10 Bookish (& Not-Bookish Thoughts) No.10: A #SciFiMonth Book Tag and Note of Participation in our 7th Sci Fi November!

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I’ve honestly wanted to start participating in this weekly meme in 2014, however, I would always seem to get distracted during the hours leading up to Thursdays OR completely forget to compose my thoughts for this meme until into the weekend; at which point, the time had come and gone. I like the fact we can exchange thoughts percolating in our minds that run the gambit of the bookish world, creative outlets, or thoughts we want to share that might show a bit more about who we are behind the bookish blog we maintain. I am going to attempt to thread the journal of my 10 Bookish / Not Bookish Thoughts by order of the entries arrival into my life rather than a preference of 1-10.

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No, your eyes did not lie to you, this is No. 9,

No. 2-5 will release before end of year 2018.

Even if technically, No. 8 was scheduled to run in June 2017.

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A list of 10 Thoughts on being a Sci Fi Geek during #SciFiMonth | Hostess List

Sci Fi Month 2019 banner created by Imyril and is used with permission. Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.
Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.

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*waves!* to my fellow Sci Fi Geeks who are embarking on their own literary and cross-media journey this Sci Fi November! I decided to break the mould of how I am announcing my #SciFiMonth adventures here on Jorie Loves A Story by creating my *first!* book tag!

I have a slew of these saved in a folder somewhere to pull out at some point in the life of this blog and actually participate in the lovelies I’ve spied on fellow blogger’s blogs – however, the hosts of both Sci Fi November (Lisa & Imyril) are also my co-hosts for #WyrdAndWonder; each event they bring us new inspirations to create these tags and this is the first time I’ve had the moment to sit and compose an entry!

This also grants me the chance to revive a meme I’ve been struggling to become active inside again since *cough* more years than there are light-years to explain my absence! Let’s just say it was a technical malfunction and its been resolved.

Let’s dive straight into it, shall we?

If you’ve noticed a time shift within this post,
your eyes are NOT deceiving you!

It should go without saying – this list was provided by #SciFiMonth!

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No. 1 | A glimpse into Jorie’s Sci Fi Month TBR stack of loveliness

During this week’s #WWWeds, if you looked hard enough, you would have spied out some beautiful lovely Science Fiction novels amongst my #currentreads! This was a cheeky clever way to announce to my followers I’ve transitioned through the wreck of my afflictions in October and have set my sights on #SciFiMonth properly now that I am well enough to re-focus my readerly efforts on the stories which are calling to me to be READ. Thereby, each week I’ll be releasing more of my TBR than the prior week whilst doing my own mini-Mission Status updates about which stories resonated with me, which ones I’ve reviewed outright and which ones sadly were simply not my cuppa (whilst explaining the whys and hows).

For those of you whom would prefer I disclose my current week’s literary curiosities, I shall re-visit the selections and explain a bit about why they are the first reads for Sci Fi November!

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→ Re-listening to the final RAL [block] of chapters from The Long Road to a Small Angry Planet – as it was always my intention to finish reading this book as settle my thoughts on its behalf. To work towards that goal, I borrowed #smallangryplanet from my library’s OverDrive catalogue but didn’t get to listen to it directly until Thursday rolled into Friday’s witching hours of morn. I decided to table it and shift into #SpacebornFew – wherein I realised I had a slight miscalculation about the length of the audiobooks!

→ Listening to the RAL [blocks] for Record of a Spaceborn Few as I co-host this RAL with Lisa @deargeekplace whilst (attempting) to host the live Twitter chats which supplement our blog showcases for readalong itself. This proved an #epicfail on Friday morning as I started the chatter @ 8a EST (NYC) | 1p UK to RADIO SILENCE across all the feeds for Sci Fi Month! I even had Twitter cards which I’ll now use on my blog as I post my Discussion posts for the RAL; those will coincide with my readerly notes such as I had with #smallangryplanet.

