#WWWWednesday No.6: New Publishers, #newtomeauthors & the joy of finally connecting with the stories!

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WWWWednesday a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words.

I ♥ the premise of this meme {WWW Wednesdays} due to the dexterity it gives the reader! Smiles. Clearly subject to change on a weekly rotation, which may or may not lead to your ‘next’ read providing a bit of a paradoxical mystery to your readers!! Smiles. ♥ the brilliance of it’s concept!

This weekly meme was originally hosted by Should Be Reading who became A Daily Rhythm. Lovingly restored and continued by Sam @ Taking on a World of Words. Each week you participate, your keen to answer the following questions:

  • What are you currently reading!?
  • What did you recently finish reading!?
  • What do you think you’ll read next!?

After which, your meant to click over to THIS WEEK’s WWWWednesday to share your post’s link so that the rest of the bloggers who are participating can check out your lovely answers! Score! Perhaps even, find other bloggers who dig the same books as you do! I thought it would serve as a great self-check to know where I am and the progress I am hoping to have over the next week!

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To help introduce you to the books I’m reading, the Synopses link to Riffle.

If you’d like an alternative to GoodReads, I highly suggest trying Riffle*.

I’m still boggled by the fact my Riffle Lists have been viewed *21,824* times! I’ve only just started to curate the lists and embed them into my blog where I expand on why I created them, too! I have 18 Lists published out of 32 lists I’ve drafted! I am looking forward to revealling more of them this year!

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What are you currently reading!? (Wednesday 25 May to Wednesday 1 June)

Personal Library & Local Library Reads

  • No Stone Unturned (Ellie Stone Mysteries, No.2) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)
  • Stone Cold Dead (Ellie Stone Mysteries, No.3) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)

And, the books I am reading for review:

  • Tea and Crumples by Summer Kinard (Synopsis)
  • Styx & Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.1) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)
  • The Bridges of Constantine by Ahlem Mosteghanemi (Synopsis)
  • A Place Called Hope by Philip Gulley (Synopsis)
  • A Sinner in Paradise by Deborah Hining (Synopsis)
  • Daughter of the Regiment by Stephanie Grace Whitson (Synopsis)
  • Scarecrow (edited by) Rhonda Parrish (Synopsis)
  • Almodis: the Peaceweaver by Tracey Warr (Synopsis)
  • Indy Reads Books (anthology) edited by M. Travis Dinicola & Zach Roth (Synopsis)

Non-Fiction Reads:

  • Einstein at Home by Friedrich Herneck (Synopsis)

Upcoming Blog Tours in MaY:

  • Loving Eleanor by Susan Wittig Albert (Synopsis) 30th May (review) & 31st May (interview)

Ever since I first started to discover the mysteries from Seventh Street Books, I’ve been a happily enchanted reader – one of my favourite Cosy Historical Mystery authors moved their series to this publisher’s imprint as well (Susan Spann) giving me a lot of joy realising how much I am loving what is being published from them recently! I kicked off the joy by reading The Secret Life of Anna Blanc (review) wherein I found such an awesome new heroine who stands up to men and carves out a brilliant slice of independence whilst finding she has a mind for solving crimes! Continuing my appreciation was the incredible discovery of the Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries which I’ll be highlighting shortly – it felt fittingly lovely to be able to try a third new author writing Crime Fiction by Seventh Street Books, when the Ellie Stone Mysteries series was pitched to me by JKS Communications.

Similar to Marjorie Trumaine, Ellie Stone is a strongly writ female lead protagonist who takes control of her life whilst daring to live it in a way that goes against convention. I love female characters like Marjorie & Ellie because they reflect a beautiful portrait of how women can take you by surprise and carve out a life most would never think they could lead. We need strong women in fiction as much as we need to highlight the women in real-life who are changing stereotypes and re-setting the standards of what can be possible.

Tea & Crumples, Scarecrow, A Place Called Hope and The Bridges of Constantine were listed on my last #WWWeds, as I had hoped back then (in February) I was on the brink of reading them. Sadly the timing was off for me and I have only just returnt to them now. Ever since I finished reading The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley and finding myself so intimately stirred by heart and soul by the story within it’s pages, I have been yearning to soak back inside a Light Messages Publishing story.

