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A #cloakanddaggerchristmas Book Review | “Deck the Hounds” (Book Eighteen of the Andy Carpenter Mysteries) by David Rosenfelt

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Book Review badge created by Jorie in Canva using photography (Creative Commons Zero).

Acquired Book By: I was approached by Minotaur Books this Winter about reading a selection of their upcoming Mysteries and Suspense novels. I was hoping to read them in the weeks leading into Christmas until I came down with a serious Winter virus which disrupted my plans. Therefore, it became a proper #cloakanddaggerchristmas celebration for me as I settled into these Cosies as the holiday was arriving giving me a comfortable joy of reading the kind of stories I love to discover during this time of the year. Cosies are wonderful all year round but there is something special about the ones that take-on a holiday vibe!

I received a complimentary copy of “Deck the Hounds” direct from the publisher Minotaur Books (an imprint of St. Martin’s Press) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

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The reason reading ‘Deck the Hounds’ appealled to me:

I used to read quite a lot of legal dramas and legal mysteries – it has been awhile since a plot inspired me and this one, as it is set at Christmastime felt rather charming!

As a rule, I do love to read series in-progress start to finish; however, there is one small luxury I haven’t had the pleasure of engaging in for a few years, which is to seek out new Mystery series to read by way of reading a ‘holiday’ release within a series and to gauge if I would enjoy reading the rest of the series after entering through the holiday story! I did this previously with “Holiday Grind” for the Coffeehouse Mysteries – which gave me a strong impression of the series at large and I am still working my way back through the series start to finish as a result.

This year, when I was offered the chance to select some books to review for Minotaur Books, I decided to take a chance to see if I could find new series to become engaged inside. One of the descriptions which stood out to me was this one “Deck the Hounds” – as I knew the cover art might be misleading a bit, as it looks like a cute Cosy but something told me to prepare for a hearty story-line inside the cute & fluffy cover!

From what I gathered via their current catalogues of new releases for Cosy Mysteries, Historical Mysteries & Thrillers or Suspense – I have found a new publisher to keep a ready eye out for #newtomeauthors & serials! I’ve selected quite a few I want to seek out in New Year, as a few of my libraries are carrying their authors! I’d love to get to know these new series and see which of the authors I’ve recently discovered by Minotaur Books will become my new beloved favourites of the coming year!

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Deck the Hounds badge created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit

Deck the Hounds
Subtitle: An Andy Carpenter Mystery
by David Rosenfelt
Source: Direct from Publisher

Reluctant lawyer Andy Carpenter and his faithful golden retriever are back again in David Rosenfelt's dog-centric Christmas mystery Deck the Hounds. A rare act of kindness on Andy's art leads him into a perplexing mystery requiring all of his sleuthing skills, and a little help from his loyal pet.

When Andy sees a dog next to a homeless man, he's inspired o give the pair some money to help. It's just Andy's luck that things don't end there. A little while later, the man and his dog are attacked on the street. The dog defends its new owner, and the erstwhile attacker is bitten but escapes. But the dog is quarantined and the man, Don Carrigan, is heartbroken.

Andy's wife Laurie can't resist helping the duo after learning Andy has met them before... it's the Christmas season after all. In a matter of days Don and his dog Zoey are living above Andy's garage and become two new additions to the family. It's not until Andy accidentally gives away his guest's name during an interview that things go awry; Don, as it turns out is wanted for a murder that happened two years ago. Don not only claim he's innocent, but that he has no idea that he was wanted for a crime he has no knowledge of in the first place. Andy has to exonerate his new friend, if he doesn't get pulled into the quagmire first.

Genres: Contemporary (Modern) Fiction (post 1945), Cosy Mystery, Crime Fiction, Legal Thriller

Places to find the book:

Borrow from a Public Library

Add to LibraryThing

ISBN: 9781250198488

Published by Minotaur Books

on 16th October, 2018

Format: Hardcover Edition

Pages: 336

 Published By: Minotaur Books (@MinotaurBooks)
{imprint of} St. Martin’s Press (@StMartinsPress)

The Andy Carpenter Mysteries:

Open and Shut (book one) | First Degree (book two) | Bury the Lead (book three)

Sudden Death (book four) | Dead Center (book five) | Play Dead (book six)

New Tricks (book seven) | Dog Tags (book eight) | One Dog Night (book nine)

Leader of the Pack (book ten) | Unleashed (book eleven) | Hounded (book twelve)

Who Let the Dog Out? (book thirteen) | Outfoxed (book fourteen)

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas (book fifteen) | Collared (book sixteen)

Rescued (book seventeen)

→ Deck the Hounds (book eighteen) *where I begin the series!