The first batch of #SciFiMonth Reads:

  • Far Orbit: Apogee (anthology) (edited by) Bascomb James
  • The Why-entist and the Wild Weather by Jane Lowry
  • Unclaimed Legacy (History Mysteries, Book Two) by Deborah Heal
  • Prophecy by Paul Mark Tag
  • Trans-Continental Girl: Girl in the Gears by E. Chris Garrison (audiobook)
  • Blue Spirit (Tipsy Fairy Tales, Book One) by E. Chris Garrison (audiobook)
  • Heroes of the Space Age: Incredible Stories of the Famous and Forgotten Men and Women Who Took Humanity to the Stars by Rod Pyle

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I’ve decided to re-approach how I am moving through my shelf of Science Fiction – as you will see a few familiar titles as I’ve been attempting to read these stories for more than a few #RRSciFiMonth’s in the past – it was always a health issue which derailed my efforts, however, this year I streamlining my choices to be focused on a week to week basis. This way, I can pick/choose which stories of the past to read, which stories of the present to focus on and which stories interest me overall to be read in the here and now. I am also mixing it up with choices in Adult, Children’s Lit and Non-Fiction as well as print and audiobook formats which I think will make this month go a bit easier on me. I find settling into audiobooks to be a relaxing shift from print and it helps me continue to offset my hours and hopefully continue to reduce my chronic migraines – which in effect has plagued me since the first Sci Fi November!

Technically, I did reveal the ‘next’ stories past these via #WWWeds but you’ll have to time jump over to that post to see what is intriguing me to pick up after I’ve made my way through this first batch! Especially as I’m listing the stories I’m focusing on Wednesday to Wednesday throughout the event itself.

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No. 2 |  Back to Tomorrow

The time trifecta of narratives within Speculative Literature has been a mainstay of my readerly life for quite a long while now! (ie. Time Travel, Time Shift and Time Slip) If you can find a way to bend time there are good odds I’m going to be motivated to seek out that story. I’ve reviewed quite a heap of them over the years and they are not always anchoured through genres you’d expect (as you peruse my Story Vault) as was the case of finding a dearly beloved one in Romance!

One of the blog tours I was meant to participate on this year was for The Time Collector by an author I have regularly read and reviewed on Jorie Loves A Story. I first came to know Womack’s novels by reading The Memory Painter and then following it up with reading The Fortune Teller. Of the two, you’ll find that I felt the latter was the most solidified entry in her collective works as it fused her vision of how to inter-bridge us into these worlds. I did manage (thankfully!) to get a spotlight w/ notes put together for The Time Collector – but I’ve had trouble shifting myself back into reading this novel. Hence why I’ve set my sights on re-transitioning into the narrative this Sci Fi November as I felt the premise was a good fit for our event.

Likewise, I have noticed of late one way of helping myself re-align into stories I’ve had to put down for whichever reason (though usually its due to my migraines) is by listening to the audiobook. I decided to ask one of my local libraries to purchase The Time Collector for me (and they did!) whilst I could read the ARC I received as I hear the narrator’s performance. Sometimes it is the small things you do to switch things up in your reading life which hold the greatest break-throughs and for me, this small addition is helping me resolve the amount of stories on my backlogue!

This isn’t the only time bending story on my TBR List this month but it is the one I wanted to talk about today as Womack has an intricate way of rooting you inside History – through her settings, her sense of the timescape she wants to envelope you inside and the ways in which her contemporary characters find interactions with the past as their lives directly become impacted by the mysteries not willing to remain silent and discarded. If you want to seek out a unique time bending writer, give her stories a chance to inspire your imagination.

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No. 3 |  Aim to Misbehave – Stories on the “Rim”…

Qeya by Jennifer SilverwoodOhre by Jennifer SilverwoodTamn by Jennifer Silverwood

I first caught a love and appreciation for Rim stories when I first heard Rimrider – however, I am now collecting ‘rim’ stories in Space Opera! The latest of course is the focused feature I did for Jennifer Silverwood’s Heaven’s Edge novella series during the 2nd November @SatBookChat wherein we cross-conversed via #SatBookChat #SciFiMonth in the hopes of encouraging chatters from Sci Fi November to take part in the conversation.

Only by working together will they survive…

A group of refugees from a powerful, sophisticated Core World planet have been on the run for seven years. The mission was to get away and give their children some time to grow up and help them carry on the cause. The cause was to help the rebellion, win the war and go home. But things didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.

Meet the Crew | Read about the Series

I admit, having come off a seriously bad month for health in October, I’ve not been able to promote my November #SatBookChat’s in the same capacity as I felt I could give them previously – however, I thought for sure after the chat had run its course readers might have discovered this convo and added a bit more within the replies. Sadly, it took me a week to get the chat archived into Jorie Loves A Story as well as into the archives for #SatBookChat via Moments where everyone can read a transcript of the chat itself – however, what I wanted to relate directly here and now is the fact I am super excited having learnt how expansive this novella series is becoming!

