Septemb-Eyre: A Jane Eyre Read-a-long! Declaration of Participation!

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Septemb-Eyre hosted by Entomology of a Bookworm


I first stumbled across The Classics Club several months ago, whilst I was initially creating Jorie Loves A Story. I am not remembering what led me to it precisely, although I’d imagine it had something to do with the book blogs I was discovering at the time! Always want to take a nose and peek at a blog, as you never know what your about to discover! Common interests, book challenges, read-a-longs, wicked sweet linkage to explore, dare I say, a new book to read? In this vein, I was settling it in my mind that I would properly join The Classics Club in January {2014}, which encouraged me to work on the bits of how I wanted to construct my personal Classics Challenge therein! More or less, this is how I came across: Septembre-Eyre: A Jane Eyre Read-A-Long! Hosted by Entomology of a Bookworm, who appears to have wanted to read this book nearly if not more dearly than I! What a better way to begin my Books of Eyre Challenge, then to read Jane Eyre with others!? Especially considering, August has grown to be a bit all-encompassing now that I added in Austen in August!
Specifics of this Read-Along Include: 
2 September 2013: Septemb-Eyre Declarations of participation & Introductions;
9 September 2013: Chapters I-XI;
16 September 2013: Chapters XII-XXI;
23 September 2013: Chapters XXII-XXIX;
and 30 September 2013: Chapters XXX-End.
A wrap-up posting about my adventures during Septemb-Eyre!

Why I have always wanted to read

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë:


There is something altruistic about the Brontë’s writings, and in the vein, of Ms. Charlotte, she had a way of penning the life of Jane Eyre who brought out this attribution in the fullest of light. Eyre, in my mind, was a humble woman with a caregiver’s soul. She never shied away from doing what was right, even if it put herself in a quandary of a position lateron. She led with her heart, pinched her nose towards a determined air of strength, and drew a measure of a breath for what life had given her the opportunity to have, rather than focus on what was lacking or unavailable for her to achieve. She took great courage in extreme adversity, and was led to a man named Rochester who never knew that the one thing he needed was a living angel to help show him the way back towards peace, redemption, and the blessings of life yet lived.

I knew of her story, long before I ever dreamt of seeing an adaptation of her life spilt out inside of a motion picture. As you might already have gathered by reading other entries in my blog, there is a curious notation of ‘how’ and ‘when’ I come to read the books that alight in my life. There is even a curious nodding in knowing why some books are first read, whereas others are first seen. This isn’t always the case, as exceptions to rules are always fluttering just outside of view. Yet. In this particular case, Jane Eyre arrived to my heart and eyes via the 1996 motion picture adaptation starring Charlotte Gainsbourg {as Ms. Jane Eyre} and William Hurt {as Edward Fairfax Rochester}. It was one of those early morns, where I was vexed by the anguish of a bout of unwellness that would not shake off of me rather easily, but instead, wanted to clinge to me, withering me away in a restless torrent of unease. By the time the clock nearly stroke 3am, I was well on my way towards punching the television remote to find ‘something!’ remotely sensible to be on at that particular hour! I did not think I’d find much, as anyone whose struggled to get through a night such as that, and dares the television to produce ‘something of a pang of relief’ will attest that the limitations of quality is more plausible! Therefore, before I could turn the channels to far afield, my knackered and weary self stumbled across a period drama! What great fortune, eh!? I sorted out how to sit comfortably, and started to drink in this gothic lit world. It took me a bit to realise what I was watching and what was unfolding before me. Jane Eyre, you see, is one of those classical works of literature I always fashioned I’d drink in through the text prior to sorting out which adaptation I wanted to watch next. In this way, I was quite gobsmacked that I was pleasantly delighted despite my otherwise vexing condition! I was watching Jane Eyre! I could hardly believe my fruitious good luck!

And, such begins my proper introduction into this lovely story! I never forgot my intention to read the book, nor did I ever forget the impression of the actors who in this particular version left a strong mark on my heart! The portrayals spoke to me, and etch themselves into my mind’s eye. I daresay, each new version I shall watch next will be bent against this original one that I found! It’s a story of self-reliance and self-motivated propensity to survive no matter what blight on your path life may afford you to circumvent. It’s a story of a woman who any young girl or mature woman can align her heart with and rally alongside as Jane Eyre finds her voice and her self-worth whilst setting up a life she can proud to call her own.

And, why I wanted to participate in a read-along verse reading it on my own:

Reading is such a sedentary and solitary experience, whereupon you may or may not ever cross paths with another reader who is as excited and enchanted by the texts that you find as riveting as though they were freshly printed and released the day you stumbled across them! Time is temporal for a lot of our activities in life, such as correspondences and letters, and in the exercise of examining works by authors who turn our eye and settle into our unconsciousness long before their words spark a breath of life inside us. In an ever expanding world of technologic shiftings, it’s harder yet, to find readers who truly are wrapped up and encased into the ‘classics’. Prior to find The Classics Club, I wasn’t even sure if it was still en vogue to be as enraptured as I am with this lot of literature! Except for a few kind souls I am sure, who are scholarly and keen on glimpsing the hidden truths in such long forgotten texts by modern students.

