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A few months ago, I had the pleasure of hosting Ms Courtenay’s Cover Reveal for this title, as I was quite smitten with the idea that the series I began to read starting with “The Silent Touch of Shadows” has been accumulating in titles leading up to to this wicked fourth release! I happen to fancy time slips, ghost stories and atmospheric psychological suspense novels – of which is happily residing inside this series, as it’s a combination of factors from the Rom Suspense genre intermixed with Paranormal Rom that whet such a thirst of interest inside me to read! I find that it’s such a wicked good read, you simply cannot stop at reading just one, but will happily delight in residence as you proceed through the series!

Being time slips, you know your in for an incredible ride, because you’re about to ‘slip’ through time’s arrow – anchoured to two individually unique eras of time, whilst being enveloped inside a riveting story-line that will quite literally put you on the edge of your seat! You never know quite what will unfold as you take those tentative steps to alight next to the lead characters, of whom are not always realising their walking such a unique path between the veils! There is a subtle nature to how the stories unfold – as you truly have to allow yourself to ‘let go’ of particulars – the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ and simply get caught up inside the moment of discovery! Be willing to ‘go there’ with the characters and you’ll find yourself fully intrigued by what will happen next!

I had the opportunity to expand today’s exclusive extract with an impromptu author convo which I am most delighted about featuring, as I love this splice of loveliness inside Romance – it’s hard to pin-point what I love more, which is why I was inspired to launch a discussion about this series parlaying into the theme of today’s #ChocLitSaturday chat “Soul Mates, Ghosts & Time Slips in Romance”! Join us at 11am EST / 4p UK to discuss Ms Courtenay’s series & encourage the lively exchange of how this topic can be explored! Be sure to follow @ChocLitSaturday to get in on the chat, whilst keeping your eyes on our hashtag #ChocLitSaturday!

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Celebrating the Paranormal Romances of Christina Courtenay
& her “Shadows of the Past” series

Read the author’s thoughts on writing Time Slips via her Guest Post
(which focuses on this series)

The Silent Touch of Shadows began the series

The Soft Whisper of Dreams is the sequel to The Secret Kiss of Darkness

& The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight is the fourth in the series to release!

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On my Connection to Ms. Courtenay:

Two years ago, on the 26th of April, 2014, I created #ChocLitSaturday a weekly Rom chat to celebrate the novelists of ChocLitUK but also, to expand to include book bloggers, readers and writers of Romance who have a penchant for the genre as a whole. Ms. Courtenay started to become a regular fixture, and her encouraging conversations & ability to inspire others to converse freely throughout the chats put me at ease in my new role as a ‘Hostess’. She always seemed to know how to either start a topic or how to best suggest something to break the ice! I was always so very grateful to her and I am thinking I might have forgotten to tell her directly how much gratitude I had for her in those earlier chats! Over the weeks that have followed, I have found myself attached to each of my ‘regular’ chatters during the hour, and I consider Ms. Courtenay a bookish like-minded soul, as we tend to appreciate the same types of stories!

I am disclosing this, to assure you that I can formulate an honest opinion, even though I have interacted with Courtenay through our respective love & passion of reading inside the twitterverse whilst I host #ChocLitSaturday the chat and having previously read her time slip novels. I treat each book as a ‘new experience’, whether I personally know the author OR whether I am reading a book by them for the first time or continuing to read their releases as they are available.

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#ChocLitSaturdays | Author Q&A feat. Christina Courtenay’s #newbook “The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight” w/ an exclusive extract from the novel!The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight Cover Reveal

“As the velvet cloak of moonlight settled over the ruined towers of Raglan Castle, the shadows beneath them stirred…”

When newly widowed Tess visits Raglan Castle, an extraordinary hallucination transports her to a past that existed long before her own – to seventeenth-century Wales and to a castle on the brink of a siege.

Even when Tess leaves Raglan to return to Merrick Court, her husband’s home, the strangeness continues as her life becomes increasingly intertwined with her dreams and visions. And when the new owner of the estate arrives - New Zealander Josh Owens - the parallels become even more obvious. It's time to confront the past head-on.

But perhaps the voices from the past aren’t just trying to tell their own story, maybe they’re also giving a warning…

Places to find the book:

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Published by: ChocLitUK (@ChocLitUK)

RELEASE DATE: 7th October, 2016 – PRINT EDITION! (jumping for joy!)

