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8 responses to “Author Interview | Conversing with the witty and lovely Lynn Winchester about her Regency #HistRom series “Women of Daring” feat. “A Lady Never Tells” from Entangled Publishing!

  1. Hey there, I came across this post and was already intrigued by story when I read that the idea came from watching Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Did I not tell you yesterday (over Twitter) how much I loved the movie? Now, I am definitely reading this series. :D

    • Hallo, Hallo Hina,

      Would you believe after the library purchased this novel for me it was the worst timing once it arrived to be read? I’ve been waiting for it to circle back to me as I’ve been dearly curious about what I found inside it! I was thankful my local library could purchase it in print – they’ve been especially kind to me this past year and blessedly starting in 2020, they’ve accepted my last seven requests; five fiction, two Non-Fiction for healthy cookbooks. I must admit – the one film I *knew!* I couldn’t personally handle was Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! I sort of have this thing which makes me feel an aversion to Zombies? #JustDontGetIt However, I know a lot of people love them and stories involving them – so on that note, glad that tipped your interest in this novel! Top cheers!

      Did you get a hold of a copy of this story yet? We could do another buddy read for it?

    • Hallo, Hallo Ms Bruno,

      You’ll be happy to know – as I was talking about this on Twitter a bit earlier in the afternoon on Thursday – I submitted a purchase request for this novel! I am hoping my library can acquire it as I dearly have been itching to *read this lovely!* ever since I first spied it on your homepage for HFVBTs!!

      This publisher is fastly becoming one on my bookish radar, too as they are publishing a LOT of Romance stories I am keenly interested in reading! So happy you *loved!* reading this – hopefully before the close of the year I can read it and talk to you about it!

      Hosting was a delight of joy for me – thanks for including me on the tour!

        • Ooh dear… I feel your frustration Hina! :( This happens to me quite regularly – especially for older titles I can’t suggest for purchase. It has become especially more difficult now that they re-arranged our ILL services (ie. interlibrary loan) as it used to be far easier to fetch materials (ie. books, audiobooks, seasonal dvds and motion pictures) than it is now. Still. I am thankful whenever I can source a book (or film, tv series) through the library as otherwise I’d have to have it on a list of what to gather ‘further down the road’.

          Keep me posted in case you find one as like I said, I’m down in the queue whilst others are reading it.

          • lol I know… I hadn’t realised it at first, until I saw it wasn’t threading right… and I thought it was a technical glitch on my end? Then I saw what had happened and realised it was alright! I mean, it was still on the right post, and truly its easy to click the wrong reply button! Don’t even stress on it! I was just happy we could chat and reply to each other!!

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