Reading one particular book in a collective of readership will be new to me, as I have just recently participated in my first ‘reading marathon’ {Bout of Books, 8.0}, by which, I can attest that falling rather ill twice in a score of seven days does not bode well for accomplishing your goals; although, on the flip-side, I did settle into a regular rhythm of absorbing the words, settings, and characters, for which I am evermore grateful! These are the moments where you wonder, what was the true goal and outcome we were meant to achieve!? You pause, a smile breaks through your thoughts, and you continue onward towards your next bookish challenge that has intrigued you to participate! Thus, arriving at: Septemb-Eyre as I cross-reference my reading of Jane Eyre as my first book towards my end-goals of Books of Eyre Challenge! I am whet with anticipation to see what the four weeks shall reveal, not only for me, as a new reader of this wickedly smashing book, but of the revelations of being a collective reader embarking into the life of Jane Eyre during the same time frame!

As I wander around to the other readers’ blogs,

I noted the following:

[These are my impressions on Introduction Day,
by which, I shall return each week to see their next impressions!

Charlene @ BookishWhimsy: She has perplexed me with her inquisitive enquiry about the ‘twist’ and what pray tell, are ‘silly posts’ as a method of updating!? Hmm,… methinks I will have to stay tuned with a whetted curiosity! Being that she is truly one of the biggest and most ideal cheerleaders for all-things Eyre, I am thankful to see she is participating!! I am not going to read her previous take on Eyre though — I’d be plumb too tempted to read about the bits that would be different from the film, and as that is how I am coming into the plot, I’d rather be happily surprised!

Kerry @ Entomology of a Bookworm: To read that she has four copies of Jane Eyre, but has yet to read one! I can relate to this, because I have at least two copies of Pride and Prejudice; two copies of Outlander; and two copies of a variety of other books that I am now forgetting! The reason being!? Whilst being packed or in-between relocating moves over the years, I never knew which box had which book! Laughs. It took until the [2005] adaptation of Pride and Prejudice for me to resolve that picking up the pocket edition was in my best interest! I read it then, as I read it this past August! I have yet to get through Outlander as both copies are tucked into boxes I have yet freed; except to say, I have read most of The Outlandish Companion, which was an unexpected gift for me during Nanowrimo 2008 by my Mum! :) As an aside, when I join The Classics Club, I can just imagine all the corridors of literature I shall be embarking down myself! :)

[Having read her comment on @ The Coffee Girl] Did not realise she wasn’t keen on Pride and Prejudice, perhaps after I am able to complete my posting of it, she might re-attempt it for a third time, as it truly is one of my favourite stories of all-time!! I am always so happy to get entrenched into Longbourn, Netherfield, and Pemberley!

[Side note: I attempted multiple times to leave a comment only to see it go “poof!” right before my eyes! What gives!?]

Loosheesh @ Loosheesh Can Read Too: A newbie to [tCC- I did not know they shortened it like that!] The Classics Club, who, like me, has been enchanted by all the lovely blogosphere events that either they host exclusively for members OR are little additions that anyone [like me!] can participate in! A bit like how Adam @ Roof Beam Reader hosted Austen in August!? She has a delightful sense of humour whilst describing her reading tendencies, and I love her light-hearted attitude! :) On the Darcy vs. Rochester war-of-heroes, I do suppose I will be the odd-duck out, as I lay claim to each of the men rather equally!

[Side note: Unfortunately, her blog is hosted at BookLikes, and without an account there I cannot leave her a proper comment, so I will be leaving them on my Septemb-Eyre updates postings. I could not find a contact email for her either! Quite sad! I wanted to drop her a bit of encouragement and talk about Jane Eyre!]

Coffee badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.Lori @ The Coffee Girl: I loved how we both chose to read Pride and Prejudice during Austen in August!! :) What happenstance that is! My review of the book is soon-to-be added to my blog, as I have only been working on it since the 18th of August, the day in which I first began it! For me, it was a re-reading, but only my second! despite my long history of appreciating it! She most likely will enjoy my post of this, and likewise, I look forward to reading hers after mine goes live! According to Adam, I have only today + the morrow to get my tail whipped into shape so it can be placed in the official Linky!