I had even planned to read Tea & Crumples earlier in the Springtime, which is how I came to find the stories by Deborah Hining as I was going to follow my next review by reading A Sinner in Paradise – as I keep finding myself attracted to stories of new beginnings, redemptive plots or second chances in love – I love uncovering the Hope which becomes lit alive for the characters but also, for the lives they are touched by throughout the stories. In many ways, this is one reason despite the heartaches Marjorie Trumaine had to go through I felt so wholly connected to her small Dakota towne!

I quite literally loved reading my first novel by Stephanie Grace Whitson as she created such a realistically present novel of the historic past – she gave us flawed characters and a championing spirit of surviving the worst of what life can yield but not without losing faith and hope. These are the kinds of stories I find to be ‘guilty pleasures’ as INSPY novels have the tendency to lift you up by such a strong level of inspiration it’s hard not to walk out of those stories feeling renewed in your own spirit. Similarly, this is how I feel when I read stories by Light Messages, to be honest!

Almodis the Peaceweaver has an interesting story attached to it, especially how I came to find the story and the publisher – of which I’ll disclose when I review the book! Laughs. I wanted to mention today, I’m wicked happy I can soak inside layered historicals again as this one I believe is going to prove to be quite the engaging read whilst giving me new insight into a period of history I don’t believe I am as familiar with previously. Always a treat for me as a reader to dig further into History and pull out characters whose lives are blessedly unknown to me!

Indy Reads Books is a anthology of specially curated stories to help support Indy Reads (a bookstore that offers so much more to it’s community!) – as you might have observed, I love reading short stories, and anthologies give me the happy chance to ‘meet’ multiple new authors all at once! This is a book I have been excited about reading and I love the way in which they created it’s layout – it’s a lovely hardback edition but it’s the interior designs that caught my eye most!

True to my geeky heart, I love picking out non-fiction releases in Science that etch out a portion of my curiosities – so imagine my happiness in finding out there was a new biography of sorts on behalf of Albert Einstein publishing this lovely May!? I look forward to seeing where this Einstein revelation takes me, as I caught a wink of a nod there is a new novel emerging next year called “The Other Einstein” which was the talk of #BEA16! If only I could have gone and picked up a copy! (see my initial tweet of joy)

I have been curious to learn more about Eleanor Roosevelt since I studied the Presidents in 4th grade – we also studied the United States as a whole as apparently both are hearty topics for fourth graders! Laughs. The one person who stood out to me (there were a few others, to be honest) was Eleanor simply because she broke the traditionalism of First Ladies in my eyes – even as young as I was, I could denote she was not your typical First Lady nor did she approach that position the way anyone else had up until her husband was elected. This curated a lifelong interest to learn more about her, even though until now I haven’t quite found my footing in finding books that I felt best highlighted her life. I did find a few televised adaptations of their lives, but nothing truly spoke to me as being realistically true to her or her husband, til now.

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What did you recently finish reading!?

(recap from end of February 2016 through 25 May 2016)

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End of February (after #WWWeds No.5) through April 2016 Reads:

The stories which weren’t my cuppa:

  • The Land of Look Behind by Aaron Blaylock (review)
  • Letters from a Patchwork Quilt by Clare Flynn (review)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays Evie Undercover by Liz Harris (review)
  • Uneven Exchange by S.K. Derban (review)
  • The Buckskin Trail by Joann Arnold (review)
  • Should Have Played Poker by Debra H. Goldstein (review)
  • Shadows of Angels by L.G. Rollins (review)

The stories which I felt resonated with me better:

