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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

I am off to a bit of an early start this year for my #blogmas showcases – as today’s guest post by Ms Singh marks my third and it isn’t even the middle of November! I love finding out which authors are writing Christmas Romances and this particular post is a special one for me as over the past four years, I’ve come to *love!* reading different imprints by Harlequin – including the Romance line by which Ms Singh is published.

I wanted to do something a bit different for this blog tour – as I knew the story wasn’t available in print to request for review consideration which is why I selected hosting a guest post instead. I wanted to have a bit of a surprise to see what the author would come up with for the tour as honestly – I’ve had so many migraines and health issues the past few months, it felt wonderful an author had an idea in mind and I could just be pleasantly surprised like everyone else following the blog tour!

It also is a wonderful way to give authors a chance to knit together an idea they might want to tie together with their collective works – such as how Ms Singh has mentioned the concept behind the ‘mistletoe kiss and moments’ she’s written about in this feature are a connective moment in her Christmas Romances! I love finding others who are as excited about Christmas Romances as I am myself – as it has become a bit of a tradition in my family to snuggle close to the television, brew a cuppa of warm tea, hot coffee or hot chocolate and settle into the blitz we love finding on either Lifetime or Hallmark Channels for the Christmas season. They offer a chance to unwind with stories of Christmas where there are either dramas or romances to be found all set round a favourite family holiday season.

These stories are innately uplifting and they give you a lovely view of how small townes or big cities celebrate the holidays – from the festive decorations to the events which give everyone a chance to come together. This holiday season is going to be a bit different for most families who are not living in the same household and I know this is going to be a hard Christmas season for most overall due to the pandemic. However, I have to think that if we continue to look for the positives and the hope we all have for tomorrow – these kinds of stories can help renew our spirits whenever the weight of what is going on in the world feels too oppressive.

Thereby perhaps this lovely novel might be on you want to include in your stocking present lists for friends and families alike – whereas instead of gifting it directly to them, you could always have it dropped shipped and the joy will be the same just a bit different than in past years. However you plan to celebrate Christmas and the coming holiday seasons – be well, stay safe and I hope you’ll have a lot of moments you can share with your friends and family alike even if they are a bit more ‘distant’ this year than they were last year.

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An early #blogmas Guest Post | featuring Harlequin Romance novelist Nina SinghHer Inconvenient Christmas Reunion
by Nina Singh

Can a mistletoe kiss…

…heal the past?

When Zayn walks back into Izzy’s life, years after he was forced to walk out of it, she’s faced with the undeniable attraction that’s never faded. Finding themselves co-owners of the vineyard that means so much to Izzy makes tensions run high! But then she’s seduced into a kiss under the Parisian Christmas lights… Can Izzy find it in her heart to forgive the man who once broke it?

Genres: Christmas Story &/or Christmas Romance, Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Contemporary Romance

Places to find the book:

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ISBN: 9781335556516

Published by Harlequin Romance

on 10th November, 2020

Published by: Harlequin Books (@HarlequinBooks)

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Mistletoe Moments by Nina Singh

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One of my favorite parts of Holiday movies or books is that iconic romantic mistletoe moment. When the main characters find themselves under the festive plant, they have the perfect excuse to finally indulge in that kiss they’ve been yearning for. My ultimate favorite one in a movie is the scene in the Sandra Bullock blockbuster, While You Were Sleeping. The longing between Lucy and Jack is downright palpable. I strive for that level of angst and longing with my mistletoe scenes, where the characters are trying their hardest to deny their growing feelings for each other.

In my latest release, Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion, Izzy and Zayn are in a party tent celebrating the kickoff to the holiday season at the winery. Unbeknownst to either of them, someone has hung mistletoe on one of the beams. They happen to be exes who broke up years ago but never got over each other. Both find themselves tempted to take advantage of the circumstances and give in to the urge to kiss. Ultimately, they do. It’s the first kiss they’ve shared since Zayn unexpectedly walked back into Izzy’s life. That first kiss is the catalyst that leads to their finally acknowledging all the feelings they still have for each other. That kiss shows them those feelings can no longer be ignored. The mistletoe tradition gave me a way to pour a wealth of emotion into the first kiss scene.

In fact, every holiday story I’ve written incorporates the unexpected mistletoe kiss. It works so well in so many ways. Hopefully, the readers will agree.

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Whenever I sign-on to request an author’s guest post like this one, I never know which topic their going to write about as it is a bit like getting a grab bag! The surprise awaits you once you open up the bag to see what you were given. In this case, I was dearly delighted because this is something I have enjoyed in Christmas movies and stories for a very long time! That wonderful moment where the two characters start to realise how their relationship is more than idle attraction or their friendship has a bit more to it than they first might have wanted to accept as plausible – whichever the reasons for it, that first kiss, especially under mistletoe is quite the magical one for the reader and watcher because it is classically Christmas all in of itself!

I haven’t yet had the pleasure of reading this Harlequin Romance author’s collective works but now I know I ought to begin with her holiday romances – as it would be clever to see how in each of her stories she’s switched up the surprise for us about when this particular kiss will enter into her character’s lives!! I love finding authors who enjoy writing Christmas Romances and I am very thankful I was able to host her for this blog tour.

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What do you love the most about reading Christmas Romances during the holiday season? For me, this begins every November and lasts until Twelfth Night or thereabouts in January. Likewise, if you have a comment about this lovely guest post for the author, kindly let her know your reactions to the ‘mistletoe moments’ in her stories and/or the ones you’ve found in other films or stories you’ve happily found to your liking! I am thankful this is the topic she selected as it is a favourite moment of mine as well in romances!

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About Nina Singh

Nina Singh

Nina Singh lives outside of Boston with her husband, children, and a very rambunctious Yorkie. When not at her keyboard, she likes to spend time on the tennis court or immersed in a good read.

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