Author Interview | Conversing with #HistRom novelist Sara Cardon about the Somerstone #RegencyHouseParty series and her novel which continues our journey into Somerstone itself: “The Stable Master’s Daughter”!

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Hallo, Hallo dear hearts, I am taking part in a special series of interviews!

I recently had the joy of sharing with you a conversation about my fascination and appreciation for #HistoricalRomances when I shared my interview with Rebecca Connolly! She wrote the Spinster Chronicles – of which I am reading the first two installments of her series this November! However, anchoured to the joyfulness of discovering her stories, this Autumn I had the pleasure of finding out about *Somerstone!* and the Regency House Party series!

This is one of those uniquely styled *round robin!* stories wherein each new author who steps into the story-line is picking up the threads of the previous author’s installment! Similar in the vein of why I am enjoying reading the Return of the Blackwell Brothers? Herein as we get a lovely introduction to Somerstone through a series of interviews and conversations I crafted together with the authors who make up this new series set in the Regency – one of my eras of preference for #HistRoms – we get to sort out what inspired the authors as they wrote their individual installments but also, get the chance to learn more about how the series was assembled!

Publishers (or in this case, the writers themselves!) create these nifty ‘mini-series’ and serial round robins not just to create a more unique environment for the reader to explore but also for their authors! There are several of these within my beloved #LoveINSPIRED Suspense I am slowly making my way through and finding out there is one for the Regency was truly a lift of joy to find! Especially as like most Regencies – when there is a ball or a formal party afoot, there is generally a heap more going on than what is generally taken on appearance alone! Where tucked away secrets can percolate to the surface and where everyone either knows someone directly or indirectly through their peerage, family or friends!

The beauty of course is going story by story, seeing how the arc of the series will continue to increase in climax and how each new writer who steps into an installment will put their own spin on the established narrative. The points of view could change or the mannerisms of the character(s) themselves could feel altered a bit – but if the whole of the mini-series maintains its rhythm and internal heart of centre, what you will discover dear hearts is a smashingly lovely respite to curl inside as the hours melt off the clock!

As this is a promotional tour focusing on the Digital First status of the novellas, I opted to host the series of interviews in lieu of reviews as I am eager for each of the novellas to become released into print. Although in theory, they might have already released – I haven’t checked on all the statuses when I shared my first interview in this series! It will take me a bit to gather them but I might also, lean on my local library to see if they might want to add this series to their card catalogue ahead of when I can bring a set home! Then, I shall have the same pleasure of joy of disappearing inside this series start to finish, finding what the readers on this blog tour have discovered and beyond! For the Regency holds a dear spot in my bookish heart!

May your #AutumnReads be as excitingly awesome as mine are becoming!

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The Stablemaster's Daughter by Sara Cardon

Marjorie’s days as the barefoot daughter of the stable master are long past—she’s an educated and accomplished artist. But at the house party of the summer she is out of her social depth, especially when reunited with Reginald, a man she has secretly loved for years. Just when he begins to show real interest in her, his older brother Miles tries to separate them and sparks fly. Miles is maddening and intriguing, and stirs a longing for a radiant future, but are his intentions sincere? An alliance is forbidden and a chance for love may cost Marjorie’s dignity and her father’s employment.

Lord Miles Beauchamp is the heir to an earldom and unyielding in his principles. He doesn’t have time for trivial social gatherings, except when reforming his brother. Miles anticipates Reginald’s wandering eye, but is caught off-guard when he pursues a wholesome woman, one Miles is honor-bound to protect. It will take all Miles’ effort to keep his brother in line, Marjorie from harm, and himself from falling in love. In a society keeping them a world apart, can Miles and Marjorie find a future together?

These novels and stories set in Somerstone within the Regency House Party series were first serialised via and were thus independently published afterwards.

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Published on: 29th August, 2018 | ISBN: 978-1719917391

Formats Available: Paperback and Ebook

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The Regency is rife with rebels, rogues, ladies and dashingly strict codes of proper etiquette within high society. What is it about the Regency which excites you as a writer and what aspects of the Regency would you have loved to have experienced yourself if you could travel backwards in time?

Cardon responds: I love to escape the heavy aspects of real life, and the Regency era is a comfortable place to land. I think that’s what I like about it best—knowing the Regency world has accepted morals and beliefs on what makes a lady and a gentleman, and it’s a safe place to explore to keep my mood even and happy.

What would I love to experience? I’d enjoy a quiet excursion of London and then the countryside, with the protection of the good men in my life. I’d want shop one day and find a meandering path in a garden the next. I’d get a kick out of the social leveling among friends, the forgetfulness of the upper class of the war against Napoleon, the attention to details like pouring tea properly, and I’d want to hear the latest on what the Prince Regent did this time, the rascal.

I love stories about girls who are seen as one particular variation of themselves blossom and grow into a young woman the observer isn’t quite prepared to meet. How much joy did you have in establishing the girlhood and maturity bubbling inside your young heroine?

