Interview with the Writer behind #ClassicAlice (Kate Hackett) whilst an #IndieGoGo campaign is wrapping up to #SaveAlice!

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You might remember a very short time ago, I blogged about a wicked sweet vlog style YouTube series entitled “Classic Alice”?! Today, I have the pleasure of bringing an interview AND LIVE! Q&A to you, featuring Kate Hackett the writerly creative visionary behind “Classic Alice”!

The important bits to know are as follows:

The LIVE conversation in the comment threads will start @ 5:30pm LA (PST) | 8:30pm NYC (EST) The comment threads will be *OPEN!* throughout the day leading up to the live event! Ms. Hackett will be responding to your comments & questions directly, wherein you have the chance to respond and interact with her when she arrives @ 5:30pm Pacific! (think: West Coast USA!)

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Classic Alice badge by Classic Alice

{ Back-Story on “Classic Alice” }

Classic Alice, is a vlog-style mockumentary series on YouTube, and is
geared towards teens and young adults. It is the story of a girl who gets a
bad grade on a test and decides to live her life according to classic
literature. The show brings the value of humanities to the forefront by
interacting with fans in an educational way.

Classic Alice, funded on Kickstarter early last year, raised north of $9k
for Books 2-7. The Series has since garnered a drove of fans, and in an
effort to #SaveAlice, a few spirited fans decided to embark on a crowd-
funding journey of their own. Moved by the support, Kate Hackett &
team are at it again, looking to produce another 25-30 webisodes. With
$10k already raised 5 days into the campaign, there’s no telling what
will happen in the remaining days.

{ Creative Team }

Photo Credit: Jonathan Vandiveer
Photo Credit: Jonathan Vandiveer

Kate Hackett is an up and coming actress in Los Angeles, California, known for a quick wit and an ability to dig deep emotionally. She has been acting since she was four years old, all the way back in Maryland. She grew up doing musicals (she sings!) and other straight plays, but made the transition to film when she attended Boston University for college. Kate has worked on many independent films and commercials and has produced, starred in, and written her own content. She is fully trained in the Stanislavski, Adler, and Meisner techniques (see resume for schools) and has both studied and performed at UCB, Upright Citizen’s Brigade, in Los Angeles and with Jackson’s Onus, an awesome improv troupe. Kate loves dramatic acting, but is equally versed in comedy. Her web series, which she wrote and stars in, reached over 230,000 views in six short months – you can view it here. She believes strongly in writing and creating her own material, so there’s always something new just around the corner! What’s your favorite book? Lolita, Nabakov

Tony NotoTony Noto saw Braveheart and decided to do exactly that. And by that, I mean swing swords at Englishmen with his face painted blue. After he was done saving Scotland, he graduated with a Film and Theater degree from the University of Texas and moved to Los Angeles to bring his gentlemanly charm to Hollywood. Tony is often referred to as a young mischievous Matthew McConaughey with the intensity of Michael C. Hall. Currently, Tony studies Human Behavior with Candace Silvers, granddaughter of Phil Silvers, who has worked with and coached Chris Evans, Gary Oldman, Brad Pitt, and Josh Radnor. Tony also has studied all four levels at Upright Citizens Brigade and has blended his training to develop the smart ass hero who you love to hate. Or hate to love, you choose. As well as acting Tony is a sword fighter and does fencing and stage combat in Burbank at Tim Weske’s Swordplay LA. You read that last sentence correctly. What’s your favorite book? Game of Thrones duh! Iliad, Odyssey, The Alchemist.



Elise was born in Asheville, North Carolina and grew up the middle of three children. She had a love of performing from a very young age, first performing as a lead on the community theater stage of Decatur, Alabama at the age of 11. Elise studied acting in New York City at the Ted Bardy Studio, a Meisner Based Conservatory style school. To round out her education, she also completed classes in Movement and auditioning, and studied Dialects with Gordon Jacoby before relocating to Los Angeles in 2010.

(Lex) Alexis is Founder / Producer at Bam! PRODUCED., LLC and has created and developed content for a few leading platforms in new media. After showcasing her web series Bullets last year, Ms. Edelman has garnered attention for her work, having received 3 accolades for the series including an award for Outstanding Producing in a Drama Series. She is currently working hard on developing Season 2. Ms. Edelman has also produced “Catching Fireflies”, which is set for Oscar contention in 2015, and “Pathological”, a short film currently circling the festival circuit. In addition to her work at Bam!, Ms. Edelman has had the opportunity to work for Joe Digital, Inc. for the last several years on several digital series for the MSN Video Network and on a few big hits including “American Idol”, “The X-Factor”, and “So You Think You Can Dance”, while Joe Digital was serving as FOX’s digital content production and strategy partner.

