+Live Author Event+ Friday Reading Series: No.2 with #Steampunk Author S.C. Barrus “Discovering Aberration”, Chapters 3 & 4!

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I must confess, I have been on absolute pins to listen to the next chapters of “Discovering Aberration” as this is seriously the first time I have listened to a novel and become enraptured with an itch to know what comes next! Mind you, if I were to be fully truthful I have only listened to bits of an audiobook in the past, but I never could lay the story out in my mind’s eye properly to continue listening. I had a bit of a disconnect then that I do not appear to be experiencing now; except to say, that as I jot down the thoughts & notes as I listen to Mr. Barrus narrating the chapters, I find myself picking up on things I first feared I might not be able to catch! I am quite sure that if one day I go to sit down with a print copy of this novel, my impressions will eclipse and the entirety of the world will fuse together. I’m still a newbie to ‘audiobook reading’ and I welcome the challenge and the joy to carry-on forward ‘listening’ and seeking out a ‘story’ in a medium I have not yet had the pleasure to experience in length. Besides who wouldn’t want to listen to a dapper author reading his very own work of fiction!? He has a wicked style, no?!Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com


About the Novel:

 Discovering Aberration by S.C. Barrus

Discovering Aberration by S.C. Barrus
Design Credit: Alan Hebel & Ian Koviak of
The Book Desingers http://bookdesigners.com

Published By Away & Away Publishing (author owned), 26 March, 2014

Official Author Websites: Site | Twitter | Facebook

Available Formats: Hardcover (limited), Softcover, & Ebook Page Count: 434

Authors of Inspiration:

Robert Louis Stevenson, Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, Arthur Conan Doyle, & H.P. Lovecraft

Converse on Twitter: #DiscoveringAberration & #Steampunk

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Book Synopsis:

An ancient map stolen. A lost civilization discovered. A terrible secret unleashed.

Thaddeus Lumpen’s archaeology career is near collapse, thanks to the machinations of rivals who would kill to claim a discovery for themselves. In desperation he turns to Freddy Fitzgerald, a rebellious writer who still maintains connections from his days as a street hooligan. For Lumpen to get ahead of his even less scrupulous competitors he must steal an ancient map and forge a path to an island where a lost civilization waits to be found. For Freddy, it’s a chance to sell the story of a lifetime.

But nothing is as simple as it appears from halfway across the world. Old acquaintances become enemies, professional rivalries turn violent, and a notorious gang lord wants his map back. The island itself holds dangers that Freddy and Lumpen couldn’t have prepared to face–and horrifying secrets that might be better left buried. Beset by wild beasts, cutthroat competitors, and dangers darker still, the two men fight not for glory, but their own survival… before the island pushes them past the brink of insanity.

Author Biography:

S.C. Barrus | Photo Credit: Mle Jayne Photography http://www.mlejaynephotography.com Photo Credit: Mle Jayne Photography http://www.mlejaynephotography.com

S.C. Barrus writes strange and thrilling literary adventures including the novel Discovering Aberration, a steampunk adventure novel. Born in Canada, he grew up in the Pacific North West where he skipped school in favor of swimming in the local rivers.

Raised on a hefty selection of books, video games and movies, he grew to love story telling from a young age. He received his degree in creative writing from the University of Washington and began writing fiction in 2011.

Throughout the years, S.C. Barrus has been inspired by a wide range of authors and genres. A fan of literary fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy and sci-fi. But perhaps the easiest influences to identify in his writing comes from authors such as Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Louis Stephenson.

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Friday Night Reading Series: No. 2:

I honestly did not know what to expect when the ‘Friday Night Reading Series’ returns, as we had a bit of a fortnight in-between readings of Discovering Aberration! During this time I was looking forward to receiving the playing card deck that I was given during the first event in this series of author-led chapter readings — a gift that I was not even aware of being given out as my own video feed on YouTube was buffering whilst he was explaining it! Laughs. Sometimes the best things in the life arrive as happenstance surprises! For me, being given the gift of a playing deck of cards was quite fitting as I’m a Vintage Gamer who loves! playing card games as much as I adore board games! I am also quite addicted! to watching “Hollywood Game Night” as time allows! I’m generally either blogging, reading, or in the mix of hosting an author or a tour whilst in the middle of final edits when the series airs! On occasion, I am also happily consumed by the happy merriment of Twitter chats! To receive a new deck of cards and ones that have historical characters of notorious backgrounds seemed quite the stellar gift to receive unexpectedly for a history buff who loves reading historical fiction! Therefore, my gratitude is to the Mr. Barrus who mailed the cards earlier this week.