Ahem! I love how she fully fleshed out her first post, and gave the history of Jane Eyre in her life! Love it! I was not a bit surprised she’s more actively vocal in social media outlets — I think I am one of the lone book bloggers who picked her blog verse the rest of the lot! :) I had to smile whilst reading how she selected most of her reading list!! Ahh, the Gilmore Girls shall live evermore! Strangely, I never wanted to read Jane Eyre because of the cultural attachments it provoked,… it was simply one of those stories that alighted in my mind as being one that would wholly fulfill me and sustain inside my memory for a lifetime. There are certain stories and characters that never quite detach themselves from me, and I simply sensed this would be true of Jane Eyre!

Alas! A fellow gothic fiction appreciator! I wonder, pray tell, if she’s stumbled across Kate Morton as of yet!? I am seriously neglectful in my Morton reads, as I have checked out at least 3 of her books [at the library! of course, given the badges, eh?!], yet I am always wrapped up in something off the cuff that takes me away from the text! Deep sighs. [my choices thus far include: The Distant Hours, The Forgotten Garden, & The Secret Keeper] I do not share her itch for Faulkner, but the gothic fiction genre is one I am keen to explore! [Magical Realism is another that is closely hinged to it!]

Like her, I do agree, that the most important aspect of read-a-longs is that we each finish our chosen book in our own way. Even if it runs counter-current to the event, we must all do what is right for each of us. A bit like how I thought my delays in finishing Pride and Prejudice was somewhat of a disappointment, only to be cheered up by Adam himself by a message he sent me on his own Austen in August experiences this year! :) Truly. We each give as much as we can, to both reading, blogsophere events, and to our respective blogs. There are no epic fails and there is no right/wrong approach to our end goals!

I have been wanting to use one of these coffee badges in the worst way! I think I finally found a reason too as she is a coffee drinker! :) Despite my appreciation for tea, there are a few coffees that I enjoy drinking myself! My java of choice will forevermore remain: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Americano-Misto, as it was my first cuppa of java that felt as though it was only a slight deviation from my regular tea mistos! Light, airy, with rich undernotes of chocolate and berries! Joy in a cuppa! Then, as I started to etch out of my comfort zone with trying other variations, I have come to find joy in: straight-up espresso raspberry mocha latte! [if I were to look against calories, i’d do it up with ‘whip, rasp & choc syrup’!] Although, I do appreciate a good drip coffee as well, such as Highlander Grog! :) All the whilst, I am still and will remain a dedicated tea drinker! :)

[Side note: I attempted to leave a comment only to have it disappear on me again! What is up with my java settings!?!]

[UPDATE: Its not my java settings, its a disagreement between WP blogs + Blogger blogs! Oy for pete’s sakes, I went through this during the Bout! Double exasperated sighs! I finally could post my comment to Lori if I used Name/URL!]

Jacyln @ Covered in Flour: Her sensibility won me over, at the mentionments of: thirty-something addicted to books, adore Jane Eyre, books are scattered into boxes (smiles wickedly!), ANGLOPHILE (wait til she reads My Bookish Life!), enchanted by Brit Lit (if she only knew how much I was too!), TEA-aholic (double grins!), and hiker! Okay, so is it too soon to follow a new blog!? And, who isn’t keen on upstate New York!? Hmm,… back to her post! I best leave a comment before she wonders why I followed her without one! Laughs. I love her on the fly wit and how she just adores Eyre and that’s reason enough to read Jane Eyre! My sentiments were entwined as this for Pride and Prejudice!

Brooke @ The Blog of Litwits: She is one of the few who is re-reading this lovely story, as I am noting that we [the Septemb-Eyre girls; as a bloke hasn’t yet joined us!] fall into a few categories: re-readers, newbies, and dedicated through adaptation of motion picture [that would be me!]. I am enjoying reading our own unique journey towards Jane Eyre as they are each very personalised and individual! She is also a member of tCC, by which I can already tell I am going to enjoy being a member of myself, if it will continue to lead me to such wonderfully engaging readers such as these! :) Although I hadn’t recently purchased my copy, it is a new copy as well which has yet to be broached!

Madeleine @ Owl You Need is a Good Read: The poor dear reminds me of myself, one month ago, whilst launching JLAS, undertaking Austen in August, settled into Bout of Books, 8.0, participated in the first Blog Pen Pal Exchange, encountered an illness, a 4-day migraine, technical difficulties during the Bout & afterwards [more than half the Bout’er blogs wouldn’t load – who knew I needed to switch browsers!? I love! SeaMonkey now!], waylaid by fierce lightning and thunderstorms, AND just when I was thrilled to bits about all the lovelies I am reading, the hours ticked off the clock and I arrived at September before I could make a backwards glance and wonder, “Where did dear August go off too!?” I give her credit!! IF she can pull it off, I tip my hat in congratulations!! I learnt a hard lesson in not taking on too much, which will make me feel less stressed and provide more enjoyment out of the events I dearly want to participate in! Of course, I wouldn’t be a bookish girl worth her salt if I didn’t admit, that I just might get in over my head again (at some point), and relish the experience I gather even if I fall a bit short (again!)!!