  • The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley by Susan Örnbratt (review)
  • Emmy Nation: Undercover Suffragette by L. Davis Munro (review)
  • Daughter of Destiny (Guinevere Tale trilogy, No.1) by Nicole Evelina (review)
  • #FRC2015 All In Her Head by Sunny Mera (review)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Silver Locket (Charton Minster series, No.1) by Margaret James (review)
  • Swan and Shadow (re-telling of Swan Lake) by Kaki Olsen (review)
  • Moonlight Over Paris by Jennifer Robson (review)
  • Dragonfly by Alyssa Thiessen (review)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Wedding Cake Tree by Melanie Hudson (review)
  • Masks and Shadows by Stephanie Burgis (review)
  • The Secret Life of Anna Blanc by Jennifer Kincheloe (review)
  • Death Sits Down to Dinner (Lady Montfort Mysteries, No.2) by Tessa Arlen (review)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Scarlet Kimono (Kumashiro series, No.1) by Christina Courtenay (review)
  • The Jane and Bertha in Me (collection of poetry) by Rita Maria Martinez (review)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Wild One (Coorah Creek, No.2) by Janet Gover (review)
  • By the Stars by Lindsay B. Ferguson (review)

Non-Fiction Reads:

  • Shivers and Signposts: The Journey Continues by Len Richman (review)

Of the stories I found were conflicting inside my mind as I read them or simply were ‘not my cuppa (tea)’ as a whole irregardless of how keen I was to read them originally – I must say, the two which ended up disappointing me the most were Evie Undercover and Letters from a Patchwork Quilt simply due to how much I truly thought I’d be so absorbed inside their story-lines I would happily find them to my liking. Unfortunately, the opposite happened – of the two, Evie Undercover was at least one I could get through reading, but it’s such an alarmingly opposite style to Harris’ historicals, I could honestly say, I’m a Liz Harris Historical reader rather than a cross-genre reader of hers! This is what surprised me most.

As I do celebrate writers who are writing across multiple genres (as I have this tendency myself as a writer) but in this one instance – for me personally, I’m looking towards reading her new release The Lost Girl once it becomes available in paperback. I have a feeling my reaction to this new story will be in-line with my previous reactions to her past releases. She’s definitely a writer I love to read, so I suppose in that vein of thought, it just surprised me I wasn’t as wholly enthused by Evie.

I think everyone knows by know how much #GillianPugsley touched my heart, but in case you missed my conversation with the author Ms Örnbratt I kindly invite you to read it now!

Emmy Nation and Daughter of Destiny were my next reads for Feminist Historical Fiction – the two authors truly caught me at ‘hallo’ and gave me such a riveting experience reading their character’s triumphs and guttingly realistic heartache, I found myself so dearly attached to the stories! I’ve had the pleasure of following the series for Guinevere since I first read this debut novel and the incredible bit for me is I get to try Evelina’s Contemporary Rom release Been Searching For You as I’m on the blog tour this July! With Emmy – what a place to end the story – I can only hope the sequel is forthcoming within the next year or so, as it’s definitely one I will be reading – irregardless if I make the blog tour!

Blog tours are brilliant ways for readers to become introduced to authors, but even I continue to read the authors I’m discovering long after the tour concludes – this will start to become quite apparent this Summer 2016, but even before those books start to populate through my blog, know that I have a list of authors previously read I dearly want to fetch either through my local library or purchase directly to bring back into my heart and imagination!

The most difficult book I read by proportion of sympathy for a character and of a story-line was ‘all in her head’ as I was heart-tethered to the plight of the character; such stirring commentary on a difficult medical situation but moreso than that, I think for any woman who would read this story with an open-mind could see how we need more sisterhood support in this world. I had the displeasure of finding other reviewers on behalf of this story and became quite alarmed by how much they ‘missed the point’ completely. Especially in how they simply did not seem to understand ‘what was wrong’ and ‘why’ this story was hard for the author to tell in such a public way. I was thankful I could champion it, as it was well told and well-thought out through it’s fictional counterpart to reality.

The Silver Locket is the type of war drama I ache to meet on the page and one that does not soon leave me after I am stepping away from it – the blessing for me is that this series continues long past it’s initial three installments, which is why I can see myself reading the Charton Minster series for several months still – however, if you appreciate medical dramas from the point-of-view of a war-time nurse, this is a series you should pick-up as it’s such a strong capture of war, life, uncertainty of love and the heartache that war gives those that serve; from the soldiers to the medical staff trying to save their lives.

