Cover Reveal | A wicked #Suspense for #Christmas: “What Happens at Christmas” by Evonne Wareham!

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If your a regular reader or frequent visitor of Jorie Loves A Story, you know I’ve been smitten with the novelists who publish their relationship-based Romances with ChocLitUK for a good two years now! I love being on the cusp of learning about a ‘new release’ whilst I remain patient to see if the Digital First new ChocLit novel will make it to a print release further down the road of it’s lifetime. I don’t mind the gaps between the ebooks and the print editions – as it’s always given me the pleasure of balancing my ‘next ChocLit reads’ to include both Front List and Back List offerings. Thus, I am enjoying being a member of the Reveal Team at ChocLit whilst it gives me a chance to introduce my readers to a variety of sub-genres within Romance I appreciate picking up to read!

In July, I was happy to share a new Cover and story by Ms Wareham, whilst today I am equally as excited to share with you the NEWS of her new Christmas story which is a different kind of story from the traditional set-up! I believe, this is partially what whet a thirst of curiosity for me to want to read it – as I typically settle into a pattern of reading Christmastide Roms or holiday dramas set round the holiday season I love so dearly much – finding myself wicked off through time and space – hobnobbing into different eras of time and travelling into different areas of the world, where the traditions change as readily as the scenery!

It isn’t oft I find myself cheering on a ‘Suspense’ set during Christmas – as I have the tendency of liking to see a happy resolution after a holiday reading — but this one! Ooh, my! The set-up alone is an intriguing one – but it’s also how it’s rounded to be a classic in the making by how people who attempt to cause change in their lives might end up with more than they expect in the end! I also liked the ‘elsewhere’ bits – where you find the lead stranded in a place he doesn’t know well and hasn’t a clue when he is going to re-enter his regular life.

When I was helping select the art for the cover, one thing I felt was important was the desolation and the ‘stranded’ concept of being quite a far distance away from people or places. The reason I liked this cover best is because it preludes to where you can be ‘placed’ against your will, with the closest person near you being the person who ‘trapped’ you without anything else to give you the hope your trying to hold onto of being ‘found’ and thereby set free.

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Cover Reveal | A wicked #Suspense for #Christmas: “What Happens at Christmas” by Evonne Wareham!What Happens at Christmas (Cover Reveal w/ Notes)
Subtitle: When someone wants your heart...

Kidnapped for Christmas?

Best-selling author Andrew Vitruvius is getting sick of the schemes his agent comes up with in the name of publicity. In the run-up to Christmas, she excels herself by suggesting the craziest one yet: that they stage his kidnapping live on TV.

But when the plan goes ahead and Drew is unceremoniously thrown in the back of a van before being dragged to a hut in middle of the Brecon Beacons, it all starts to feel a little bit too real.

Meanwhile, not far away, Lori France and her four-year-old niece Misty are settling in to spend the holidays away after unexpected events leave them without a place to stay. Little do they know they’re about to make a shocking discovery and experience a Christmas they’re not likely to forget…

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on 5th December, 2017

Published by: ChocLitUK (@ChocLitUK)

RELEASE DATE: [Tuesday] 5th December, 2017 – ebook version

Formats Available: this is a Digital First release! print and audio should follow next!

Ms Wareham’s Rom Suspense Novels:

Never Coming Home | Synopsis

Out of Sight, Out of Mind | Synopsis

Summer in San Remo Cover Reveal w/ Notes|

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About Evonne Wareham

Evonne Wareham

Evonne Wareham was born in South Wales and spent her childhood there. After university she migrated to London, where she worked in local government, scribbled novels in her spare time and went to the theatre a lot.

Now she’s back in Wales, living by the sea, writing and studying a PHD in history. She still loves the theatre, likes staying in hotels and enjoys the company of other authors through her membership of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Evonne’s debut novel, Never Coming Home won the 2012 Joan Hessayon New Writers’ Award, the 2013 Colorado Romance Writers’ Award for Romantic Suspense, the Oklahoma National Readers’ Choice Award for Romantic Suspense plus was a nominee for a Reviewers’ Choice Award from RT Book Reviews. Evonne’s novels include: Never Coming Home and Out of Sight Out of Mind.