Converse via: #AndyCarpenter, #CosyMystery, #LegalThriller & Holiday Humour
Available Formats: Hardcover, Audiobook & Ebook

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I sometimes enjoy listening to audiobook samplers whilst I’m about to read an author for the first time. Especially in this instance, as this is a series well into its rhythm of releases – wherein, I found the character’s voice & tone of delivery to be uniquely different than what I had pre-imagined Andy Carpenter might sound like as a narrated character! Which of course, proves that sometimes what we think a character might be about and who they really are could be two different impressions!

The narrator is Grover Gardner and his voice reminds me of Andy Rooney from “Sixty Minutes” which of course is dating myself but that is okay! If you know of Rooney’s voice, you can imagine how surprised I was that a similar tone of delivery is being used for Andy Carpenter! I guess I hadn’t quite envisioned him the same way but then again, I didn’t have a lot to go on and as this is the 18th book, clearly I am missing a few of his personality quirks! Laughs.

The sampler skips over a pivotal scene with a homeless man & his dog, inserting us directly after the encounter where Andy, his wife Laurie and their son Ricky are discussing the situation shortly after dinner. I could have listened to more of this to gather a bit more insight into Andy & his family but I was thankful to have the sampler available as a precursor to my readings!

One interesting thing to note is that it would appear most if not all of the stories are available via Scribd for those who subscribe to their audiobooks.

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About David Rosenfelt

Rosenfelt is the Edgar and Shamus Award-nominated author of eight stand-alone thrillers and seventeen previous Andy Carpenter novels. A New Jersey native, now living in Maine, he and his wife recently moved with the twenty-five golden retrievers that they've rescued.

After a long and successful career as the President of Marketing for Tri-Star Pictures, he began the Tara Foundation (the basis of Andy Carpenter's foundation) to help find a home for sick or injured dogs. The foundation has rescued over 4,000 dogs from shelters; experiences he relates in his non-fiction books Dogtripping and Lessons from Tara.

Read More

Reading this book contributed to these challenges:


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Blog Book Tour | “Certainty” by Victor Bevine a story based on truth from the world war era of the early 20th Century, this #histfic is powerfully evoking in breadth of scope!

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Certainty by Victor Bevine

Published By: Lake Union Publishing
Official Author Websites@victorbevine| Facebook 

Available Formats: Paperback, Ebook

Converse via: #VictorBevine & #Certainty

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Acquired Book By: I was selected to be a tour stop on the “Certainty” virtual book tour through TLC Book Tours. I received a complimentary copy of the book direct from the publisher Lake Union Publishing, in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Blog Book Tour | “Certainty” by Victor Bevine a story based on truth from the world war era of the early 20th Century, this #histfic is powerfully evoking in breadth of scope!Certainty
by Victor Bevine
Source: Publisher via TLC Book Tours

When you’re fighting an injustice, can it be wrong to do what’s right?

Inspired by the scandalous true story that shocked a nation at the close of WWI.

With America’s entry into World War 1, the population of Newport, Rhode Island seems to double overnight as twenty-five thousand rowdy recruits descend on the Naval Training Station. Drinking, prostitution, and other depravities follow the sailors, transforming the upscale town into what many residents—including young lawyer William Bartlett, whose genteel family has lived in Newport for generations—consider to be a moral cesspool.

When sailors accuse a beloved local clergyman of sexual impropriety, William feels compelled to fight back. He agrees to defend the minister against the shocking allegations, in the face of dire personal and professional consequences. But when the trial grows increasingly sensational, and when outrageous revelations echo all the way from Newport to the federal government, William must confront more than just the truth—he must confront the very nature of good and evil.

Based on real-life events, Certainty recalls a war-torn era when the line between right and wrong became dangerously blurred.