I read several ‘re-tellings’ or ‘re-imaginings’ of stories or lore during this period of time as well: Swan and Shadow left me thinking about the story and characters to such a degree, it sparked two guest features by the author! This is the re-telling of Swan Lake but part of me felt like the author knitted into her story a bit more than she originally felt she had as it has a lot of dimension to it. Dragonfly fits in perfectly with Urban Fantasy releases focusing on ‘the fey’ and on other supernatural creatures who are half hinged to their world and are trying to take up residence in ours; it’s a great cross-genre exploration of seeking self-identity and re-defining yourself even after the secrets unfold themselves. It truly surprised me in other words, and became a #mustread to recommend to others! Masks and Shadows I felt occupied that niche of genre-bending historicals where you have a bit of horror intermixed with a big dash of historical background – it was a very unusually told story and it’s simply one to experience to understand the layers the writer put inside it.

I read two Contemporary Roms which pulled at my heart-strings and gave me a reason to celebrate this genre as I’ve been finding myself on a bit of a hit/miss run of readings lately — The Wedding Cake Tree and The Wild One were both released by ChocLitUK – the first novel I’ve read by Melanie Hudson and the second I’ve read by Janet Gover (as it continues the #CoorahCreek series!). What compelled me the most in the first story is how guttingly brilliant Hudson wrote the veterans thread of the story counterbalanced by how her lead character was embarking on a self-identity trip of discovery! It was such a moving testament of trust, living for the moment and finding your true purpose in life. There was  strong level of forgiveness as well which I felt rounded out the story’s core quite nicely!

When it comes to Coorah Creek, I get wicked excited immediately – there was simply something about my first reading of The Flight to Coorah Creek which captured me by heart and soul. This second installment was executed quite brilliantly, and it’s how Gover knits together her stories – secondary characters come alive front and centre in this sequel, but it’s how she’s kept the amazing continuity alive that truly touched me the most! I cannot speak higher of this series – I can only hope my reviews help others who love reading Western Romances will take a chance on them!

When it comes to Mysteries, I do have a soft spot for what I coined as ‘Cosy Historical Mysteries’ – therein I found a few I could not put down easily as I was quite addicted to reading them! They became part of my unputdownable reads for this year as a result: The Secret Life of Anna Blanc (forementioned) and Death Sits Down to Dinner of which is a second in a series! I have already slated myself to read Arlen’s first Lady Montfort mystery over the Summer, as I dearly want to re-visit this novel *after!* I sort out how it all began!

Historical Romances are blissful reads for me, and tucking myself into a Courtenay Historical Rom was a special treat as she wrote such a high level of depth inside The Scarlet Kimono! This is the first of a trilogy, and I couldn’t be happier! It has a lot of the angst you would hope to find in a cross-cultural romantic story arc but it has such a comforting level of honesty especially in regards to building a relationship even when your outside everything you find familiar. I cannot stray too far out of this series, as my heart has to know what follows!

By the Stars reads more like an autobiography as in-part it is one – one man’s story of his war-time romance is what inspired Ferguson to write the novel. I found a few pacing issues with it’s fluidity but aside from that, it’s one of the first times I can honestly say, I appreciated seeing the male perspective carried throughout a story – as we are firmly placed inside Cal’s shoes without truly exiting his direct experiences.

The Jane and Bertha in Me was one of my most challenging reads – not only due to the fact it was poetry but because of the nature of how Martinez wrote the poems; they were part autobiographical and part inspired by Jane Eyre. Not only the book itself but the heroine of who Jane Eyre is to so many readers. Despite the challenging bits to get through the context of the poetry, I can honestly attest it was one of my favourite reviews to write and I had a lot of clarity to share about Jane Eyre from my own readerly perspective!

