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3 responses to “+Author Interview+ Sitting down with #histfic author Anna Castle, to talk about “Murder by Misrule” & the joy of writing period specific narrative!

  1. First, I have to say I admire writers of historical fiction. Yes, in all fiction there must be accuracy and believability in the worlds we create, but with historical it seems there’s that’s that extra effort that has to be put in to attain that and stay immersed well enough to write it. It really IS a form of time travel, as Kate has stated on her blog (Spirituality in Children’s Literature).

    Anna, you made me giggle when you said “I used to write rude quips in Elvish on the blackboard in homeroom.” :D

    Jorie, I love the way you describe the heart and soul of trees :) Though I don’t REALLY believe they can “think,” as VERY important living, breathing things, they do have “personality” :) And I very much admire what you do as an Urban Forest Steward, Anna. How wonderful! I’m also impressed that knitting is involved in your thinking process! I’m sure I would lose count of stitches if I allowed myself to get too deep in thought lol Of course, it’s been decades since I knit or crocheted.

    I appreciate the resource of calendars through NASA, and thank you for this interesting interview, ladies! The cover has a haunting look and I’m sure the story is very compelling!

    • Hallo Ms. Donna,

      I am going to have to check out where Ms. Kate mentions the bit about time travel, as that sounds like a piece I would enjoy reading! Quite a true declaration! I always feel such a wicked sense of transportation when I am absolved into a historical narrative! The joy of having a sensory experience in eras that are too far back to have a tangible connection too now, is the true joy of stepping into books that illuminate the eras in such a clear way!

      I agree – she had cheeky humour with that nod to Elvish!

      Thank you for your compliments on my murmurings about trees! They are such a special part of my life and I will never stop from admiring their stalwart presence! They are truly special indeed! And, how keen that you used to be into the fiber arts! I am not sure I could take-on crochet, as I’m a dyslexic knitter who had to sort out a bit of a hybrid approach to knitting; a bit halfway between American & Continental versions! I think if I started to crochet my head would be properly confused! Laughs with mirth. I tend to get so connected to my stitches that it takes on a bit of meditative bliss. One reason I love to create prayer shawls for charity.

      I had not known about the calendars through NASA; I thought that to be one of the more unique research tools for writers! Thanks for dropping by and being a part of the conversation!

      • There are certain conversations I enjoy being a part of, Jorie, so thank you :)

        I wrote a picture storybook that, IF it’s ever published, you would probably enjoy. It stars a tree :) I didn’t even know there were American vs. Continental styles so I learned at least one new thing today! And how wonderful—prayer shawls :) What came to mind immediately was the movie “An Affair to Remember” with Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Remember? :D

        And I was able to find the post on Katie’s blog. Scroll down to # 3 :)

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