Genres: Historical Fiction

Places to find the book:

Published by Lake Union Publishing

on 21st October, 2014

Pages: 358

Author Biography:

Victor Bevine

For over thirty years, Victor Bevine has worked as an actor, screenwriter, audio book narrator, director, and more. A graduate of Yale University, his acting credits include many prestigious roles onstage as well as roles in the film version of A Separate Peace and countless television shows. He has read over one hundred and eighty titles as an audiobook narrator; in 2010, he received an Audiophone Award for his narration of the Pulitzer Prize–winning book The Beak of the Finch. He has written several screenplays, including Certainty, which was chosen for two prestigious writers’ conferences and which served as the basis for his first novel. His thirty-minute short film Desert Cross, which he wrote and directed, won accolades at the Athens International Film Festival. Currently, he serves as CEO of the World Freerunning Parkour Federation (WFPF), of which he is co-founder. He resides in New York City.

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The gravity of a situation can have more depth than first perceived:

When I originally read the premise for Certainty, I believe I interpreted the story a different way than I was meant too, as in most cases, when I am sorting out which blog tours to participate in, I sometimes have to go with a gut instinct rather than anymore substantial. What appealed to me about the premise is there was a story out of the recent historical past (as this is set during WWI) that not only could help people by being told, but could circumvent where history might have let the facts of truth blur the lines of justice and public perception. There are a lot of stories within the annals of history where this has happened many times over, and I am always keenly interested in seeing how a writer elects to tell the story and allow the truth to come back into the light. Good or bad, history and truth have a way of being revealed, and if a writer can take a bold step towards achieving that goal, I find it is something to commend.

My Review of Certainty:

The story opens in a most auspicious way as to lead with a foreshadow of where the events of the novel surmount to lead a minister to jail; yet there is a curious bit of intrigue to how the actions lead into this conclusion. My mind was whipping around thoughts and ideas of how what happened to have led to such a calm exit for the minister, save the tarnish of his reputation about to fill the pages of newsprint. A most curious beginning, as a full-on flashback sequence begins as we pick up where the story began months prior to this one particular scene playing out in a thickening mug of heat and humidity.

The manner in which William (a lawyer) and Reverend Kent was innocent enough, as Kent was in the process of setting up a way to minister to the overwhelming large populace of sailors who were overwhelming the small towne of Newport. Kent had devouted part of his work as a minister to care and pray over the dying men who had caught a disease that they could not recover from and were about to cross into the next life. The nurse who watched over them was a man who was misunderstood by most, yet it was his self-less act to care for them on the footheels of death that gave his life the most definition of all. He showed the most humility in knowing the greater truth to life and death, as many of the men he cared for were ones who had bullied him in the past. Lessons of life and of ethics are knitted into the story as Bevine shares his take on this historical narrative. He doesn’t simple tell the story everyone has heard of in the past, but rather he humbles the characters inside the story itself by giving them the full measure of coming alive on the page.

The undercurrent of the story is the most disturbing for me, as I cannot believe there was an op to seek out certain types of people from being found out of a crowd. What didn’t surprise me is that there was an overwhelming misunderstanding amongst gender classes when it comes to sexuality and a person’s right to dignity and civil rights. It was a different era back then, and the cause for acceptance is still being waged today. A lot of the chapters hit me quite hard as the whole injustice of the situation was quite shocking and I cannot say that I realised exactly where this novel was going to head when I marked myself down for the tour, but I was hopeful the ending might lead back towards the light or a resolution of justice. I simply do not appreciate anyone who is bullied for whichever reason because hatred grows out of ignorance.

Although this is story is writ and rooted in the full breadth of historical fiction, I do not think everyone will appreciate the emotional tides it will put the reader through whilst reading it. It is an intense read, and not an easy one to progress through if you stand on the side for civil rights and liberties as much as for equality. It is a good story for those who want to dig into the history of how supposition and ignorance can lead to life changing situations that will affect a man’s life in such a way as to alter his ability to live with freedom.

I personally found myself more than a bit uncomfortable with the novel, and decided not to continue to read it, because what I didn’t enjoy finding is how prejudice cannot only blind the law but how it can change a man’s perception on what is just and fair in reality. Although this is a story that merits being told and read, I am simply not the right reader for the story overall because what was most unsettling I believe for myself is how poignantly real Bevine wrote the story. It is a credit to what he gave to Certainty but for myself personally, I know I made a mistake in seeking this to review as it not a story I would normally feel able to read. I simply felt horrible for everyone who was involved and the most sickening part of all is how none of it had to happen at all. Not every story is for every reader.

