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An #HistFic Book Spotlight | feat. an extract from “The Healer of Briarwood” (Book Seven, Montana Gallagher series) by MK McClintock

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

You might remember my review for Ms McKintock’s “A Home for Christmas” or the interview I shared for her first British Agent Series novel “Alaina Claiborne”. The latter of which is part of my journey into my backlogue of reviews this New Year, 2021 – of which will be revealled at the end of January; ie. Jorie’s TBR Dice Game!

She is one of the lovely authors I discovered in the early years of being a book blogger who truly captured me @ ‘Hallo’ as the saying goes! She also was approaching her publishing career in a similar mindset as I’ve earmarked for myself once I reach towards my season of publishing; for now, I remain earnestly devouted to blogging my readerly life, supporting authors via my chat @SatBookChat and co-hosting @WyrdAndWonder whilst being the carer for my Dad whose four years out from his bilateral moderate stroke which effectively changed his life and ours forever.

During this New Year Book Blast, I have the delight in revisiting with her serial Western Romances and spotlighting the Montana Gallagher’s! Definitely one of the series on my readerly radar as I happen to LOVE any series which is set in the West, happily has romantic plot points and the fact this one is set in Montana itself sweetens it somehow as I’ve been enchanted with Montana for years now! I’ve researched the state from afar – glimsping into its cities and small townes, sorting out its landscapes and vistas as much as future planning an extended stay in the state. The photographical opportunities alone and the solititude of trail hiking is awe-inspiring in of itself but so are its people, its communities and the whole wicked sweet vibe the Montana lifestyle gives to its visitors.

It is with a hearty returning welcome I can bring Ms McClintock’s stories back to Jorie Loves A Story this lovely New Year, 2021 as I rediscover old favourites, read the books on my shelves aching for me to find them and try to restart my readerly life after such a year as 2020!

Brew your favourite cuppa & enjoy!

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An #HistFic Book Spotlight | feat. an extract from “The Healer of Briarwood” (Book Seven, Montana Gallagher series) by MK McClintockThe Healer of Briarwood
Subtitle: A Montana Gallagher novel : Tales from Briarwood
by Ms MK McClintock, MK McClintock
Source: Chapter Sampler

A man with a healer’s touch. A woman with a healer’s heart.

Doctor Finnegan Brody tends his patients, keeps to himself, and vividly remembers the heartaches and trials from the Civil War and why he devoted his life to healing. He watches the townspeople live their lives, loving and laboring alongside one another, and wonders if one day he will give a woman as much time and dedication as he gives the people of Briarwood.

Katharine Kiely has a deep-rooted stubbornness to never give up, even if it means leaving behind her comfortable life by the sea to protect her father’s health and help expand his empire. When she finally arrives in Briarwood to convince the Gallaghers a spur line should cross their land, nothing goes as she expected.

Finn, with his knowledge of healing the people, and Katharine, who learns how to heal with her heart, join together as the townsfolk of Briarwood face challenges and choices that could alter their way of life forever.

Welcome to Briarwood and Hawk’s Peak,
where friendship, love, and hope conquer overwhelming odds.

Genres: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Ranches & Cowboys, Western Fiction, Western Romance

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 978-1734864052

Also by this author: A Home for Christmas | 3 Historical Short Stories, Alaina Claiborne & the British Agent series (Author Interview)

Published by Trappers Peak Publishing

on 4th December, 2020

Format: Chapter Sampler | Online

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Enjoy this lovely introduction into the Gallagher’s family!

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Further Readings about the Gallagher’s on MK McClintock’s website:
The series hub | Gallagher Extras | Letters from Hawk’s Peak

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Available Formats: Trade paperback, Audiobook, Large Print and Ebook

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