And, she’s a librarian to boot! I wonder what she will do when she sees all the library love on my blog!? And, that she can get some for hers as well!? :) :) Those badges that Squeesome created on behalf of a suggestion of mine still makes me grin like a cheshire cat!! :) In full honesty, I think I came across her blog in the recent past!? I wonder!? Blog Nation or the Bout!? Hmm,… I know this, because I loved the entire concept of their blog! I always considered myself an ‘owl’ in many ways, as there are various metaphors for bookish souls, inasmuch as I adore the House of Ravenclaw! :) Ironically, I sort of forgot to give out the personal bits in my post, yet thankfully most of what might be curious to know about me is located under My Bookish Life! Again, I realise I am one of the minority who blogs but does not tweet or engage on other bookish sites.

Stacy @ Novel Meanderings of an Academic: I was happy to see that this is her first blogosphere event and that she too, is as enraptured by Jane Eyre as I am! I realise I’m coming into this from a different perspective, but ooh, anyone who adores Ms. Eyre is alright in my book! :) Laughs. Her parents gifted her an especially keen edition of the novel, which reminds me of the gifted copy of Little Women I received from mine! Parents and grand-parents of bookish girls definitely know how to surprise their kin time to time, eh!? :) I am most curious if she is still in school or is a professor!? Its hard to tell, as I hadn’t realised that her blog doesn’t have a lot posted on it until after I left my comment! A happy mystery!

Maggie @ An American in France: Its her first time reading Jane Eyre, and decided to take up this read-a-long after having completed Mansfield Park, a month beforehand! I am hopeful that the heart of Eyre will attach itself to her, because that is one of the special parts to Jane! I am now wondering, how all the newbies are going to feel about the story, as most did not see a film adaptation like I had!? Hmm,… only the weeks shall reveal! I must confess, ever since I went to her blog as a member of the Septemb-Eyres, I was curious about her life in France! A country I am reading more in literature, and a country of ancestral origins!

Cham @ Eat Ur Banana: [WP + Blogger are Disagreeing Again- this was meant to post on her blog!][By 10p Thursday, I am able to leave comments! I rock!] Good afternoon, Cham!  I am hoping that this note will post, because so far today, two of the Septemb-Eyre blogs I’ve tried to leave notes on [Estella’s Revenge + Good Books & Tea] have not yielded a live comment! I am not sure if its a disagreement with WP + Blogger again(!), or if its something else! I’ve checked all the java settings on my end, plus SeaMonkey has less hiccups than Explorer hence why I switched over — I digress! Technologic issues aside, I wanted to drop by and say, I’ve been stalking your blog since last night, curious when your post would go live! :) Laughs. I am starting Jane Eyre today rather than yesterday, as I nearly exhausted my eyes trying to finish Pride and Prejudice!! I think my world is always a bit chaotic when I have certain books I want to finish by certain deadlines! Laughs.

Wow! Your over 30% into the book already!? And, here I thought we were all going to just read the selected chapters each week! Wow. Impressed! I am a new reader of Eyre, but I am not a stranger to Eyre! You’ll have to visit my blog to sort out what I mean! I can relate to what you mean, as I used to only talk about books with my close circle of friends as well, but one thing I am enjoying about being a book blogger now is that I get to talk about books & bookish culture with some of the most giving and genuine readers I have ever met! :)

Rachel @ A Home Between the Pages: [hasn’t posted yet – I presume by 12th of September she is not participating?] Except to say, that her post on The Golem and the Jinni, intrigued me to no end, as I have been awaiting finding other readers who are as engaged into that story as much as I was! I simply was over the moon in pure joy reading her recollections, and I know how hard it is to capture the full essence of the story whilst attempting to write a blog post, because I had the same issues — its a story that is lit bright and deep in your mind and heart. Chava and Ahmed do not readily leave your conscience, which is why they were sprinkling out into my review of The Clockwork Man, which was my contributing piece for The Clockwork Carnival. They stay with you. They murmur their experiences in your ear. And, she is quite right, your slightly haunted by them, because its not a story that unhinges from you very readily!

Sam @ Tiny Library: [hasn’t posted yet – I presume by 12th of September she is not participating?] Except to say, that I read that she is reading Z: a novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, and I was most esteemed to see that, as that was one of my favourite reads of 2013!! I spent the greater portion of the first six months wrapped up in the lives of the Fitzgerald’s, as this is what I relayed to her on her blog: :) I came in search of your Septemb-Eyre post, but saw that you are reading Z(elda!) for which I have such a warm-hearted memory of reading this year myself! :) I decided not to blog about it as I was wrapped up with the Fitzgerald’s lives for the greater part of January-May, with the full measure of my joy overflowing when I went to see The Great Gatsby!! I had originally wanted to read the book prior to the film but in the end, I was simply thankful I had the opportunity to see the film in June rather than May, as I was a bit delayed getting to the theater! What a brilliant way to conclude a six-month emmersion as much as celebrating my birthday! As I get into Gatsby the novel either lateron this year or early next, I will re-visit the film! To me, this new version (its the only adaptation I have seen!) truly peered into their lives as an example of how outrageous a portion of their lives had become and how true to form all that insanity can yield. I kept smiling because pieces of Z floated to mind throughout the film!!