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Classic Alice Trailer Books 1-7 via Classic Alice


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How did the expanding evolution of “Classic Alice” come to life originally? Was it a conceived idea that would walk across media outlets of creative play and interaction? Or was the idea evolving as you were creating it?

Hackett responds: I was asked to write a book-recommendation YouTube vehicle for myself to host, but I don’t think I’m personally charming enough to host anything for more than 1 millisecond, so I proposed an alternative: what if we shot something in narrative form?
THAT SOUNDS EXPENSIVE”, the production company declared.
“Not if we shoot in blog-format,” I slyly pitched.
“What, like Lizzie Bennet?”
Sigh. But yes, kind of like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, an insanely popular web series that retold Pride & Prejudice in a vlog style format. Ours, however, would follow characters who are purposefully reliving classic literature. We wanted to encourage kids to pick up books that had some substance (IE, if you like Twilight, you’ll love Wuthering Heights kinda thing!)
Eventually, the company moved to a different project but I decided to make the show on my own (well. with an amazing team)! And here we are.
I love how you stuck to your idea and continued to seek a way to bring it to life outside the original pitch whilst giving yourself a vehicle to carry forward and inspire new readers of Classical Literature in the wake of what you were able to produce! It is an uplifting story of how empowering the belief in your own project and the belief in the creativity of new mediums of film can translate to an audience who is seeking an alternative to what is on tv itself. Personally, I think I’d take Wuthering Heights ‘over’ Twilight, but that’s just me! Laughs. Also, I wasn’t that keen on The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, as I prefer the style and writing knitted into “Classic Alice” a heap more than what I found on the other series itself. Thankfully you came up with this idea that has a broader appeal for greater reach!


How did you select the initial 7 books to focus on during the “Classic Alice” series? As you previously stated you found solace in having read the books prior to writing about them. Did you ever put thought into attempting to do a ‘book’ for “Classic Alice” prior to reading it?

Hackett responds: It’s kind of a weird process; I have to see if the book fits the show and if the show fits the book, so sometimes I try something and it doesn’t quite work out. I always look for the “how can I update this for today” angle, that’s important, and once I find that it’s GENERALLY smooth sailing. It doesn’t always pan out. Count of Monte Cristo, for example, would’ve been awesome, but getting Alice into that revenge place (+ jail??) was too difficult for us last season. It just didn’t fit our story arcs.
I’ve never done a book without having read it before; it would take too much time to sit and read the entire thing first and the books I have in my brain tend to be what I gravitate toward anyway. It’s easier all around.
Your process actually makes ‘film sense’ as much as it sounds solid from the perspective of a writer whose an actor trying to convey the important bits of a classical work to the screen in a format that is new and allows a lot of freedom whilst confining the scope a bit of what can be produced per segment or book of focus. I can respect your choice to go with what you know and to expand on what is already there by memory vs. attempting to sort it out on the fly! Quite smart and proves you have a lot of stories inside you that can be pulled forward for the series!

What first perked your interest to explore acting and taking on characters that you could bring to an audience at such a young age of four or five?

Hackett responds: My mom asked me one day if I wanted to keep taking ballet lessons or if I wanted to move to acting and I resolutely cried “Acting!”. I could not possibly tell you why — I just always liked playing pretend, and I sing so I could do musical theater back east. I’m sure my parents regret this discovery now; once I was in a class, I feel in love.
I never believe there is a ‘right or wrong’ answer to how we find our personal niche in life nor how to bring out our joy and happiness for what inspires us to share our creativity with the world. You could say the same were true for myself — as soon as I discovered the written words inside stories as a child who overcame dyslexia (as it was a bit of a uphill climb initially to sort out how to read), you could say I ‘fell in love’ with the beauty of the words and how those words transcended us to ‘take a journey’ through our mind’s eye and back through the journey of the characters. Falling in love with your craft is a beautiful thing to express! Rock on!

What was your main focus of study in your younger years that led you down the path of pursuing this professionally?

Hackett responds: I just loved it. It’s not an interesting answer, sorry! I just really enjoyed discovering characters and their nuances, unwinding them, and then having real feelings in front of people — I love letting people experience emotions that they may otherwise bury.
Again — I love the honesty of your answers, and the purity of how acting etch into your bones and drew out a lifelong passion for bringing characters to life in 3-Dimensional space! A bit like how I love to explore characters writ out of the ink that spilt out of my pen! Characters invigorate us to explore their layers and to seek out a way to have empathy for who they are as much as to understand who they are based on what they give us to perceive. Emotional conviction and the feelings that come through an actor on behalf of a role their playing is aces for the audience member who can feel what the actor is translating to screen. Love that you found something that enriches your own soul whilst you travel through different roles and characters!