I was on the fence if I should re-listen to Chapters 1 & 2 to see what I might have missed the first time round but decided that I wanted to go forward based on what I had remembered of the first reading and pick up the context of the story with fresh eyes and ears tonight! I spent my hours leading up to the reading by working on my book review for “The Boleyn Bride” and by creating spontaneous creations in Canva! Such as my wicked sweet ‘Summer theme’ Twitter Profile Header AND the lovely new ‘Friday Night Reading Series’ badge which will be on each of my posts which relates to the events Mr. Barrus hosts as I am not yet sure how many chapters he is going to read aloud!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comTweets Leading Up to the Reading:


Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

During the Broadcast: 

I was a bit apprehensive at first, as the countdown clock ended approx. 5 minutes early before the reading was meant to begin! And, of course I checked the GooglePlus hangout channel as well as refreshed YouTube — neither of them were airing ANYTHING by 12:31am — and then, boom! Of course, had I revealed the ‘full summary’ of this episode I would have noticed something… such as the lovely credit Mr. Barrus gave me on behalf of my in-depth review of the previous episode! What a lovely surprise! Truly!

Introduction | Announcements

Cody (S.C. Barrus) lives in the Pacific Northwest, studied at the University of Washington (Creative Writing programme), of whom he appreciated the Professor ?. He has written Discovering Aberration, as well as a short stories published in journals. He mentioned the giveaway for his hardback copy of Discovering Aberration (for which I am a part of as I became an Adventurer as soon as I found him on Twitter!). He had a blast at “GearCon”, whereupon he succeeded in selling 25 copies of his novel; broke the goal with 29 total sales. (blog recap) Steamposium is the next convention stop where he is going to be with Fuzzy Hedgehog Press.

Steamposium: Site | Facebook | Twitter

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press: Site | Blog | Twitter

He quickly held up a #hashtag Q&A reference & I, quite consumed with blogging this section inadvertently missed it!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comChapter 3 Notes:

Lumpen nervously moves about the room. A room in rather disarray. Memories of a previous expedition are being relayed which has a purpose to explain how the map was stolen. Brandy is brought to steady their nerves. Lumpen is appalled that Freddie is speaking the name of such a malicious foe aloud. The ‘Hammerlocks’ were gone far longer than originally planned. A ‘boiler carriage’ enters the scene in the re-telling of the story. I love hearing about steam technology and transportation devices. They always vary from writer to writer. “John Joseph Heller” is whispered as he is the villain in the story; one who should not be named lightly out loud. The body count alone spoke to the malice Heller attempted to inflict on the collective society’s lives. The nary dark bits of archaeological research and discovery are alluded too. Of when for the sake of discovery the honour of the find is not acquired by gentlemen but rather by underworld traits of self-gain measures. Lumpen is relaying his observations — attempting to get Freddie to commit to his theories and observations. Lumpen is impulsive, Freddie is stoic and pensive. Freddie likes to interrupt him, puzzling out facts and rooting out the truth out of the tale. Lumpen would prefer to continue without pause. He is a bit of a showman, he likes to stroke his ego a bit. He wants advice but he would rather be proven right.

His voice excitedly takes on the character, when he needs to ‘yell for the musket’! The one moment his voice takes on the character trait of whom he is reading rather than reading directly in line with his own narrative voice. He conjures the voice of the old man as though this character’s brief appearances holds a key sequence to the story. Either that, or he likes to get into his head a bit more as he tells the story moreso than the others.

A fire gives Lumpen the opportunity he needed to search and seize what he was hoping to discover. He secures a small wooden box with the seal of the Queen; knowing that he has found exactly what was so very valuable to Heller.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comChapter 4 Notes:

Freddie takes his long while to respond to Lumpen after the story is told in full. Freddie is full of uncertainty as to the means in which Lumpen would use to achieve his goals. Lumpen has different morals and ethics than Freddie, and in this set of differences, Freddie is conflicted to know how he feels on this revelation of Lumpen’s adventure. He mostly questions how Lumpen could have returned from such a raging fire without a witness to elude to his identity; and more certainly about the object he stole. The worst concern for Freddie was noting that Lumpen does not have any sense of tact and actions being taken in secret rather than with the flamboyance of Lumpen’s preference for drama. Freddie wants to attract the least amount of attention, but Lumpen is like a moth inevitably attracted to any flame!