On the writing style of Victor Bevine:

You can tell the depth of Bevine’s research on this particular subject of the novel’s scope, as at some point as he was writing the novel, the research fell away and only the story remained. It is written in a very tightly conceived fashion as to not leave any room for speculation nor imagination on what happened or even in the sequencing of how it all came to unravell. There is a sort of eloquence in his phrases and the companionable way of how he discloses the character’s back-stories as much as their personalities, to alight their presence in the forefront of your mind as you read the chronicle of events which knitted the novel into existence. Based on actual truth and person who had lived, Bevine finds a balance between being a historian, a writer, and a story-teller.

The scenes at the hospital are thankfully tempered a bit for those who might be sensitive to medical fiction (such as I am) but anyone who has read my previous entries for historical fiction intermixed with military fiction will not find this a far cry away from what I can personally handle reading. He breathes realism into his scenes with the sick and dying, but also brings in compassion, as much as a questioning of God’s will. He gives the Kent the freedom to share his own concerns on humanity and on death, but without overly so, in such a way as to reveal one man’s walk in faith and the questioning of circumstances out of suffering.

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This blog tour stop was courtesy of TLC Book Tours:
{ click-through to follow the blogosphere tour }

TLC Book Tours | Tour Host

See what I am hosting next by stopping by my Bookish Events page!

I created a list on Riffle to share the books that I simply could not become attached to as a reader myself, but stories which would benefit a reader to find them, and appreciate them for what each writer gave to their story. For me, the reason I included Certainty is because it was not only a difficult read for me but an uncomfortable one. I simply misunderstood the premise and could not continue with where the heart of the story was going to lead me. Therefore, this is now listed on my Riffle List entitled: Stories Seeking Love from Readers.

I positively *love!* comments in the threads below each of my posts and CommentLuv only requires Email to leave a note for me! Kindly know that I appreciate each thought you want to share with me and all the posts on my blog are open to new comments & commentary! Short or long, I appreciate the time you spent to leave behind a note of your visit! Return again soon! 

{SOURCES: Cover art of “Certainty”, author photograph, book synopsis and the tour badge were all provided by TLC Book Tours and used with permission. Blog Tour badge provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination.}

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Reading this book contributed to these challenges:

  • Go Indie

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#ArmChairBEA (2014) : Jorie’s attending her *first!* #bookblogger extension of the Book Expo America! Thus, this is her Introduction!

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ArmChairBEA 2014
Design Credit: by Amber of Shelf Notes

Jorie’s first #ArmChairBEA,

can you sense the excitement!?

As this wicked sweet badge will imply, I am not merely participating! in my very first #ArmchairBEA, but I am an officially a member of the C H E E R L E A D E R team (#4! Captain: Shannon @ The Most Happy Reader) as a C H E E R R E A D E R! Perfect fit, if you ask me! As I was inspired to create the hashtag “#bookcheerleader after conversing with Tif ahead of the event itself! Since then, I was inspired to create a new ‘twitterverse’ identity via creating my own badge via Canva off the inspiring collective which makes up #StoryDam! (one of the weekly Twitter chats I like to duck-in on! all of them are threaded through the List I curate on Twitter except my own #ChocLitSaturdays – the tag is in my Profile & the archived chats are alighting on my blog!) Leading into the event, I happily celebrated my parents 40th Anniversary, which was filled with surprises on both sides, as I was the one who knew that each of my parents was conspiring to surprise the other in a way that they did not want the other to discover! Laughs. It was a pure blast for me, except a bit tricky at times as they would each come to me to check on something within mere seconds or minutes of the other leaving! I was tickled to peaches seeing how the end result turnt out to be one of the best Anniversaries! Not a bad way to begin the #ArmChairBEA than in a sea of lovely joy! Likewise, the ‘Monday’ this wicked event kicks-off is Memorial Day stateside, which means right after I post this lovely Intro Note I’m off for hot dogs & ice cream! Not a bad way to start the week, eh!? I wonder how everyone else is starting Monday!?

When I return I will be blogging up a storm, digging into my duties as a #CheerReader, as well as donning my cape of bubbliness as I gather the routes through the book blogosphere and alight on each of the lovely bloggers who are adding their links to the linky! I cannot wait to start meeting everyone and getting settled into spreading the joy of blogging whilst we celebrate the book during #ArmChairBEA! I can only imagine how wicked lovely it will be for those who can attend the BEA in person this year! I am most esteemed to find all the lovely bookish souls I’ve interacted with or crossed paths with since I started my blog are also taking an active role this year:

 An Introduction : of Jorie

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from?

