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Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Like most journeys, my journey into the folds of #blogging4books began on the day I discovered this particular tweet s/o by Lara. Wherein, I immediately contacted Cerys to see if I was in ‘time’ to become a part of the #blogging4books community! My initial reaction was tweeted & very shortly thereafter, I saw myself being added to a lovely DM group of #bookbloggers! Thus started my participation with this lovely group of book bloggers!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

A rather curious thing happened to me towards the end of *Summer!* – I had the opportunity to join a new book blogger support group entitled: #Blogging4books (& no the irony* was not lost on me!) on the 14th of August, 2018. We came together as *40!* strangers and over the course of only a few short days, we started to merge our lives together through a ‘party-line’ experience of a DM convo! Each of us took turns in rotation sharing bits of ourselves, our bookish lives, our blogging dreams/goals/fears & our #currentreads of course! (who wouldn’t?)

I started to populate the sidebar of this page in order to maintain a healthy way of connecting to these bookish spirits – I wanted to be able to have a handy online guide to visit with them, offer feedback & commentary on their blogs whilst giving them a chance to re-connect to each other on a regular basis as well! I also added everyone I could to my WP Reader – as a secondary option, as well as an easier way of liking/sharing their posts. By having the links here in the sidebar it would work brilliantly for those long nights where my bookish owl tendencies keep me awake & I can wander through my blog reads whilst signing comments as I’m logged into Twitter.

I decided to make my visitations both random & regular – as a way back into connecting with my fellow book bloggers & to give a portion of my wanderings to this lovely new group – of kind-hearted, approachable new bookish mates who go out of their way to lend ears & hearts to each of us who strike up a new *thread of convo in our DM world. I call it a ‘world’ as it has morphed into this curiously illuminated world of conversations – by those of us dearly attached to book world & the stories we love to be #amreading. We share such a wide variety of topics & interests – each day I pop into the convo folds, I am never quite sure what I’ll encounter but each day I find myself drawn more into this connected world where each of us decided to connect, respond & align ourselves with each other as we walk through this unique world as ‘book bloggers’.

-notes of Jorie, 7th September, 2018

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via pureimaginationblog.com

Shall you wanderabout with me!?

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

And, so it begins | August, 2018

(*) Jenn brought the book Jinxed to my attention which focuses on a pro-positive message involving STEM and dyslexics (the latter of which I am) | 14 August, 2018 | (see also my tweet)(see also our convo)

(*) Jenn shared a wicked lovely bookish affirmation | 14 August, 2018

(*) Browsing for Books discussed how she spent her bookish JULY whilst re-highlighting a book I was considering to read Dumpin’ | 14 August, 2018

(*) The Writing Finch bespoke of her love of Etsy and what you can find on the site for our blogs (which I of course already knew as I’ve bought graphics to use myself!) | 15 August, 2018

(*) Emily shared her enthused JOY over the newly formed #blogging4books community (of which I concurred!) | 15 August, 2018

(*) Books.Faith.Love shared a book review for a novel by an author I wanted to read again and develop a new impression over : Francine Rivers | 15 August, 2018 (see also my tweet)(her response) We blessed took this convo to my *70 Authors INSPY challenge* as well!

(*) Announced on Twitter I share a *secret!* with Taylor @ Plentiful Pages | 15 August 2018 | (see also my tweets: One, Two, Three AND her response!) Whilst we discussed buddy reading Dracula on her blog! *took me til 8 September to find her reply! (facepalm!)

(*) I spied #piratefiction via Trisha Jenn Reads (see also her post) | 15 August 2018

(*) RT an affirmation I loved finding shared by Books.Faith.Love | 16 August 2018

(*) RT a s/o by Lara about how much she identifies with Jean | 18 August 2018 | which of course was right round the time everyone involved in #blogging4books was talking about viewing the Netflix film of which I wasn’t able to watch myself as I don’t currently have a script to NetFlix (frowns)

(*) RT w/ a note an affirmation of bookishness by Jenn | 19 August 2018

(*) RT w/ note more confirmation why I ought to be reading the series feat. To All the Boys I Loved Before by Lara | 19 August 2018

(*) Was happily gobsmacked I was included in a #FF by Books.Faith.Love | 24 August 2018 (see also my reply)

(*) Louise announces her idea for a Mythological RAT (#readathon) for November | 25 August 2018 (see also our convo about the idea!)

(*) Happily RT Shirley’s idea about connecting authors with book bloggers | 25 August 2018

(*) Replied to Jenn about ‘late night readings’ | 27 August 2018 (see also my replies: One & Two)

(*) Sent a sequence of tweets in response to “under-rated stories” to Books.Faith.Love (One, Two, Three, Four, Five & Six) (see also her reply) | 27 August 2018

(*) RT bookish affirmation from Jenn I totally & completely concurred as a living truth of my own! | 31 August 2018

(*) RT a bookish wish for September I hoped would be true from Jenn | 3 Sept 2018

(*) Princess of Pages pitches a Q we all need to contemplate whilst we’re #amblogging | 7 Sept 2018 | (see also my tweeted replies: One + Two)

(*) Princess of Pages re-convinced me I need to be #amreading The Hating Game | 7 Sept 2018

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

And, so it continues | June, 2019

Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

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