! Especially as after spending copious amounts of time chatting with the #CreatureChat folks, I admit I’ve missed interacting with authors and readers of Fantasy outside co-hosting #WyrdAndWonder! What a smashing time to launch it too during our event! I am sure this was mere coincidence but evenso, I am thankful I can help raise the signal about how this is now starting and will arrive every fortnight!

(*) NOTE: #CreatureChat was hosted (or could be still) by @OfTheWilds

What inspired you to start #FriFantasyReads?

Jackson responds: When my second novel, The Devil’s Bride was released in February, I was all ready a part of a wonderful, supportive social media community with other writers and readers but I realised it was mainly people who loved romance. And while The Devil’s Bride is a romance, it’s also very much a Fantasy novel, and I wanted to engage with other Fantasy fans.

I knew it would make sense to split my social media focus but I didn’t want to do it just to have an account from which to shout about my book. I wanted to create something that would contribute, so I put on my thinking cap. Having taken part in two live twitter chats as an author myself, one with #UKRomChat to talk about my debut novel, A Mistletoe Miracle, and the second with #SatBookChat (you might know them) to talk about The Devil’s Bride, I thought maybe starting my own chat dedicated to Q&A’s with other Fantasy authors would be a great way of sharing my love of fantasy fiction with other fans and supporting writers too.

I am humbled for the kind s/o of reference to @SatBookChat – whilst at the same time, I definitely can see how readers would attribute this to being part of the Fantasy genre as it falls under Paranormal Fantasy quite well. Dear hearts – my final thoughts on behalf of “The Devil’s Bride” are forthcoming – as I dropped the ball earlier in Spring and have a small backlogue of reviews I’ve been wanting to share for #SatBookChat for awhile now. I’ve decided to create a block of time in June where it is a celebration of the chat & the authors I’ve featured whilst showcasing the reviews and the transcripts of their chats — stay tuned for more information!!

Secondly – I love how she’s developed this chat! I used to attend daily/weekly chats in round robin fashion the first several years I was a book blogger and joyful tweeter. By 2018 I had to pair down the chats I participated in and have only strictly chatted within #HistoricalFix (Erin Lindsay McCabe’s #HistFic chat on sabbatical), #HistFicChat (Vivian Conroy’s #HistFic chat, Thursdays @ 3p NYC) and my own #SatBookChat. It will be nice to have a ‘third’ option!!

Who will you have on during your debut launch of #FriFantasyReads?

Jackson responds: The first guest tonight is Jessica Thorne, author of The Hollow King series. I devoured the first novel, Mageborn, in less than forty-eight hours, so I am extremely excited to get to talk to Jessica tonight! It’s early days but I have guests booked in for the next three months and the next author will be announced after the chat tonight. It’s another wonderful author I’m so thrilled said yes when I asked if they’d like to feature.

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#FriFantasyReads Jessica Thorne banner provided by Emma S. Jackson and is used with permission.

Author Website | @JessThorneBooks | Facebook

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If there are any other Fantasy authors out there who would like a slot between September and November I’m now starting to book in more authors. All they need to do is follow me @FriFantasyReads and send me a DM with a few details about themselves and the books they write.

Thank you so much Jorie,

for letting me join you on #WrydandWonder to talk about my new Twitter chat!

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The honour was mine of course, Ms Jackson!

I am wicked thrilled I could help boost the news of this #awesomesauce fantastical chat!! I look forward to helping get the word out to those of us participating and/or following #WyrdAndWonder whilst being primed & ready to engage in the convo once #FriFantasyReads begins this afternoon! Eek. Too excited for words! I only regret I had such a late ending to my Thursday and a late start to my Friday today – this announcement comes a bit close to the curtain call for the chat! Oyy!

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About Emma S. Jackson

Emma S. Jackson

Emma Jackson is the best-selling author of A MISTLETOE MIRACLE, published by Orion Dash. A devoted bookworm and secret-story-scribbler since she was 6 years old, she joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association on their New Writers’ Scheme at the beginning of 2019, determined to focus on her writing. Her debut novel was published in November 2019.

When she’s not running around after her two daughters and trying to complete her current work-in-progress, Emma loves to read, bake, catch up on binge-watching TV programmes with her partner and plan lots of craft projects that will inevitably end up unfinished.

THE DEVIL’S BRIDE is her second novel, published by DarkStroke as Emma S Jackson. She hopes to continue working across sub-genres of romance, as she believes variety is the spice of life.

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This announcement feature is courtesy of: @FriFantasyReads

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I look forward to reading your thoughts & commentary!
Especially if you love chatting on Twitter & have some wicked good chats to share!

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This Fantasy chat feature is part of my showcases during #WyrdAndWonder: Year 3:

#WyrdAndWonder 2020 event banner created by Jorie in Canva.

This is part of my showcases for a Fantasy event I am co-hosting during our 3rd Year of #WyrdAndWonder – follow us socially via @WyrdAndWonder – stalk our tag (across social media) and/or join us in a month long celebration of how the fantastical realms of Fantasy give you wicked JOY.

Ideas of how you can participate – an initial welcome post by my co-host Imyril as well as the first Quest Log (map into the book blogosphere for #WyrdAndWonder) and the first Roll Call Log by my co-host Lisa!

Read our Creative Roulette #WyrdAndWonder Interview!

Be sure to visit my Announcement & TBR List!

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NOTE: Similar to blog tours wherein I feature book reviews, book spotlights (with or without extracts), book announcements (or Cover Reveals) – I may elect to feature an author, editor, narrator, publisher or other creative person connected to the book, audiobook, Indie film project or otherwise creative publishing medium being featured wherein the supplemental content on my blog is never compensated monetarily nor am I ever obligated to feature this kind of content. I provide (98.5%) of all questions and guest topics regularly featured on Jorie Loves A Story. I receive direct responses back to those enquiries by publicists, literary agents, authors, blog tour companies, etc of whom I am working with to bring these supplemental features and showcases to my blog. I am naturally curious about the ‘behind-the-scenes’ of stories and the writers who pen them: I have a heap of joy bringing this content to my readers. Whenever there is a conflict of connection I do disclose those connections per post and disclose the connection as it applies.

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