Blog Book Tour | “Snow Angels” by Lezlie Anderson a short story filled with a lot of heart anchored by community, faith, and the blessings of Christmas!

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Snow Angels by Lezlie Anderson

Published By: Sweetwater Books (@SweetwaterBooks),
an imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc (@CedarFortBooks)

Available Formats: Paperback, Ebook

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Acquired Book By: I am a regular tour hostess for blog tours via Cedar Fort whereupon I am thankful to have such a diverse amount of novels and non-fiction titles to choose amongst to host. I received a complimentary copy of “Snow Angels” direct from the publisher Sweetwater Books (imprint of Cedar Fort, Inc) in exchange for an honest review. I did not receive compensation for my opinions or thoughts shared herein.

Inspired to Read:

Short stories have truly inspired me each time I snuggle inside them as by being a book blogger I developed a keen awareness of their joyfulness of being read! Prior to book blogging, I must confess the short story eluded me, but as you will find throughout my Story Vault, there are quite a few short story collections of anthologies as much as individual short stories or novellas that have sparked a genuine interest in my literary heart to consume!

This particular short appealed to me as I grew up giving back to those in need as much as I was raised to be aware of others in my neighbourhood and community. This was a grounding of humility as much as it was an awareness of the greater good can be directly impacted by small acts of charity, kindness, and the joy of giving not being dependent on gratitude or a return of a reward. Kindness is sparked out of the beauty of joyfulness and a giving heart whose only return should be the warmth of how it feels to give without expecting anything given back to the giver.

I believe this is why at the core of who I am as a knitter, is a charity knitter who loves to accept donated  yarn in order to spin new patterns of fiber sequences which will uplift the receiver of my finished projects. I like to knit in joy as I stitch whilst laying thought to prayer especially when I am knitting prayer shawls but also with other small projects which once given I hope will carry with them a small fraction of the joy I had in stitching the pattern together, one stitch at a time. Outside of knitting, I have had such a wonderful warmth of spirit overtake me when I have given to someone in need or have acted in a way that gave an unexpected joy to someone who never felt they’d receive an unexpected gift from someone they knew or didn’t know personally.

Christmas and Thanksgiving are two of the best holidays as they seek to establish a way of slowing down and highlighting the bounty of blessings we receive each year in all the small ways people affect our lives. We each have the capacity of giving joy and happiness to another person, and the gifts we give do not even have to be contained in an item of what can be seen but can be as rewarding as a simple smile given out of a moment of grace or a spontaneous conversation knitted out of a common thread of interest. We uplift each other in numerous ways, but also through our contributions of service where we are helping someone in a way that they might not even expect a need was needing to be fulfilled.

In this way, and numerous others I am not highlighting a story about a family who was inspired to contribute to their neighbourhood in a way their neighbours would not expect truly gave me a wink of a smile and a mirth of joy in finding it!

Blog Book Tour | “Snow Angels” by Lezlie Anderson a short story filled with a lot of heart anchored by community, faith, and the blessings of Christmas!Snow Angels
by Lezlie Anderson

At Christmastime, a little charity can be contagious. . .

Tired of their kids grumbling through family night, one Mom and Dad decide to take action - by giving them ski masks! Donning their masks, the family goes out to shovel snow anonymously for a few neighbours. But with a little Christmas magic, these 'snow angels' end up changing their whole neighbourhood.

Share the joy of service with your friends and family. This sweet story is the perfect size to give to everyone on your list and makes a great reminder of the reason reason for the season.


Reader's Note: This short story is considered to be a 'booklet' rather than a novella or a short story. It is printed and bound just like a print copy of a book, with a beautiful front cover and back jacket! The author's biography is the last page of the booklet and the story pages are surrounded by snowflakes! On the publisher's (Sweetwater Books) site, this story is related to being happily read by readers of two other holiday stories I've recently reviewed:

I whole-heartedly agree with the publisher, as each of these stories brings you such an uplift of joy! The publisher went on to express readers might be appreciate reading two other titles I have not yet heard of myself which is why I am sharing them with you! I believe these are two short stories or booklets similar to the ones I have already read and reviewed!

  • Jenny's Christmas Gift by John Pontius
  • A Christmas Thief by Carol Lynn Pearson

Genres: Christmas Story &/or Christmas Romance, Short Story or Novella

Places to find the book:

Published by Sweetwater Books

on 7th October, 2014

Format: Paperback

Pages: 12

About Lezlie Anderson

Lezlie Anderson has loved books since she learned to read at age four. She and her sisters used their wild imaginations playing in their backyard as princesses to being attacked by giant grasshoppers. The first books she remembers loving are “My Father’s Dragon” and “The Trouble with Miss Switch.”

Lezlie is married to a wonderful man, Steve, and they have three great children, 3 crazy cats, one tortoise, and a fish that has survived more hazards than should be possible. She loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper, and anything that her husband BBQ’s.

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I noted a curling of a smirk appear on my lips as I started to settle into this short, as I had a noticing sense of self whilst reading the Mum and Da in the story start to coordinate a family pow-wow (er, meeting) inside the opening of Snow Angels. The beauty for me was noting this particular story is set against a theme of choice I was contacting another Indie publisher about tonight (The Joy of Missing Out: Finding Balance in a Wired World by Christina Crook via New Society Publishers) as it goes to the merit behind curating time offline in a world where children are constantly plugged online. To each new technologic age of progression forward in our highly fiber optic world, parents will constantly have to draw a battle against how much electronic connection and/or communication they want to have inside their family and how much they want to barter for time away from a gadget or device in exchange for bonefide time shared with the family or community as a whole.