Cardon responds: I love that you used the word “joy.” Starting this story with a glimpse of a young Marjorie pulls at my protective side. Seeing what she longs for, and her doubts and fears, I want to tell her, “Have faith. Things will turn out fine.” Perhaps I recognize that same sixteen-year-old girl inside me—and many young woman in my sphere of influence. At the house party three years later, Marjorie still wrestles with how people perceive her versus who she truly is. Despite negative messages from others (and maybe because of them) she confronts the lie she’s believed. I alluded to poison in the story, here and there. Toxic influences surround Marjorie, and some could figuratively kill, and yet some poisons heal if used properly, like medicine. Lord Beauchamp’s measured opposition brings out Marjorie’s courageous side.

I was overjoyed reading this is a re-telling of Sabrina – I nearly picked up on it myself before I read the synopsis! I prefer the re-telling with Harrison Ford over the original as the continuity and flow of the drama worked especially well. What aspects of this triangle of love inspired to tell your own story and to re-draw the lines between duty, honour and true love with characters who are never quite sure what their heart wants before it is almost too late to rectify? Also, which version in film is your personal favourite and why?

Cardon responds: I love Audrey Hepburn, but the 1950s chauvinism is a little hard to get past. Plus we’ve come a long way since it was written (attempted suicide is not funny!). I like the Harrison Ford version the best, especially when he reports over the phone (in a deadpan voice) how she was getting to him: “I [darn] near cried twice.”

I’ve always loved the storyline of Sabrina. It’s like a Cinderella, an ugly duckling who discovers she’s a swan, with an opposites attract aspect. The only problem I’ve had with the movies in the past is that I love it … until the end. Sometimes I get stuck on forgiving the older brother of his betrayal. That part hurts and takes away from the happy ending. It made me wonder, how could that problem be fixed? It eventually clicked—the older brother’s intentions were not honorable, but if they were honorable …that love story I could get behind! I started thinking of reasons he could be pulled in opposite directions, but come out a hero in the end.

As far as love triangles go, I like to approach them Jane Austen style, which I see as this: the woman’s heart is fully engaged with one person at a time, not two at a time (though all parties involved may not know it). Think about Elizabeth Bennett liking Mr. Wickham, but then her interest peters out (and since Mr. Darcy doesn’t know it, there’s still tension). Elizabeth’s heart is fully free when she falls for Mr. Darcy.

What are your top favourite Regency authors and stories? As readers are constantly trying to find new entrances into this lovely era – where have your wanderings taken you and what were your favourite takeaways from those visitations?

Cardon responds: My favorite Regency stories have good men and smart women. My all-time favorite Regency is Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. I wish I could read stories that make me laugh and cry like that every day!

I adore the Regency world Sarah Eden creates, with emotional depth and memorable characters. My favorite of hers is Drops of Gold. I also connect with As You Are, and love how heroic her quiet hero truly is, and how others accept him.

Jennifer Moore is another favorite. She has a talent for taking the reader to different parts of the world during the Regency era and digging into the history, which is very satisfying. My favorite is Lady Helen Finds Her Song because of the setting in India, the gentle love story, and the delightful discovery of a tender and caring side to her step-father.

I’ve also discovered Kathleen Baldwin, who has written three charming books in the My Notorious Aunt series. My favorites of Kathleen’s are her newest series geared towards young adults, called A School for Unusual Girls. Describing the gist of it sounds funny (I’ll try though!). Everyone believes the young women abandoned to the Gothic private school are there to be reformed and learn proper decorum. In reality, they use their special skills to save England from Napoleon. I adore how the girls mix icing one minute and explosives the next! The books in the series are a great mix of romance, suspense, a little reimagined history, and an inkling of paranormal abilities. Each book in the series focuses on one of the young women, her unusual talent, a perfectly fun and swoony romantic counterpart, and the next phase in saving each other and England. I love how the men accept and work together with these amazing young women. And how they each come to each other’s rescue! They’re seriously fun—just pick one up when you’re in the mood for a twist and see what you think!

How did you become a part of the Somerstone House Party series and do you think you’ll work on another collaborative series such as this again? What was your favourite part of being a serial author in a limited series?

Cardon responds: I was invited by Jen Johnson, who I’m lucky enough to be in a critique group with. In case you didn’t know, Jen is blessed with seemingly endless energy and optimism, and she comes up with daring ideas! I’ve loved teaming up with these authors—there’s a wonderful synergy and so much talent. My favorite aspects of working on a series this collaborative? I like the challenge, the creativity, and the accountability. It’s fun to have a large cast of characters to play with. The story schedule occasionally is pinned down enough that I have to stretch in creative thought to shape my own story within it. And I like the funny possibilities we think of and get a laugh out of, that don’t make it into the stories, but hopefully the joy does. Yep, I’m in it for the next round. And guess what? We just started planning!

About Sara Cardon

Sara Cardon

Sara Cardon craves happily ever afters—which is why she writes heartfelt stories to uplift and inspire. She grew up in West Texas and graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree that has nothing to do with writing. Sara has four kids, a dog, and a true-blue husband. He laughs at her hero crush on George Washington. She and her family are putting down roots near Dallas where there’s plenty of wide-open sky, cattle, and sunshine.

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