May Reads til the 25th:

The stories which weren’t my cuppa:

The stories which I felt resonated with me better:

  • See Also Murder (Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries, No.1) by Larry D. Sweazy (review)
  • Southern Haunts 3: Magick Under the Moonlight (anthology) edited by Alexander S. Brown & Louise Myers (review)
  • The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk (Pirates of Ile Sainte Anne, No.1) by Sally Malcolm (review)
  • See Also Deception (Marjorie Trumaine Mysteries, No.2) by Larry D. Sweazy (review)
  • Camelot’s Queen (Guinevere Tale trilogy, No.2) by Nicole Evelina (review)
  • A Captain for Laura Rose by Stephanie Grace Whitson (review)
  • The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George (review)
  • You Think You Know Me (London & Cambridge Mysteries, No.1) by Clare Chase (review)
  • On the Edge by T.S. Krupa (review) (see her debut Safe & Sound)

I want to start off by saying I was quite surprised I did not warm to the characters inside The Ten Year Reunion as much as I had hoped – the sad part is that two of the most dramatic emotionally charged scenes Krupa knitted into the novel I chose not to reveal on my review – as either way I approached disclosing why they resonated so strongly with me, felt like a spoiler for a perspective reader. I did not want to take that away from someone reading the novel for the first time, thus, I left those reactions off the review. Yet, despite the fact I appreciated a few bits such as this, I simply could not make peace with the fact the characters upset me to where I just couldn’t champion them.

Contrary to this reaction, I quickly tucked myself back inside On the Edge which was Krupa’s sophomore release last year – the novel I was meant to read and never could – til now! And, what sweet bliss it was for me! Equal to the spoiler effect of those scenes, I left out my wicked joy in a relationship match for Andy as I felt it was such a clever ‘meet-cute’ for Krupa to give the two characters! I suppose I could have said that on my review, come to think of it! Laughs. I truly was taken by the strength of the resolve Andy had to move past her husband’s death and how Hayden Grace (her daughter) rallied and moved past her grief as well – this why I focused most of my review on their journey together. It was such a strong component of the story! And, one I very much loved reading!

Where to begin with my admiration and wicked joy for the Marjorie Trumaine mysteries!? I seriously could think of nothing except these books the whole time I was reading them! I ached to finish them in one sitting per each installment – just to be parted with them for the hours it requires to sleep felt like too long of an absence! This is definitely the mark of a wicked good read! I am sure other readers have felt the same when they find an author they are celebrating to discover! This was a series from Seventh Street Books I found myself out of their catalogue and one where I had requested to receive the first novel ahead of the second – what a blessing!

Part of my joy in reading about Marjorie Trumaine’s life is how cuttingly difficult it is and how much she truly cares about her neighbours and towne. It’s such an eclipse of real-life drama and small towne secrets – there is a soliloquy a bit on living in the Northern Mid-West as well; how life changes the further North you travel and how simplicity can champion anything posh. My heart is still with Marjorie Trumaine and I am itching to hear there is a third installment of this series arriving as soon as Mr Sweazy can write it! It’s seriously that unputdownable!

Southern Haunts and Scarecrow were meant to be the next anthologies I reviewed back-to-back, but only one of them made it onto my blog that week! I simply was unable to finish Scarecrow until later in the month, as it’s an upcoming review even now. Southern Haunts marked my first Cosy Horror anthology by Seventh Star Press, one that I enjoyed reading and was a bit surprised I only highlighted a few of the stories as my ‘favourite of favourites’ as I felt like I had enjoyed so much more of what was given! I had no idea it was only a few shorts and a general appreciation for the others included until I looked over my review right before I released it!

Unsure if I ever mentioned my appreciation for Pirates of the Caribbean films on my blog, but I was definitely a moviegoer who went multiple times per each new release that came out! I’m still pinching myself there is a NEW one next year! How wicked awesome!? I was sitting here reading The Legend of the Gypsy Hawk in such happy surprise to find Malcolm captured the voice and spirit of pirate fiction in such a strong representation of why I love pirate stories! She definitely gave me a novel I loved reading and it’s how she captured the heart of what makes a pirate a ‘pirate’ that I appreciated reading most!

Camelot’s Queen continued Guinevere and Arthur’s story from Daughter of Destiny and with it a new layering of angst and anguish. It was such an emotional read for me, with more disheartening realities for Guinevere to triumph through as much as it was inspiring to see how Guinevere persevered through such adversities that would have broken anyone else. It’s a compelling account of how strength is rooted to faith and how faith can bridge hope back into your life when everything becomes shattered and broken.