Meanwhile, I hope that you are having a nice visit with Zelda, and walk away with a good feeling like I did when the story concludes. Their lives were tumultuous yes, but there was a lot of mirth to them as well. The ending gutted me, but its the ending that was real.

What I had forgotten to relay to her though is that I was one of the First Impressions readers who read it through Book Browse, and participated in a book club discussion of the book.

Andi @ Estrella’s Revenge: I originally came by her blog via Bout of Books, 8.0, to which I was thankful to see she is involved with Septemb-Eyre! :) I am not sure what is wrong or why I cannot post my comments, but I had this one compose for Andi, yet it will not post on her blog! [I tried EVERYTHING: Name/URL, Anon, WP, & OpenID!] [By 10p, Thursday night, I am back and posting up a storm!] Hallo, Hallo Andi!  I was practically stalking your blog last night into the moon hours, wondering when your post would pop up! Laughs. I had such a fun time going to everyone’s blogs, dropping notes, and then, awaiting the ones who hadn’t posted to, erhm, post! As I mentioned on my post, it was nice to ‘see’ you again, after having concluded the Bout!  I couldn’t help but smile and chuckle throughout reading your “Intro!” to Septemb-Eyre! I should have known I’d be in for a unique read, as I was back-reading your blog a bit last night,… laughs. Petty thief. Classic! Cannot wait to read your weekly updates — they are sure to be as wickedly unique as this one! By the by, should I bypass “The Other Typist” completely or go in blind and compare notes with you lateron!? [ducks book flying in her direction at the mere mention of this book!]

Stephanie @ Strazzy Books: [hasn’t posted yet – by 12th of September, I presume she isn’t participating!?]

Tea and Book badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.Shan @ Good Books & Tea: First of all, I am thankful to see that not only are we a diverse group of readers who appreciate the classics, but we are equally diverse in what we like to drink as we read! I am a tea girl who digs coffee, and therefore, for me, heaven is a book with either a cuppa tea OR a cuppa java! :) Rock on, dear hearts! Now, then, she’s one of the newbie readers of Jane Eyre, such as I am, (alongside Kerry, our fearless leader!), even though I might have seen a motion picture adaptation AND know the gist of the story, that is in no way an indication that I know what actually transpires inside the novel! Therefore, I am a newbie, too! :) I am most curious to sort out what kind of tea she likes to drink the most, as I personally love the sinfully delish chai latte for a break from the everyday cycle. However, my favourite teas are always: green, white, red, and herbal! :)

After attempting to post this on the 3rd & 4th of September I truly give up! I wanted her to read this note: [On Thursday, the 5th, I sorted out I needed to switch browsers for the SECOND time this week! I am posting again in other words!] Shan, I am always up for a new citrus infused tea — which brand do you recommend if I were to try orange pekoe for the first time!? I left you a long reply over on my blog! :) Yes, I do concur with you!! We have populated quite a lovely group indeed in Septemb-Eyre! Cheers!

Sasha @ Sasha & the Silver Fish: [hasn’t posted yet – by 12 September I presume she isn’t participating] Except that she was mentioning tCC Master List that she has written up on her blog, and I noted that most of the titles that she wants to read are ones that I am not yet familiar, which was extraordinary, as most times when I come across tCC Master Lists, I can pick out more than half that I recognise! I love an unexpected day like this! :) I look forward to seeing her thoughts on picking up Jane Eyre, as I noted that she is re-reading it! I can say this, I am going to enjoy being in the fold of tCC come January! Lots of wonderful bookish soul are in that club!! :) :)

Alison @ The Bookish Girl Reads On: OOh my dear, dear stars! Pray tell, am I the only soul who finds an attraction to both Mr. Darcy AND Mr. Rochester!? For me, Darcy won me over with the letter he wrote to Elizabeth as it was so very reminiscent of a real-life event of someone I know personally, that I think when I read that for the first time in 2005, it simply eclipsed my heart in a way that could only naturally be logical for me! I would think though, that more would be esteemed to find him dashing after such a revelation, but perhaps, he comes off a bit too stilted and proud, even with the inclusion of the letter? Now as far as Rochester is concerned, he reminds me quite a heap of Mary’s Uncle in The Secret Garden, almost to the brink of wondering if getting nearer to him is possible or wanted? Yet. Both are heroes in their own ways, and their mannerisms were accepted by the women who loved them. Who truly is to say who was right or wrong, when love is forever blind!?