Oh! An Uncle who has an inventing past! I always felt that there were two Uncles that would be quite keen to have in one’s past: an inventor OR a magician/illusionist! A steam-powered boat has been passed down and it is quite the technologic wonder which will be befit to take on their journey. They lack proper coffers to fund the expedition and now they only need a handful of ready archaeologists who will not ask as many questions as they will answer as they embark on their path towards the elusive island briefly mentioned in previous chapters.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comConcluding Takeaway Thoughts:

Barrus has settled into his readings with full confidence, his voice holds well during the broadcast, and I could not detect any technologic errors, omissions, or other anomalies as their were a fortnight ago! He is even starting to encourage his tendency to ‘characterise’ the passages when he comes across certain sequences where his ‘acting’ kicks in and his tone of telling the story purport itself through the voice of his characters and in those rare moments, he is shedding his skin as an actor and entering his own world for brief moments of clarity for those of us who are listening. For we get a bit more insight into the secondary characters, as their words are transformed through his inflections.

*I had not realised there was a reason he was holding back!

The evolving picture of the story set within the corridors of Discovering Aberration is slowly attaching itself to my mind’s eye, and tonight I was able to better visualise the setting, the characters, and the short sequences of action. There is a quickening of pace, as they (Freddie & Lumpen) are nearing the moment where they will jettison off on their adventurous journey,… I appreciated being able to see that my mind is now starting to process ‘listening’ to this story by audio as it would as if I were reading it! I found myself being able to process more of the story tonight than I had previously, as like I’ve already said, I have little to no experiences listening to audiobooks and thus, this is my first foray into the realm of how many have already appreciated the medium before I stumbled across S.C. Barrus on Twitter!

There is a complexity to the plot, and I noted that Freddie is the character who implores me the most to ‘listen keenly’ too as I know he is going to come to concluding thoughts on the exact nature of where Lumpen is truly leading him to go, as I like, Freddie am not 100% certain that the whole truth behind the urgency of this undertaking is yet revealed. I feel as though there is a bit more to all of this than Lumpen is willing to share, but of course, I could be mistaken! I still feel the story is a bit fragmented and set away from me — whereas if I were reading it, I could go back over the dialogue and sequences of narration, and pull together what either confused me, confounded me, or gave me a measure of a breath out step with the plot. Listening tonight, I am thankful that there is enough back-story to understand both of the main character’s motivations for agreeing to the adventure, but also, that the villian in the story has his own etched out back-story as well. All the characters (including the secondary ones) appear to be fully fleshed out and centered to where they provide an anchoring of continuity for the story overall. I appreciate this as oft-times secondary characters are not fully used to their potential.

The Steampunk elements are starting to draw in and out of view, and I appreciated the subtle way Barrus has of using the time and essence of the Steampunk genre without over clogging it with steam technology or with overly used ‘steampunk’ nuances. For the life of me, I still do not have a point of reference for the transportation devices, which is why I oft find myself asking about ‘illustrations’ when I am reading Steampunk as a genre overall. I like to find a tangible way to draw a closer knit of connection than relying on what I think might be but truly could not be the actual image that others could generate for themselves. My lack of continuance with reading science fiction from my youth clearly plays a bit of a part in my disconnection. A project I am already in the throes of rectifying! (especially if anyone were to visit my lists of Riffle!)

I am left further intrigued, and I am impressed that the language within the story is being contained and is not breaching into a thread of inclusion that would attach a ‘fly in the ointment’ to these postings. I like it when I find an author who knows how to temper the quickfire brash characters against the telling of their stories for the audiences they might find contain a reader like I, who is not akin to the brass words, but rather the fullness of a story not hinged to the words but to the adjective realism of using other methods to describe their more sinister of character traits. I also have suddenly realised I have spelt “Freddie” wrong!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comAfterthoughts from the Author:

Q: Where is the best place to get Discovering Aberration if you were used to Wattpad?

