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Day Two: Bout of Books, 8.0! The Ghosts have arrived!

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Bout of Books Readathon
Day Two: Bout of Books, 8.0.

Day Two: Haunted {Book One: Ghost Harrison series}
by Heather Graham

Book Gifted By: Mum and Da gave me this unbelievable SURPRISE for my twentytenth birthday: all the published books within this particular series as available at the moment of my birthday!

A Most Curious Series: Originally, I thought this series was specifically called “the Ghost series” or “Ghost Harrison series”, yet I’ve seen it mentioned as “Harrison Investigation series” as well! The best way to sort through which books to read is to check out the author’s page on Fantastic Fiction! Whereupon I learnt the proper order of this series which simply captivates me! I believe due to the way the interactions are set up inside this series where those who are living are being asked to help those who are in-between, led me to become enamored with Ghost Whisperer starring Jennifer Love Hewitt the Summer of 2012.

All the books gifted to me for my twentytenth birthday:

  1. Haunted
  2. Ghost Walk*
  3. The Vision
  4. The Seance
  5. The Dead Room*
  6. The Death Dealer
  7. Deadly Night
  8. Deadly Harvest
  9. Deadly Gift

Therein lies the bit of confusion for me which I’ve finally begun to unravel, as you see, books 7-9 are actually a sub-trilogy called: Flynn Brothers! The actual next book past “The Death Dealer” is “Unhallowed Ground”, followed by “Nightwalker”.

I have been on Ms. Graham’s main website as well over the years, sorting through the book descriptions and noting which books are being published on a similar vein that might in effect be a continuation of the originals OR might be a new foray into the same general arena. Which is why, aside from the aforementioned “Unhallowed Ground” and “Nightwalker”, I want to gather these as well:

Bone Island: Ghost Shadow, Ghost Night, Ghost Moon, and Ghost Memories.

Krewe of Hunters: Phantom Evil, Heart of Evil, Sacred Evil, The Evil Inside, The Unseen, The Unholy, The Unspoken, The Uninvited, The Night is Watching, The Night is Alive, The Night is Forever,…

Motivation to Read: For reasons beyond any of my logical conclusions, the clock has shifted forward a few years, and I am still at a loss to understand why I haven’t progressed into this wicked sweet series! Therefore, without willing to waste time fretting about when or why I haven’t read the ghost series, I have included book one in my Bout of Books challenge!

Tuesday — The Ghosts have arrived!

Number of Pages Devoured | Out of: 111 | 379

Tally of Pages Read Thus Far: 159

Books in Progress | continuing onward | happily consumed: 2 | 2 | 0

A six word summary of today’s reading: not every ghost is without malevolence

Best Chapter: too early to speculate. at least there is a bit of humanness in the Sheriff; as i nearly lost all hope for him!

Favourite Character: Darcy, for sure! Although, Penny comes in a close second! I love strong women who know who they are and haven’t always had an easy road in life but feel strongly in what they do, and are determined to contribute something rather positive in life. Penny is an Aunt you wished you had with a cleverly open-mind!

Challenge Participation? not today.

Bout of Books blogs I visited: i honestly didn’t get the proper chance after all! i need to work on making amends on the morrow as i lost too many hours today! :(

Tick Tock, there goes the clock:

03:00a-3:30p: [consumed by unwellness, sleep took over!] i refuse to get down about succumbing to how physically unwell i have felt between last night & now. i saw the silver lining: now i have become better rested and most likely will be in a better place to get rolling with the rest of the Bout! thankfully, a good [12 hour!] rest appears to have cured my ills! :) :)

3:40p-?: [updating JLAS!] making my Bout’er blog rounds! checking out the Challenge of the Day! reading shall follow lateron!

|| I *love!* iHeartRadio! ||

[ramblings: 5:15p] The song: ‘Wake Me Up” by Avicii is super-encouraging & inspiring! I am loving the ability to listen to radio stations nationwide + throughout Canada! :) Ooh, my favourite is on!! “Ho Hey” by the Lumineers!! :) :) Hope everyone is having a good day!! Mine is looking up, despite the looming thunderstorm trying to make a hedge through the sunshine! Boston! Chicago! Vancouver! Hawaii! Dallas/Ft. Worth! Radio rocks my world! :) :) Oy, I shouldn’t have held off so long from going to iHeartRadio! I was just so disappointed in Pandora half an age ago, I didn’t want to set myself up again! :/

6:00p-6:30p: [long break] previous engagement: LIVE Author Chat via Booktalk Nation! Robyn Carr will be the guest!! :) :) i nearly missed this! i was logged onto the site at exactly 5:59!!! talk about cutting it close! i cannot wait to blog about this experience, as it will be my 3rd Booktalk Nation event! if you go to my “Topics, Genres, & Subjects” in the left sidebar [right below the Comments!] you’ll be able to track my experiences with Booktalk by clicking on: Booktalk Nation OR Live Author Events!! i love cross-referencing this blog!! :) :)

7:05p-8:13p: [dinner!] yummy 3-topping pizza special: loaded with onions, fresh spinach, & mushrooms! it was beyond YUM! plus, coconut, caramel, & chocolate bits yogurt ice cream! seriously, i was over the MOON for dinner!!

