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Sandra Leesmith has an exciting new release today! I came to know her publicist Ms. Stokes via Twitter whereupon we broached a conversation about hosting blog tours & spotlights on Jorie Loves A Story! I was quite delighted with the suggestion, as I have always appreciated inspirational fiction stories!

Ever since I was a young girl who grew up on the “Mandie” series as reflected in my “One Book Everyone Should Read Once” post! As well as why I am embarking on a personal quest to read *70 Authors!* who are new-to-be in the inspirational fiction world! Reading the premise of “Love’s Promises” I felt I had found an author who writes uplifting stories similar to the authors I already have come to know and love! A truly heart-warming story filt with characters who are struggling to resolve their differences and remain together!

Currently available in e-book format, I am hoping this particular title will be released in either POD or print format, whereupon I can be a stop on the blog tour once this novel starts to hop around the bookish blogosphere! I decided to highlight select books which whet my palette of interest even if they are currently available in a format I cannot read at present; for the hope of being available to in the near future!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.comLoves Promises by Sandra Leesmith

Artwork Credit: Lena Goldfinch

Book Synopsis:

For Monica Scott, building her late father’s house at Lake Tahoe isn’t an option—it’s a necessary distraction from confusing memories and an uncertain future. But a handsome planner working for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) is keeping Monica from moving forward with the project. Never mind that he’s young and charming with a great sense of humor. No one is going to stop Monica from making her father’s dream—and her own—a reality.

All Greg Linsey wants is for his work to mean something. His job at TRPA gives him the opportunity to fight for the environment he loves and make a difference in his small corner of the world. But with the sophisticated Monica Scott’s arrival, his dedication is tested as never before, especially when Monica turns to his unscrupulous nemesis for assistance. As Greg and Monica’s animosity turns into something far sweeter, can they learn to accept each other’s promises and avoid the growing danger to their lives and hearts?

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Sandra LeesmithAuthor Biography:

SANDRA LEESMITH loves to travel in her RV and explore all of nature’s beauty, discover America’s history, and fellowship with the wonderful people she meets while on the road. She enjoys reading, writing, hiking, swimming, and pickleball. Learn more about Sandra and her books at sandraleesmith.com.

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Book Cover Designer Biography:

Lena Goldfinch

LENA GOLDFINCH writes fantasy and romance for teens and adults. She’s a sucker for a good old-fashioned romance, whether it’s a novel, novella, or short story, young adult or adult, fantasy or realistic, contemporary or historical. Elements of romance, fantasy, and mystery have a way of creeping into her writing, even when she’s writing something light and contemporary like her latest releases, Haunting Joy and Take a Picture. Lena has been a finalist in several national writing contests, including the RWA Golden Heart and ACFW Genesis contests. She lives in a scenic small town in Massachusetts with her husband, two kids, and a very spoiled Black Lab. Learn more about Lena and her books at lenagoldfinch.blogspot.com.

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Contact Information for Author | Cover Designer

Official Author Websites: Site | Twitter | Facebook
  Cover Designer Pages: Site | Twitter | Facebook | Pin(terest) Boards

Converse via Twitter: #LovesPromises, #ChrisFic,

#cleanromance, & #inspirationalfiction

Genres: Fiction | Inspirational Fiction

Romance | Contemporary

Published by: Amber Press Publishing, March 2014

Page Count: avg. 300

[Previous Releases]

  • “Loves Refuge”+
  • “Loves Miracles”+
  • “Current of Love”
  • “The Price of Victory”
  • {note} +part of the same series as Love’s Promises!

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Virtual Road Map of Cover Reveal of “Love’s Promises”

Blog Tour Announcement & Background on the Cover Art Design

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Book Cover Reveal Blog Hop courtesy of:

Editing Through the Seasons - Freelance Editing & Publicity Services

{Amber took a job at a publisher

& closed her publicity service Summer 2014}

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Similar to blog tours, when I feature a showcase for an author via a Guest Post, Q&A, Interview, etc., I do not receive compensation for featuring supplemental content on my blog.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Reader Interactive Question:

If you a regular reader of Inspirational / Christian fiction, what do you appreciate the most about the stories you find inside the novels and novellas!? Do you seek what I do? Do you wish there were more publishers who put more stock and weight into relationship-based stories (i.e. mainstream publisher ChocLitUK does!) rather than the causal dating scene that is so very rampant!? What stills your heart the most!?

