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{all resources listed here & throughout my blog are used with permission}

My full gratitude to the designers who give free resources to book bloggers like myself who maintain their book blog on a small budget and allow us to add personality to our blogs without having to encure more cost.

Full explanations of why I am choosing to populate my blogroll in the manner by which you observe is found on the page below this one: Exposition of Linkage (under construction). I only share book covers, author photographs, or other book/author images or other content related to a specific book and author if I have received permission to do so by said author. Unless I did not receive these materials as part of a Press Kit from a book tour company’s blog book tour I am hosting, or directly from a publicist or literary agent.

Inasmuch as content from organisations {ie: the Reading Hour} that I have contacted for said permission as well. On occasion I do use Zemanta (its available to bloggers through WP) &/or Wikimedia Commons, by which I site, attribute, and source directly.  This information will be listed on each individual post by which this applies directly too, at the footer section entitled: Sources. Likewise, any banner, blinkie, or blog badge is featured on my blog due to the coding provided direct on their originating site for such purposes as to be displayed on a personal blog. If I had any issues with a blogger’s blog badge, I contacted them directly to receive the badge by email. All videos by Vimeo or YouTube, as well as novel excerpts via Scribd, and sound clips by SoundCloud are provided by share links or coding to embed them directly into the post, which again is listed at the footer of said post under: Sources.

I support the integrity of sourcing and attributing materials that are featured on blogs, hence the Blogging with Integrity badge on my blog’s sidebar! Likewise, a short list of frequently used resources is contained in my blurb about “Site Credits” located in the footer of my blog’s main page!

I always strive to give proper attribution and credit to all non-original content not writ or created by myself on my blog. If I have erred in this regard, please email me to remedy the situation, so that I can correctly attribute &/or source what is not yet reflected. I will remove any non-original content upon request as well if an error was made.

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Regularly Used Sources of Jorie Loves A Story

First and foremost, all Press Kit and/or Media Materials associated with blog tours and/or book reviews are used with permission by the blog touring companies, authors, publicists, and/or publishers I work with to bring this content to my blog. I am encouraged to blog and/or display the blog tour badges and/or book covers independent of my review and/or author feature posts to help promote the book and/or author. All associated content is used with permission as I never post any Press Kit and/or Media Materials per book and/or author without seeking permission to use them. This also applies to books I borrow through my local library, books I am gifted, books I win in a contest, and/or books I purchase myself and decide to blog about said book for my own edification (w/o obligation).

Library, book, reading, coffee love, and sidebar division (ex: Subscribe or Let’s Talk) badges provided by Squeesome Designs! As well as the respect the copyright badge in my footer. These blog elements are used for free and provide a link back to Squeesome Designs.

Jorie Loves A Story Blog Badge & Header were designed by the creatively lovely Ravven, who is an artist in her own right, a blogger, and a book cover art designer.

Background Patterns are created by Din Pattern. Permission granted for personal use. I am rotating them out when it suits my fancy. Each pattern I do use is featured in the footer of my blog’s main page by name of design. I was given full permission to rotate the designs by Din Pattern.

Text for Badges, Original Photos, & Post Lovelies (elements, etc) edits by Jorie made possible by free web apps via FotoFlexer PicMonkey, and/or Canva for which Jorie is thankful in having as a resource!

Public Domain Stock Images used to create badges, banners, scrapbook style journalling of recipes (for cookbook related book reviews), Twitter Profile images, social media ‘posts’, etc were made possible by the photographers of Unsplash who provide Creative Commons Zero (attributed) images to be used for whichever use you want to use them. (info) This was confirmed by email by Jorie specifically to ensure the terms were understood. Attributions are provided under ‘Sources’ per post and page the images appear when used in a badge or other creative ‘creation’ via Canva, PicMonkey, etc to give credit to the photographer out of respect of their original art. When the photographs are used in-line with a blog post to visualise a thought or thread of a post, a link to the photographer’s site on Unsplash is provided in the direct attribution in a caption below the photograph itself.

All original photographs taken by Jorie are attributed as such and have a © included to reference where the image originated.

All book &/or reading challenge badges seen throughout Jorie Loves A Story was used with permission of each book &/or reading challenge Host or Hostess, of whom created their badges for participants to use to promote the challenge itself. Likewise, all blog badges seen were used to help promote the knowledge of said blog; with permission of their respective bloggers. Except in the instances where Jorie used Images (via Unsplash) to create her own book &/or reading challenges badges to be used on her blog. Occasionally, she created her own without stock images in Canva as well.

Badges promoting Lauren Willig‘s novels of the Pink Carnation series were given permission to appear throughout Jorie Loves A Story by Ms. Willig herself.

Booking the Rails badge created for me exclusively to promote my blog feature “Booking the Rails” by Hollie @ Books on the Underground and used with permission.

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Purchased Clip Art, Digital Art Graphics and/or Elements via artists on Etsy to use throughout Jorie Loves A Story and/or to create blog elements, badges, banners, etc are as follows:

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus | Toronto, Canada. Permission granted for personal use (i.e. to be used as elements on my book blog); specifically I purchased the washi tape to be used as post dividers.

Coffee and Tea Clip Art Set made by rachelwhitetoo | Chicago, Illinois. Permission granted for personal use (i.e. to be used as elements or clip art on my book blog); specifically I purchased the coffee and tea clip art set to use as post elements (on individual blog posts and/or pages or sidebar, etc) and/or to create my own badges, banners or blog elements to use on my book blog.

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The Star Chamber logo badge was provided by The Star Chamber Show and used with permission.

Badge for “The Society for the Ethical Treatment of Typewriters” was designed by Knotmagick, whose original blog highlighted the badge. She now blogs about knitting and reading. I received permission to post this badge on my blog.

Assorted Blinkies, Badges, Post Lovelies, Dividers, etc. provided by: Shabby Blogs and used with permission.

Clipart inserted into blog posts are made available through the ClipArt Plug-In via WP for the Open Clip Art Library (OCAL) – all clip art images are in the public domain and are free to use without restrictions. (info)

“Geek” badges by Geek the Library were created using their website’s Create a Badge feature and used under the guidelines and permissions given for site visitors.

Armchair BEA | I Read Romance | Brave Love | Historical Fiction Novel Society | We Need Diverse Books | Blog with Integrity | Ad Free Blog | We Need Diverse Books Twibbon | Reading Challenge Addict | I Pledge to Read the Written Word | the INSPY Awards | Story Dam | I Read YA | badges were encouraged to be used by bloggers to help promote the mission of each site and therefore used with permission of the respective sites. I rotate these and not all of them are visible at all times.

Bloggers Commenting Back badges reflect my blog’s listing on their respective sites and used with permission.

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Post badges (i.e. Guest Post, Author Interview, Blog News, Audio Book, Blog Tours, & Cover Reveal); Social Icons (i.e. Pink Books for Twitter, RSS, & Library); Select “Book/Author” Quote Badges; and “I Blog Books” Badges created by Parajunkee Designs as free resources for book bloggers! Parajunkee creates all the badges/icons, etc herself and grants permission for use.

Post dividers and select post elements created by Pure Imagination via Fun Stuff For Your Blog, a regular blog design feature of free resources for bloggers! All the post dividers and post elements are created by Pure Imagination and are granted permission to be used.

Revised: November 2016

{SOURCES: Parajunkee and Fun Stuff For Your Blog logo badges were embedded due to url share codes provided on their respective sites. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

All writing and content on this blog is of my own creation, unless otherwise attributed and/or sourced. No unauthorized use and/or duplication of writing or content without permission of blog author and owner is prohibited. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © Jorie Loves A Story, 2013-2016.