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5 responses to “Author Interview | Conversing with Mary F. Burns and proving how sophisticated the ‘Cosy Historical’ mystery has become!

  1. Terrific interview, Jorie and Mary :D I love hearing about anything medieval, to begin with, and names like “Avalon” and “Glastonbury” make me swoon :) The photos you (Mary) took are fantastic. Oh, how I wish I could visit!

    Also, I’d never heard the term “cosy” historical or any of these “cosies”! (Cosy Historical Mysteries vs the Traditional Cosy + the Modern Cosy) Thanks, Jorie! :)

    • Hello! Mary Burns here. Jorie, you conducted such a super interview! The questions were great and gave me so many opportunities to talk about writing, the love of my life. And thank you, writersideup, for the compliment about the photos. My three week visit to Lanercost and Glastonbury will ever remain imprinted on my soul! If you want to see more photos, check out my blog at — where I relate my journey and posted only a few of the 900 pictures I took!

      • Mary, thanks for the link to your blog :) I can only imagine how wonderful that trip had to have been. It’s one of those fantasies I have that are likely not to be realized which is why I’m so grateful for photography, documentaries/movies and books so I (and others) can experience it vicariously. How wonderful! Thank you :D

      • Hallo Ms. Burns,

        I had such a blast hosting you for HFVBTs! Honoured I had the wicked sweet chance to get to know more about you as an author, inasmuch as having the opportunity to get to know your series from it’s beginning! I honestly cannot wait to see where Sargent & Paget go from here! You must be enjoying seeing where the characters lead you next, as much as the readers like me who are eager to devour their next adventure! Thank you for visiting and responding to Ms. Donna Marie! I know she appreciated it and wow! I was surely impressed reading you had over 900+ photographs — although, technically, I push 1,200 each time I fill one of my memory cards if I’m out photographing wildlife & nature! Ha! Photographers always have trouble taking less when life inspires us to take quite a heap more! Rock on!

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