{SOURCES: Cover art of “Loves Promises”, author & illustrator photographs, book synopsis, and publicity badge were all provided by Editing Through The Seasons and used with permission. Cover Reveal badge provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

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43 responses to “*Book Cover Reveal*: Sandra Leesmith’s “Love’s Promises”

    • Thank you for dropping by ahead of the #AtoZReveal, Tara!

      I am thankful this wicked sweet blog event is going to bring new readers to my blog and give me a way to reach out to new bloggers I have not yet had the pleasure of visiting in return! I am so happy that you are delighted by Ms. Leesmith’s new release! I was overjoyed hearing it will be going into print, therefore whether you read by e-readers or books in hand, we all will have a ‘sweet romance’ to curl into and enjoy! :) I look forward to seeing you drop by throughout April! I have a feeling your going to appreciate my A to Z Challenge!!

      Happy reading!

  1. Ganise

    Lovely post, Jorie! ” Love’s Promises” sounds heartwarming — what an eye-catching cover. ( And it ” sounds” like you have a British or Australian accent! :D I know that’s not related to the topic but I like those accents…)
    Anyhow, it’s nice to drop by your comely blog. Interesting question you asked. To me, in a romance novel (I rarely read novellas as I find them too short) nothing is better than ”experiencing” the beauty of a relationship that is based on more than shallow feelings. Some of my very favourite reads bring to light the challenges, depth, joy and delight marriage can bring. I take pleasure in watching both individuals — and their relationship– mature under the blessings of God.

    Hope you have a lovely week!

    • Good evening, Ganise!

      I am delighted that you dropped by!! Bless you for your lovely compliment on behalf of my blog! I am of British descent, and I go into a bit of how I came to use British English under “My Bookish Life”! :) I agree with you completely! I simply adore British & Aussie accents, myself! One of the reasons I was so thankful my library purchased the second series of “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” recently! Yes, I agree with you, seeing how couples can stitch together their relationships through everything that will challenge them and define them, is a beautiful thing to see etched into novels! I appreciated your answer! Thank you!

      I hope to see you drop by again, soon! As I have oft seen our paths cross in the book blogosphere, whilst following authors around on their blog tours &/or on author group blogs! Nice to ‘meet’ you through this Cover Reveal!

    • Bluerose,

      Thank you for your awesome compliments!!

      I am thankful we had the opportunity to meet as well! Its one of the best parts of being involved in blog tours! It opens the door to finding new bookish friends!

  2. SANDRA!!! How on earth did I miss your new cover, girlfriend??? It is absolutely GORGEOUS and my favorite of all three, which is saying something because I love them all!!

    And, Jorie … my ears were burning, and I wondered why!! ;) Thank you SO much, my sweet friend, for your lovely comment, and may I say how impressed I am with YOUR lovely blog and the traffic here — you go, girl!! :)

    SO fun to see one of my favorite people — Sandra — on the blog of another favorite friend!


    • Hallo, Hallo Ms. Lessman! :)

      I’ve been talking about you all afternoon!! :) And, now you’ve dropped by!! Kismet! I am so happy to see you on my blog, and to hear your lovely comments about my blog! I have been celebrating each month the progress I have made not only towards discovering new books & authors, but by growing my readership! I am so very appreciative of each regular visitor and reader, as well as those who drop by for the first time! When I realised Ms. Leesmith had a Seekerville connection, I had wondered if anyone I knew from that wicked sweet blog might drop-in today, and I am happy to see it was you!!

      I am moved beyond words!!
      Bless you & a big hug in return!

    • sandraleesmith

      Hi Julie, I was delighted to see your name mentioned in the blog. I’m glad Jorie liked A Light In The Window. A great read for sure.

