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2 responses to “Author Interview | Jorie happily welcomes Ms Linn B. Halton to #JLASblog to converse about her lovely new #HolidayRomance: “Christmas at Bay Tree Cottage”!

  1. Hi Jorie and thank you so much for such a wonderful chat about all things Christmas related 🎄- it is simply the best time of the year! You are so right in that family traditions do change over the years as we lose loved ones and welcome little ones into the world. The cycle of life is an amazing thing and I believe that loved ones are always around us, wrapping us in their love. Wishing you and yours a truly wonderful Christmas celebration! xxx PS No need to put mincemeat in mince pies …. orange peel, chopped nuts, cooking apple and chopped dates. Plus a little brandy or sherry. Yum!

    • Bless you, Ms Halton!

      You’ve saved me the anguish of sorting out the ‘mince’ bits!! :) Your version sounds positively delightful – especially as I’m an omnivore whose eagerly excited about being a veghead again! Definitely will add the liquor as that is part of the tradition! Ha! Definitely so! Traditions have to continue to evolve – if you don’t adapt, you’ll lose the new chances to re-define your family traditions & the celebrations will feel more off-kilter somehow. I’ve been blessed to come from as close-knit as a family as you do (from what I could gleam in your replies) – thus, we stay amendable to what life brings. Truly thank you for your beautiful responses – both in this note and in the conversation. I loved having you today on my blog!

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