Blog Book Tour |”Gluten-Free on a Budget” by Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer #gfree for the budget conscience home cook who attempts to eat as healthy as they can!

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Cookery Delights | Savoury & Ambrosial | Cookbook reviews by the Bookish Foodie Banner created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Monstruo Estudio.

Acquired Book By: I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Cedar Fort whereupon I am thankful to have such a diverse amount of novels and non-fiction titles to choose amongst to host. I received a complimentary copy of “Gluten-Free on a Budget” direct from the publisher Front Table Books (imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Inspired to Read:

My review on behalf of this cookbook from Front Table Books has me quite excited because I am always on the look-out for how to make ‘Gluten-Free’ foods & sweets without breaking the budget! It was quite ironic that the author of the book added ‘budget’ into the title because I rarely say ‘breaking the bank’ and/or ‘breaking the wallet’, as I tend to talk in generalities that I think relate to everyone; so being we all have a food budget, the word felt more akin to what is relatable to me! I have some wicked awesome GF ingredients I want to use and I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to try one or two of the recipes inside! This marks my third *gf!* cookbook to review! Too exciting for words!

as shared on Jorie’s Box of Joy, No. 4

Although I was also hoping to find wicked good ‘staple recipes’ that you could sort out ahead of time, whilst having a bevy of ‘go to choices’ that could compliment any dish and/or meal you were planning to make as these are the general bits inside cooking that tend to give you the most heartache trying to sort out whilst ‘in-progress’ with a current meal! Biscuits, cookies, small cakes, or even accompaniments to a main dish are generally the tricky bits to sort out whilst you are going from cookbook to cookbook or in a last ditch effort hopping on the internet to run a ‘search’ for ‘whichever recipe you need’ at that hour it’s warranted to be found!

One thing I love about the cookbooks I’ve been discovering through Front Table Books is that they are each a piece of the overall meal planning puzzle! Let me explain after I give you an introduction to what you can find inside the book:

Blog Book Tour |”Gluten-Free on a Budget” by Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer #gfree for the budget conscience home cook who attempts to eat as healthy as they can!Gluten-Free on a Budget
by Chandice Probst
Source: Direct from Publisher

Eat Gluten-Free without Going Broke!

Keep those pennies in your pockets - your gluten-free lifestyle doesn't have to cost a fortune. Now you can enjoy all your family's favourite foods while cutting the gluten and the cost!

Try all the delicious recipes, like . . .

Crepes with Sweet Cream and Strawberries

Chicken Pot Pies

Mini Banana Breads

Chocolate Caramel Toffee Cake

From breakfast to dinner and dessert, this is a full-course cookbook on a one-course budget. And with food that's so delicious and so good for you and your bank account, this is one cookbook you'll want to use for every meal!

Places to find the book:

Borrow from a Public Library

Add to LibraryThing

Genres: Baking, Cookery, Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking

Published by Front Table Books

on 13th January, 2015

Format: Paperback

Pages: 240

Published by: Front Table Books (@FrontTableBooks)

an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc (@CedarFort)

Available Formats: Paperback & Ebook

Converse via: #GlutenFreeOnABudget, #gfree & #glutenfree

About Chandice Probst

Chandice Probst is the Founder of popular website, which is known as the #1 gluten free giveaway site and provides individuals with recipes, reviews, giveaways and much more. She is Co-Founder and CEO of Gluten Free Calendar, which hosts Celebrate Celiac™ events and Celiac Awareness Nights with professional athletic teams nationwide to promote celiac awareness, raise proceeds for non-profit research facilities and achieve the companies slogan of Unity in the Gluten Free Community™.

Chandice founded the Celiac Disease Foundation Arizona East Valley Chapter in 2009 and enjoyed serving as the President for four years. She has a Bachelors of Science in exercise and health wellness from Arizona State University and graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors. Recently she joined the Delight Gluten Free Magazine team as a regular contributing writer and is also an Expert Among Us writer for Chandice has been featured on ABC 15 Sonoran Living, Channel 12 Arizona Midday and in print publications, Women’s World, The Arcadian Journal and Total Kid Magazine. She was a regular contributor on Channel 3 Your Life A to Z in Arizona for over a year as their gluten-free guru before her family made the move to St. George, UT. In her spare time, she also teaches gluten-free cooking classes and seminars and enjoys being a guest speaker nationwide at different gluten-free expos and events. In addition to her above professions, Chandice considers her role as a wife, mother and everyday cook to her family to be of greatest value.