      And yes, Amber insisted that a cover reveal has to be a surprise. LOL. I almost surprised myself. chuckle

      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Happy to stop by, Jorie – I should do so more frequently. Life just gets crazy. :)

    It’s always nice to see new books do well or the excitement they encourage for the sake of the author – this is the main reason I so love helping authors (in a small way) by reviewing, spotlighting (as we’ve done today) their new books. Plus, really, it’s fun and look at all the people we “meet.”

    How fabulous. I’m a big fan of print books (I’m being stubborn about getting an e-reader – still don’t own one!) so hearing that eventually this one will be out in print/paperback is good news indeed – I’ll have to snag it to have along with my copy of ‘Love’s Refuge.’ Thanks for sharing.

    • Hallo Rissi,

      I completely understand about how crazy life becomes! Which is why I had tweeted you about reading your posts in my Reader; yet not translating those thoughts into proper comments! Oy. Isn’t that the truth!? Each time I’m blessed to feature a blog tour book review, book spotlight, Author Guest Post/Interview/Q&A, or a Cover Reveal I feel as though I am part of the circle of encouraging readers to discover a next read of theirs that they might not have previously considered and/or were aware of being available! I love being caught up in the bookish culture in other words!

      I am akin to you on the level of e-readers with one exception: I cannot read for long periods of time on a screen! I even have to be cautious about how long I am on a computer! Therefore, for me, I will always champion and rally behind the progress the print world is making towards changing the mindset against print being an obsolete industry! Simply due to non-green production which as Ms. Leesmith & I discussed in this thread today is on the brink of true change & innovation! When it goes universal I will give a proper toast! :)

      I have found my book blog and by extension my blog’s Twitter feeds, to open doors toward engaging with authors, writers, publishers, and readers in such a way that might not have been as readily able to be done previously?! An open door towards conversation and exchangement of ideas that I not only fully support but celebrate! Yes, I am quite keen to read Ms. Leesmith’s novels myself, and found a few available by ILL! I cannot wait to see if I can put in the REQ, as I tend to ILL my limits monthly! Laughs.

      You’re quite welcome!
      Happy Reading!

  4. sandraleesmith

    Hi Jorie, Another point of interest is your love of reading mainstream as well as inspirational. I have always enjoyed a good mainstream author who shows characters in real situations and then how they can evolve/change/overcome those situations and reach a higher calling. It is difficult to always have chaste characters to start with because then you cannot show growth and also it is very unrealistic because we do live in a fallen world and it is important to know how to overcome, forgive, acquire redemption, etc. A good mainstream author can do that. But given that, the Inspirational market has come a long way. You mention Julie Lessman. She does a stellar job of portraying emotional and sensual situations with characters who face the real world.

    • Ms. Leesmith,

      I completely agree with you, and perhaps I did not express myself in the right light as far as what I was referring too myself! I get caught up in the moment at times, and find my words do not always translate my thoughts! Everything you mentioned in this paragraph is what I look for myself, which is why I had mentioned ChocLit, although as I did say, sometimes a mainstream author might elude too but not commit to the spiritual side of a character’s life which I fully respect. I do not always have to see that side inserted if the growth of the character and the realism woven into the story is presented in an honourable way of showing positive growth within the character arc! These are what I am always seeking and there are several already highlighted on my blog where I have appreciated becoming acquainted! :) I hadn’t meant to infer characters being ‘chaste’ because as you said, everyone is on a different lifepath, and the choices we all make do define us as well as strengthen us as we live forward. I was only stressing I wasn’t into a certain ‘kind’ of romance where they leave all of this beauty out, and hopefully that part I conveyed right! Julie Lessman gave me this glimpse into how integral it is for the inspirational market not to become too closed in on what they perceive as love, passion, and relationships. She opened the door for honest fiction to encompass the depth of what readers like me seek out through traditional historical romance markets! I was always a big appreciator of multi-generational sagas, and with a family as strong as the O’ Connors at the center, its hard for me not to pass on word of her series!

      There are moments where I even like picking up a book where the characters challenge my point of view and perspective on *everything!* I like to endeavour to remain open-minded, even if a writer is outside my comfort zone or presents a story wholly different than my usual readings. I love the journey we take when we read. Characters when writ well, draw out our empathy and give us so much more in return than we breathe back to them for having read their story! The truer events now being stitched into the backgrounds of romance, I think in the long run will slowly change the misconceptions of the genre overall as well. There is this whole stigma out there I wasn’t quite aware of as far as how far it stretches, that I think is misplaced.