I am self-educated through local libraries and alternative education opportunities. I am a writer by trade and I cured a ten-year writer’s block by the discovery of Nanowrimo in November 2008. The event changed my life by re-establishing my muse and solidifying my path. Five years later whilst exploring the bookish blogosphere I decided to become a book blogger. I am a champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. I write comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of my reading observations. I dance through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment.

You can read more about on under “My Bookish Life”. I am a Creative Dyslexic Writer who created Jorie Loves A Story on 31.March.2013 (blogoversary!), launched to the public on 6.August.2013 (blog birthday!), and sync’d to Twitter on 13.November.2013! As I curate Jorie Loves A Story as a labour of love, I elected to become active on two fronts: the book blogosphere (carrying on the joy I had found prior to creating my book blog!) AND the twitterverse! For this reason, I am exclusively only active in these social media portals! I do not cross-post my reviews either, as I feel that the main reason I wanted to create my blog was to have a place to write a heap of breadth and depth about the books I am choosing to read & share with my readership. I am not a traditional book reviewer in that sense! For more information on what I am hinting at please read: Jorie Loves A Story : an Introduction.

I am blogging from America, in the Southeast corner of the United States. I am a Southern Book Blogger who longs to relocate where blissful Wintry snow greets you after Autumn and Summer’s wrath does not include fierce tornadoes and hurricanes! I’d like to breathe in the joy of grey overcast skies which linger far longer than the ones I have now, and where being outside is a blissful treat year round rather than a ‘blink of an eye’ hiatus between Summer & Summer!

A great re-cap of my first thirty days as a book blogger was written with the idea of it being a monthly feature! I was not able to keep that promise to myself, but I am in the process of resuming where I left off, as I love looking back on what I have accomplished as much as seeing how everything came together!

Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — so we can connect more online.

My blog is comprehensive, joyful, and full of heart with honest in-depth reviews which I hope resonate my observations as I read each book.

The best way to stay in touch with me is to click-over to my About.Me page* (linked to my Twitter profile & top of my blog’s sidebar), as I curate the links which allow you to stay in touch with me, on top of the latest posts for Jorie Loves A Story, as well as knowing how to find me on Twitter.

(*) a few years later I developed a landing page: Jorie Loves Bookish Blogs to replace my ‘About Me’ page.

What was your favorite book read last year? What’s your favorite book so far this year?

I will simplify this to what was the ‘best book’ I’ve read within the last few days!? As I have the tendency to appreciate a heap of books I read per year, and I am never able to quite narrow down the books to a list of 10, much less narrow it down to a selection of one! Therefore, over the past week I was introduced to two wickedly dynamic story-telling styles: the first was a genre-bender where you were placed inside the world of ‘comic-fantasy’ where superheroes of the age I adore were jettisoned into a sweet new (epic level!) fantasy! Giving us “Awesome Jones“! The author stopped by to give the impression of how her genre-bender was writ as well! I will be sharing an antidote of an experience whilst I was out and about towne when I broached the subject to my parents and had an unexpected conversation with a fellow superhero appreciator! Likewise, on the complete opposite spectrum of literature in the historical fiction branch, I soaked so vividly into the time of Hatshepsut I nearly had trouble re-adjusting back into our time continuum! And, as you will find this is the precise reason I am passionate about reading and book blogging! I love discovering authors and their stories which take us to whole new worlds of realistic thought and observation! Awesome Jones gave me a reason to vie for a cape and Hatshepsut (Daughter of the Gods) instilled an awareness of how she inspired Cleopatra & Elizabeth I to know they could rule as women! And, to me that is why we all should read! We read to give us an understanding of what we can only imagine, and endear us towards empathy for everything that deserves a deeper scope of thought! We give our hearts to the page, and the inked spilt words give us the joy of transporting to different timescapes and realities as we drink through the words left behind by their writers! There is such a beautiful circle between the writer who creates the story and the reader who consumes the words and carries the characters off the page!

What is your favorite blogging resource?

