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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts!

As you might have noticed, I had an unexpected disruption in my blog schedule recently! I was offline for a fortnight – today, I happily tweeted out a shout-out about my pending return to both the book blogosphere and to the twitterverse – as I’m composing a note for The Sunday Post to mark my ‘return’ whilst sorting out where I am with the stories I was reading ahead of my departure! Such as the ones I mentioned on my sticky post: Pretending to Dance and The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds.

Whilst I was looking over my notifications on Twitter, I came across a lovely s/o by a blogger of whom I have happily crossed paths with during The Clan Chronicles celebrations arriving out of the final trilogy! I’ve also spied her blog whilst participating in sci-fi related blogosphere events and have come to appreciate her tenacity for bridging bloggers together whilst celebrating her passion for both Science Fiction and Blogging! In many ways, she embodies a special spirit of drawing people together similar to Rinn (of Rinn Reads) who hosts the annual event we all love (if we’re sci-fi geeks!) Sci Fi November (aka. #RRSciFiMonth).

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Read this beautifully lovely post about Ms Czerneda’s Clan Chronicles via Little Red Reviewer! This is one of the lovely Guest Posts by Ms Czerneda which is going to be featured throughout the finale blog tour!

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Not only am I a part of the blog tour for ‘To Guard Against the Dark” the final chapter of adventure and explorations in The Clan Chronicles – but I am a humbled bookish soul today, finding such a beautiful shout-out of joy on her blog by the author herself! I was not expecting such a lovely compliment to greet me when I opened her blog and I encourage everyone to visit her blog today, to read her words about the community spirit of book blogging and how blogging about the authors we all belove (especially those of us who have fallen in love with the chronicles of the Clan) enables us to share our readerly lives in such a way to connect with people who are seeking stories which might affect them in a similar way. This is a blog post celebrating those of us who pour our hearts into our blogs and strive to share our reading lives with others who might be seeking a story but haven’t quite found the niche of literature they want to read next. All of us who blog strive to connect readers with stories and by sharing our love of the stories themselves, we are a step closer to embracing the world with the breadth of what literature affords.

I am hosting Ms Czerneda on the 7th of October with a special Guest Post for this Finale Tour and my review of GUARD will follow shortly thereafter. If you want to take a journey back with me as I read The Clan Chronicles in order of the Clan Universe, please dig through my Clan Archives! I read the Prequel trilogy first, than the Trade Pact before arriving in Reunification!

Be sure to keep a hearty eye out on Twitter to find out which blogger is featuring Ms Czerneda and to visit each blogger, as some of us are hosting giveaways along the route! (I am not – per my policy) I think you will have a wicked sweet adventure touring our blogs and finding out more about why all of us feel so very blessed by the collective works Ms Czerneda has given us to read!

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If your an avid reader of the author, I’d love to hear a bit about what excites you about her stories and which ones (series or otherwise) are your favourites! Especially if you like some of her secondary characters – for instance, some of my favourite moments outside of the main threads are rooted on Plexis! Now that’s an epic place to be stranded, isn’t it!? Laughs.

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Initially, when I read this — my connectivity was acting wonky so I only could read this in parts, and I thought it was a post by the blogger rather than the author! Oy. I finally could read the post in full and am even more delighted by the full scope of the post itself — both times, I was overjoyed just to be celebrating the Clan Chronicles and today, I’m just thrilled to have my connectivity back to where I can start visiting blogs again and start blogging again myself! Sorry for the mishap in who was authoring the post itself – my last fortnight has been rife with unique life moments & technical issues! Hopefully everyone else is having a less unique ‘start’ to Autumn! Rock on, dear hearts!

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One response to “The Clan Chronicles | a book blogosphere celebration!

  1. Hi Jorie, Thank you for this post, you are so kind and you have a huge heart!! IRL, I’m a total introvert, but I do love bringing people together. I like introducing people who would benefit from knowing each other. . . . and then I wander away to be introverted in the corner.

    My favorite thing about Julie Czerneda’s work is how she does characterization and her aliens. When introducing characters and their relationships to each other, she never infodumps anything. You slowly get to know the characters like you are getting to know a new friend. People snark at each other, they have in-jokes, they laugh together, it’s a wonderful way to build characters. And her aliens! they make sense!!! As much as I love Star Trek, the aliens in those shows and movies are pretty unimaginative. Julie Czerneda things hard about the biology of her aliens, how they might have evolved based on what their homeworld was like. In the Clan Chronicles, my favorite aliens (forgive me, I can’t remember offhand what their race is called, I don’t have the books at hand) are Huido and his nephew Tayno, who run Claws and Jaws restaurant. So i guess it’s no surprise that my favorite Czerneda books are her Species Imperative series, where it’s basically all about understanding the evolutionary biology of an alien species.

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