      I am enjoying the stimulating conversation, today!

    • sandraleesmith

      Hi Jorie, I goofed up on the reply section didn’t I? Too funny. I’m computer challenged. lol

      Anyway, I hadn’t thought you implied chaste. It is what I get from editors. They want chaste characters. And what I mean by that is they don’t want a hero or heroine that has been divorced, or one that has had any major sin in their life. And I respect that. They do have loyal readers that read their imprint for that very reason. But I do think there are readers who aren’t offended by reading about heroes and heroines who have to face major mistakes in their lives. I mean we all make mistakes. Some more major than others, but I like reading about those flawed characters and how they overcome or how they turn their life over. So I think there is a niche for that kind of book and that is why many like both inspirational and mainstream. They both have their place. What is tough though is finding the kind you want to read. It is hard online. A print copy in a book store was easier to peruse and see if you would like the book. That is the challenge for ebooks. But I think we are creative and resourceful and will find a way to impart that information. Blogs like yours that review books help.

      • Oh, not at all, Ms. Leesmith!

        Comments can always start new threads of enquiry and conversation! :)

        I relaxed seeing I had not erred! Yes, I agree with your thoughts on this, as I too, have oft stumbled across this particular quandary myself! Not merely from acknowledging what publishers are requesting from their authors, but on the ledger side of the reader, who reads between both worlds! I sometimes find myself in that uneasy space where what I read might put me in a position where I am misunderstood or criticised without ever having the chance to express what drew me into the book! Sometimes, we read for the sheer pleasure and joy of the story, where we might seek something light, fun, or fluffy, so why those reads encourage misconstructions I will never know. However, when you seek books in both markets regularly and for the type of stories you & I appreciate, I find that not everyone understands that either! I, must confess, I like seeing divorced Mums & Dads in literature, as much as I appreciate seeing girls who either married too young or had a child out of wedlock put the pieces of their lives together and transitioned out of their past into a strong future on solid ground. Like you said, everyone makes mistakes and not every life event is a mistake, but sometimes, the choices we make in the moment of living are not always the ones we appreciate having made in the long term. There are circumstances involved that no one can perceive on the surface and when literature explores those harder hitting aspects of the human condition and journey, I am always celebrating! I always felt a character’s flaw was actually what endeared them more, as it was a reflection of how human they were written!

        Yes, I believe that is true as well. Its hard to find the stories you’re seeking if you are only able to ‘see’ them in a catalogue or library queue online! The tangible connection cannot be forced nor is it as easily able to transpire into our minds if the book is only transmitted in a digital setting. I think this is where book bloggers excel in bridging the divide for readers! Those of us who are willing to share the whole of our reading experience, getting into the heart of what we observed, and being open about what we didn’t like with the reasons to back up the disconnect, I think we are aiding the reader to make sound choices when they go to select a book to read! :) I love the community aspect to the book blogosphere as well, as bloggers like to interconnect with each other, and by doing so, the readership for all book blogs starts to grow and evolve!

        I know a lot of bloggers who either read exclusively in ebooks or have broached a balance between both ebook & print. I think they are changing the mindset as well, because they are bringing the ebook trade into a social conscience rather than allowing it to remain obtuse and unknown. At the end of the day, I find that those who are bookish and geeky will always find a creative way to sort out which author and book will whet their palette of interest! Blogs are only one half of the equation to converse these days, as Twitter is making the conversation expand directly to the authors who pen them! Especially in weekly chats like: #LitChat, #SciFiChat, #StoryDam, and #SteampunkChat! There are a heap of others of course, but these are a sampling of the ones I am exploring personally! Of the group, I am quite happy to drop in on #LitChat on Mondays & Wednesdays! Where stimulating conversations like this one today are quite commonplace! Cheers!!

    • Hallo Rissi!

      :) Thanks for dropping by! I’ve not only enjoyed seeing everyone who is visiting but for seeing how the conversation has evoked into such a keen observation on green publishing and the appreciation of romance within both mainstream and inspirational markets!