There is another sequence of novellas forthcoming as well as a novel which ties the stories together – it is a very uniquely woven concept and one I am itching to read! It was a delight of joy to host Ms Silverwood during #SatBookChat as I previously disclosed how much I love her Urban Fantasy novel Silver Hollow for those Space fans who like a dose of UF with their Space Operas!

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No. 4 | Non-Binary Characters & Stories

I’m going to on a limb and say that my readings of Failure to Communicate (ooh did I just spoilt one of my choices?) might qualify for this category but I’m unsure as I know there is a lot going on inside this novel with non-traditional characters and characters who are part of the LGBTQ+ narrative umbrella. I would love to say I found more stories which befit this category to read this year, but unless one of the quirkier choices Little Computer People qualifies (as I haven’t yet read past the opening bridge) I must say I am in dire need of some selections!

Except to say, whenever I re-attach myself into the world of Wayfarers (ie. Becky Chamber’s series) – I am noticing that she fuses non-traditional characters into her series rather organically. She doesn’t always out them in regard to how to understand where they fit within the LGBTQ+ world either but you know enough to realise they are representing the wider world and most often the characters who would find themselves unjustly marginalised in today’s world. I love that aspect about her series (even if I get disgruntled with her explicit tongue) as she is creating a world similar to how Gene Roddenberry approached Trek – she wants to leave a better imprint and footprint about how we view ourselves and others; seeking a future better for the past and improved upon as best as humanity can sustain themselves forward. We can always improve but sometimes progress takes a dearly long time to arrive – even in her Wayfarers universe.

If anyone has any suggestions for how I can enlarge my reading queue for these lovelies – kindly drop suggestions into the *threads! I will see if I can get an audio copy of them via my library and/or via Scribd! I appreciate your kindness in advance and I cannot wait to get through these stories as I’ve been itching to soak into them for a rather long time!

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No. 5 | Finding JOY in Science Non-Fiction Narratives of Interest for Today’s World
sorry, Imyril I might have re-worded 28 NOV!

It will come to no surprise to anyone whose visited with me rather regularly to realise that I love seeking out Science Non-Fiction to read and review! I also admit, the past three years have been especially gutting when it has come to maintaining my ability to read those narratives in a time-line hugged closer to those pub dates than what I was actually able to give to them. In many ways, a lot of those ARCs fell by the wayside and are on my backlogue of reviews – however, this Sci Fi November I wanted to revitalise the newfound focus I re-attained back in September when I started to read my selections in INSPY Non-Fiction with Angels Among Us.

Here is the shortlist of what I’m focusing on this year:

  • Heroes of the Space Age: Incredible Stories of the Famous and Forgotten Men and Women Who Took Humanity to the Stars by Rod Pyle
  • True Genius: The Life and Work of Richard Garwin by Joel N. Shurkin
  • The Robot in the Next Cubicle: What You Need to Know to Adapt and Succeed in the Automation Age by Larry Boyer
  • The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up A Future of Limitless Possibility by Robert Zubrin

[via audiobook]

  • The Space Barons Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the Quest to Colonize the Cosmos by Christian Davenport, narrated by Will Collyer
  • The Dark Web by Geoff White and Bernard P. Achampong
  • What Happens Next: Conversations from Mars by Adam Savage

As you can see, I have quite the eclectic array of selections here – the top list were received for review consideration by Prometheus Books – all of which I have wanted to read sooner than I’ve reached inside them now. I struggled with my focus on their content(s) ever since my migraines clustered and became a bit harder to augment back inside Non-Fiction – whether narrative or scientific, until September where I felt I finally reached the point where the after effects of the migraines had finally given me a bit of peace and freedom.

The two which are new for this year [back in Spring] are: Heroes of the Space Age & The Case for Space – although, I would have read them as they arrived in if I could have – I almost feel it is more fitting I read them throughout November as I try to focus on Space & Space Science each year I participate because a huge draw for worlds within Science Fiction are Space Operas and the life of Spacers overall. This is why I found traction inside The Clan Chronicles and why I am enjoying my RAL experience with the Wayfarers universe.