One of my favourite reads was forementioned A Captain for Laura Rose wherein I discovered I have a strong hankering for continuing to read Whitson’s INSPY fiction! Another lovely read I had was when I was curled inside The Little Paris Bookshop which I happily could finally mark off my backlogue as I have been sitting on this book for a bit too long! I was surprised by how much time had passed but for me, I reconciled despite the guilt of distance, this was the best ‘time’ for me to read the story. I even mentioned this on the review itself, as I think sometimes timing plays a strong part in how we process the stories we’re reading. The storyline was full of depth and it was such a unique way to tell a romance story, I found myself captured by Nina George’s presentation!

Clare Chase happily gave me a Romantic Suspense I have been craving to read – her debut novel You Think You Know Me reset the standard a bit for how #RomSusp can be fashioned! I even liked how this is my entry into the new imprint by ChocLitUK ‘#DeathByChocLit’ as her series kicks it off properly! I loved every inch of the story and I will happily be on pins to retreat inside the next story which carries forward the ‘Cambridge’ part of the series within the pages of A Stranger’s House!

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Throughout March & April I went through another period of inactive reading:

I saw a return of my chronic migraines in March and April – which to be perfectly frank derailed all my efforts to read the stories I had been attempting to tuck inside since late November or earlier. I have a bit of a backlogue of stories I am slowly working to erase, as the first migraine was quite severe (a 5 day nightmare) and the second migraine in April was less so, but equally disruptive. With the migraines returning with such a fierceness, I knew I had to take it a bit slower than I wanted too – to get back into reading one story at at time, but also, being mindful about which story was resonating with me to read.

I simply moved from story to story, seeking which one I could focus on and which one I could settle inside to where I could not only find enjoyment in reading but I could fuse my reactions into a review. Therefore, despite the towering backlogue be as it were, I am starting to find a renewing happiness in reading, blogging and tweeting my reading life. For awhile, I felt I might have lost the joy in all of it – as it’s been such a hard-hitting first half of 2016 – for health and emotions. (see No.5 #WWWeds)

To be able to read again *right now* where I am giddy for the joy of discovering a #newtomeauthor or picking up a book by a previously unread publisher – this is an incredible cuppa joy for me!

As June moves into view, I’ll be reading more from my backlogue whilst keeping a few ‘new reads’ in my queue, as I work towards achieving a bit more balance in my reading life. I am hopeful by the close of June, most of my backlogue will have become current and actively known throughout my ‘next reviews’.

This includes re-picking up Jane Eyre, as despite my will to read the classic & the after canons of Luccia Gray, my mind was not into the story at all. Trust me, migraines are shattering as much as they are numbing. You just have to go with it and hope to return to something you love (such as Jane Eyre) when the skies clear for you to do so. Similarly, I want to get into more of my BookSparks picks – as I have such a lovely selection that will take me through a lot of lovely genres!

Thanks for continuing with me as my bookish journey resumes!

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+ featured Author Guest Posts & Interviews

+ since end of Februrary 2016 to 25th May +

(hoping not to have such extensive gaps w/ future WWWeds!)

  • LIVE Author Interview feat. Aaron Blaylock (author of The Land of Look Behind) (interview)
  • Author Q&A feat. Eleanor Smthye (author of Reflections) (interview)
  • Author Interview feat. Susan Örnbratt (author of The Particular Appeal of Gillian Pugsley) (interview)
  • Author Guest Post feat. Lindsay B. Ferguson (author of By the Stars) (guest post)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Teresa Driscoll (author of Last Kiss Goodnight) (interview)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Natalie Meg Evans (author of A Gown of Thorns) (interview)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Renita D’ Silva (author of A Mother’s Secret) (interview)
  • Author Q&A feat. Joann Arnold (author of The Buckskin Trail) (interview)
  • Author Guest Post feat. Kaki Olsen (author of Swan and Shadow) (guest post)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Debbie Rix (author of Daughters of the Silk Road) (interview)
  • Author Guest Post feat. Nicole Evelina (author of Camelot’s Queen) (guest post)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Kerry Fisher (author of After the Lie) (interview)
  • Author Interview feat. Kaki Olsen (author of Swan and Shadow) (interview)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Helen Pollard (author of The Little French Guesthouse) (interview)
  • Author Interview feat. L.G. Rollins (author of Shadows of Angels) (interview)
  • Author Interview feat. Peter Riva (author of The Path) (interview)
  • #Bookouture Interview Series: Tom Bale (author of See How They Run) (interview)
  • Guest Post by James Dalessandro (author of 1906) (guest post)
  • Author Interview feat. J.M. Bogart (author of Shadow Shifts) (interview)

