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Wuthering Heights RAL | An American in France & Jorie Loves A Story

Coincidentally, this particular {RAL} was meant to be commenced between my friend Maggie’s blog & my own during the lovely month of {January!} However, towards that end, I found myself lacking the hours necessary to devote to achieving the goals I had set forth in my mind! I truly wanted to celebrate not only a new Brontë classic I had not yet read, but I wanted to read it in tandem with a dearest of a friend who was as wrapped up in the mirth of reading this particular selection as I had been! We bonded over the early bits of Septemb-Eyre, which technically is another {RAL} in which by all outside appearances I achieved a most epic fail! From my perspective, I simply found myself caught up in the coattails of wicked sweet readalongs at a point in time which worked against me rather than with me! I had this to say on #JLASblog‘s twitterland feeds:

Within thirty short days of celebrating my lovely journey as a bookish blogger, whereupon I shall be commencing my very first ‘blogoversary!’*,… I must say I felt as though bits and bobbles of this journey are starting to come full circle. In how there is a bit of a difference between ardent intent and dedicated motivation verse the peculiarities of the reality in which we all must live our lives. As readers who are addicted to the initial inertia of discovery as much as the euphoric exultation of the reading experience itself; we are both bound and fluxed into the vacuüm space of time’s continuum. There are certain road blocks which invariable arrive at the precise moments when we believe in a rather futility of fashion that our calendar is free of cluttered nuances of everyday woe as much as obligations of which we are committed to engage in. Our personal lives outside the bookish blogosphere sometimes vex us to supernova proportions, but we have to yield, drawing in copious amounts of patience filled breaths awaiting the day when everything aligns just as we had hoped! Reading is never meant to be rushed through to the brink of blinding speed but rather absorbed in such a way as to process the story through all of our senses as though it were a living experience.

My approach to reading the classics thus far afield, I must say has had its unique share of ripples in the vortex! And, yet there is a part of me who feels as though the original challenge to read each book which has captivated me is still in progress rather than closed for progress! Time is temporal and reading by extension has a limitless expiration date!

{*} I count my blogoversary not by the day of which I launched Jorie Loves A Story but rather by the hour in which I created my blog!

{ Wuthering Heights : by Chapters }

Salutations & Announcements!

Week 1 (March 1-11): Chapters I-IX
Week 2 (March 12-18): Chapters X-XVII
Week 3 (March 19-25): Chapters XVIII-XXVI
Week 4 (March 26-31): Chapters XXVII-XXXIV (End)

{ each link re-directs to the discussion post
per chapter bracket on An American in France }

{ An Unexpected Edition to the Mix }

 @RiverheadBooks readalong for Wuthering Heights

Chat #1: 21Feb
Part I: Chapters I-X
Chat #2: 28FEB
Part 1: Chapters XI- Part II: Chapter 7
Chat #3: 8MAR <— The *ONLY!* chance left to converse!
Part 2: Chapters 8-20

{ betwixt a migraine, a cold, and a garishly brutal Spring pollen allergy;
i was forthwith out of contention! }

By hook, by crook, by wicked intent,… alas no! Another tale’s beginning perhaps! I am endeavouring to reclaim my interest for the Brontë sisters by deferring to Ms. Emily’s Gothic and haunting tale (presumably, I have not yet entered Wuthering Heights; not now, not ever!) to bring me back full circle into Jane Eyre! Shall you follow along with me and anxiously watch each week throughout March if I not only meet my Chapter deadlines but if I am able to once more put thought to keys and type out my ruminations as I clarify them? Or, perhaps you’re a veteran of the classics already full of moon and heart for dear Ms. Emily!? Why not drop by as I reach each Chapter bracket, converse a bit on this timeless story and wander around the discussions on An American in France whilst your here!? We’d be grateful to have you and look forward to your input and opinions! The classics are meant to be dissected and discussed! Let us dig deeper into the core of the classical stories by exchanging our thoughts, views, and observations! Rock on, dear hearts! Rock on!

{ Reading Diary }

{ periodic updates will appear }

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