Formats Available: wicked happy to showcase an upcoming print book release!

Converse via: #ChocLit & #ChristinaCourtenay

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Publisher Disclosure: The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight is by Christina Courtenay and published by Choc Lit. It is available to purchase in paperback and eBook format from all good suppliers.  For more information on the author, you can follow her on Twitter @PiaCCourtenay Follow @ChocLitUK on Twitter to make sure you catch the next and final extract, which will be out on Tuesday 18th October. The following extract is copyright © Christina Courtenay via ChocLitUK and has been featured with permission.

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Chapter Five

Merrick Court, 22nd May 2016

‘So, I’m going to make some lists …’

Rosie came into the kitchen with a pad in one hand and a pen in the other. She was as immaculately made up as always, hair in a neat bob, and her only concession to country living was the fact that she was wearing flat shoes instead of heels. Everything else – the designer jeans, expensive tailored shirt and chunky jewellery – was the same as she would wear in London. Tess didn’t know why this irritated her, but it did. She fortified herself with a sip of strong, very sugary, tea before asking, ‘What kind of lists?’

‘Of all the furniture and other items in the house. Anything of real value, that is.’

‘I said I can handle that myself.’ Tess frowned at Rosie.

‘I know, but this is for my reference. Although, naturally, I would hope you’d agree to give most of the things here to Louis, I do understand that you’ll want to be paid a little something for any proper antiques.’

A little something? Give most of it to Louis? Tess had to make a conscious effort not to let her mouth fall open. Rosie had a nerve.

The whole entail business had come as a surprise to all of them. Tess hadn’t known anything about it, as Giles had never mentioned it; while Rosie had been under the impression that Giles had sorted it out in order to make a will in favour of her children if he didn’t have any of his own. Apparently breaking an entail inheritance was a complicated process which would have involved the House of Lords and all sorts of legal procedures and, Giles being Giles, he’d simply put it off. He’d probably thought there was no hurry. Rosie had been incandescent at first when she found that out, since she considered that the estate and title should have gone to Louis. But she soon rallied and had now come up with another idea – she and her husband would buy the estate from the new Lord Merrick and all would be well.

Tess found her voice. ‘Why on earth would I give everything to Louis?’

‘It all belongs in the family, surely you can see that? The contents are part of the house’s history. And anyway, Giles always meant for Louis to be his heir if he didn’t have children.’

‘Rosie, Giles left me nothing apart from the stuff in this house and until my business is more profitable I’ll need the money from selling it to live on. If you want anything, you’ll have to pay whatever it’s worth. I’m going to have it valued.’ She should have done this already, but she’d been putting it off. With the heir’s arrival imminent, it was clearly time to sort it out now.

Rosie’s mouth tightened. ‘You’re being very unreasonable. Do you really feel you’re entitled to any of it in the circumstances? Giles told me he was divorcing you because you didn’t want children.’

That wasn’t strictly true – she had wanted kids, but at first she hadn’t seen the need to rush. And then once she’d been married to Giles for a couple of years she’d come to realise he wasn’t the right man for her, and definitely not someone she would like to have children with. So they had been about to get a divorce, Tess couldn’t deny that. ‘Yes, but if we’d gone ahead, he would have had to give me a settlement. This is in lieu of that.’

Rosie was right in a way as Tess didn’t feel entitled to receive a huge amount, but she was owed something and didn’t feel she was asking too much. Besides, the woman was annoying her and Tess wasn’t in the mood to give in. Her sister-in-law had always acted as if she was superior in some way, but now Giles was gone, Tess didn’t have to put up with that any longer.

‘Well, perhaps I should ask the solicitor how much Giles would have had to pay you, then we can work from there.’ Rosie attempted a wounded expression. ‘Although I always thought you had a soft spot for Louis and would want him to be happy.’

Tess stood up and went to rinse out her mug. ‘Emotional blackmail won’t work. Go and talk to the lawyer if you want. Besides, you don’t even know if the new owner intends to sell Merrick Court. He might want to buy all the contents from me himself. It’s his family too.’ And hopefully he’d pay the going rate, not some paltry family discounted price.

‘Well, he’s not exactly been rushing to claim his birthright.’ Rosie made a face. ‘He can’t be very interested in it. No, I’m determined to secure it for Louis. The estate must stay in the family, as it has done for nearly a thousand years.’ This was said with an accusing glare at Tess, who had, in Rosie’s view, failed in her duty to provide Giles with an heir.