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Initial reaction to Cover Art:

Now then — I *love!* Christmas stories — always have, I have fond memories curling up in Victorian Christmas Romance anthologies (such as the ones Mary Jo Putney was a part of?) as a child. I just adore them, truly. I think you could say I was a budding Romance reader because of the Christmas offerings as I started in on them at the young age of eight or nine! Right at the time I was reading Agatha Christie – a new author outside of a childhood of Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys! :)

It looks far more remote and desolate – like a proper Rom Suspense novel would imply!! I like how it doesn’t look like that hut or where it’s set is easily found nor left, which gives the impression the plot is eluding too in the synopsis! It’s a place you don’t expect to find yourself trapped or caught and it’s the last place you can think of how to escape!

(happily the one I wanted was selected!)

I personally LOVE this set-up because sometimes whilst I’m looking for Christmas Roms to watch on tv, I find the occasional ‘Light Suspense’ added into the mix! I’m quite infamous for devouring whatever Hallmark Channel or Lifetime airs per holiday season (this goes back before I was a cable-cutter!) as I have a weakness for the hols as they are spun into dramas, comedies and light-hearted special mini-series peppered throughout November, December and early January! It’s a wicked time of the year for finding Contemporary and Historically inspired stories per year – you just have to channel hop and remain ‘adaptive’ if say in a block of a week, half the movies you want to watch are airing simultaneously on different channels! lol Blessedly, they re-air most of the lovelies you want to watch over the three month period!

There was one movie in particular which reminded me of this curious plot-line which I enjoyed watching several years ago – it starred Melissa Joan Hart, and I believe it was “Holiday in Handcuffs”! It was a seriously funny little romp of a Romance! It did have some serious undertones to the plot-line – not all fun and games – but what I remembered most is how lives can change when desperate acts are taken to ‘create change’ when there isn’t any ‘change’ in sight coming soon.

I have no idea if this new Holiday Suspense will track the same – of how two people who do not expect to meet under such circumstances will find themselves relating to each other better than others they’ve met – but one thing is for sure, I have a newfound appreciation for ‘adding’ a jolt of ‘unknown variables’ to my holiday reading shelf! And, to think it’s because I started watching the more intensive holiday films!

Personally – I would love to see what happens when an Aunt and her niece ‘find’ Drew! Now that has to be an interesting scene as it unfolds! And, of course – ‘who’ put Drew there in the first place? In regards to living in places you don’t own or taking over property or houses when your without a residence — now that’s a soft spot of interest for my romantic heart! There are numerous holiday films which play on this aesthetic and I adore each and every ONE of them! Most especially the Patty Duke classic “A Season of Miracles”.

Curiously – what do you prefer yourself?
A light-hearted holiday-inspired Romance; an engaging Suspense set at the holidays or a wicked good Christmas drama – either in the Historical past or modern age? What draws you into your #ChristmasReads each year & what do you love most about them?

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What shall Jorie pick next to read?! Hmm.

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The relationship-based drama, comedy, historical, or suspense? OR the strength of the setting, timescape, and dimensional eclipse of the characters therein!?

When it comes to reading Romances, what are your personal favourites!?

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    • Hallo, Hallo Melissa Ann!

      :) So lovely to see you swinging round my blog! I apologise my visits to yours have been a bit infrequent – the past several months have been uniquely spent! Loads of stress, not a lot of free time! However, as I’m emerging out of a bout of illness, I feel a bit more refreshed as Autumn nearly slips into Winter! I love this time of the year as I find it rejuvenates my spirits quite well! I’ll start to visit again, soon, promise! Til then, I wanted to let you know this is one of the first Christmas showcases on my blog – I’m starting to read & review other Christmas titles – the latest was for an anthology by Carla Kelly an author I love to read! There shall be more arriving between now and the New Year!

      I agree with you about the cover illustrations and designs – there is something wicked brilliant about the art which accompanies the stories! Happy readings!!

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