Most of the other selections are futuristic cautionary tales and where science, technology and humanity have to decide the limits between man vs tech and where automation, transhumanism and other futurism issues are going to re-decide our fates the more we re-shift our focus off inter-personal interactions and re-shape how we connect with each other and our world.

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No. 6 | Sci Fi Month : Spine Poetry [audiobook version!]

Sci Fi Month 2019 banner created by Imyril and is used with permission. Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.
Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.

The following were pulled from my #SciFiMonth selections I’ve borrowed through OverDrive via my local libraries. I’m planning on putting together a few #25MinutePreview posts to talk about what I found inside them and how they were resonating with me – especially in regards to the story, characters & narrator.

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The Book Jumper

[ left ]

A Spark Unseen

[ only the ]

The Space Barons, Twelve Doctors of Christmas [ AND ] The Other Einstein


[ whilst ]

A Dark Unwinding

[ shifts into ]

The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

[ proving the ]

Hazards of Time Travel

[ only ]

Binti [ OR ] The Time Collector

[ could understand ] .

[ Yet ]

The Skin Map

[ sought to ]

Defy the Stars

[ whilst clarifying ]

Einstein’s Unfinished Revolution ;

[ The ] Record of a Spaceborn Few

[ only partially can time-jump ]

[ outside the ] Tales from the Tardis

[ unless you ] Have [a ] Space Suit [ and ] Will Travel

[ to ] Proxima !

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No. 7 | Future Imperfect

The book which stood out to me on my TBR this year which perfectly aligns with the words this inspires me to draw a conclusion about is “The Robot in the Next Cubicle” because we are slowly erasing our own footprint on Earth. It started slowly… such as the innocuous way in which there are more kiosks in fast food chains? Those are proving the point that a certain group would rather have robots and automation take-over those entry-level jobs than to give them to teenagers, mid-age adults and seniors. I have been dearly curious where this book will take me in the on-going discussion about the ‘next’ revolution in high tech as this one is past the Industrial Revolution which self-destructed our living biosphere.

To me it is also about those stories such as the one I am finishing this month as well – “The Fighter of Aldea” a carry-over from Wyrd and Wonder where the world has ‘gone dark’ without electricity – even though this is set primarily in a fantastical world – is a world without technology and electricity due to a ‘radical event horizon’ no one talks about in their current timeline. It is something their ancestors dealt with and in their perspective, it is simply the way life is and why suggest otherwise?

It would also apply to my readings of the Cobbogothians – I am hoping to re-start reading “Uncovering Cobbogoth” if I have any hope of reading “The Lemorian Crest” before New Year’s this year! This was quite the impressive debut novel for me to discover rather accidentally and it is a sequel which has been haunting my backlogue!

I would love to seek out more stories set round this concept and thesis but I struggle to find the ones which interest me to read. If anyone has any points of reference which are not necessarily Dystopian as those are my hardest to win me over kind of stories (see this Review for reference points) – I would be fully appreciative!

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No. 8 |  Stay on Target

One of my redemption choices this year is The Skin Map – which blessedly I found via OverDrive at my library in audiobook – as the original attempt I made to read this during #RRSciFiMonth Year 1 was a hardback edition which had seen far better days than the one it arrived in to me to be read! I have been wanting to re-visit this world and to re-soak into the author’s vision of the ley lines and the ways in which his characters time travel every since I first learnt of the techniques he was using for teleportation!

What was more curious is ever since I first read the bits I had during that year’s event, I’ve come across more authors who are either playing with the concept of ley lines and/or they are re-inventing the curve in which allows the concept to flourish and become re-invented. One author I discovered who imported this into her time travelling romance series was Anna Belfrage. Yet, so far, I haven’t come across another who has used this specific revelation of how to slip through time.

If I can finish listening to The Skin Map before the close of November, I will not only have ‘staid on target’ but I will have personally found a way to redeem the hours I lost to read this lovely! It is only the first of a series, too, so there is potentially more stories out there for me to read in future events and/or during one of my cycles of #FuellYourSciFi explorations!

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No. 9 | What Could Possibly Go Wrong (eh!)

