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2 responses to “Author Interview | Nicola May had me intrigued with “The Corner Shop in Cockleberry Bay” inspiring Jorie to ask her a few things about her writing life and the novel!

  1. I have read and loved this book. I didn’t know that sausage dog was a British phrase, I assumed it was well known, so I learnt something new. I also am going to think of what Nicola’s favourite passage might be…… ;-)
    Great interview.

    • Hallo, Hallo Amanda!

      Thanks for dropping by today – especially as you’ve already had the joy of reading the story! :) It is definitely one I want to read myself – as I love how Ms May gave us such a wonderful representation of what we can expect from Cockleberry Bay in this convo! So happy to have learnt the convo and the book are reflectively insightful on what you’ve experienced! Blessed, you’ve shared this on Twitter, too! Thanks for that! :) I appreciated your note – as I, too, was surprised in finding we had different phrases to reflect the same breed! Isn’t that interesting? I find language wonderfully intriguing.

      Ooh, if you find it – I will cheer you on for the discovery! Don’t forget to let me know if you guessed it correctly! Happy hunting!!

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