I enjoyed reading her maddening adventures in University, and how it nearly wrecked her for appreciating drinking in a book on her own terms and for pleasure, rather than dissection! I think that was a misstep in my thinking that I’d appreciate a Lit course at University; I suppose I juxtapositioned my own hopeful wishes on that scale but did not take into account the headache of the time schedules, the grueling structure of enquiries, and how in the end, you might not dare want to open up another book if it would spark a memory of the experience! She walked away with the ability to put tongue-and-cheek on the situation and still appreciates classical literature! I count that as a blessing!

MJ @ Creative Madness Mama: [hasn’t posted yet – by 12th of September I presume she is not participating!]

Jen @ Under a Gray Sky: [hasn’t posted yet – by 12th of September I presume she is not participating!]

Kwame @ The Wandering Bookmark: He mentioned that he has read Wide Sargasso Sea which is actually one of my selections for Books of Eyre that I will be reading this year! I am thankful that he didn’t spoilt the surprise and left it to our own inklings to seek it out! He is amongst the re-readers who embarking down a familiar path, but I do wonder, how each of them will react to the story at this point of time in their lives!? As I was discussing earlier on another blog or perhaps even my own (as it all blurs together at some point!), that our experiences and the time intervals can change our reactions and perceptions! Will be intrigued to watch her progress!

Crafts4Others: Joined as she was given Jane Eyre, as her Classics Club spin cycle choice! I have heard of those spin cycles, as apparently from what I have gathered tCC members are either joyfully celebrating OR are deeply worried they may or may not enjoy the book that has come up to read next! I am thankful that she is not only reading it to mark it off her tCC List, but will be joining those of us who have not yet read the novel!

to be continued shortly, as I am awaiting everyone’s introduction post! :) checked again on 8 September, still waiting!

And, the most humbling revelation is that Kwame is a bloke, for whom, I accidentally mistook for a girl! Oy vie! I promptly wrote him an apology and explained that I had complete egg on my face for not realising the gender of his name! Sadly, this is not the first time I have misunderstood a person’s name, but I always feel most grievous for the slight, as I am always trying so hard to get ‘names’ right! Of course, the other side of this for me, is sorting out how to properly ‘say a person ‘s name’, as I find myself betwixt a mystery on ‘that’! moreso than naught! Therefore, we are not just ‘Septemb-Eyre girls’, where the ‘Septemb-Eyre Collective: blokes and lasses together!’

Book badge provided by Squeesome Designs and used with permission.such as Jane Eyre!

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Posted Monday, 2 September, 2013 by jorielov in 19th Century, Books of Eyre, British Literature, Classical Literature, Gothic Romance, RALs | Thons via Blogs, Septemb-Eyre, the Victorian era

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20 responses to “Septemb-Eyre: A Jane Eyre Read-a-long! Declaration of Participation!

  1. Wow! I’m enthralled by all of the little tidbits you posted about all of the other bloggers participating in the read-along :) I look forward to reading along with you and with everyone else and I am excited about reading your commentaries and thoughts as well! Happy reading!

    • Hallo Maggie!

      :) I apologise I couldn’t get back with you earlier than now! I have had numerous browser technical issues, the final straw for me was when I could no longer post comments on other blogs! Oy! I am so very thankful that you stopped by my blog! I have been scoping yours out the past few days myself, and I am equally looking forward to reading your thoughts as well! Thank you for the kind words on the little commentaries I added about the other Septemb-Eyres! I thought it would be a nice way to personalise it! I did the same tonight whilst writing my Intro Post for *Classics Re-Told*!! And, to you as well — may the hours be blissful as you read Jane Eyre!

    • Thank you!! I do believe I shall be properly attached to Ms. Eyre after this reading is concluded!! I shall make sure you know when my final review posts, however, there will be weekly updates as well after each segment block of chapters are consumed!

      I enjoyed reading your responses to the notes I left on your blog as much as I smiled seeing that you are dropping by mine!

  2. Hi Jorie! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful thoughts. I’m always thrilled to meet another library-lover (though they aren’t hard to find on the book parts of the Internet). I’m thinking the schedule should be manageable, so I shouldn’t be in too far over my head. You say you haven’t ventured too far off your blog yet. Me either! I can’t wait to hear what you and everyone else have to share.

    • Your quite welcome, Madeleine! :)

      I had a heap of fun writing up this post on Ms. Eyre! No, I do suppose your correct in that, on where to find bookish girls + blokes who love their libraries, but aside from the bookish sphere, I find it a bit more daunting to find! :/ I have been making amends on that, rounding out to more blogs since I last was visiting yours! A few Septemb-Eyrers haven’t yet posted their Introductions, which is why my post is a bit in stasis!

      Happy to see you!