A: The novel is currently offered for free download on Amazon at the moment.


A: No, not at this time. First stretch goal (from Kickstarter campaign): to get a map produced, short by $100. Underestimated cost of the novel, and had to pay more out of pocket than projected. His friends at Complex Infinity and him are partnering to create t-shirts, comic books, and swag.


A: This was his second stretch goal for the Kickstarter project and he has since abandoned the idea for now and moved forward now that the book is in print. I cannot blame him on that score! Onwards & upwards!


A: Voice is lower for these readings. Live presentations has his voice change per character. In about a month he will try more voices. He has to keep his voice lower as his child is always sleeping nearby whilst he broadcasts live! As he will be relocating, he is hoping to expand his readings by giving a fuller presentation like he does at live events.



A Typical Southern Belle (on Twitter) : “needs a little bit of crazy in life” Prompted to share a story. When he was 18 he was experimenting with narcotics, specifically with hallucinogenic effects. His hands looked like they were melting like taffy in one example he shared. He proceeded to explain how “Captain Morgan” appeared to him and the finer points of how narcotics can turn your life into turmoil, darkness, and everything outside of the light. Does not condone his past behaviours nor does he believe everyone needs to walk in his shoes.

I think it was a brave choice to share a story from a past that most of us would not have walked ourselves, but to use his past stories as life lessons and in effect inspire what he learnt to be shared inside his fiction.

He asked us if we would appreciate to keep the Q&A section in the live readings and/or if we were either offended by his candor in sharing bits of his wilder past OR if we would appreciate hearing other stories outside the realm of Discovering Aberration! On that side of the ledger, I did mention this quickly on Twitter:


I am always keenly interested in a writer’s process towards creating their stories, as you will note that I regularly host authors on my blog when I either receive a book in direct exchange for an honest review OR if I am participating in a blog tour for a particular book and author. I love asking questions that root out the creative soul behind the words writ into the stories I appreciate discovering as much as I enjoy seeing how each writer approaches their craft in their own unique way. Each author I have either hosted for an Author Interview, an Author Guest Post, or an Author Q&A has given me a unique perspective that can only truly be their own path towards publication. We each approach the craft of writing with our own creativity fully intact. To see the archives for each of these features and to learn a bit more about myself as a reader, as a book blogger, and as the girl behind the blog — kindly direct your attention to my Top Menu, hover over Bookish Events, and select from the drop-down menu — I do quite regularly give out personal notations on my own behalf as I post the special features for each author! I like to keep my blog personal and fused with my subject matters.

On this level, my natural curiosity to know a bit more about the process of how “Discovering Aberration” was created or even, a bit of insight into the research wanderings (although in truth, Barrus did touch a bit on this during the first reading), or any tidbit he’d like to share with us would be quite lovely!

And, I would like to say that I think you should always share with the world what you are willing to disclose whether or not everyone will understand / appreciate the openness of knowing about the parts of your life you’ve lived through and learned the most from. I think all writers draw their stories and creativity out of their life experiences. We each have our own set of experiences to curate our fictional stories from and there lies the differences our stories will take as they are told. For every life lived, there is a hidden well of creative stories to be written down, and each of us can learn from the other, if the experiences were a bit hearty on the darkness rather than the light, as far as our pursuits are concerned. There is not right or wrong on this, as like I said, only the writer can decide what he / she is willing to share and to be bold enough in their courage to accept the positive, negative, or neutral responses that it will generate.

I think in this particular instance, the fact that he is giving examples of what he once did but no longer abides an interest, proves that he went through a major growth period between his late teens and where he is currently on his path. As said, we each are walking our own paths in life, we all will make our own mistakes, and we all will have our own roads of growth to curate. If stories like the one he is sharing can be taken for levity within a harder hitting story of caution, than that is alright. I did appreciate the warning for younger readers / audience members and the caution that although he is sharing a humour filled story, his memories also contain the darker lower moments of what happens when you get involved with something out of the depth of where you were first willing to go.