      Quite a stellar day, I think for Ms. Leesmith!

      And, the *official* announcement the book is going into PRINT! :) Cheers!!

  5. sandraleesmith

    Thanks for the comments Amrita. I too started out in romance with Daphne DuMaurier. I would read my mother’s books. And I enjoy Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz and esp Debbie Macomber also.

    • Hi Ms Leesmith,

      It is so wonderful to hear that a published author started out reading the same books as I did! I started reading them by sneaking off with my mother’s books. She caught me and then my parents went in deep discussion and introduced me to Daphne Du Maurier. Jamaica Inn was my first adult romance :) I’ll look out for ‘Love’s Promises’!

    • sandraleesmith

      That’s great Amrita. I hope you like it. I will be honored if you do because it sounds like you have excellent taste. smile The book I read read by Daphne DuMaurier was Rebecca. I read it again every once in awhile.

      • Ooh! That’s the *very!* book by Du Maurier I was told is a ‘must read’!! I actually have the sequel of it sitting on myself, as I came across this lovely book’s premise that had me most curious about the story! I ended up winning the book!! Its entitled “Moonrise” by Cassandra King!

        Moonrise Book Synopsis

        I have both listed to be read in tandem on my tCC list in my top menu! Cheers!

    • Ms Leesmith, Jorie, I agree Rebecca is truly Du Maurier’s finest. ‘Last night I dreamt I went to Manderlay again.’ I still remember the first line of the book! I haven’t come actually come across the sequel. I didn’t know it existed. Now I am very curious.

  6. sandraleesmith

    Hi Jorie, How interesting to learn how you and Amber met and how that led to your blog. I like it btw. I think you have a great niche as most inspirational writers I know also read mainstream and why not? We love good writing. Thank you for featuring Love’s Promises cover. I really do like having print copies so probably will do it. Lately though even at book fairs, (I was recently at the Chocolate Affair in Glendale, AZ) most of my sales were kindle. Young people especially want to use their e-readers and I guess they are better for the environment. The old publishing paradigm was such a waste. At least with print on demand, you don’t have more books printed than are being used or bought.

    So keep positive. A print copy might sail your way after all. smile

    • Hallo Ms. Leesmith!

      I am happy to see you alight on my blog today to celebrate your novel’s Cover Reveal! :) I think it was serendipity that led Ms. Stokes & I to cross paths when we had! We have a few contacts in common on Twitter, and of course, I am a reader of Seekerville who needs to get her tail back to the blog! Laughs. I lost a lot of RSS feeds when my computer died, so I’m still adjusting to which blogs I had visited frequently & how to go about re-setting my blog readings! :) I am thankful to hear that you are enjoying the layout of my blog and the books that I am highlighting therein! I thought I did a good turn in not ‘specialising’ my blog into one particular genre or branch of literature, because of how you said I have this natural niche of reading across both spectrum’s of mainstream & inspirational! :) Thank you for this keen observation!

      I am hearing murmurs to that effect in some regions (as far as young adult readers seeking digital copies) but then, in other regions in the States I am learning that there is a falling back to reading traditional books; as the culture of the Indie bookshoppe is undergoing a Renaissance where readers are appreciating the ability to converse and gather! I find this to be both humbling and uplifting, as it goes back to how I grew up appreciating the interactions at bookshoppes! In regards to the environment, I have been proactive in seeking how publishers can lower the footprint of carbon in the making of books as well as the footprint of distribution. Some of my findings are already out there and known; such as using non-old growth forest paper, Eco-friendly inks (ex. vegetable ink), and of course, I have a few personal ideas about how to make hardbacks more environmentally sound. I love how some publishers (esp Indies) are going carbon-neutral for production by implementing green energy on behalf of their printing side of the ledger! Renewable energy sources excite me for their ability to shift traditional industries into an era of new green freedom! I don’t believe the old paradigm is dead completely, because I do believe in print books being alleviated to a new level of green by changing how we focus on book production and the ‘ingredients’ in which go into book printing! :) And, that *excites!* me!! :)

      Oh, I am definitely positive about the prospect of receiving a print copy of yours!! I simply wanted to keep my post ‘broad’ in the event you were unable to release it at this point in time! Afterall, a lot goes on behind-the-scenes for an Indie Author and I didn’t want to give an impression of what could be without knowing for sure of what would be! :) Better to keep it open-ended rather than promise presumptions!