As one of your favourite memories is reading “The Secret Garden”, did you have a classical appreciation as a reader that inspired you to tackle a way to make classical literature more transparent to modern readers?

Hackett responds: Does this make me sound self-inflated? I feel like it may: absolutely! I grew up reading classics and I love interpreting art, so the show gives me a great medium for that. There’s a reason these books transcend time and there’s a reason we keep reading them; something in a classic novel resonates on a deeply human level, so there’s absolutely a translatable interpretation.
Hmm, no, I didn’t think you sounded that way at all!? Odd. Different perception, I suppose!? I thought perhaps it was your history with classical lit that might have helped you interpret the classics in a media art form that translates directly to readers or to those who are curious about reading but perhaps couldn’t connect yet with the stories until they saw it adapted and presented in a way that made it feel real to them. Yes, I completely agree on the legacy of classical literature and how the stories seek a deeper level of where they can take us all.

I share your belief that reading and writer are interlinked together, as one fuells the creativity of the other. It is a circle of knowledge that fundamentally inspires creativity. Did acting give foundation to your pursuit of writing your own material to perform?

Hackett responds: For sure. In fact, when I sit down to write, I tend to “act out” the lines, especially if a moment is giving me trouble. I know that there’s a writer’s block because there might be something important in that moment, so I can work through it organically and then just record the words. I go on long hikes and do that too; it clears my head and lets me just “experience” (oy this sounds so flighty) whatever it is I need to find & then I can just translate that onto the page.
Not flighty but honest about your process and how you seek to stay connected to your writing whilst owning the fact that there are moments where your blocked and/or lacking the inspiration to find the words that you need to go forward with whichever piece your working on next. I think sometimes writers forget to share their vulnerable sides, the bits where they get stuck or the times where they need to ‘get out’ of their headspace and/or seek out an avenue of release that helps tether the story back together. I definitely believe in being out-of-doors as nature has a soothing solace to it’s setting and I oft find myself creatively inspired when I return!

What was the hardest part of creating the “Classic Alice” series? How did you encourage the companionship of your dedicated followers?

Hackett responds: It depends on what part of the process we’re in re: the hardest bit! I find crowdfunding  ( exhausting; it’s a lot of press/publicity tours/work and I’m not great at being consistently engaging. But sometimes writing drives me crazy, acting, EDITING. Everything has its moments.

I haven’t a clue in the world why people are so dedicated to us & me! I just try to engage and support conversation, but… No idea!

I’m truly hoping this spotlight, interview, & LIVE Q&A can help stretch the word out to other classical readers who haven’t discovered “Classic Alice” yet and might have a way they can help bring the next books to fruition! I love how you created the ‘refer’ a person to the campaign in lieu of contributions directly!? That was a smart idea as not everyone can contribute but could tweet and/or share links to the campaign page. You’ve been very inventive with your incentives and how readers can take part! I hope this is a great ‘last week push!’ to the finish line!

What is the most fun of creating “Classic Alice”?

Hackett responds: When everything comes together smoothly & we have a great show! When we’re on set and everything flows, when we find nice little moments, I love that stuff.

Is there any book or author that you personally see as a ‘challenge’ to bring into the “Classic Alice” platform? And, if so, why?

Hackett responds: Yes. Anyone not public domain. WINK.

I’ve discarded a fair number of classic options because they don’t fit, but I’m not sure I’d say anything is ‘hard’; there’s always an angle. You just have to approach it the right way. Turn the book around, find the analogy… I bet I could come up with a log line for almost anything; again, there’s a reason these books are classics!

How far reaching has the audience of “Classic Alice” become? Is it world-wide or limited to North America? Which platform do you find the most interaction by the watchers of the series enjoying most? (i.e. YouTube, Podcast, Twitter, etc)

Hackett responds: It’s EVERYWHERE! We have a cool map that is a perk on our IndieGoGo (; you can put your name and location on there and it’s been really awesome to see people from Europe and Australia and all over the globe contributing.

I did try to find the map — honest I did! I couldn’t find the link or the route to see it!? Hmm,… so not a techie!

What do you see projecting forward as “Classic Alice” continues to grow (and theoretically let’s say the campaign is a success and you gain funding) is the next big step of growth you foresee?

Hackett responds: World domination!!!!!!!!

Now your just being ‘classically cheeky’!

Do you have any other projects in the mix you can talk about that are outside the ‘transmedia’ world and/or which could strengthen through your experience with “Classic Alice”?