I love hosting authors on my blog, and this past Spring I have had the pleasure of having quite a lot of lovely guest features peppering through my book reviews! I was thankful to host such a diverse collective of writers – whose stories either resonated with me or not. I appreciate the chance to carry forward the conversation or give them a chance to introduce their stories to my readers; even if the story did not work well for me.

Aside from the opportunities to host authors whilst reading their stories, I had the chance to host Bookouture authors for the first time, through a series of interviews I created to help highlight new releases by this Indie Pub from the UK! I knew I would love reading the stories which were releasing and thereby creating the conversations that matched them was a delight of mine to share! I loved how each author in turn was very giving of their time and happily engaging with me as I asked them questions based on the novels inasmuch as giving them the chance to talk about their writerly passions.

One day, I look forward to gathering these novels by Bookouture, at which point in time I will be able to follow-up with my reactions on their behalf! Until then, I hope you’ll take the time to thread through the conversations and leave notes behind for the Bookouture authors as well as all the lovely authors who gave me a special feature to highlight on their behalf!

+ NEW Cover Reveal Team via ChocLitUK

per usual for me, each of these has notes on my thoughts relating to the stories

Learning to Love by Sheryl Browne feat. 3rd May

Before You by Kathryn Freeman feat. 10th May

The next one will be for Jane Lovering before June!

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Happily celebrated my 3rd Blogoversary & revealled my *second!*

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What do you think you’ll read next!?

  • Heart of Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.4) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis)
  • Along the Way by Jacqueline Kolosov (Synopsis)
  • #ChocLitSaturdays The Golden Chain (Charton Minster series, No.2) by Margaret James (see No.1) (Synopsis)
  • A Saint in Graceland by Deborah Hining (Synopsis)
  • Almost a Millennium by Jeanbill (Synopsis)
  • Postcards from the Sky: Adventures of an Aviatrix by Erin Seidemann (Synopsis)
  • Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (Synopsis) (see First Half of my readings)

Upcoming Blog Tours in JUNE:

  • Styx & Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.1) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis) 2nd June (review)
  • J. Keller Fort (interview) 6th June on behalf of In the Shadow of the Dragon King (Synopsis)
  • Heart of Stone (Ellie Stone Mystery, No.4) by James W. Ziskin (Synopsis) 7th June (review)
  • James W. Ziskin Author Guest Post will be featured on the 9th of June (guest post)
  • The Gilded Cage by Judy Atler (Synopsis) 17th June (review) and 15th June (interview)
  • TBA Gray Widow’s Walk (Gray Widow trilogy, No.1) by Dan Jolley (Synopsis) (review) (interview)

For non-fiction: (throughout June)

  • Kepler and the Universe by David K. Love (Synopsis)
  • Travelling the Two Lane by Marilyn Berman (Synopsis)
  • Dancing through Life by Candace Cameron Bure (Synopsis)
  • Fire Season by Hollye Dexter (Synopsis)
  • The Butterfly Groove by Jessica Barraco (Synopsis)

Continuing on my mission to erase my backlogue, you will see a threading of how I am accomplishing this throughout the next month and a half, as to be honest, it might take me into part of July to clear my shelves. I would love to devour all the stories all at once, but that’s not a healthy approach nor is it one I would want to explore! All the stories will be read, each in turn and I look forward to sharing those experiences with my readers, the authors who wrote them and the publishers as well.