      Ahh, yes,… holding a book in your hand quite is beautiful as its a portal which encourages our imaginations!

    • sandraleesmith

      Okay okay, you talked me into it. I was on the fence about printing the book and have several friends who prefer the print. So I will contact Lena and she will get it going. She does a fantastic job so I can’t complain there.

      And yay for you on promoting the “green”. The old paradigm was CRAZY. I mean printing 100,000 books and throwing away what didn’t sell. yikes. That just breaks my heart to think of all those books burning away. And the waste. But you are right. The changes are not complete, but they are on their way and that is a good thing.

      Glad again to say that you are filling an important niche. Great going.

      • Hallo Ms. Leesmith,

        Oh, my dear stars, seriously!? I feel rather chuffed then! I hadn’t expected to alter your stance on this, but felt encouraged to broach how I think publishing is making strides towards change which can be not only be more efficient but positive for our collective futures! :) Yes, I do agree one of the downfalls of discarding the books is that they were never put into the hands of those who could benefit by reading them! :( I felt there was a disconnect between waste and recycling the books into programs and charities for literary outreach! A bit like how restaurants and grocery stores had to shift their thinking towards day-old bread and pastries!? I get excited about where positive progress in the 21st Century is leading all of us! :)

        Thank you for your lovely compliments!
        I cannot give enough gratitude today for humbling accepting your praise!

    • sandraleesmith

      Well Ms Jorie, praise comes where praise is due.

      And yes, what a concept to recycle and use what was formerly thrown away. I love the changes coming about with new ideas and new ways of thinking. Seriously we have to think about these things. Waste is not God’s plan is it? We are so blessed so we should take care not to lose those blessings.

  7. You’ve put together such a lovely post, Jorie! I really like the way your organize things. :) I’m glad we “met” on Twitter, and I’m grateful for your participation in this cover reveal and possible tours to come!

    Sandra and I talked on the phone yesterday and chatted a bit about the paperback option. She has all her other books in paperback, but at this point (going indie) she’s not sure yet if the investment would be worth it. We shall see, though! It’s always an option for a little bit down the road. :) She did note that it’s nice to have paperback copies to sign at conferences and give away. And Lena (the cover designer) always does a fabulous job on formatting!

    As for romance, the relationships in Sandra’s books usually involve a bit more mature characters (vs. Young Adult-type books), and one of the main themes in Love’s Promises is commitment. Her characters definitely have to come to terms with what true love really means. :) I think you’d enjoy her stories!


    • Thank you, Ms. Stokes!!

      I was happy to feature both the author & the illustrator for the cover-art as I am always appreciative of the work that goes into designing book covers! :) I like to give my readers a bit of information on seeking out more about illustrators as generally I do not think they always get the credit they deserve! I love highlighting illustration whilst reviewing or hosting blog tours for Seventh Star Press for instance! And, yes, I do realise the concern for an Indie author to broach into print, which is why I left the door open on the Cover Reveal today! It was a bit similar to Ms. Lessman in some ways, as she had to sort out what was best for her in regards to how to release the novellas which correlated with her novels. Even though she is attached to a publisher, the novella was released with her agent instead. I am very receptive and understanding to all facets of publishing, but yes, if it were to go to print I’d do a happy dance as I had with “A Light in the Window”!! It simply allows me to keep in the circle of what each author releases!

      Ah, yes, although I read Young Adult fiction I am not into Young Adult romance!! I read the selections that deal with coming-of age stories and/or a novel of growth for the young adult characters! I am not saying I wouldn’t read a romance set in the YA world, but when I think of reading ‘romance’ my first idea would be to either soak into a ChocLit novel (as I inferred they are an Indie mainstream publisher who focuses on the relationship romance arc), a Heartsong Presents novella, an inspirational romance, a Regency or Victorian romance (mainstream or inspirational), or a historical romance (mainstream or inspirational). I simply love it when writers dig into the heart of marriage and the connection between lead characters to forge a life together! :) This is one reason I was so very happy to have found ChocLit because I am *not!* a ‘chick-lit’ kind of gal!