Hackett responds: Absolutely. I’m a cast member on Social Medium, created by the amazing Tara Jayn. You can check that out here via Ty Film Productions.

I know your a screenwriter, however, have you taken up the pen in the classical sense as well? If so, are you planning to release novels on the Indie circuit?

Hackett responds: Oh dear. Yes I have! And would I ever release them?… I don’t know! I haven’t thought about it.

I do have plans for an e-book from Alice (shhh! no one knows!) but it’s just plans right now.

You didn’t mean for me NOT to include that in this interview, right? Oh, dear, did I just let out a spoiler!? Hmm,…

With your busy schedule and planning, what do you to rejuvenate your joy?

Hackett responds: Hiking. Reading. Both calm my brain down and I absolutely desperately need that. I have a wonderful set of parents and I chat with them and my best friend (who drew our adorable logo!) can cheer me up no matter what.

Kate Hackett | Site | @HackettKate | Facebook | YouTube

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I want to personally thank Ms. Hackett for reaching out to me a short bit ago to host a special feature on “Classic Alice” as it gave me the wonderful opportunity to not only bring together this LIVE Q&A event but a chance to start to watch a series that I was genuinely curious about! I had meant to finish watching the episodes I had selected with Ocelittles help (the dearly friendly fans of Classic Alice!) except to say I was a bit delayed in that goal due to things that arose out of the blue! I am still going to try to blog about the episodes *prior to Tuesday!* as a last minute effort to help promote the cause to #SaveAlice! Until then, I am thankful you have stopped by to support this event & to participate in a live conversation with the creative behind the series itself!

On a personal note, I agree with Ms. Hackett about the best ways to have ‘down time’ are to be spent with family, dear friends, and the natural world! Reading by far is something I will always enjoy in life because I get to take a chance on a story giving me an experience that will light my mind afire for characters and settings that I have not yet explored!

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This blog post was inspired by the:

#SaveAlice badge via Classic Alice Visit the campaign on IndieGoGo!

At time of editing this post $26,630 was raised of a goal of $60,000!

Deadline for crowdfunding campaign is: TUESDAY, 17th of February 2015!

I am working with the team behind Classic Alice to bring this, special feature to Jorie Loves A Story! As I was quite impressed with the quality of production, original writing, and the ability to fuse a direct connection to classical literature in a full-on immersion experience for those who might not have approached Classical Lit without an eye of caution! This is a series that instantly would appeal to those of us within “the classics club” and of whom are attempting to continuously read, discover, blog, & chatter about the works of classical literature that curate a thought-provoking experience out of our time spent inside their pages! In a way, Classic Alice is developing a new medium of exploring how the classics are still pertinent to the 21st Centurions who are hungry for quality over quantity in their reading queues!

IF you are coming through s/o via The Classics Club, THANK YOU for coming on short notice and hope you’ll enjoy the event! I am in full gratitude to Adam & Jenna for taking my convo earlier!

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Classic Alice: Site | Episodic Archive | IndieGoGo | Twitter | Podcast

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47 responses to “Interview with the Writer behind #ClassicAlice (Kate Hackett) whilst an #IndieGoGo campaign is wrapping up to #SaveAlice!

  1. I want to THANK the “Classic Alice” viewers & fans who made tonight’s LIVE Q&A a success! A special s/o to Shannen who brought up some interesting threads of the conversation that I would not have known about otherwise! I was thrilled to bits to see her friend Beka was able to come through, as well as Kaye! Felicity it was wicked seeing you come-in towards the end of the time we had with Ms Hackett! :)

    Please continue to share your Questions, as I will be letting Ms Hackett know when new ones come in for her to respond too! :) I wasn’t sure if she had a full 2 hrs or an 1hr and a half to give to us tonight. Therefore, I wanted to post a note of gratitude to those who came and to Ms Hackett for taking the time to answer your questions! :)

    This blog post had a high volume of traffic all day long, including highest hits per hour! I am hopeful this will help #SaveAlice and spread the word of #ClassicAlice to new readers & fans worldwide!

  2. You’ve talked a lot about Andrew’s need to control situations – watching the videos, interfering etc. With this in mind will there be fallout from him submitting Alice’s stories without her knowledge? Or is that something that has been dealt with; that she’s completely okay with because he is her friend/boyfriend and she knows he did it from a place of love/caring?

  3. Getting to my more random character questions, unless there are actual important questions below, does Andrew have a birthday? Because we’ve had a full year of transmedia now and no mention of one (That I can recall. Though I could be forgetting something).

    Also, Kate, regarding Hogwarts and the 3D printer, would you just print the physical building or would it be the magical world of Hogwarts with magic and owls and professors etc. (That’s been plaguing me all night).