I believe this is the perfect way to describe the series of books I’ve been trying to read by Paul Mark Tag over the years – I did finish the first one Category 5 which is the perfect thesis to the question in regards to natural disasters and other storm systems! This is long before of course the series on The Weather Channel took off (ie. It Could Happen Tomorrow) and wayy before Hurricane Katrina which basically took the joy out of that series as ‘tomorrow’ literally became ‘yesterday’.

I have slated myself to read Prophecy within this first week I’m reading Sci Fi November stories whilst I am hoping to follow it up with White Thaw as I always wanted to hug those readings of the series as close together as I could. This is the best outcome now as it has been far too long since I was reading one of the author’s stories. I had always hoped in the years since I was reading them he would have progressed forward in his career – as I first learnt of his writing style when I read his dearly emotionally gutting war drama and these science-fact Science Fiction releases were a follow-up to that evocative read.

Cheekily, I think my readings of The Why-entist is a good primer for younger readers who want to become more articulately curious about their living environs and the environmental issues we all face today in a world where meteorological nightmares are more commonplace than they are rare.

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No. 10 | Against All Odds

You could say this is the main takeaway about the novella “Trans-Continental: Girl in the Gears” by E. Chris Garrison – a print and audiobook I’ve had for review consideration for awhile now. I was able to listen to this during last year’s Sci Fi November (if memory serves?) but unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to take many notes about what I was hearing in regards to the construct of the world (as it is Streampunky!) nor in relation to the characters as they share a platonic friendship which felt more like a bonefide relationship.

It was a lovely approach towards showing how you can have a healthy relationship and even, a bit of a platonic romance without having any sexual innuendoes involved. The lead character is a transgender woman and it is how she goes about this journey through this world where she had to prove she has the muster to beat the odds and to help rescue her friend. I loved every inch of the audiobook and this year, I learnt the sequel “Mississippi Queen” is now moving into audio as well.

FYI: Ms Chris is going to be chatting during @SatBookChat on the tags #SatBookChat #SciFiMonth on 16th November – be sure to drop into the feeds @ 11a NYC | 3p UK to participate !!

On a personal note, I can relate to this category prompt because I feel like each Sci Fi November I have rallied against the odds – striven to carve out a bit of Sci-Fi bookish joy for myself and each November I’ve fallen a bit short of my goals.

This year, I decided to change it up by writing up this book tag and finding a bit of breathing space between my (ideal) goals and the (random) joy of simply becoming engaged into Sci Fi November and let the chips fall where they may… choosing instead to read as much as I can, listen to as many hours of the audiobooks I can and if I cannot post the reviews inclusive to November but rather throughout December – all the better!

At least, I’ll have several weeks of readerly joy to look back on with a happier sense of pride than the past Novembers where I felt I let myself down by not accomplishing much of anything at all but posting the same TBR and having to resolve my health eroded the hours away from tackling it. If I can exit this #SciFiMonth with a clear conscience and a heart full of the memories the STORIES gave me – I’ve found a kind of success I only truly knew during Year 1!

Except to say – last year’s RAL for #smallangryplanet was a close second – because I truly loved hosting the Twitter chats which is why when I saw an absence of engagement today, my heart fell as I was hoping to re-catch the excitement from last November. Perhaps its meant to be on our blogs and through the GoodReads group Lisa is moderating — if so, I’ll let it be. After all, most of the feeds are on the quieter side this year… maybe for whichever reason, you cannot catch lighting in a bottle twice.

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This marks my *official!* post of participation on behalf of:

Sci Fi Month 2019 banner created by Imyril and is used with permission. Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.
Image Credit: Photo by Sebastien Decoret from 123RF.com.

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I look forward to hearing if you are taking part this year and please link your participation and/or TBR post in the *threads!* I am going to begin journeying through the Mission Updates (provided by Lisa & Imyril) however, if you comment I’ll bump my visit to your blog(s) to the top of the travel list! Let’s see if we share any authors and/or goals in common, eh!?

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  1. When I think of sci-fi books with non-binary and more diverse lgbtq+ reading I always think of Becky Chambers. She does it so well. You might also enjoy Warp Gate Concerto by Dorian Graves. It is a novella so a quick read. They also write more lgbtq+ in fantasy in novels.

    A.M. Dellamonica also has some sf novella’s with lgbtq+ content. Possibly The Outside by Ada Hoffmann, On the Edge of Gone by Corinne Duyvis and The Sidekick Squad by C.B. Lee.

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