Tana Besendorfer has been a passionate cook since the age of 11. She got her first job at her hometown restaurant, Mom’s Café, making pies. Tana is known by all who associate with her as one of the greatest cooks. She is a foodie with focus on health and nutrition to heal the body. Tana is currently a buyer for Real Foods Market where she seeks out the best products to be featured in these one of a kind stores. Her greatest passion is still cooking with and for her family. She especially loves making the holidays more enjoyable for everyone with themed, nutritious food that would put a smile on anyone’s face. Friends of the family often congregate at her home just to enjoy her “famous” cooking.

Tana Besendorfer on

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

In Gluten-Free on a Budget, you get to have a wicked stellar ‘reader marker’ fest whilst you pick out which colours of the markers you want to use to highlight specific recipes throughout the book itself! I recently took a liking to using these whilst reading novels, but I’ve now *discovered!* an added bonus of joy: marking select recipe pages for easy & quick reference after I put the cookbook down! This is quite handy for a girl whose passion for cookery delights far outweighs her ability to whip up a batch of ‘this or that’ as fast as her eyes drink in the ingredients & directions! Laughs with mirth!

For this reason, my copy is peppered with the following:

  • neon yellow : Apps or Starters
  • neon orange : Soups or Salads, etc
  • lovely purple : Main Dishes
  • neon green : Breads & Rolls
  • neon pink : Deserts (*le sigh* most markers by half!)
  • ruddy red : ‘Festively Creative’

I quickly noticed that there was a lovely focus within the recipes for drawing out dishes from South of the Border! I happily was over the moon in bubbly smiles seeing Mexican influences sprinkled throughout the different sections because I personally have loved Mexican and/or Tex-Mex styles of food since I was quite young! Mind you, this is of course, why I’m marked down for the Daily Tortilla blog tour! I haven’t had the proper chance to get the supplies necessary to ‘tinker about’ in my kitchen with authentic South American & Latin American cuisine, but from what I gather from inside this gem of a book I’m reading (and the premise of the forthcoming tour!) is that you can honestly start to break down the complicities that make some of us ‘shy away’ from attempting them at all!

  • Chicken Enchiladas and Mexican Rice | p128 | you have a bit of flexibility with this recipe as I do not often have green chilies on hand but I do have jalapeños! coconut oil & cumin are standards in my spice shelf and cooking nook! I love the high heat set point to coconut oil inasmuch as I love the ‘light’ coconutty infusion it gives to foods! beyond yum, dear hearts!
  • Navajo Tacos | p130 | most of these recipes call for ‘individual’ gfree flours, however, when I’m in a pinch I tend to ‘alternate’ these requirements for Bob’s Red Mill All-Purpose GF Flour! Not the most ideal switch-out if your finding six key ingredients, but necessary for when your in-between re-stocking! I do need to remind myself to ‘add-in’ more baking powder when I use GF Flour!
  • Pao de Queijo | p148 | I seriously have never heard of this — I appreciated the author’s note informing me about how she found this Brazilian recipe via her daughter and simply fell in love with it at a restaurant who perfected it! How seriously awesome it is now included in this cookbook!? When I get the chance to make this recipe, it will be my *first time!* using ‘Queso Fresco’ and I can see Aarón Sánchez smirking! (he’s in the national tv adverts for the brand!)
  • Mexican Wedding Cookies | p202 | Perhaps all singletons love weddings as much as I do, but finding nifty keepsake surprises to give to a bride & groom that is both handmade and homemade isn’t always the easiest thing to be creative in seeking out! I’d love to pair these cookies with a hand knitted ‘tin’ lined with parchment and have the cookies inside!

There are equal portions of Asian cooking  practices inside too, where you will find such bang-on brilliant inclusions that you would normally happily find engaged on a Chinese Buffet:

  • Hawaiian Chicken | p96 | a wicked keen way to use your ‘canned pineapple’ which has extensive ‘end date’ usage up til 2017! you can trust that I am going to sort out a way to use this recipe soon!
  • Sweet and Sour Chicken | p108 | the only exclusion I’d make is the ‘ham’ for the ‘ham fried rice’ as personally I have found ‘ham’ to be far saltier of late than not!
  • These two are the ‘perfect pair’ recipes because they both require the same key ingredients: chicken & pineapple! Match made in my pantry heaven, I tell you!

I’m quite a bit afield of myself, in that I never even mentioned that the first portions of the cookbook are dedicated to informing and educating you on ‘gluten-free’ sensibilities and lifestyle choices that are both advantageous to those who are in dire need of following a strict diet and those of us (like myself and my parents) who are ‘gluten-sensitive’ but not dearly so. We’re all walking our own lifepath towards better wellness and health, but I appreciate writers of cookbooks who go the extra mile to explain their own path whilst sharing the knowledge of what they’ve learnt! It is a beautiful circle of open-mindedness and compassion for self-education for those who pick up their cookbook and discover a new kernel of insight.