  4. To follow-up on my earlier Q on IndieGoGo – what is the next project you’ll tackle if the funds do not come through? I’d like hope there are still enough hours, but I know your just shy of meeting the halfway mark tonight.

  5. Hello, I’m actually the Beka that Shannen mentioned earlier. (I’m sneaking away from Stats homework…shhh)

    Yes I would just like to have coffee with Nathan. Its literally a dream I’ve had.

    However, I guess I curious about what Nathan is to YOU. When you made Nathan a character, was it really just a reason to get Andrew/Tony in the frame? And when did you decided to make him more than that? Its interesting for me to hear you talk about him, because I am not 100% sure why I am so fascinated with Nathan. If he was supposed to only be a small, no face, no sound character why do you think people are so fascinated with him?

    • Hallo Beka! Happy to see that you were able to participate in the Q&A! :) I love how your asking about Nathan as it a keen question to pitch and outside what I would have thought to ask myself! Thanks for contributing to the convo! :)

    • It’s the same reason everyone loved Wilson on Home Improvement — it’s weird, it’s a gimmick, it’s a little silly, and it helps us tell the story better with a somewhat exaggerated wink to our audience. We know it’s a dumb tool. You know it is too. But we love it.

  6. Similar to Jorie’s last question, does Alice have any poets that she’s particularly inspired by, or enjoys reading? The show hasn’t really touched poetry – and is that something you’d like to introduce in later books?

    And the same question about poetry to you, Kate.

      • Oh! I should have been clear, I didn’t mean as a book/season, I more meant just ‘in world’. We have a good idea of some of the literature that Alice is interested in beyond the books she reads for the project, so I was wondering if she might discuss some poetry or mention it in that way.

        (Tess of the d’Urbervilles traumatised me when I was young so I’ve been scared of Hardy ever since)

        • I haven’t read Tess but from the readers who recom’d me to read the book, I am questioning if I should read it, as although the story has merit, I have a feeling it’s going to be a difficult read for me. I think this is why I keep putting it off! Thanks for mentioning how Hardy freaked you out! :)

          • In context, I was reading it at an all girls Catholic, independent, private school, and we were still quite young, so the discussion was VERY odd. All I can remember thinking was Hardy describes a lot of trees and not a lot of plot and there was a character named Angel and that did my head in.

            However, as an almost adult I do feel the need to reread it and form a better opinion. So we’ll see :)

  7. Would Alice ever want to attempt reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets rather than one of his plays?! Perhaps take out life lessons from the poems themselves on how to embrace love and life!?

  8. Earlier in the Interview you mentioned a bit of a preview of what could come next as far as your stories going into print – did you want to expand a bit on this tonight? Would it be a chronicle of Alice’s life not seen on the series and/or a timeline outside of “Classic Alice” completely?

  9. If the #SaveAlice campaign falls a bit shy of it’s goal – will you be able to produce new episodes of “Classic Alice” or will the monies go back to the crowdfunders? I never knew what happened in a ‘worst case scenario’ of a campaign?

  10. In the spirit of the Serial Killer AU that was being discussed the other day on twitter, wherein Alice and Andrew are psychopaths and live out classic literary crimes, what crimes/murders from classic novels do you think Evil Alice would go for?

  11. What is the weirdest hint/teaser/tidbit of information you could give us about books 8 and beyond (feel free to be non-specific as I know the titles of certain books are perk-related)? Like, if there were going to be wombats, for example. That kind of weird.

  12. I have a question from Beka (she’s studying, so sadly she can’t be with us this evening). She’s a BIG Nathan fan so she’d like to know:

    1. Is Nathan single and willing to be in a long term relationship?
    2 She hopes he’s actually not a serial killer (I’m not sure where that idea came from. Possibly me…)
    3. If he IS a serial killer she’d like him to know that she’s willing to be his partner in crime.
    4. And finally, she’s interested in the idea that was floating around a while ago that Nathan is actually a pysch student using Alice and Andrew as a case study. And I, too, found this idea fascinating. Thoughts? (She’d also like him to know that she’s an excellent note taker if he needs his own intern…)

    To be honest I’m not sure if she wants answers about Nathan, or if she just wants to have coffee with him? Either way.

  13. Hey Kate, I’m a big fan of Russian literature and I loved the Crime & Punishment arc – I thought the novel immediately brought a depth and slightly darker and more realistic edge to the characters and storyline (and, obviously, it was brilliant to watch Alice realise what she was getting herself into). Any chance we might be seeing some more Russian classics, or classics from a more diverse range of countries/cultures beyond America/England, in Books 8+?

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