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+A to Z Challenge 2014+ Theme Reveal for the April Blogging Challenge!

Posted Friday, 21 March, 2014 by jorielov 23 Comments

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All around the blogosphere today {21st March, 2014}, there is a curious announcement floating onto blogs!

It’s the *official* day to *reveal!* our A TO Z CHALLENGE THEME!

{Jorie is #96!}

IF those of us signed up to reveal our theme ahead of the start date for the challenge &/or if we chose to have a ‘theme’ for the challenge itself; the reveal gives us a way to promote ourselves. The idea behind the challenge is one that I fancied myself because it’s a creative challenge to seek out *26!* topics which correlate with the ‘letter’ of the ‘day’ in which each letter from A to Z is spotlighted!

Converse & Follow A to Z Challengers:

#AtoZChallenge & #A2ZReveal {alt. #AtoZReveal}

IF you’d like to discover {new!} bloggers of whom are signed into the challenge, scope out the *1445+* participating!

The beauty of the A to Z is it’s not limited by your imagination nor of the dedication of your blog!

{Jorie is #558!}

***Announcing my theme

for A to Z Challenge 2014:***

Jorie Loves Inspirational Stories

: An Alphabet Essay in 26 parts :

I felt I had known *exactly!* what I was going to blog about during the A to Z Challenge when I first signed up to participate; however, it wasn’t until I had this lovely serendipitous conversation with fellow challenger Amrita {of , The Book Drifter & Drifting Traveller! @Amrita86} through Twitter, where I realised I had short-changed myself by half! I had a theme which was truly etching out the heart of who ‘Jorie’ is not merely of ‘Jorie Loves A Story’ but the ‘Jorie’ in the traditional sense ‘in real life’. Yet, I had mistakenly left out a very elementary and key ingredient from my theme and from my overall sketchings of what my A to Z Challenge topics would reflect! I am blessed and grateful to have crossed paths with Amrita not only as a lovely new bookish friend, but I am blessed to have signed into a blog challenge which is going to become a peppered essay reflecting to the world the insight behind why I blog!

I am hopeful those who are making the rounds for the ‘theme reveals’ will return back to Jorie Loves A Story starting on 1st April, 2014 to see what “A” reveals! And, prior to the beginning of the challenge, I invite you to duck over to my Story Vault and see if you want to wander around a bit ahead of time!

A to Z Challenge Calendar of Blog Posts
This lovely alphabet calendar was created by Jeremy of &
Advance notice of each day you will find
NEW posts arriving on each A to Z Challenge Blogger’s blog!

IF you want to show your support for the A to Z Challenge,
go pick up the Supporter Badge for your own blog!
This marks my first post for:

A to Z Challenge

IF you are participating in the A to Z Challenge, I’d be keen to know a bit more about you, why you opted to participate, and what you blog about? What inspired you to seek out topics for 26 letters and to give your new readers & visitors interest to make your blog their next visit whilst hoppin’ around the blogosphere? What do you think is the greatest challenge of the A to Z? What is your greatest hope for an outcome once May arrives and the challenge is completed!? IF you’re a visitor following along with those of us who are participating, what attracted you to the challengers who are participating!? What are you enjoying the most in anticipation?


A to Z Challenge Archive of Posts:

  1. Letter A: Day 1  Anthologies
  2. Letter B: Day 2 Biographical Fiction
  3. Letter C: Day 3 Classical Fiction
  4. Letter D: Day 4 Dragon Fiction
  5. Letter E: Day 5 Equality in Literature
  6. Letter F: Day 6




{Sources: A to Z Participant 2014 participant badge & calendar grid of days provided by A to Z Challenge and used with permission.}

Copyright © Jorie Loves A Story, 2014.


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