I respect where Barrus is today and appreciate knowing a bit of where he came from in the past.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comThe second night into the Friday Night Reading Series we were given the opportunity to get to know a few more personal details about the author, S.C. Barrus as he opened up about his exploits whilst he was young and willing to venture into pursuits he no longer believes should be pursued as much as carving out a bit of a personal nod to who he is as a writer. I appreciated the new format of the reading, as he gives us a bit more than chapter readings and allows us to ‘see behind the pen’ as much as ‘learn more about Aberration’ at the very same time! I was quite taken by picking up on Kickstarter goals with my Questions tonight, as I seriously pitched those as they alighted to mind! Laughs. Talk about being ‘in tune’ with the project!

I am curious to see your thoughts in the comment threads, especially if you are following this Friday Night Reading Series via the live airings and/or if you are streaming them after the fact. I am thankful the author is sharing my blog links with you guys, and I hope that conversations can manifest on my blog as the week’s progress forward. I am in this for the long haul, as I decided to walk outside my usual fictional wanderings when I first tuned in! I’d be keen to know what your appreciating about the story thus far along and what you are hoping evolves as we go further into the heart of the adventure!

Discovering Aberration Live Reading: Part 1 via S.C. Barrus

Each week I will be adding the archived reading from the previous live event, in case you are coming into this series of author readings late in the game! You will always be able to go through my blog posts for the Friday Night Reading Series and bring yourself up to speed with where we are in the story! Please enjoy Chapters 1 & 2! I’d love to hear your thoughts after your listen to this video on my Discovering Aberration : Chapter 1 post!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

This post is part of:

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Next Friday Night Reading Series is: 19th July, 2014

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{SOURCES: Book Cover for “Discovering Aberration”, Book Synopsis, Author Biography, & Author Photograph provided by S.C. Barrus and used with permission. Audiobook Review badge provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs. Post dividers & My Thoughts badge by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets embedded due to codes provided by Twitter. The intro video for “Discovering Aberration” via S.C. Barrus had either URL share links or coding which made it possible to embed this media portal to this post, and I thank them for the opportunity to share more about this novel and the author who penned it. The Friday Night Reading Series badge created by Jorie in Canva.}

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4 responses to “+Live Author Event+ Friday Reading Series: No.2 with #Steampunk Author S.C. Barrus “Discovering Aberration”, Chapters 3 & 4!

  1. Thanks again for this fantastic write up of my event. I’m really enjoying the fact that a few people have been tuning in to these readings.

    So the name of the professor I found really helpful during my college experience was David Shields. He’s written eight or night books, his early work being novels but his later work veering toward non-sequential narrative non-fiction. Give it a shot, you’ll probably enjoy it, even if the genre sounds overly technical. There were other good profs, sure, but he was the one that actually taught me things I don’t think I would have picked up on my own.

    Funny that there’s no classes on getting published, or on the new world of publishing in schools. There wasn’t any when I went to the UW anyway, but if there’s an opening I’d gladly take it.

    Here’s to the next 20 episodes and beyond (hey, if I make it all the way through DA, I might as well read my next work, right :P )

    • Hallo, Hallo Mr. Barrus,

      I am thankful that you are enjoying my observational journalling on behalf of “Discovering Aberration” & the Friday Night Reading Series in general! :) I was most esteemed to have learnt in this comment that your planning on reading the ENTIRE book! Ooh, boy! I seriously am thrilled beyond repair to hear that, as I was quite taken with staying with this as long as you were planning to read the chapters; but of course, I wasn’t sure if you were going to go until it concluded or not. What wonderful sweet news!

      *lightning is interrupting this comment, I shall return later & finish!*

    • Absolutely. In fact I’m toying with the idea of reading later works too. This series is only 2 episodes old, and already it seems to have opened a door for new people to find my work, as well as opening up a lot of exposure for me. Feels like a win-win. We’ll have to see how it’s going after the DA reading concludes, but I’m feeling good about keeping this train rolling forward.

  2. First, S.C., I think you should use one of THESE photos of you for your Twitter avatar :) MUCH more appealing :D

    And WOW, Jorie, you’re doing some job with this! I’m sure S.C. really appreciates it! He already knows I LOVE that cover and this is all making me sorry I haven’t listened! I only “listen” to things while doing artwork and have only done that in spurts lately. I hope that once I’m working steadily on something (IF I get a contract for one of my PBs), I remember to put this on my listening list!

    His hands looking like melted taffy. Great simile!

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