Author Q&A | A conversation with Joann Arnold, the author of “The Buckskin Trail”.

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Although, I did not personally connect with the story inside The Buckskin Trail, I wanted to converse with the author as a way to better understand her inspiration to tell this story as much as her approach to the craft of telling stories. Originally, what drew my eye towards wanting to read this particular novel was the strong influences on behalf of Native American culture and Spirituality of which I had a foreknowledge of from my own childhood.

The author is an accomplished artist and you can view her Gallery via her website.

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The Buckskin Trail by JoAnn Arnold

A miracle saved Kelzi’s life when she was younger, and now it’s her turn to save others. When Kelzi discovers the truth about her parent’s deaths, she steps onto a dangerous path, one where she must avenge those who have died and protect the land of her Cherokee people – at any cost.

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What drew your inspiration towards telling a mystery involving an orphaned young girl who has a strong Cherokee cultural heritage?

Arnold responds: I wish I could answer that question with more than the fact that one day I sat down to work on a new manuscript and my imagination took it from there.

For most of the first quarter of your novel, more of the story is being told to the reader rather than being seen as if they were entering into Kelzi’s footsteps – was there a reason for the pace to be kept at such a fast speed?

Arnold responds: Sometimes it’s difficult to make a decision as to how much detail should be inserted at times. I wanted the reader to know a little of the growing up years for Kelzi without getting too descriptive.

I loved how you gave Kelzi a companion who could be with her through childhood and adulthood – how did you select Chekee to be a parrot?

Arnold responds: Chekee just seemed to be the perfect name for this parrot.

For most of my reading, I felt this story might be considered YA or New Adult, as the main character has grown to a woman in her twenties but is still on the verge of coming-of age past her childhood. Did you have a particular audience in mind when you crafted The Buckskin Trail?

Arnold responds: YA through adult. I thought I created the vision of a young girl growing to adulthood, giving YA readers the opportunity to see what life can bring when one takes the path that leads them to do the right things.

I was a bit disappointed the story was not spilt into halves – where the first half would be Kelzi’s childhood on the reservation observing how she grew alongside her grandmother’s wisdom and the other half dedicated to the mystery she would need to resolve as an adult. How did you approach choosing what to highlight as you wrote the novel?

Arnold responds: Choosing what to put in and what to leave out was not easy. However, I didn’t want to weigh too heavy on her growing up years because there was so much ahead of her and I felt restrained in the decision of how much to give to each phase of her life.

What did you enjoy most about bringing forward Kelzi’s Native American spirituality?

Arnold responds: That was truly inspirational. Where the idea came from I can’t say, for sure, only that I typed as instructed by the angel, Shannon. Once he introduced himself, I simply listened and followed his advice. I truly missed Shannon when the story ended.

Is Kelzi’s fond affection for nature and the natural world a passion you share in common? I tend to find writers who write about nature tend to love being outside and breathing in the joy they find.

Arnold responds: I like the outdoors but not as much as Kelzi. I have allergies.

Aside from being a writer your portfolio of artwork is beautiful and lovely – you focus on everyday images of ordinary people whilst creating realism in your portraits. How did you first start creating your art and what are your mediums of choice?

Arnold responds: Thank you for your kind comment concerning my artwork. I didn’t start painting until I was in my 30’s. One thing I’ve found is that when I’m working on a painting, it’s like I’m telling a story and when I’m working on a manuscript it like painting a picture. I work with Oils and Acrylic. I also enjoy colored pencils and pastels.

What types of stories do you enjoy reading for pleasure?

Arnold responds: I enjoy mysteries, stories about miracles, historical novels and science fiction.

What renews your spirit when your not writing, researching or creating your artwork?

Arnold responds: My husband is in the temple presidency at the St. George Temple so we are in the temple 4 days a week.

About Joann Arnold

JoAnn Arnold

“The Buckskin Trail” is the sixth book in JoAnn’s library of authorship. Writing it invited her into yet another realm, one that charts a higher path.

“Miracles for Michael,” “Journey of the Promise,” “Pages From the Past,” “The Silent Patriots” and her first fantasy, “Prince Etcheon and the Secret of the Ancient,” have taken JoAnn on some amazing imaginative journeys. “The Buckskin Trail” is no exception.

JoAnn lives in Santa Clara, Utah, with her husband, Brent.

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