First and foremost, I cannot empathsis enough how much I love! being a WordPress blogger! As far as blogging on NOT through / self-hosted blog platforms! I have looked into self-hosting and realised that will happily be able to take care of my needs a book blogger for a very long time yet to come! I love the ease of maintaining my blog and the few bits of ‘extra help’ I would like to give a shout-out of gratitude to the following:

  • Ravven – is the lovely artistic soul who created my blog’s identity through the creation of my blog’s badge & banner!
  • Squeesome Designs – created the lovely badges which bespeak of coffee, libraries, & reading! As well as the “green banners” in my sidebar!
  • Parajunkee Designs – created the blog headers per post, such as “Book Review”, “Author Interview”, etc. As well as post lovelies like those on this post!
  • Fun Stuff for Your Blog by Pure Imaginationcreated the blog dividers which I simply adore!
  • Grab My Button – offers a way to place code on your blog for people to save your blog’s badge!
  • PicMonkey – my preference for creating collages & other badges when I am not using Canva! Originally I used FotoFlexer.
  • FeedPress – I used to pay a small fee for FeedBlitz, then gave it up. I just recently found FeedPress & love it more!
  • Book Blogging (Database)  – for networking with book bloggers!
  • Lianne @ Caffeinated Life & Hannah @ Once Upon a Time were mentors to me as a newbie blogger!

What book would you love to see as a movie?

Again, this is always a tricky question for me to answer but I think I will go with a Magical Realism choice and say, “The Golem and the Jinni“!!

The best bit to know about Jorie, is that she is a girl who loves to converse about the books she reads & discovers,… she truly does live up to these badges! And, you can follow her journeys inside her Story Vault!

Parajunkee DesignsParajunkee Designs

Music via #iheartradio (Chicago! 93.9FM) whilst Jorie composed this #ArmChairBEA post:

  • “Raging Fire” by Philip Phillips
  • “Dreams” by the Cranberries
  • “Happy” by Pharrell Williams
  • “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele
  • “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” by Train
  • “Story of my Life” by One Direction
  • “Home” by Daughtry
  • “Livin’ La Vida Loca” by Ricky Martin
  • “Just Give Me A Reason”by Pink, feat. Nate Ruess
  • “Best Day of my Life” by American Authors
  • “Home” by Philip Phillips
  • “All of Me” by John Legend
  • “Wake Me Up” by Avicii
  • “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt

The very best part of #ArmChairBEA for me this year is to be cheering on the book bloggers & the readers who celebrate the joy of reading as much as I do with each book they pick up and consume! This is a convention for those who are bookish & geeky and proud of it! This is a way for us to get to know each other and champion the writers who give us such a hearty story to dissolve into throughout the year! Let us route our way through the book blogosphere and light up the twitterverse letting everyone know that even if we are not in person at the Book Expo America — they have our full support & attention!

{SOURCES: Blog News & “I Blog Books” badges provided by Parajunkee to give book bloggers definition on their blogs. Post dividers by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. ArmChairBEA badge provided by ArmChairBEA for participants to help promote the virtual convention for BEA (Book Expo America).}

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+Blog Book Tour+ The Professor by Robert Bailey

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Parajunkee DesignsThe Professor by Robert Bailey

The Professor by Robert Bailey Blog Tour via JKS Communications

Published By:  Exhibit A Books, 28 January 2014

Official Author Websites: Facebook | Twitter | Site |

Converse on Twitter: #RBaileyBooks or tweet @RBaileyBooks

Available Formats: Trade Paperback & E-Book Page Count: 416

Acquired Book By:

I was selected to be a stop on “The Professor” Virtual Book Tour, hosted by JKS Communications Literary Publicity Firm, which I received a complimentary copy of the book direct from JKS Communications in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Intrigued to Read:

As I revealed in my response to Mr. Bailey’s interview question about reading John Grisham novels, I elected to read his at a very young age (fourteen!) as I was shifting out of young adult titles and into the world of adult fiction. Grisham set the stage for me as far as legal dramas and legal thrillers are concerned. I attempted to read others within the same boundaries of the field but always felt as though I was falling a bit short of what I enjoyed in his books. I read everything that was published by the mid-90s, and prior to his writings shifting away from legal stories, I ventured off into new directions myself. Aside from the writers I had mentioned, I had a keen interest in Shakespeare, British Literature (especially the 19th Century), Science Fiction, and Fantasy. When I first read the description for The Professor I felt it might finally be possible to segue back into the genre of legal dramas in book form! For years, I have carried my love and appreciation of the genre in the world of classic motion pictures and tv serials!

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Author Biography:

Robert BaileyFrom the time he could walk, Robert Bailey has loved stories, especially those about the legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant and his beloved Crimson Tide football team at the University of Alabama.