The interior layout of Gluten-Free on a Budget has a ‘rockstar and punk’ vibe to it, as red & black colour coordinated thematics are diced up on the page! You have that spunky –> arrow hand bloke leading you to the directions per recipe, whilst ‘old school’ font marking the page counts are by ‘No1’ reference codes rather than straight-up styling of saying “page1” (or paging page one please!); these subtle differences in both layout, style, and focus make reading it a wicked stellar read!

You get caught up in the near ‘Post-Punk Kitchen‘ meets ‘Nadia G‘ vibe!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

Remember those ‘staples’ I mentioned wanting to learn how to cook on a regular basis!? Before I conclude my thoughts on this delish and lovely book, I wanted to share the recipes I’m thankful the co-authoring team included:

  • Crepes | absolutely positively one of the hardest to make items you can ever dare to hope to bring to a plate and table!
  • Buttermilk pancakes | spoke about this previously on behalf of Front Table Books — if you think I was afraid to tackle crepes, then pancakes and waffles are inching towards the No2 spot!
  • Latkes | Potato Cakes | equally hard to equate out the ingredients to where savoury marriages taste without sacrificing the ‘essence’ of what they are meant to be!
  • Pot Pie | do you know how wicked versatile a staple ‘pie’ recipe could give you freedom of choice over how to continue to serve ‘pot pie’ but without such dexterity that would zap boredom? quite chuffed and amazed seeing this!
  • Biscuits | because you do NOT honestly want to keep baking them OUT of a BOX!
  • Potato rolls | simply ‘beyond yum & over the moon additively wicked!’ and now I can make them at home? ooh, yes please!
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches | perhaps not a typical ‘staple’ but how many of us grew up in the “Klondike” generation of familiarity? *hands raised?* wicked! now celebrate the gfree way of eating them!
  • Pound Cake | I know someone just sat up straighter! How oft does ‘pound cake’ come up in everyday foodie lives? Quite a heap! Especially at the holidays! Now there is no fear of having a light cake to dress up as you please! (mine will be dressed to the nines in fresh berries!)

And, then they added such lovely gems as:

  • Watergate Salad | p72 | a pud made of ‘pistachios’! not quite sure how this is ‘budget’ friendly being that this particular nut is NEVER reduced far enough to warrant purchasing but the ‘idea’ of it is alluring in spades!
  • Naan | p90 | truly I earmarked this off to try in tandem with another author’s take on Naan via Front Table Books!
  • Cherry Chip Cookies | p160 | until my eyes locked on this recipe I didn’t even realise there were such a thing as “cherry chips”!

As you can see, I have a heap of future savoury & ambrosial delights ahead of me!

I can nearly taste the aromas enveloping my nose & twitching my palette!

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via

This Blog Tour Stop is courtesy of Cedar Fort, Inc.:

I used the standard key reference of ‘p1’ vs ‘No1’ to denote page numbers in lieu of readers and visitors alike becoming properly confused by why I was swapping one methodology of counting for another; however, I personally ADORE this part of the cookbook! It’s such a brilliant way of indexing!

Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

One thing I have wanted to seek out is a way to talk about what befits a book blogger’s soul – part of what makes our soul happy is the food we consume, which is why time to time I will be showcasing a healthy-minded cookbook or baking book to augment this side of my life into my book blog. For this reason, I am still quite grateful Front Table Books and Cedar Fort gave me my initial chance to feature a cookbook — as it marked a transition moment for me, as throughout December and extending into 2015 directly, I will be regularly featuring non-fiction titles as much as dipping into the Foodie Fiction section of literature which compels my heart to discover.

Virtual Road Map of “Gluten-Free on a Budget” Blog Tour can be found here:

Gluten-Free on a Budget Blog Tour via Cedar Fort Publishing & Media

Find out which Front Table Books I hosted in 2014
+ which ones are coming in 2015!
Visit with me again soon!
Threaded below this review you will find the previous *5!* Front Table Cookbooks I reviewed!

NOTE: IF you previously visited my blog earlier this week trying to find this book review, I do apologise! Due to personal reasons I was unavoidably detained from composing my final thoughts and publishing this book review. I do hope you’ve dropped back round and are enjoying seeing what gave me the best reading joy in going through Gluten-Free on a Budget! I appreciate Cedar Fort’s understanding & yours as well.