      I didn’t even realise its considered “clean romance” which goes to the heart of what I disclosed in my Review Policy about what ‘book turn-offs’ I am not keen on! And, ChocLit like the other romances I read on a regular basis are the ones your speaking of: ‘characters coming to terms with what true love means’!! Brilliant observation of what I appreciate!

    • Hallo Amrita!

      Yes, I think its fantastic when readers can go between the formats of their preferences to keep in the loop on their favourite authors! I, unfortunately can only read in ‘print’ format, but I decided that the publishing world is starting to recognise this fact. Where those who might be keen to read a book released first in e-book would be quite interested to read it if it were offered in either POD (print on demand) or regular print (i.e. softcover, paperback, or trade). Therefore, even though I am passionately dedicated to print books and only read/review books already in print, I felt I owed it to myself and to my dear readers to highlight the books I *hope will be* in print at some point in the future! A key example of this is when I ached to read “A Light in the Window” by Julie Lessman! The prequel to “Daughters of Boston” the riveting Irish family who stole my heart and endeared me forever! A previously released e-novella is now in print! I only now have to sort out when I can purchase it before soaking into Marcy and Patrick’s courtship! The relationship of the mother & father nestled into my heart, and they have oft been my favoured characters! In this way, I felt what if there are other authors out there who are releasing either e-novellas &/or full-length novels?! I straight-away updated my Review Policy to include this possibility. And, it makes me quite excited to be able to bring these features to my blog! :)

      What author of yours did you recently pick up the e-book release for ahead of print!? (curious!)

        • Hallo Amrita!

          I attempted to read Nora Roberts whilst in high school but her stories were always a bit taxing for me to process! :( I felt as though it was a bit beyond what I could handle at that point in time which is why I yielded to Debbie Macomber! :)

          I have heard good things on behalf of Jayne Ann Krentz, and I know at one point I am going to have to pick up a novel of hers! Do you have one to recommend as a starting point!?

          You might not have seen it, but in my reply to Ms. Stokes I was talking about how I read *both!* mainstream & inspirational romances! :) I do not make a distinction between the two as to me they are part of the whole!

          I am thankful I get to be clued into a bit of British Romance these days through my #ChocLitSaturdays feature in which I read ChocLitUK titles! I was bringing them up a bit on this post because to me, they speak to the heart of what I seek in mainstream romance: beautiful stories of honest relationships and the lengths that the title characters go to either forge a life together or to see if they are a good match in love! I simply adore reading romances, and as long as there is a good balance inside for me as far as how their relationship is based on their interconnection rather than physical desire, I’m a happy girl! I do not always have to have the spirituality included to appreciate the story in other words!

          Hmm,… do you read the Word Wenches blog!? I think you might appreciate their stories as well, as I know I have seen them mention Ms. Krentz before! :)

          You have me curious now about ‘etc’!!

          • Debbie Macomber is definitely one my etc’s! I read Nora Roberts and Jayne Ann Krentz because I have this thing for Paranormal romance and both of them have paranormal series. For JAK try the Arcane Society novels. Some of these are written under pseudonyms, Amanda Quick for the Victorian era, Jayne Castle for the futuristic and the contemporary under her own name. The stories are family sagas continuing over generations. I started reading these authors in college, my parents were very strict about which romance novels I could read and which ones I couldn’t before I was 18! So (before 18, I was adamant to read romance) they started me on Georgette Heyer, the queen of Regency, and Daphne Du Maurier. They are still on my list of favourites and I only read them in print ;) But, that has kind of spoilt me for reading any other historical romance. I occasionally do pick up one or two but I always compare and that isn’t fair!

            I haven’t come across the Word Wenches yet I’ll go have a look.