  3. So I’m only now getting around to checking out the rest of the Septemb-Eyre team. Great post, it’s not often you find people who just love reading, so I really relish events like these when the bookish can come together and just let loose.

    • Hallo Kwame!!

      Welcome to my blog! You will find all of my book reviews are individual spotlight posts that revolve around the author, the book, and the story therein! I have cross-referenced everything through categories + tags which are featured on the lower end of my left sidebar! In case, on your next visit you wanted to scope out one or more of the books I’ve already read! OOh, wait, you could bypass that, and click on my Absorbing Lit page at the top! :) I decided when I wanted to set up a personal blog, that I wanted to do exactly what your empathising in your note: journal out my reading adventures and build a community of fellow readers who enjoy the same! I am finding that through the different blogosphere events I am uncovering, the main goal is to ‘read’, and if we end up falling short, the only thing that matters is that we tried! I am enjoying the social aspect of it as well, because for a long time I wondered who else out there appreciated the Classics (as a for instance!)!!

      I look forward to seeing where your posts lead us as we embark on this journey together through Septemb-Eyre!

      Thank you for dropping by!

  4. A fantastic, comprehensive post! I can’t wait to read your thoughts as we go. As for my favourite cup of tea, how do I pick just one? Of course, every day starts out with a cup of orange pekoe with A LOT of milk. From there, it’s whatever herbal tea has caught my fancy. I love a good rooibos, and I’m not a fan of white tea. I drink green tea when I feel like losing weight (which quite frankly, isn’t often.) I just recently made a stop at Teavana (aka heaven) and am looking forward to trying my new recruits – blueberry bliss, pineapple kona pop, chocolate bananas foster, and honeybush vanilla.

    • Hallo Shan!

      :) I love your excitement for tea!! A good rooibos is good for the soul, that is quite true!! :) I actually drink green tea as though its going out of fashion! Laughs. I used to enjoy the green tea misto at Starbucks, but they pulled it from their line several years ago. It was a refreshing change from a chai, if you wanted something a bit sweeter! Otherwise, I brew green tea regularly and keep it in the fridge! I wouldn’t know which herbal is my favourite either, as I use them for a nice cuppa or for medicinal reasons! Ooh, you have a Teavana near you!? I went to one whilst out of state, they’re quite lovely indeed! Your selections left me curious! Do drop back and let me know which one you preferred!

      Of them, the blueberry bliss perked my interest as I once had a loose leaf blueberry tea that I enjoyed!

      I enjoyed writing about Jane Eyre from memory, and like you, I am curious to see what my impressions will be as I read her!

      Thanks for dropping by and I look forward to seeing you come back!

  5. Wow great post here Jorie! And it helps to see what the others are doing as well! If you’ve seen the film then you know the ‘twist’ I mean in the book, which was such a shock to me when I first read the book, but I know we’ll talk more on that when we get to the chapter! And I saw the 1996 version of JE first too – I know some people who really dislike it as an adaptation but it has always had a soft spot in my heart because it was the first one I saw. And it has the line “the shadows are as important as the light” which is so good that many people think it was in the actual book!

    I’m glad you are going to read the book finally and I hope you’ll write a post where you compare your impressions of the story from watching the film vs. reading the book! I’d be very interested in knowing if the book changed anything you thought of the character of Jane or the story. :)

    • Good morning, Charlene,

      You know, I must have had too much happen in my life in-between the moment I first saw JE the motion picture & today, as I am doing my darnest to remember what the ‘twist’ would evoke by memory and all I can think of are flutterments of film going through my mind but nothing that would suggest ‘a twist’, unless its the obvious one and I am overlooking it as such! Maybe you could drop me a PM!? I’m just lost on this note! Oh, you have tapped into my ‘secret’ which I suppose isn’t much of one: I am going to borrow the 1996 adaptation from the library once I have concluded the book! I did not want to do a cross-comparison solely based on fragmented memory, and in this way, it will fully eclipse my experience!! I was going to have that as as special epilogue reveal at the end of the month, but perhaps, its better this way, as I can keep the ‘other’ revelation as a complete surprise!! I always think a bit of a mystery in our blogs is good for the reading soul! :)

      Honestly, I vaguely remember those words, and I truly did think at the time they were included in the book! I find that a lot of times, when a screenwriter adapts the original work into a motion picture, that there are a few of them that singularly have the ability to tap into the original writer’s heart, and therefore, produce lines and narrative that intertwine with the original canons! Wow. I am impressed!

      Thank you for dropping by!

  6. loosheesh

    Hello Ms Jorie, a great big virtual hug to you for this lovely, comprehensive post (and the nice things you said about me *blush*). I’m sad you can’t comment on my blog, though :sad:

    Your experience with Jane Eyre reminds me of mine with Pride & Prejudice; I saw the 1995 BBC/A&E adaptation (which I LOVE!) before I ever read the book (something I rarely do). This adaptation is very much in keeping with the book and P&P is now one of my very favorite books.