Fun Stuff for Your Blog via
In conjunction with a *NEW* Feature on Jorie Loves A Story:

The Bookish Foodie a blog feature of Jorie Loves A Story

Quite wicked happy on this being the last cookbook feature on my bookish blog for 2014, before I kick off new features & showcases in 2015 where I am going to be highlighting both fiction and non-fiction Foodie delights! I have always appreciated “Foodie Fiction”, but I am also an amateur sous chef who likes to experiment in the kitchen with her Mum! I grew up with a keen interest in savory and sweet decadence from a Mum whose culinary wanderings spanned the world. We were always a family who were considered to eat ‘bland’ food due to the fact we limited our salt intact, and we never used black pepper! Ironically, it was through the herbs and spices my Mum always fused into our cooking adventures that first sparked my own interest in getting a bit more involved than merely developing a ‘taste’ for what I appreciated. I developed my own yearnings for Indian spices (i.e. Curry Powder, Garam Marsala, Turmeric, etc) and foods, as much as I always had a hankering for extra garlic cloves due to a high concentration of Italian foods I consumed growing up. I wanted to merge my bookish joy of reading ‘Foodie Fiction’ with my quest to uncover a healthier and more vibrant way to eat, live, and thrive. Therefore, I decided to begin featuring what I consider fit under this new Feature of Jorie Loves A Story: The Bookish Foodie! As I am *exactly!* what the title eludes — I’m a bookish girl who has a Foodie soul! Drop back and spend time with me to see where this Feature takes me!

{SOURCES: Author Biography, Book Synopsis and Book Cover of “Gluten-Free on a Budget”, the blog tour badge, and the Cedar Fort badge were provided by Cedar Fort, Inc. and used by permission. Cookery Delights | Savoury & Ambrosial | Cookbook reviews by the Bookish Foodie Banner created by Jorie in Canva. Photo Credit: Unsplash Public Domain Photographer Monstruo Estudio. Post dividers badge by Fun Stuff for Your Blog via Pure Imagination. Tweets were embedded due to codes provided by Twitter. The Bookish Foodie badge created by Jorie in Canva.}

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3 responses to “Blog Book Tour |”Gluten-Free on a Budget” by Chandice Probst & Tana Besendorfer #gfree for the budget conscience home cook who attempts to eat as healthy as they can!

  1. Thank you, Jorie and Chandice! “Gluten-Free” and “Budget” are two words that will draw me right in right now! I have to cut out a lot more than that for a while, so am slowly finding good dairy substitutes which are also soy and gluten free, plus other stuff. I don’t like the expense of the baked goods, though I can find some at Trader Joe’s and some frozen, too. I want good breads and pastas, but the ones available have corn in them and I need to avoid that for a while, too.

    Anyway, SO glad to know about this book! It’s going on my wish list and I will probably be purchasing it some time soon. Is it available at Barnes, by any chance, ladies? :D

    • Hallo Donna Marie!

      :) Nice seeing you! Yes, you can find this book & other releases I’ve showcased by Cedar Fort and their imprints @ Barnes! They are regularly available at most places you can find books and/or non-fiction being sold! On a personal note, have you tried Tinkyana pasta? (Visit Tinkyana’s site) I cannot always eat regular pastas myself, and I found this particular brand easy to purchase because it is retailed at my local health food store, local grocery store, and *even!* at Super-W! It’s rice-based pasta, so if that is something you can eat, I’d check it out! I’m not sure on the break-down for other ingredients, so please read the packaging, but as far as referring you based on how consistent the cooked form of this pasta is and how lovely it is as a compliment to a dish, that I can attest is delish!

      The baked varieties in this book are wicked lovely! I need to spend time getting the ingredients I need to make them, and as each recipe tends to use the same individual ingredients (as she doesn’t use a pre-made All-Purpose GF Flour), you can simply move from one recipe to another, attempting different baked goods at the same time whilst you have the supplies on hand to do so! That is my own personal goal with this cookbook!

      I agree with you that it’s a difficult world to navigate (ingredient-wise) and that the whole journey can be a big, big learning curve! I am thankful that I could bring to your attention another healthy cookbook that can help fill a direct need!

      Let me know which recipe you try first!

      • Thanks, Jorie :) Actually, I can buy rice pastas! lol I guess my mind was more on the ones that are more like the semolina that I’m used to and they contain other flours, like corn : / I do need to get more into this because my doc wants me to do it for good reason now that I know for a fact I have leaky gut (inflammation). It’s all so time-consuming and expensive, too, so it’s doing all this food stuff AGAIN. Tired of it, but grateful for good cookbooks I will be able to refer to, and the fact that gluten-free and allergy-helpful foods are being marketed more now and more easily accessible :D

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