Anger and resentment made Tess’s hands shake and she steadied them by gripping the edge of the sink. It wasn’t as if she’d intended for Giles to die before having children. ‘I never wanted it to be this way, Rosie.’

Rosie sighed. ‘No, I don’t suppose you did. Anyway, I’m only trying to help by moving things along a little. It’s not as if you have anyone else here, is it?’

That was also true. Tess’s parents and sister hadn’t even come for the funeral. They all lived in France and Sarah couldn’t possibly take the children out of school or nursery, and her parents had been needed to help Sarah, as always. Neither had they asked about her future plans. But she didn’t want to acknowledge how useless her family was when it came to supporting her.

She calmed down. If Rosie wanted to make lists, what harm would it do? It wasn’t as though Tess really cared – she just wanted it all over and done with. ‘You’re right. Perhaps it would be helpful to compare your lists to the valuer’s as presumably you know more about the items here than they would. I wouldn’t want to be cheated, after all.’

Rosie seemed mollified by this peace offering. ‘Exactly.’ Louis came into the kitchen and Rosie pounced on him. ‘Louis, you can come and help me.’

‘Eh? With what?’

‘Lists. You’ll be eighteen very soon, old enough to shoulder your responsibilities, although your dad will help, naturally. Running a big estate takes some getting used to.’

‘I’ve told you before, I don’t want this sodding house,’ Louis muttered. ‘You and dad have it if you like it so much.’

‘Don’t be ungrateful! It will be ours at first, of course, but you have to learn to look after it so you can take over. Come on, let’s go upstairs.’

Louis rolled his eyes behind his mother’s back and followed her out of the room.


Raglan Castle, 22nd May 1646

Arabella tried to tell herself she wasn’t really looking out for Rhys as she dawdled by the entrance to the chapel after morning prayers. Everyone was expected to attend, no matter what beliefs they adhered to, and she couldn’t see that it would do any harm listening to the chaplain, despite his Catholicism. They all needed to pray at this time as God’s help was certainly necessary, judging by the rumours going round. She wondered whether Rhys would be there or if he’d left already?

The castle was teeming with people. It was a curiously built structure, more or less divided in half by the Great Hall with the so called Pitched Stone Court on one side and the Fountain Court on the other. Buildings surrounded both so that they formed two quadrangles, although one was slightly lopsided along the outer edge. Only the higher-ranking members of the household and their guests were allowed on the fountain side, however. Everyone else stayed around the Stone Court.

No more than a fraction of the castle’s present inhabitants would actually fit into the chapel and Arabella assumed the rest must hold a service of some sort elsewhere. Fighting men had come flooding in during the last few months, while the marquis prepared his domain for warfare. Trees were cut down in order to avoid giving the enemy the advantage of cover – even the beautiful avenue leading to the castle’s main entrance – and fortifications built outside the walls. Accommodation had somehow been found for nearly eight hundred men, as well as a few of the neighbouring gentry who were afraid to stay in their homes. They were all crammed in, like pickles in a jar, with not an inch to spare anywhere. How, Arabella had no idea.

She was currently sharing her room with three of Lady Margaret’s gentlewomen, two of them on truckle beds that were pushed out of sight during the day. It wasn’t ideal, but she wasn’t as bothered as some of the others who’d been muttering that it was beneath them to share in such a way. They all had to make sacrifices for the king’s cause. Those who didn’t want to had already left Raglan.

‘Lovely day, is it not?’

The honey-smooth voice with its beautiful Welsh cadence made Arabella jump and her heart missed a beat. She looked up into the frank gaze of Rhys Cadell.

‘Yes, indeed.’ What else could she say? The sun was shining, summer almost upon them. The fact that she was enjoying this fine morning had absolutely nothing to do with the man standing beside her. Or so she told herself.

‘A shame the sun can’t dispel the storm clouds on the horizon though, wouldn’t you say? And I don’t mean that literally.’ He smiled.

‘No, we can but pray for deliverance.’ Arabella nodded towards the chapel behind them.

‘I don’t wish to alarm you, but I rather fear that God may not be able to help in this instance. Forgive me for asking, but is there nowhere else you could go, mistress? It would be wise to leave now while you still can.’

‘You think me a coward?’ Arabella drew herself up to her full height, which was only average, and glared at him.

