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4 responses to “#NewYearsEve Author Interview | Discussing Historical Romance with Catherine Tinley whose an upcoming guest via @SatBookChat (5th January, 2019)

    • My apologies, Gayathri,

      I had tried to get back into responding to comments for quite a long while but it wasn’t until recently I felt I was feeling better enough to where I could become chatty again. I wanted to say, it is lovely finding that we’re both *Mills & Boon* girls! I’ve been trying to seek out more authors like Ms Tinley and hope that perhaps over the Summer, I might be fortunate to find a few — which ones are your favourite for Historicals by M&B? I was thinking I might try to seek out a few of the authors you’ve previously read and have enjoyed as much as I did Ms Tinley?

  1. I love your “Perhaps I’m a Mills & Boon girl!!?” XD
    My mum and gran both adore Mills & Boon. My gran always seems so confused that I’m so into SFF instead. We’re all avid readers but my taste goes against the grain as a family.

    • Ooh my gosh, Lou this note left me in full smiles!!

      It was such a revelation – as sometimes I find Harlequin agrees with my bookish sensibilities – such as their INSPY Historicals (which of course they cancelled) and their Heartwarming imprint for Contemporary Romances are usually a good fit for me, as I host those on blog tours. Outside of those though I’m loving their Love Inspired Suspense novels – something Mum helped me get into as we’re old school lovers of the now defunct Heartsong Presents INSPY novellas which were Amish, Suspense, Contemporary, Historical, etc – on rotation. So, these newer ones give us back a bit of what we are missing from HP.

      Give your Gran a hug from me and tell her that Speculative Lit is still just as wicked as Romance!! In fact, tell her that my bookish heart loves SFF AND Romance – that might surprise her!! lol It sounds though that your family doesn’t understand your reading life – which I am truly sorry about – my Dad isn’t a big reader but he loves hearing about my blog, my bookish adventures and says he gains a lot just listening to me talk about the stories I’m reading. Mum on the other hand tends to love the same authors I do and of course, we’re always jamming to the same music!

      Now when my grandmother was still alive, we were generally at odds with each other, too. Though in that vein, she thought I read too slow and she preferred to speed read. *le sigh* I think we all have little wrinkles of angst at times – but happily its like you said – if you love to read, it shouldn’t matter what you’re reading ONLY that you LOVE stories!!!

      big hugs and New Year’s blessings!!

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