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2 responses to “Author Interview | Kimberlee Ann Bastian – the author of “The Breedling and The City in the Garden”

  1. Kimberlee

    Jorie~ I am sorry to read about your father. I do hope everything has gone well since then and he is on the road to recovery. Please extend my well-wishing to him on a healthy recovery. I also, wanted to stop by to again thank you from the amazing interview and for being apart of my book tour.


    • Forgive my late response, Ms Bastian,

      For the past several months, I’ve been progressing through the aftermath of my father’s stroke and recovery from surgery therein; I haven’t been the best blogger in regards to maintaining communication either through commentary or tweets; but slowly but surely I’ve started to return to both. I even faltered a bit in the joy of reading – as honestly, my daily reality has changed up a bit since I became my father’s main caregiver whilst my Mum works – something I’ve recently talked about on one of my #StoriesOfJorie posts, which as become a bit more of a personal journalling series of posts. I cannot THANK YOU enough for your understanding back in December – I enjoyed being a part of your blog tour, blessed I was able to become introduced to your uniquely lovely style of story-telling and to post the convo we had about your writing style in particular.

      In response to your enquiry – Dad’s initial recovery took several weeks – shortly before Christmas week, he was feeling much more like himself, to where we could celebrate both the Christmas and New Year holidays as a family. Not under the stress and angst of a medical emergency but rather as a regular festive holiday season – it might have been a bit quieter this year, but it was a blessing to have Dad back home, feeling more like himself and seeing positive recovery after his surgery (carotid artery) and the intensity of his bilateral moderate stroke. We always counted our blessings, but this was one holiday season, we truly weren’t sure which way it was going to go – in regards to continuing our journey together or having to say good-bye. Very hard emotions and I think those were in-part why I struggled to come back to my blog and my readerly life.

      Simply blessed our paths crossed – despite the circumstances on my end. I hope you’ve had a good holiday season free of medical stress or crisis whilst starting 2017 with wicked sweet joy!

      PS: I just found a way I can re-promote this interview, via Saturday Situation, too!

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