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Day Three: Bout of Books, 8.0: Flight of Freedom, from the Reign of Terror!

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Bout of Books Readathon
Day Three: Bout of Books, 8.0.

Bluebird or the Invention of Happiness by Sheila Kohler

Acquired Book By: Purchased by me, whilst scouring through all the rows and stacks of discounted books at BAM! [Books-A-Million] approx. Autumn 2010! :) It was a blissful afternoon, where you just wander around a bookstore, not really in search of anything in particular, but your eye and heart are drawn into the stories that your reading, as you pick up one book at a time and realise that with the price marked down as low as it is, you could afford a nice stack of ‘new!’ paperbacks that are all but discarded and disinterested by others! Authors you’ve never heard of and a few that you have! This was one of those books that I felt had to come home with me that day!

 Inspired by Actual Events: This is a piece of one woman’s [Lucy Dillon, otherwise known as: Henriette-Lucy, Marquise de La Tour du Pin Gouvernat] story, taken from a tumultuous time in history, whilst she was exiled in America from the courts of France during the height of the French Revolution. She would one day return, under Napoleon’s rule, as her husband was determined to restore what was lost when the family was forced to flee. There was a period of happiness she fought to secure, and apparently, this is that section of her life, based on accounts she saved for her only serving child. Not known to the public until 1906.

On why this appealed to me: ? coming soon ?

Reading badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.Wednesday — back to the Revolution!

Number of Pages Devoured | Out of : [continued with: Haunted, actually!] I started on page 112, then made it to page 166, and ended the day at page 302! 290 pages devoured from Haunted

Tally of Pages Read Thus Far: 401 | of Lark Rise & Haunted, respectively

Book in Progress |continuing onward |happily consumed:  2 | 2 | 0

A six word summary of today’s reading: just what exactly IS going on?

Best Chapter? still deciding!

Best part of the day? The Book Spine Poetry Challenge!!!! :) :)

Favourite Character? Mrs. O’Hara the librarian, who adores local history, myth, and lore, but was quite torn up about Darcy being injured in her library!

Challenge participation? Book Spine Poetry! I decided to use all the titles of books I am reading for Bout, 8.0!

My entry: [my camera is still giving me technical difficulties; therefore, my entry is unofficial, given the liberties of additions!!]

Thyme [time] of death, haunted the forest lover,
[who was en route between] Lark Rise to Candleford.
The lady in the attic [was] murder(ed) on monday;
[her homicide was suspected of] death by darjeeling!
The secret papers of Madame Olivetti [was an attempt of pacifying the] bluebird,
or the invention of happiness!
[The key to all of it was] the crimson petal and the white!

Tick, Tock There Goes the Clock:

12:00p-9:32p: [insert a day of comedic errors!] I wandered around some of the Bout’er blogs before attempting to get settled into “Haunted”, only to be deterred by another [bad!] lightning storm! Finally, settled into the book, only to find about a half hour later, that my plans needed to be halted! Dinner followed, and then, wells, I simply had a day where I had a lot of start/stops!! I am hoping that I can wake up earlier on the morrow, and get back to a regular pace/schedule!! Oyy.

Bout of Book Blogs I visited: 8 Bout’er blogs! :) [Reading Extensively], [Chels & a Book & II], [Auggie Talk], [Books Speak Volumes], [bookgoonie], [Losing Myself in a Good Book], [Paper Riot], [Of Nowhere Land],

Although, my intent is to visit: 108! EVERY SINGLE BLOG listed on my Goals & Motivations page!! :) I am going to make sure I didn’t miss any latecomers, fill in the missing ‘total # of blogs’, and make my rounds!! :) :) I am progressing from the end of the list back to the top!

All the posts interlinked to *Bout of Books, 8.0* are a work-in-progress post! Therefore, what you read on one visit, might alter/change or be added to by the time you swing back!!

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