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Double-Showcase | Interview and Review on behalf of “Shadows of Angels” by L.G. Rollins

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Originally, when I first caught sight of this new release Shadows of Angels, I was quite inspired by the premise and the direction of it’s story-line. So much so, I captured the heart of it’s central core of thematic inspirations through a conversation I had with the author, Ms Rollins. This interview was meant to run during the blog tour last December [2015] however, a few things happened to me personally which prevented my participating therein. I succumbed to a horrid thirty-day virus which was affecting people in my area – it was one of the worst Winter cold seasons in recent memory as everyone knew someone who affected and/or was becoming sick themselves. I was not in the best shape to read much less sort out how to blog about such a lovely conversation such as the one I had with Ms Rollins.

The other difficulty was the fact my review copy of the paperback was delayed in reaching me – which given my state of mind last Winter, was not the best timing. I did attempt to read the beginning of this novel during December whilst battling through the virus, but to be honest, my joy of reading it waned a bit when I could not wrap my head around the story itself. I credit that to being so consumed with my illness, the conceptions of this story were a bit much for me to take-on at the moment.

As you will soon learn, there are layers to this story and being an epic Fantasy in of itself, you don’t want to be muddled with a virus whilst your trying to sort out what is happening and why everything is set the way it is to be presented. I, in turn, was able to curl inside a Western Romance instead – also on tour during December and put reading Shadows of Angels until such a time I could enjoy it properly. My spirits were so low in December it felt so good to enter into a story which felt so very comforting to reside in for awhile.

For those who are familiar with the events of my life in 2016, it won’t be a surprise to know this is one story I kept having trouble getting inside – I tried every so often, to see if my heart and head could understand the story and reach a point where instead of starting/stopping my readings, I could simply move forward within the text itself.

As a precursor to my thoughts as I read the story, I wanted to share the interview as I think it represents a brilliant introduction to the concepts and elements which gave Rollins her backbone to create the world in which her characters live inside Shadows of Angels.

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According to your biography, you’ve happily been living alongside dragons, keeping talismans that may or  may not belong to you, and have a good report with dwarves and elves! Mind you, my curiosity was  piqued as I felt it was quite a clever introduction to your readerly soul. What pray tell inspired the descriptive clues?

Rollins responds: I think you hit it on the head already. I love to read. I love stories. Any story — doesn’t matter if it’s a book, song, movie. I feel stepping into another person’s story allows you to experience life from a perspective that, otherwise, would have always been hidden. And, in a way, these stories  shows us who we were all along.

Can you reveal what inspired your Zaad Stone trilogy? Was it conceived as a fully fleshed out serial or did it organically grow as you delved deeper into it’s core?

Rollins responds: Does any author get struck with lightning and, in an instant, have an entire serial, fully fleshed out, in their mind? If so, I’d love to meet them! But, no, that’s not what happened with the Zaad Stone Trilogy. It’s gone through many big, over-hauling changes. People who survived the first draft of this novel, now die after just a few chapters. Individuals who were once unimportant are now vital. But my first thoughts about this story were not about the Zaad Stones at all—they came into play later, and also went through many revisions. The first few thoughts of this story were actually centered around the Druiman, which is the breeding ground of monsters and dark magic. It started there, collided in my head with memories of the tale Snow White and Rose Red and grew into what would eventually be Shadows of Angels. Read More


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