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Five years ago, in 2013 I created Jorie Loves A Story in March; launched my blog LIVE to the book blogosphere by August and took a leap of faith to join the twitterverse right before the year closed in November. And, guess what that meant? It meant my first Sci Fi November was in 2013 – the year it began!

All these years later, my admiration for this sci fi geekery community has grown to be one of my favourites which happily resides this year next to the community Lisa & Imyril and I are growing with #WyrdAndWonder.

When it comes to November, Jorie’s favourite bookish month out of the year (save May & July, since 2018) – the cosy comfort of returning back inside a devouring period of Science Fiction (esp Hard SciFi) is one of tremendous JOY & curates a lightness in my spirit. I truly love travelling through hyperspace seeking my next beloved #mustread selection! Brownie points to the extreme if a favourite hugs itself into the niche of #SpaceOpera!

Sci Fi November | Mythothon | NonFiction November banner created by Jorie in Canva

Which is why for the month of NOVEMBER, I shall be treating my readers & visitors with a gush fest of love for #ScienceFiction & Speculative worlds which inter-knit themselves through a lens of Science. Predominately focused on Fiction with a few insertions of Non-Fiction to keep things interesting!

Each November, I attempt to right the short-comings of the prior year – I’ve had a few interesting Novembers celebrating #RRSciFiMonth (@SciFiMonth) but the hardest of all was not getting into the books I’m about to reference on this post. These are top priority this year as I would love to finally say, I not only read them but I could finally articulate my ruminations on their behalf! Giving me a clean slate for Sci Fi November, 2019!

It is part of my overall goal of removing my *backlogue* of reviews before I move into my sixth year as a book blogger in March, 2019.

This year, I also wanted to have light duties officially as I love doing something behind the scenes to assist our lovely hostesses: Lisa (@deergeekplace) + Imyril (@imyril) who give us wicked good celebrations through the years as we all come together to champion the stories of Science Fiction (and their sub-genres/niches) which happily alight in our lives. We’re always reading similar stories – either together in tandem (such as we are this year with our RAL/readalong “The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet”) or on opposite years.

#smallangryplanet readalong badge created by Jorie in Canva

A lot of us DISCOVER new authors by browsing through the feeds on Twitter on our tag: #RRSciFiMonth (or jumping into convo on #smallangryplanet) – sometimes we host themed chats like last year’s #SpaceOpera discussion (one of two we had in 2017). I admit, I love hosting the Twitter chats as I do love being bubbly chatty and the joy of connecting with like-minded readers is true bliss.

I am also participating with a special round robin guest interview series Lisa is putting together this year. In the past, I have responded to essay questions by Sci Fi November hosts and this year, I equally will be overjoyed to see the results once I submit my responses.

I am hoping to release a new vlog interview with a YA Dystopian Science Fiction author this month as it was delayed earlier in the year. I am also working on a second one and/or a traditional interview featuring #superherofiction. IF I can get both of these up on my blog before the close of November, I’ll be smiling into 2019! I really believe in these authors’ stories and it would be AWESOMESAUCE to give my fellow sci fi geeks a chance to get to know them a bit better! So, stay tuned!

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#Mythothon banner created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Cristina Gottardi

Concurrent to my sci fi readings this month are my adventures into #Mythos and Greek #Mythology per my list of bookish wanderings – most of which have been happily fetched by my local libraries (yes, plural!). This cut down on the necessity for ILL’ing which would not have made the deadline of the 30th! You will notice some of these selections are Sci-Fi at their roots and some are genre bent into Speculative Literature without a clear definition of where they should be shelved. I still have more books inbound to me via my libraries, but I’ll be making headway reading and posting my bookish wanderings starting this week on #JLASblog as well as further updates via my feeds on Twitter @joriestory.

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Here is a taste of what is still yet
to come for Sci Fi November:

Bookish Ruminations:

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Impossible by C.A. Gray | Piercing the Veil Series Showcase
previously read: Intangible + Invincible

the History Mystery series
(Unclaimed Legacy & Every hill and Mountain) by Deborah Heal
previously read: Time and Again

Portals, Passages, & Pathways by B.R. Maul
previously interviewed the author

The Gin Thief by S.C. Barrus

Science Thrillers (Prophecy & White Thaw) by Paul Mark Tag
previously read: Category 5

The Lemorian Crest by Hannah L. Clark
previously read: Uncovering Cobbogoth

Trinity Stones (YA edition) by L.G. O’ Connor
whilst reading prequel during mythothon

Nebula Awards: 2016 (edited by) Mercedes Lackey
previously read: Nebula Awards 2015

Far Orbit: Apogee (anthology) by World Weaver Press
previously read: FAE | CORVIDAE | SCARECROW | Frozen Fairy Tales
aka Jorie’s beloved indie for speculative short fiction

Shadow Shifts by J.M. Bogart
previous read: Liminal Lights

Trans-Continential novella series:
girl in the gears via audiobook
Mississippi Queen via print
by Ms Chris (E. Chris Garrison)

The Tesla Gate by John D. Mimms, narrated by Jake Urry (audiobook)

The New science of Consciousness by Paul L. Nunez

Almost a Millennium by JEANBILL

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Speculative Musings:

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

A Fantasy girl at heart: why sci fi & fantasy walk hand in hand for jorie

List: Favourite science fiction and/or speculative shorts

Favourite science fiction discoveries | book | tv | film

Sci-Fi Yet to Read & the stories most keen on reading next

Types of Dystopian Reads Jorie Loves

Chapter ruminations for #smallangryplanet x3
Part One | Part Two | Part Three

Why I love Space Opera :
reflections on the clan chronicles, rimrider & Small Angry Planet (30th November)

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I’m a social reader — I love to tweet my reading adventures! Be sure to keep an eye out on my tweets — I generally use the tags: #JorieReads, #FuellYourSciFi, #EnterTheFantastic and #EqualityInLit when I’m not conversing about Romance & Women’s Fiction (via @SatBookChat) on the tag #SatBookChat. If you spot me, don’t be shy! Tweet me back and/or let me know how you felt about the book I’m reading if you’ve read it before! I’d love for you to visit and comment on my blog as well but convos on Twitter are always welcome!

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Sci Fi November badge created by Jorie in Canva

Have you posted your own #RRSciFiMonth reading list &/or posting schedule? Be sure to leave me a comment with a link to your blog & posts! I’ll be starting to visit those bloggers who are updating the Master Schedule!

Let me know if we’re reading something similar and/or if you have any wicked good recs for me within Space Opera or Hard Sci Fi !! I especially love Spacer lifestyles with EPIC world-building and which are character driven plots whilst I prefer serials, if you know a kickin’ one-off list it! Also, any sweet anthologies you’ve discovered would be #awesomesauce!

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Yes, you are seeing this correctly! I was already pre-planning #RRSciFiMonth in FEBRUARY 2018 whilst announcing our first-ever month dedicated to FANTASY which became #WyrdAndWonder!

*this is a THREAD of reading #smallangryplanet*

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