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2 responses to “Author Guest Post | E. Graziani talks about her #YALit Sci-Fi book series set in Tuscany via #WriterlyYours PR #blogtour: #AngelOfTime!

  1. Love the introduction you have given to Graziani and her book. Glad to have been able to pick your favourite genre for the #WYbclub reading this month. Looking forward to your thoughts on the book. Thank you very much for hosting the #AngelofTime blog tour with us. :)

    • You’re quite welcome, Priya! :) I am enjoying hosting the authors you’re selecting as quite a few times now, I’ve had the pleasure of finding authors & publishers I might not have found otherwise! This is always a happy day for me, as a reader! :) Yes, of course, I’ll update you – it will most likely be towards late Autumn or during the Winter by the time I get round to pick up the books; will be happy to talk to you about them and tag #WYbclub as well as I’m reading them! :)

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