His smile grew and he held up his hands as if warding off her anger. ‘Never! I was merely concerned for your safety. For that of all the ladies and children here, if I’m honest. This is not the place for any of you during the coming months. It will not be … pleasant, shall we say.’

‘I thank you for your concern, but we’ll manage.’ Arabella wasn’t sure whether to be pleased or offended. It was nice that he cared – if he really did and wasn’t just making small talk – but she had as much courage as the next person and if the marquis, to whom she owed so much, asked them to stay, then that was what she would do. ‘Besides, I don’t have anywhere else to go,’ she admitted.

‘I understand. Then we will see more of each other as I’m staying too.’

A strange kind of relief flooded her. He wasn’t leaving and perhaps he’d help protect them. It looked like he was big, strong and capable, a man to depend on. She felt safe next to him, she had to acknowledge, which was ridiculous really as she didn’t know him.

‘Oh, I am glad,’ she said, before she’d had a chance to stop the words. His immediate grin made her qualify this statement. ‘I mean, we need all the help we can get, obviously.’

He bowed to her. ‘Of course. I never thought for a moment you’d be happy about me staying for any other reason. Good day to you.’

It was clear he believed the complete opposite and Arabella felt her cheeks become suffused with colour. He sauntered off to speak to Lord Charles, who was standing near the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. She wanted to run after him and tell him he was wrong, but that would be a lie and she never lied.


And she never swore either. What was wrong with her? She was afraid she had a very shrewd idea of what ailed her and she didn’t like it. Not one bit. This was the worst possible time to develop any kind of feelings for a man, especially one she knew nothing about. And one who might be killed during the next few months.

But then, so might they all.

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What did you originally want to be the connective thread between the stories and characters within the Shadows of the Past series to where even though the situations differ there is a cross-connection amongst everyone?

Courtenay responds: I think the connection between all my time slip books is the underlying belief in soul mates – that two people can love each other so much their love transcends time. I would like to think that our souls don’t die when we do but live on in some form, and if you have found that one person with whom you are deeply connected then you’d want to be with him/her for eternity. Also, if for some reason you can’t be together in one life, you would try again in another. I’m such a romantic and do like happy endings so this concept really appeals to me!

I love the inspiration you have behind the series – I love the concept of soul mates in Romantic Fiction because it is such an uplift to think about the continuous thread of how love can transcend everything – including time and separation. I, too, am similar to you in how you can enter the conceptional imaginative world of soul mates through two veins of entrance: entwined in death and/or reincarnated to try again to succeed in finding your true love. I read a book this year about this very theme, which was The Memory Painter. Like you, I’m a Romantic Optimist and truly love happy endings such as these to find in fiction!

What do you love the most about ghost stories and how did you knit your love of ghosts into the series as a whole? What would readers be surprised to find out about what inspired the inclusion of ghosts?

Courtenay responds: I love the idea of ghosts, although in reality I’m a total chicken and if I found myself face to face with one I’d probably run away screaming (or maybe even faint LOL). But given my belief in souls living on, then I think it’s reasonable to suppose that some of them could manifest in ghostly form if they have a good enough reason to do so and that’s what happens in my books. As I think I may have mentioned, the ghost in the first book, The Silent Touch of Shadows, was based on a real one, seen by a family I know well. They lived in a 600-year old house (which was very spooky I have to say!) and were the kind of people who have no imagination whatsoever, so when they swore they’d seen a ghost, I believed them.  When they then told me he was a handsome blond man wearing chainmail, I just had to write a story to account for why he might still be hanging around after such a long time! I’m only sorry I didn’t get to see him (even if I would have fainted at the sight).

Laughs heartily! I can see your point! It’s one thing to talk about ghosts from a distance but to be front and centre of a ghost is something else entirely! The paranormal occurrences in real-life that affect people are for the brave and courageous who do not scare easily! I don’t believe I knew of this back-story originally! How keenly interesting!! I love old houses – they speak about so much history and the origins of how life has progressed forward simply by what is left behind to be touched, felt or explored by what is still alive and contained inside the house! I love antiques as much as you do for the same reasons – you can touch history and the stories of everyone who lived before us simply by finding the antiques left behind that paint a small window into their lives. Ooh, I wish you had been able to see the ghost! Did they read a passage of the novel to the ghost, I wonder!? I was curious if he had a reaction to being the ‘inspiration’ and springboard to the story!

