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A #HistRom Book Spotlight | feat. “Betting on a Duke’s Heart” by Royaline Sing

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How I came to host for HFVBTs: I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours whereupon I am thankful to have been able to host such a diverse breadth of stories, authors and wonderful guest features since I became a hostess! HFVBTs is one of the very first touring companies I started working with as a 1st Year Book Blogger – uniting my love and passion with Historical Fiction and the lovely sub-genres inside which I love devouring. Whether I am reading selections from Indie Authors & publishers to Major Trade and either from mainstream or INSPY markets – I am finding myself happily residing in the Historical past each year I am a blogger.

What I have been thankful for all these years since 2013 is the beautiful blessing of discovering new areas of Historical History to explore through realistically compelling Historical narratives which put me on the front-lines of where History and human interest stories interconnect. It has also allowed me to dive deeper into the historic past and root out new decades, centuries and millenniums to explore. For this and the stories themselves which are part of the memories I cherish most as a book blogger I am grateful to be a part of the #HFVBTBlogTours blogger team.

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I have a penchant for Historical Romances such as this lovely new release – which is why I was quite eager to host this author’s novel during the Book Blast, today! Especially after I found a chapter sampler online for the novel – which at the time, I thought this was strictly a digital release – in both ebook & audio; which in of itself was quite lovely! However, I am thrilled to announce this is going to be released into print this April! Which means, it will make it easier for me to request at my local library as a purchase request!! I’d love to bring it home for my personal library but sometimes I have to wait to order the books I want to read which is why I rely on my local library and their lovely purchase requests which helps all of us who desire to read a lot of new releases every year. I also rely on their interlibrary loan services for the same reasons – as well as reading backlist titles – either one-offs or series.

As soon as you start reading the chapter sampler on this Historical Romance – I think you will feel as compelled as I had in wanting to read it further! Be sure to let me know in the comments which Historical Romance authors are catching your eye this year – perhaps, I will be able to borrow their stories through my local library!

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A #HistRom Book Spotlight | feat. “Betting on a Duke’s Heart” by Royaline SingBetting on a Duke's Heart
by Royaline Sing
Source: Chapter Sampler

Aetius White, the Duke of Saxton, couldn’t save his father, but he’ll be damned if he won’t save the man’s dream. He’ll acquire a Triple Crown–winning horse at any cost, even marriage. Luckily, the lovely lady in mind loves challenges as much as he. Certainly he can win her heart without losing his own…

Hell will freeze over before Miss Dina Campbell agrees to marry a horse-mad man who wants her dowry of a prize stallion, no matter what her father wants. The duke may be handsome, but he’ll have to prove he is a suitable match for her before she’ll even consider the offer. And there’s no way this love-averse man will ever succeed with the wager that she has planned…

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

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ISBN: 979-8739377470

Published by Self Published

on 16th April, 2021

Format: Chapter Sampler | Online

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Available Formats: Audiobook & Ebook

About Royaline Sing

As my first fiction work, I’ve a notebook length movie script, featuring my favorite stars. I was probably ten. It hasn’t seen the light of the day (And it won’t).

But story telling lingered. Though I have a software engineering job, the creative world teased from afar. So one day, I finally put the pen to the paper (or my fingers to the keyboard?) and started writing.

Now, I write through the noise of my lovely two kids, a very supportive (but sweetly clueless) husband and a bank job where numbers rule.

Born and brought up in India, I’m a huge fan of Bollywood romantic movies and the music. I also like all things Marvel! I love to travel and so many destinations are on my bucket list. (hint: some pictures here give the clues!)

I am currently writing Historical Romances, with heroines setting their own norms and coming to toes with heroes worth loving.

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