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5 responses to “+Author Interview+ Peter Danish [author of] The Tenor! A historical biographical fiction surrounding Maria Callas, the opera singer!

  1. Great post, Jorie. I was highly impressed by the theme and storyline chosen by Peter Danish. It makes me so want to read “The Tenor.” Two things interested me in particular. He and I started reading the same favourite authors and my current WIP is an alternate history set in the Second World War. Thanks for sharing.

    • Good evening, Mr. Rao!

      I am so very happy to see you alight on my bookish blog! I am thrilled to meet a new reader! I quickly clicked over on your blog, but I didn’t see the A to Z Challenge badge. Are you a participant, supporter, or reader!? I am curious! Whichever way you alighted on my post for “The Tenor” I am thankful!

      Yes, I must admit, the subject Mr. Danish chose to highlight in this startling biographical fiction on behalf of Maria Callas took on epic proportions as he knitted the story together in such an extraordinary way! I was quite impressed with how I aligned with his reading choices & inclinations as well! He spoke so eloquently on the topic I elected not to stitch my comments underneath as I generally do!

      I find it fascinating how there are elements of ‘alternative history’ I can appreciate as previously I felt it might be too difficult to warm up too. Opera is a passion of mine, as I love the evoking emotions through voice, yet although I listen to classical opera, modern rock operas, and contemporary opera bands I had not previously come across Maria Callas!

      It reminds me of my appreciation for classic motion pictures — the more you explore the more depth of knowledge you gain!

      I congratulate you on your WIP & I hope that everything aligns in the way your muse inspires you!

      Drop back again soon!

      I appreciated seeing you!

  2. Hi Jorie, I really need to make time to sit down and read your posts, you put so much into them that I need to do them justice, No quick flick reads and move on. I read a range of books and genres and don’t mind a book with some war drama in from time to time, after all wars are a big part of our history, it’s a shame they had to happen in the first place. There is so much that the actual everyday person can tell us about their lives which can be just as interesting as reading about the biggest events. I’m not an opera person, but I don’t think it would stop me from reading this book.

  3. A compelling author interview with Peter Danish. Such an exhilarating heroic account of a selfless soldier, who against all odds of personal safety, went above and beyond to save a talented and budding opera singer ~ Maria Callas. An amazing debut novel that should go into film. Congratulations to Jorie for her 1st blogosphere anniversary. A first year of comprehensive book reviews and interviews and other significant blog posts throughout the year.

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