          • Amrita,

            I was so overjoyed when Ms. Macomber’s Cedar Cove series became a Hallmark Channel exclusive! I was meant to watch it as the episodes aired, but I lost track of the air dates plus, Mum & I wanted to read through the series ahead of its schedule! Somehow we faltered with juggling it all, and decided to wait until the series releases on dvd! I still remember the joy of giving my Mum the first seven books of Cedar Cove! Meanwhile, I do show my support by following two actors on the series: Mr. Sebastian Spence & Mr. Brennan Elliott of whom I have known of through other roles; either on Hallmark Channel or otherwise! :) Imagine my double surprise in seeing Sherryl Woods getting a greenlight for “Chesapeake Shores” on Hallmark!? The one series I hadn’t yet read! :O Laughs.

            Now, see paranormal romance is quite new to me, as I explored on the showcase posts in connection with author Violet Patterson! I hadn’t even realised I had half a foot in the door with ‘paranormal romance’ which was quite a wake-up call for me! I always appreciated the elements in paranormal stories, but I am a cosy girl at heart! So, you see, I hadn’t even realised that the bits I already love were considered exclusive to that genre! I love *learning!* :) Yes, I have heard of Amanda Quick! Although, I hadn’t always connected her as a pen-name to JAK! I attempted to get into Heyer on the recommendations of my local librarians yet I found myself struggling to find my footings in her writings!? Maybe I didn’t select the right one yet!? I’ll try again sometime! Du Maurier was referred to me over the past months since I started my blog, and she is definitely one I am keen to dig into! :) How lovely we have the same wanderings!!

            The Word Wenches are linked in my blog’s sidebar! Including the RSS feed for the most recent post!! Enjoy! The Wenches are always very friendly and its easy to engage with them in conversation! One of my ‘most enjoyable’ haunts in the blogosphere!

          • Start with Heyer’s Grand Sophy and Du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn. However, you will have to rely on your love of relationships between characters, no tosses in the hay or steamy moments were written about in those days. It is all unsaid but out there for the reader to feel. Du Maurier might have a few behind-the-bush moments but not like erotica!

          • Amrita,

            *coughs* I had to smirk into a smile whilst reading what you said about ‘heat’ of romantic scenes! I already addressed this on My Bookish Life, as I do entertain a bit more ‘heat’ than most readers who go between mainstream & inspirational! I do not cross the line though into erotica as that is simply not something I can support! Yet! Having said that, sometimes a love scene can be quite sensual and loving between two characters deeply in love! And, I’m okay with that if their relationship is based on commitment and love, rather than lust alone! :)

            Honestly!? I love when writers of yester-year or today allow a bit of ‘mystery’ for the reader to evoke out their own imagination of what is transgressing for the characters! A bit like how in films its always nice for subtle references than oft to include full-on love scenes! There is something to be said for the allure of the unknown when it comes to passion and romance! :)

            Thank you for your recommendations!!

            I completely feel as though we approach reading in the same vein!

          • Imagine you are not dating someone but secretly lust after them. You are great friends or have an exasperating love-hate relationship. You don’t know what the other person feels about you…. and then… you are unexpectedly swept off your feet with sheer romance…. Typical Heyer…

          • Now in that scenerio, I could see promise for me to attach into the story because that is quite a heap of a step towards why I *love!* Pride and Prejudice !! :) I’m going to follow your guide with Heyer!

            What are your top three Heyer books!? (please don’t recommend Cotillion!)

          • You have hit the nail on the head. She was inspired by Jane Austen but unlike Austen who wrote about her time and social scenario, Heyer wrote about 100 years ago in London. When I first moved to London I lived near Russel Square (Central London). It was/is so beautiful and old that I half expected some Regency rake dash past me in a Phaeton!

            Recommendations :

            1. The Grand Sophy (start with this)
            2. Devil’s Cub
            3. The Toll-Gate

            Cotillion is definitely not the one to start with. It doesn’t have the usual intrigue.

          • Thank you for this list!

            I am going to go 1-3 in order, seeing what my local library has in their catalogue before REQ ILLs! Your comment about the rake in the Phaeton had me remembering how realistic I feel inside of a Regency novel, myself! You get pulled through time in such a way, you nearly have to ‘remind yourself’ which era and generation your in! Books are quite real indeed for visceral experiences! And, I love them for that! I am not familiar with Russell Square by name, but I *adore!* London! I know one day I need to cross the North Atlantic and simply be caught up in the awe of its history, and its essence by planting my feet in her streets!

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