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8 responses to “Author Interview | Sherry Strong wrote a compelling book of insight on how we need to be more mindful of our choices when it comes to our health and well-being.

  1. Great questions and interview. Sherry, as always you answer with a depth of wisdom and love. If all of us paused for just a moment before we buy or eat, to ask ourselves these questions and ideas our world would be healed. Thank you for you voice Sherry and for this blog Jorie. :)

    • Good evening, Ms Simonson!

      Thank you for your lovely compliments on behalf of this interview – I had a lot of fun creating the list of questions I wanted to pitch to Ms Strong, and am thankful you enjoyed your visit on this stop on the tour! I will be releasing my thoughts on Return to Food lateron tonight, as like you, I found that the author had a lot of insightful things to share about our connection to food and how food can transform our lives. Always happy to find someone who is appreciating my content and has a happy experience visiting with me!

  2. Thank you Jorie for the wonderful time and attention you’ve put into this, you are clearly a passionate writier and foodie. I’m so grateful for your work. You ask great questions that show you really get the value of returning to eat real food.

    I wanted to offer your readers a special gift of a digital gift pack worth of eBooks, some surprises and exclusive webinar ($197 Value) where they can also ask me any questions they like. Go here to register for your free gifts….

    • Good afternoon, Ms Strong,

      I was honoured to host you today and what a happy delight finding your comment, and three others awaiting me! I mentioned to them in my replies about your kindness of including the link to the webinar and hope they will return to click on the link. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on the book tonight and giving a capstone to a beautiful day celebrating health, wellness, and the foods which enrich our spirit as much as they give us such a heap of joy to eat!

      Thank you for your beautiful compliments on my behalf – I try to remain open about how I feel about the things I am passionate about and I am thankful this is translating well with what I am posting! Always a delight to find that a passion of mine is visible and enjoyed being read. I am hoping this is only the first day of many wonderful days on your blog tour! Here’s to you!

  3. LOVED this interview with Sherry Strong, so simple yet so powerful. I really enjoyed your questions Jorie – very nicely considered and phrased. I enjoyed the entire article and a couple of things really jumped out at me – the huge impact and significance of the link between the Lethal Recipe and depression. This is such a pandemic condition and if only more people were aware that they could make huge changes in this area so quickly (within 7 days!?) simply by making such major changes to their diet… my goodness this could change the world. Sherry have you considered doing a TED Talk about this particular topic – diet (for want of a better word) your way out of depression!? So powerful! I also love the concept of the new book – Hungry for meaning, Thirsty for Change. What a FANTASTIC title and message – I loved Return to Food and I can’t wait to read the next book! Thanks ladies for an inspiring, enlightening article – I’m off to finish my green smoothie :) xoxo

    • Good afternoon, Ms Bennett,

      I loved hearing your feedback on behalf of the questions I choose to ask Ms Strong! She’s only the second author I’ve hosted who has written a cookbook on mindful eating and healthier paths towards wellness. I am not sure if you saw the interview I had with Annie Oliverio who wrote Crave Eat Heal? The two are good to read together because they are both written from the perspective of vegans.

      I love offering my readers thought-provoking and stimulating content, which is why when I elect to host an interview or guest post by an author, I like to dig a bit deeper and get into the heart of the subject. It’s a heap of joy for me to realise as comments come through that what I hoped to share and achieve with the feature was resonating with readers — bless you for leaving me such a brilliant comment today!

      Just after you posted your comment, Ms Strong left a note talking about her upcoming webinar, be sure to return in order to click the link she shared as I think you would appreciate it. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts on the cross-relations between depression and wellness, as I think it would make sense to anyone who has struggled with their health to denote that when your not eating in balance or in-tune to your own body’s rhythm of life, your emotional keels are going to tip over the scales of where joy and happiness cannot win out. We all have to take extra steps to remain mindful of how things effect us, and this includes the foods we eat. Very powerful lesson to learn, and one that I was thankful you were re-iterating in your comment! Keenly observant and beneficial.

      So happy you dropped by today! Enjoy that smoothie — I love all green smoothies myself! #beyondyum!

  4. I’m in the process of reading Return to Food right now by Sherry Strong. I was at her presentation last week called The Reluctant Vegan. I love how Sherry addresses food and our relationship with it from a Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual perspective. It got me thinking on all the reasons I rush through eating and how I do it in such a distracted way that I overeat. As I read, I get lovely visualizations of what it can be and how much joy I can add to the experience. I also know that I jump on a band wagon quickly so I’m feeling my way towards: “What’s the one small step I will take first?” so as not to get overwhelmed and then quit. Thanks to Sherry for a thought provoking and holistic approach to this non-diet.

    • Good afternoon, Ms Chell!

      Thank you for dropping by today to discover the conversation I had with Ms Strong! I am thankful that you appreciated the conversation but moreso than that, you’ve already discovered your own path towards wellness by following in her heed! What a beautiful compliment to give the author and I am blessed you choose to share this with her today! Did you know she’s having a webinar coming up? She posted a comment just after yours and shared the details. Be sure to drop back to click on the link! I think it is something that you will appreciate on your continuing journey.

      I do agree with you about how food and health are co-linked through the four routes of what makes us uniquely human: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual perspectives. We are beings who are very dynamic in how we live and how we interpret what we are living through, so to me it makes sense that all four would be co-related into how we process what we eat and how we can thrive by what we are eating at the same time.

      Thank you again for your visit and for giving such a beautiful testimonial on your contact with Ms Strong’s resources!

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