Library Loot #1: Reading Knows No Boundaries!

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Library Loot hosted by Claire of The Captive Reader and Marg of The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader.

Library Loot is a Weekly Event on {Wednesdays} to showcase which books we each have hauled back with us from our local libraries! This is to encourage everyone to realise that if there is a book that tempts you to read it, there is no reason not to stop by your local library either to check it out, place it on hold/reserve, request it to be purchased, or to borrow it through ILL! Most readers have such a steady stream of TBR Lists either written down OR maintained by memory, that it’s nearly impossible to even manage the continuation of purchasing each and every single book that strikes a reader’s fancy! I ought to know, I sort of boomeranged right past my own budget for books, and celebrated with glee over the induction of a new local library! We have five branches now, which makes it rather ingenious if you want to ‘jump your holds/reserves’ or visit a different branch that focuses on a specific topic, subject, or genre! This specific event is co-hosted by: Claire of The Captive Reader and Marg of The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader. Personally anything and everything that celebrates the love of libraries is something that I am going to be keen on advocating! Be sure to add your linked post to one of their blogs!

*ILL= inter-library loan; TBR= To Be Read

Library Loot for the Week:

Eek! I am bursting at the seams to share the story of how I came to find “The Irresistible Blueberry Bakeshop & Cafe” by Mary Simses, in my canvas [reuseable] sack by which I cart out my library finds + books weekly! You see, this tale originates in Norway, whereupon a dear friend of mine who blogs at “Shh! Reading is in Progress” asked me if I had come to read this novel!? Curious, as the title eluded to a story that just might be a book I couldn’t put down {as isn’t that what we all hope for when we initially find a book!?}, I pulled up the card catalogue to see if my library had purchased a copy! It sounded new, as in either within the last month or sooner! And, sure enough, the book was nowhere to be found! I had a sneaking feeling it was a book that may have been overlooked to purchase OR simply left to purchase at another time. Libraries always have to weigh and balance what they purchase, at which time of year, and if they have an audience willing to read the materials! Ooh, the migraine of sorting all that out, must be dreadsome! :( I quickly pulled up our virtual Purchase Request box, and wrote about this book that my dear friend spoke to me about! I told the Acquisition’s Librarian everything she might need to know to sort out if the book would be a good fit for our library collection and as I clicked the submit button, I murmured to myself, “I wonder,…”

Truly, reading knows no boundaries when connecting friends with books they are sure to love!

Of course, dear hearts, the tale does not end there! Surely, no! I had other lovelies to pick up and betwitched my furrowed brow a questioning mark as to how to properly consume the stories all the while knowing my onions about them too! I am curious, are other readers bemused such as I am when more than a plentiful amount of books come in ALL AT ONCE!? :) :)

  • The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail by Richard Peck
  • The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell
  • Widow of Gettysburg by Jocelyn Green
  • & Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail, is a discovery I made whilst browsing through my library’s card catalogue! Such blissful and wonderous moments await anyone who keys in a ‘subject’, a ‘keyword’, or ‘publication year’!! I oft search straight-up publication years, although I am known to toss things up a bit and opt instead for one of my favourite subject searches! :) It’s hard to speculate how this particular title drew my eye originally! Oh, my dear stars! Look what I have done! I have re-found an author I discovered a year or two ago! This is the follow-up companion to Secrets at Sea!! A fact that I overlooked whilst placing this one on hold! And, what fun! A quick search procured a query to confirm there are plenty of copies available! Ooh boy, indeed! I get to read Part I and then, happily this Part II! Ooh, now that I’m this enthused I am hopeful that the story is as inviting as the premises and the lovely cover art that accompany these lovely books! Eek. Happy is the reader who is me! :)

I’m not sure how many of you are aware of the typosphere!? However, I’m a girl who wants to own a retrofitted &/or restored vintage typewriter {hence the rumblings of such in the sidebar hugged close to the badge for The Ethical Treatment of Typewriters! A ha, so she does have a reason for adding such curiosities! Gotcha!}, and anytime there is even a winking of a mention of a book, motion picture, tv serial, song, OR daresay, musical or theatre production that has become inspired by OR whose story surrounds the ‘typing world’,… I am posed and at the ready! In this vein, how could I bypass the opportunity to read The Other Typist??

In my rush of excitement to see my library had picked up a title by Ms. Green, I failed to remember that Widow of Gettysburg is actually book two in the Heroines Behind the Lines Civil War series! Wedded to War is the first book, by which, somewhere in my memory I mistook for book two, rather than the start of the series! Aye! I will have to return this book unread, and let everyone else get into it first, as although I do make a few exceptions for reading books out-of-order {the Coffeehouse mysteries come to mind, by Cleo Coyle!}, I am quite firm in my choice to read a series ‘straight-through til morning!’ :) I enjoyed reading about this series initially, by way of OWG, whilst Ms. Green was visiting and responding back to comments! I always find myself grateful for the interactions I am blessed with published authors!

Being a regular visitor on the Porch {ie: Southern Belle View Daily}, I am quite in the loop with books that are upcoming for each Belle that brings her wit and wisdom to the Porch each week! Therefore, I am rather keen and happy to see that its my turn now to dig into Once Upon A Prince and let the magic of a happily-ever-after-fairy-tale story wash over me like moondust sprinkles of joy! We all need light-hearted stories to cheer us up or make our smiles that much larger whilst living through an extended period of bliss! Joyful hearts and happiness are always a pleasure to uncover and sink into!

Ooh, boy! I wonder what will come in next!?

I’m alternating between Sunday Showcase + Library Loot on a weekly basis, as whichever feels right to me to post on, is where you will find me sharing my library tales of glee!! :) :) Be sure to scroll down into my sidebar to scope out the posts in either category that you may have missed previously! And, yes, each book I’ve mentioned will surely pop up again once I am able to consume its story and settle its characters into my mind’s eye! Stay tuned! IF a book doesn’t re-appear on my blog, I was not able to finish it OR on the offhanded chance, it wasn’t one that soaked into me the way I had hoped!

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