    I’m enjoying Jane Eyre so much so far! Don’t tell anyone (shh, it’s a secret ;)) but between yesterday and today I read all the 11 chapters of our first part :shock: I think I’ll now go read these chapters again by listening to the audiobook :D

    • Ooh, Ms. Loosheesh, I am so happy you dropped by! I silently was hopeful that you would come around to my blog, as I truly did want to give you a note back on your posting!! I am thrilled to bits that you could read what I wanted to say through my blog!! Rock on!! :) :) I accept your lovely hug and return it! Now, that is one of the adaptations I am on bated breath to watch myself! Its stuck [unfortunately!] in a box, by which, I have properly misplaced! The horror, right!? My dear Da gave it to me for Christmas one year, and I always wanted to bring it out after I had completed reading Pride and Prejudice! You’ll have to stay tuned to what my back-up plans are instead! [as to when my review of Pride goes live!] Ooh, now you see, that is what I am hopeful for the 1996 adaptation of Eyre! That perhaps I was fortunate to have seen one that followed the text! I cannot wait to see which way it goes!

      Of course, not!! Your secret is safe with me! Shh! in return, I haven’t yet had the chance to begin!! My afternoon played out a bit differently than I expected, but I cannot complain because it included a wicked sample by way of Apron’s Kitchen! I’m not a meat-lover, as I’m predominately a veggiehead, but they had a sample horseradish, cheese, bacon burger w/ a side of sinfully delish marshmallow smores with a dashing of fresh cut strawberries on top! Who could resist, that!? The horseradish made all the difference! Love that stuff! Yum, yum!!

      Who is doing the reading in the audiobook version!?
      I am always most curious about which actors/actresses portray which parts!?

      Bless you for stopping by!!
      I look forward to your return!

      PS: The best bit was finding out that I’m not the only reader who sees an adaptation prior to reading the book! Cheers!!

      • loosheesh

        You must, must find the P&P DVDs and watch them after you post your review. It is wonderful! (With the divine Colin Firth playing Mr Darcy, how could it be anything other than superb?!)

        The Jane Eyre audiobook is read by Susan Ericksen; it’s an excellent narration.

        • IF only that were possible, I would Ms. Loosheesh! :)

          It will take me quite awhile to resolve where I put that lovely boxed set!! Instead, I have a few ideas of what to do after my review posts so that I can celebrate my second reading!! I am going to go to my library and see if they have this audiobook version, as I was most impressed with your passion for it! Thank you!! Knowing the reader will help me!!

          I can honestly say, Mr. Firth is the perfect candidate to play Darcy! :) I have appreciated his acting for quite a long time!

  7. What a thoroughly and lovingly written post! I think we’re going to have a truly terrific time with Jane Eyre and her story. I’m currently smitten with Jane’s trials and tribulations as a headstrong, fierce little orphan and can’t wait to watch her grow up into the amazing woman she is destined to be. Re-reading is always such a thrilling experience. I’m reading Bronte’s novel now colored by a few more years of experience and with many additional books under my belt. So interesting to compare and contrast that first reading with this new journey.

    • Good afternoon, Brooke! :)

      Thank you for your sweet words of praise on my post!! You warmed my heart! I can attest to what your referencing too, as I felt the same whilst re-reading The Shell Seekers. I was befuddled a bit by why some of my opinions were alternating from what I had remembered previously, as I was in my twenties when I re-read it, and originally I had been in my mid-teens. I think its quite true what you said, all of who we are and all of what we experience can paint a different light upon what we read!! I am hopeful that your read of Eyre this month, is hugged close to the loving memory you have of her! I look forward to reading your progress reports!

      Thank you for dropping by!

  8. Ok, so you’ve never read this but at least know the story. I’m going in pretty much blind, so this should be interesting! I’m sure at some point over the course of this month I’ll work out which film adaptation I want to watch first.

    Glad this can sync with another reading event for you–I often find readalongs that fit in with other challenges or readathons are a great way to get kicked off.

    I’ve got a linky up in my post today (–don’t forget to add your link so other participants can find your intro easily!

    • Hallo Kerry!! :)

      Although I have seen one of the film adaptations, I must confess, I do not know if it was a straight-up following of the novel OR if they took creative liberties!? One point of fact instance of this would be for the 2005 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice ; whereupon even though I truly do adore it, I know they took creative liberties with it! :) If you do decide to watch the 1996 version, you shall have to tell me your impressions afterwards!! I am hopeful to find a few Eyre enthusiasts who are attached to it as I am!

      Ooh, that is fantastic! I wasn’t sure how to let them know I posted this, as I was simply going blog to blog! :) I am finding that to be true for myself – sync reading works wonders!!

      Thank you for dropping by!

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