I half-chuckled to myself inwardly as this is one scenario I will have to explore with my own future children when I adopt, as the world was attune to the internet whilst I was growing up but we did not have Twitter or social media as the world uses it nowadays and thereby, logging off the computer was quite easy to do if you were not researching a specific interest or topic nor emailing a friend or family member. It was set-up differently than today’s modern take on instant gratification and instant telecommunications; therein lies the rub for parents who want to anchour the way they grew up themselves with the turning tides of a 21st Century child who simply wants to be who they are in the plethora of today’s technologic age.

As this Mum and Da rally the troops so to speak of their young children, I was hoping to be a bug in their ears to see how they would proceed to think out how this would go once they told their kids of their idea to help their elderly neighbour who is recently widowed. We do not have their thoughts to guide us on their choices, but Anderson has a strong sense of the craft of stories as she envelopes you so decidedly into this one family’s world, you feel as though you haven’t missed anything except wondering why the family doesn’t yet have their own novel? It would be a curious family to set against a Contemporary Fiction story and develop the characters further outside this one element of discovery!

The only part I winced at in the opening sequences is where if the children did not feel motivated to give back to their neighbour they would lose privileges to use their electronic gadgets. I know this is a common tactic parents use for compliance in their children but I never felt losing the ability to use your own gear and belongings had any long term positive return; my own parents did not instill these tactics in my own childhood but I observed them being used in my neighbourhood friends lives as much as my classmates. I can adhere to the fact it only sought to discourage charity and willingness to help others rather than effectively encourage the behaviour. I am not sure the best alternative technique at the moment, but I never felt taking away what you already gave your children to use is the best route to take overall. Perhaps giving a few extra chores in exchange for a lackluster will to help or an outright boycott of giving back but to takeaway a cell phone or a tv? A bit extreme, although I am not the parent who is going to give her children a cell phone under the age of a teenager (to use in cases of emergencies when getting a call home is warranted) in the first place, but in the story Sarah is twelve years of age and I would only see the need for a fourteen year old in high school to need a cell. Twelve is a bit young and she would only be between sixth or seventh grade, so it is curious to me why the home phone would not be enough?

I grew up with redirection as the main technique to off-set behaviour issues (not that I had a lot to off-set, but all children act up on occasion) and as a future parent I believe in redirection myself because it creates a strong barrier between what was done wrong and how to re-direct the behaviour back to what is acceptable. I have watched a lot of televised documentaries as well as a few series like “The Nanny” and I am never short of amazement on how families are not tucked together like mine was growing up; including where parents today do not play games with their children or encourage conversations after school. Inside Snow Angels the parents are grouping their children together to discuss school and life interests per child as one conversation; I think in theory that might help off-set a time issue for the parents, but one-on-one individual attention might be what the children would appreciate more as they could talk openly without worrying what their sibling might be thinking on their behalf.

I personally think group discussions are best for family projects (such as the one this short is highlighting) or a group conversation that is warranted for all members of the family to come together as a whole unit. I think the conversations about school projects or assignments of homework would work better one parent to one child rather than outing one child to talk about an assigned workload as a group because what if one child is struggling in school (either out of a learning difficulty or a measure of boredom) and their siblings are not? Why put the focus on them if they’d rather talk about it privately?

I loved how the spirit of giving caught the hearts of the three children as they saw a bit of hard work for a neighbour isn’t nearly as bad as it first felt to be when they were quasi-disgruntled about it before they left their house! I loved how Anderson incorporated the ‘snow angels’ into the story, as I won’t spoilt it for you even if you had a guess as to what it applies by seeing the cover art! Ha! Evenso, I will let this part of the story stand untold by my reflections because it is part of the beauty of how children perceive the world and how the world yields a perception out of empathy for someone in need.

It wasn’t too long after I was reading a bit more of the story, until I found my smirk enveloping into a hearty laugh as I realised the parents in the short soon found out their ‘life lesson’ for their children had a boomerang effect on ‘them’! Yes, dear hearts, the parents did not realise their own encouragement to give their neighbours an unexpected gift would light such an intense fire in the bellies of their children! The children soon took on the challenge the parents originally created to enlarge a compass of greater depth and heart! By the time the parents realised how much their little ‘lesson’ had expanded neither knew if they had the physical strength to continue! And, this is where prayer and a lot of hope was quickly raised to not only bless them but to bless the work they unexpected inspired to be carried forward!

The beautiful twist at the end is how one act of kindness can carry itself on as though it is lifted on a pair of wings unseen. As the message of the joy is touched by those affected by it’s grace, a murmuring of gratitude is expressed in a unification of it’s cause whilst greeted by other charitable hearts previously unknown! Snow Angels is a story which transforms how our perception of what is true of our neighbours and what truly is behind each door on our streets can be fixed by a small gift of love. As love at it’s heart is how each of us is threaded together out of hope and faith. Let’s us all remain mindful of being kind to one another and spread a circle of joy as strong as a lighthouse full of light!

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