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10 responses to “Author Interview | Jorie talks to Luanne Castle about their mutual love of #Ancestry research & her new collection of #poetry “Kin Types”.

  1. I’m not sure my first comment is here in “awaiting approval section.” . . .
    I enjoyed your interview of Luanne Castle who has been quite a special and accessible author friend. You asked deep, fascinating questions, Jorie.

    I read and own both “Doll God” and “Kin Types.” The first one I have read more than once, as well as reading her poems to my doll loving mother who was a high school Literature and English teacher. She helped me critique her book.

    I read Luanne’s chapbook and found the unique, detailed stories of her family so special. I won’t forget any of them, each has struggles, problems and some losses. It sounds like my great grandparents and other tales found while shaking their family’s tree. I did two posts which included my own personal book reviews on my WordPress blog.
    Smiles, Robin

    • Hallo, Hallo Robin,

      Yes, the comments remain in queue until I can go through them – therefore, never fear, I haven’t lost a comment yet! :) I approved both your comments as you altered what you were sharing and saying in each one. I appreciated the thoughtfulness to your commentary and look forward to visiting with you on your lovely blog as well. Thank you for the compliment in regards to the questions themselves – if you peruse my interviews throughout my blog, you’ll find I like to dig into the heart of the stories writers & poets are creating – it helps us connect to them and understand their creative process. Being both a writer & poet myself, I enjoy the research I put into developing the questions I ask. Sometimes it’s due to a specific reading of their works and/or a combination of a reading & researching their writing career. I enjoy making these interviews approachable to both the writers and the readers who follow their journeys.

      I have author friends’ like this myself – it is a beautiful circle of joy surrounding stories – writing is a connective pursuit – we are blessed to live in an age where the barriers are nominal and where connections can be made a bit easier than they had been in the past. I oft have wondered about my great-grandparents and even, further back than this – about those first moments and years where the immigrants of my family first settled into their lives in their new country. This is why like you, it was fascinating to read a descendant’s spin on how to pull forward those ‘lost moments’ into descriptive prose.

      I truly enjoyed your visit. I hope you’ll drop back sometime – you’ll find I’ve talked in-depth about a variety of poets on Jorie Loves A Story. I have been blessed by finding these poets due to Poetic Book Tours.

  2. Jorie, I have read both “Doll God” and “Kin Types” which have beautiful prose and poetic expressions.

    I reviewed many of her entries within both books. Your detailed description of her book, “Kin Types,” shows how well you understand both the history and ancestry aspects of Luanne’s chapbook. It was a fascinating interview, too. Smiles, Robin

    • Hallo, Hallo Robin!

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with me. I appreciated your feedback on behalf of this interview & of my thoughts on behalf of her poems. I aspired to get a bit of a ‘back-story’ on how her ancestral poems were created as I felt they would appeal to everyone who takes up the pursuit of seeking out their ancestral past. The stories are oft-times obscured from our historical perspectives and this was what attracted me to her poems. Thank you for taking a moment to share your thoughts, as I do appreciate it.

    • Hallo, Hallo!

      Thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment! I truly wanted to dig into the heart of what went into the poems themselves, as they were uniquely voiced to give such an alarming presence of the women who lived. I am very thankful this resonated with you – of what my intentions were and that you have enjoyed the conversation I shared! Many blessings to you! Have a wonderfully joyous Winter Season! I look forward to your next visit, as I oft feature poets and Small Press authors – there is another interview running featuring Sue Hallgarth who wrote the Willa Cather & Edith Lewis Mysteries today.

    • Hallo Ms Castle,

      I truly loved fusing my reading experience of your poems with the purpose of helping my readers & visitors alike get to know how you’ve knitted out the heart of your ancestors’ lives through this distinctive style of prose! I was so happy you loved my questions and took the journey with me to help tell the story ‘behind’ the poems! Again, I felt blessed our paths have crossed. May you have a beautiful Christmas & New Year’s!

    • Hallo, Ms Cox,

      Happy Holidays, to you too! :) I am blessed by hosting for your authors & poets, as the stories you bring to our attention never fail to inspire me! I thoroughly enjoyed working on this interview especially as the poet and I share such a common passion for our ancestors! Here’s a beautiful Season for us both and best wishes for a healthy and happy New Year!

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