What do you love the most about etching out an atmospheric Gothic Rom Suspense novel and how do you approach the Suspense bits whilst balancing the allure of the genre for readers who positively love these kinds of stories?

Courtenay responds: I just love the time slip genre as a whole as there is such scope for using your imagination. Ghosts, magic and other paranormal occurrences are all accepted in books like these and that makes them great fun to write. I try to have a mystery or problem for the characters in the present to solve and hopefully that helps build suspense as the story is slowly revealed in both time frames. Alternating chapters between the past and the present also helps, I think.

Your particular style for bridging the gap between the elements of the thematic within your ParaRom & RomSusp novels is so brilliant that you nearly have to pinch yourself your reading a time slip and a ghost story! I get so swept up in the narratives and cannot wait to continue to devour the next story in line!

What was your favourite part of bridging Tess into the 17th Century whilst giving her and Josh something to chew on about their own lives whilst being anchored to the historical past?

Courtenay responds: I think my favourite part was when she first comes across the Cavalier from the 17th century. She’s had a bit of a rough time (she’s recently widowed) so she obviously thinks she’s seeing things due to the medication she’s been taking. But then she stops taking the medicine and slowly comes to realise that she’s not going crazy and that there may be a purpose as to why she’s seeing him.

This is going to be a delight to read – I loved getting this small inside glimpse into what I’m going to find inside the book – as I am so wicked happy it’s releasing into paperback before the close of the year!! Wow. I can well imagine how she’d prefer to think it’s a ghost and not a side effect of the meds! Good for her to stop the meds altogether too! Especially if she can live without them and find a bit of joy living with the situation at hand rather than having her senses numbed. I look forward to seeing the fuller extensions of this and watching her bloom out of the experiences that are paranormally inclined!

What is your personal favourite story of the paranormal or aspect of phenomena from the paranormal?

Courtenay responds: There are so many brilliant ones but I think my all-time favourite has to be Midnight is a Lonely Place by Barbara Erskine. Not only is it a brilliant time slip, but the ghostly element is so creepy I didn’t dare read that book when I was alone in the house!  I also enjoy stories involving past life regression – being hypnotised to try and remember previous lives is something I’d love to try myself some time although I haven’t managed it yet. Could be interesting!

I know this is one author I seriously need to spend time next year reading, alongside Susanna Kearsley! There are some authors I keep being mindful of reading but they slip past me! There is another Rom author I know I’ve been dearly curious about as well and we broach her stories in #ChocLitSaturday too… oh dear, is it Victoria Holt I’m thinking of or another?! Hmm. If it’s this freak-out-of-your-skull kind of a story I should write a note to read it next October where I find ghoulishly suspenseful stories to devour ahead of Halloween! Each year I keep promising myself to spend the whole month reading psychological suspenseful novels… maybe 2017 I’ll get my druthers together! lol I find past lives fascinating! Go you if you give it a go! Would be interesting to hear the results! Especially the era  you went ‘back to remember’…

Many thanks for having me as your guest!

The honour was mine! It was wicked brilliant having you as my guest!

Happy Pub Day! I am so happy this series is expanding!

I am going to be reading Book No.2 later this month!

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About Christina Courtenay

Christina Courtenay

Christina lives near Hereford and is married with two children. Although born in England she has a Swedish mother and was brought up in Sweden. In her teens, the family moved to Japan where she had the opportunity to travel extensively in the Far East.

Christina’s debut Trade Winds was short listed for the 2011 Romantic Novelists’ Association’s Pure Passion Award for Best Historical Fiction. The Scarlet Kimono won the 2011 Big Red Reads Best Historical Fiction Award. Highland Storms (in 2012) and The Gilded Fan (in 2014) won the Historical Romantic Novel of the Year Award and The Silent Touch of Shadows won the 2012 Best Historical Read Award from the Festival of Romance. Christina is Chairman of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.

Novels: Trade Winds, Highland Storms, Monsoon Mists, The Scarlet Kimono, The Gilded Fan, The Silent Touch of Shadows, The Secret Kiss of Darkness, The Soft Whisper of Dreams, The Jade Lioness, Marry in Haste, Once Bitten Twice Shy, Desperate Remedies and Never Too Late.

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I simply cannot get enough of

‘atmospherically Gothic Rom Suspense’!

Can you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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