9:00p-10:00p: [Rizzoli & Isles] what can I say!? between the thunderstorms threatening outside, and my clear lack of focus since i woke up, i decided i best watch the new episode verse skipping it! i didn’t fully get into this until the start of the Summer Season (2013)!! imagine!? i used to watch Law & Order, so i am familiar with Harmon; and I currently cannot get enough of NCIS; still bothers me something fierce how Kate died! :( (ie: Isles was Kate in NCIS) what can i say? i love ensemble casts with ‘family’ at the heart! ooh, and did anyone else smile when they realised that Dalton (ie: MacGyver’s best friend!) is in this, too!! :) :)

| UPDATE: by far i never thought i’d say this but they are pushing the tolerance envelope for me; as far as what i am willing to accept. i quite literally boycotted tonight’s episode but returned for the last 10 minutes, whereupon i learnt the sad news that the man who played “Frost” [Lee Thompson Young] had passed!! I was beyond shocked! Thinking something rather tragic and sudden must have befell him — car accident or such. I am just not that fortunate: he committed suicide on Monday; the very day the series was renewed for a fifth season! :( :( I knew! that he was familiar to me, but I never could remember to look him up online; he played Jett Jackson, in Disney’s 1998 series “The Famous Jett Jackson”. Nearly every actor I grew up with and followed their career is in the grave. Most of whom committed suicide. I am beginning to wonder what is happening to young people in Hollywood. I felt gutted and anguished at the same time. :( :( So many lights have been extinguished. I grieve their loss and I pray for strength for their families. I even met one of these actors, years ahead of taking his life. He was full of life, light, and humour. I still remember his effervescent smile. I nearly had the chance to meet Mr. Young. 29 years old. Is too young to die, but is far too young to take one’s life. I read the cast was devastated and that production was halted. He was beloved on set and that gave me a bit of peace. Shakes head. My heart is heavy and I am not going to watch Rizzoli & Isles ever again.

Nor any show that chooses to cross the line. I grew up on murder mysteries, both in literature & film, but these days!? There is something rather brutal and sinister in the portrayals. Its darker than ever before and I am taking back the choice to switch my Tuesdays to “Who Do You Think You Are?” which is now featured on TLC, as they resurrected the series! Thank heavens, because I could use some light-hearted historical hunting mysteries about finding out your ancestral roots whilst travelling to the most unexpected places!Tea and Book badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.

10:00p-2a: READING! No, seriously, I am!! :) :) i am settling into “Haunted” with the faint rumblings of thunder now subsiding out of view, with a cuppa tea to warm me as i enter the chilling world of ghosts and the humans they need to aide them!! As I expected it to, Haunted didn’t fail to disappoint me in being one of the chilling stories where there are certain ghosts who are not willing to be helped nor are they able to explain what is wrong. I am settling into the pace of the story, whilst thinking about the potential history of any house over 50 years old; 100, 150, 200 at least in America; far more years stretch in the homes across the Pond, esp in England where you can get property from the 16th century! I am not sure where the story is taking me, but I am enjoying seeing the differences in the characters and the curious mystery behind Adam Harrison; the very man behind Harrison Investigations, which is the root of the heart of the series this book started. Originally published in 2003, I am reading it exactly 10 years later! Enjoyed a cuppa hot tea!

Reflections shortly after the ending is revealed:

Review: ? to be revealed later! ?

{NOTE: I actually originally read “Ghost Walk” through my local library, and thus went on to gather the rest of the series as known to me at the time {including starting “The Dead Room”} through our local branches as well as ILL’ing a few as well! What surprised me the most is that I couldn’t read one book past “Ghost Walk” because each book was tainted by the permeation of smoke! I have the most ghastly allergies which made it impossible to continue! This is why the gift my parents gave me was doubly sweet and appreciated! I have never again encountered this issue either as I regularly borrow books from my local library as much as through ILL’ing!}

All the posts interlinked to *Bout of Books, 8.0* are a work-in-progress post! Therefore, what you read on one visit, might alter/change or be added to by the time you swing back!!

{SOURCES: Bout of Books Badge created by Jorie in Canva to give readers & visitors who come to her blog a way to know of its existence and therefore increasing the mystery & lore surrounding it!! Seriously wicked bookish badges {entirely FREE!} provided by Squeesome Designs!}

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