Bailey was born in Huntsville, Ala., in 1973. He earned a bachelor’s degree in history from Davidson College in North Carolina and graduated from the University of Alabama School of Law in Tuscaloosa, Ala., in 1999. In law school, Bailey was honored with the Award for Outstanding Achievement at the American Judicature Society Interscholastic Trial Competition. He made Law Review and was a member of the Bench and Bar Legal Honor Society. Somehow, between studying and preparing for the bar exam, Bailey managed to watch every home football game.

For the past 14 years, Bailey has practiced law as a civil defense trial attorney in Huntsville at the law firm of Lanier Ford Shaver & Payne. In addition to representing health care providers and nursing homes in medical liability cases, he defends trucking companies, insurance carriers, insureds and businesses in injury-related lawsuits.

Bailey is admitted to practice before the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, the U.S. District Court – Northern and Middle Districts of Alabama and Western District of Tennessee – and in all Alabama state courts.

He is a member of several professional associations including the International Association of Defense Counsel, Defense Research Institute, Alabama Defense Lawyers’ Association, Huntsville-Madison County Bar Association and the Alabama Bar Association.

Bailey’s first novel, “The Professor,” will be published Jan. 28, 2014 by Exhibit A Books.

Bailey is married with three children. When he’s not writing or practicing law, he’s playing golf, coaching his sons’ little league baseball teams and, of course, cheering on the Crimson Tide.

Synopsis of the Story:

“In trials, like sports, sometimes winning means everything…”

Thomas Jackson McMurtrie is a living legend scorned. Forty years ago, he gave up a promising career as a trial lawyer to become a law professor at the University of Alabama at the request of his mentor, Alabama football Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. Now Tom is forced into retirement, betrayed by both a powerful colleague and his own failing health.

Meanwhile the young family of one of his oldest friends is killed in a tragic road collision. Believing his career is over, Tom refers the case to a brilliant, yet beleaguered, former student, who begins to uncover the truth behind the tragedy, buried in a tangled web of arson, bribery and greed.

But as the eve of trial approaches, the young attorney’s case begins to unravel. In over his head and at the end of his rope, he realizes there’s only one man who can help…

“The Professor” is the first in a series of tense legal thrillers featuring the enthralling and brilliant legal team of McMurtrie and Drake, combining the thrills and authenticity of a John Grisham novel for the audience that flocked to “Friday Night Lights.”

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My Review of The Professor: (minor spoilers)

The Professor by Robert BaileyI picked up The Professor in the hopes of finding a new voice in legal drama which would give me what I was seeking in a genre I have all but abandoned in literary circles for those of television teleplays. Sinking into the first chapters of the story I was less convinced of my choice than I was when I originally broached the idea to read the book for the tour.

The opening of The Professor illuminates the darker core of humanity, but going to the root of the chase for the golden egg in the transport industry. In this particular story, the all too familiar records of drivers are presented at being against federal regulations, but this is only a telling back-story of the corruption of the company in which the drivers are employed. I was a bit aghast at how the author chose to present the opening sequences, as the writing was brash, distinctively vulgar, and brimming with corrosive short passages and easy sentence structures. If I were hoping for a hearty opening chapter filled with a choking honesty of the fatality accident which sits as an apex into the story, I was grossly mistaken.

By the time Chapter Eight rolled around to introduce ‘the Professor’, I was nearly considering if I could go much further into the dark underside of the story. I realise I’ve read Grisham’s full library of legal dramas save three, but I never remember in all those readings where the story was told through choppy narrative and brutally blunt descriptions. Although, all things being equal time and memory can change as we move forward in life.

The hard truth is that I couldn’t draw empathy for any of the characters as they were presented save the dying family in the car in front of the petrol station. In their short and ever so brief appearance in the story, they felt more real to me than anything that happened past their tragic exit. If I had to swallow through one more corrosively laced line of thought murmurations and dark alley gusto I think I would have lost the will to pick up another legal drama! I unfortunately didn’t finish this story because in all honestly, I couldn’t begin it with the proper footing it requires. My mind leapt in and out of the sequences due to the overwhelming cliche inclusions of drama. As much as the redundancy of vulgarity. Once every blue moon, yes, I can accept that. Every single time a person opens their mouth or attempts to ruminate their thoughts? I think naught!

I felt letdown overall, as after having read Bailey’s answers to my Interview, I went in thinking that the story which would be presented would be one I could wrap my head around and enjoy. Clearly, not every book’s description foretells what is writ on the inside.

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