Thus, whilst resuming my ChocLitUK reads with the next Charton Minster novel, I am also catching up with JKS by reading and reviewing Along the Way as it shortly follows my review of Indy Reads Books whilst being anchoured to my first Ellie Stone Mystery review of Sytx & Stone. I wanted to catch up properly with JKS as ahead of Ellie Stone, these were the last outstanding reviews I had for them, whilst I dealt with my migraines and emotional angst.

I have wanted to get back inside Jane Eyre for several months now, and I am hopeful this is the right time for me, as I wanted to celebrate the third release for Luccia Gray after I read the first two novels in her series. I am looking forward to pulling together my questions for her as I read through Jane Eyre and Wide Sargasso Sea prior to reading her novels All Hallows at Eyre Hall and Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall. I am hoping to feature this conversation around the time of her trilogy’s conclusion (Midsummer at Eyre Hall) being released on the 21st of June!

The novel by Jeanbill and Postcards from the Sky are my attempts to work on my backlogue – as Almost a Millennium is a science-driven narrative whereas Postcards from the Sky is my next #FRC2015 selections from BookSparks. I have reversed the order in which I am reading my BookSparks selections, as I work my way through the Fall Reading Challenge books before proceeding back inside #SRC2015 which are the Summer Reading Challenge books. Ironically or not, due to everything I’ve gone through, the Summer books will be featured during the opening of the Season. Whilst I’m playing catch-up, other readers and bloggers are celebrating #SRC2016. I wish them well – for me, I am simply thrilled to bits to be reading last year’s releases!!

In regards to the non-fiction titles, these are lovelies I’ve been wanting to read for quite awhile now – each of them are beautifully unique to themselves and I look forward to talking more about them as time moves forward. I am hoping to pick one to read by the 3rd of June and thus, will expand on this during my next #WWWeds! I simply wanted to give an advance nod towards which non-fiction titles I will be reading during the following month! Especially if another reader was seeking a non-fiction title or were curious about my own! FYI: I think I most likely will be inspired to read Kepler after Einstein! One I clear my non-fiction reviews, I will seriously be re-exploring participating in Doing Dewey’s Non-Fiction Book Club! I love how Katie brought everyone together through her book club and look forward to resuming where I left off – whilst picking up her new picks, as well!

As forementioned a few times on other posts, I am making a conscience reduction in hosting blog tours, as I’m going through a bit of a Renaissance here at Jorie Loves A Story. Eventually, there will be larger gaps between book reviews, as well as supplemental posts that are either book blogosphere memes or other posts on interests I have outside of reading. I am re-defining my blog throughout the latter half of 2016 and thus, I only have a few blog tours for June I am happy to be a member of: The Gilded Cage takes me to Chicago during an epic time in the city’s historical past and Gray Widow’s Walk will be my second Superhero Fiction novel after my love of reading Awesome Jones! (same publisher!)

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on my selections!

Did anything tempt you to pick up yourself?

OR have you read one of these already?

What are you currently reading?!

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Rainbow Digital Clip Art Washi Tape made by The Paper Pegasus. Purchased on Etsy by Jorie and used with permission.

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2 responses to “#WWWWednesday No.6: New Publishers, #newtomeauthors & the joy of finally connecting with the stories!

  1. Sam

    I’m glad you liked The Little Paris Bookshop. I’ve seen mixed reviews on that one and it looks so cute that I’ve been tempted to pick it up. Happy reading and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

    • Hallo Sam!

      I meant to respond back to you a bit before now – however, I wanted to tell you, I had noticed there is quite a heap of readers who felt they couldn’t connect to the story within The Little Paris Bookshop as much as there was a lot of disappointment how the story shifts off from the origin point of view of being on the floating bookshop as well. For me, I went into this not knowing what to expect and was quite delighted by what I had found inside! The depth of how Nina George wrote her story and how it turns into such an eloquent story about how we live whilst how we approach the harder parts of our lives was quite stunning to read. I hope you dropped by my review to see what I meant by how affirming this novel was to discover but also, how well the author penned it! I am thankful too, I could delay my readings of it until I had as I think the timing might have been considerably wrong if I had read it when it arrived! If you do get the chance to try it, return and let me know what your thoughts were! I’d be curious!

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